How The JVZoo Academy System Is Paying Top JVZoo Marketers Thousands Every Day

…and how YOU can finally use their EXACT blueprint in 3 simple steps

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The possibilities are right here whether you dream of making just $100, or even $1,000, or $10,000 in a day by simply following a series of steps that has a proven track record for making five, six, and even seven figures in a space of days.

A system that ultimately pays you more than accountants, lawyers and doctors combined.

A dream that came true for thousands of people just like you.

It’s easy once you fully understand the core concepts I’m about to reveal to you.

So simple, that some, in a few days are making an astonishing 5 and even 6 figures.

“In 3 years I’ve generated over $5,000,000.00 launching my products on JVZoo.”
– Luke Maguire, JVZoo Academy Member

“In the last 2 years alone JVZoo has paid me thousands every week since I started”
– Ben Murray, JVZoo Academy Member

It’s 100% in your reach because what I’m about to sharing is exactly what a specialist will prescribe but, without their fees.


It’s the opposite of any job because you work when you want, where you want and where ever you want.

It might seem a long way away for you right now. Hopefully today I can bring you closer because it wasn’t long ago that I was there.

24 years old debt up to my eyeballs my Mum sat me down and she’s lecturing me about all of the money I’ve flushed down the toilet chasing this ‘online marketing’ thing.

“You need to tell your girlfriend you’re broke”
“It’s time to get a job NOW”

Fact is like you I’d had a taste. You either have it or you don’t. You’re an entrepreneur and a job ‘working for the man’ will never satisfy your hunger for something greater.
Debt collectors would be knocking at my door within the month. That’s when I turned to JVZoo
Thanks to JVZoo a couple of lucky breaks I went from “brink” of bankruptcy, no degree, no job – to running a multi-million dollar SEO performance company that’s helping tens of thousands of people all around the world.

Now I get paid to help people.

I provide solutions to problems people might be experiencing online.

While that’s really exciting for me what’s even better is…

It didn’t just work for me. I’ve been able to share this process with a whole bunch of other people

I had NO idea about online business or marketing. I was working as a teaching
assistant, when Sam started teaching me the ropes. Fast forward to today, I have numerous top selling products on JVzoo”
– Josh Ratta, JVZoo Academy Member

“This information has made a huge difference and added long term value to my business on JVZoo. It increased my lead generation and sales to profits.”
– Julius Karan, JVZoo Academy Member

My last launch following JVZoo Academy’s systems & processes generated over $94,000 in 7 days.
– Sam Robinson, JVZoo Academy Member

As a result they’ve been able to:

  • Create lifestyles they never dreamed possible.
  • Wake up EXCITED each day by the opportunities in front of them.
  • Get paid A LOT to help solve people’s problems

And THAT’S why we’ve spent over 2 years packaging up what’s helped us generate millions of dollars online while traveling the world.

So you can achieve the new goals you’ve set out for yourself.
So you can be confident to reach higher, and scale something of your own design.

Hi, I’m Sam Bakker, and for the past 4 years, my wife and I have been traveling the
world – our story being dubbed as ‘The Honeymoon That Never Ended’

Just a few years ago I knew nothing about online marketing:
No clue what I needed to do

No idea of the challenges ahead and all the rookie mistakes I’d make along the way

So I basically became the poster boy for “shiny object syndrome”. You name it, I bought it. Every coaching course, every training, every software … all because I was looking for the magic ingredient.

Problem Was, I Needed Results FAST!
With no degree and parents that only believed in getting a job, I had nothing to fall back on and no support.

And while I was chasing an online dream with no plan and no guarantees, my friends were going to college and moving on with their lives.

  • Wasted money on ads
  • Struggled with SEO
  • Created a blog
  • Did product reviews …

So one day, while surfing Facebook, inspiration hit:

I couldn’t stand the thought of spending years at University, only to end up back at square one.
I was doing everything the ‘gurus’ told me to do, but I was hitting a brick wall every single time.

I wasted money on ads, and SEO, I started a blog, I reviewed products. I was doing everything I was learning, but it seemed that nothing could me break through.

I would sit at my computer with a blank Word document open on the screen. I was so frustrated, when suddenly I received an email notification saying a friend wanted to connect with me on Facebook.

Many businesses want to know how FB works. I knew the platform and had seen some companies use it with great success.
One Half-Baked Sales Page &
A Few Training Videos Later …
And I’d created and listed my 1st ever online product. All the training I’d been through said I just needed something to sell … and I never let go of that dream.

15 minutes after listing my “training”, I saw something that I’d never seen before:

That single sale flipped my entire world upside down: I WAS HOOKED!
$27 was the biggest confidence booster in my new online career.
What we’ve accomplished is something that has never been done before. We’ve compiled a number of high quality videos that you can follow along with. These videos will help you to understand ‘WHAT’ the step is. Then included with the ‘WHAT’ is a video showing you exactly ‘HOW’ to implement the step. You can literally look over our shoulder to watch the step being implemented.

It wasn’t the money. It was that someone out there found REAL VALUE in what I was sharing.
They were struggling to navigate FB, and found the solution in my simple little product.

Just like FB, it feels GOOD when other people like
YOUR stuff!

If online marketing is SUCH a GOLDMINE
why are you not successful yet?
The Solution’s Simple: When People LIKE What You Share, You Win!

So how can you put yourself in the middle – become the connection between the solution and the problem that your customers are searching for?

How can you secure your slice of the millions of transactions that happen online every single day

First you need to look at this as “A Business”

If every file on your computer might be neatly organized and labelled. You’ve purchased the latest software, training.

You’re buying products because “maybe you’ll use it in the future”.
The best advice I can give you is: STOP

Think about it…

What actions are going to bring you closer to your end goal?

When was the last time you made money neatening up the folders on your computer? Purchasing products you don’t know that you’ll absolutely NEED?

Maybe it’s that you’re trying too hard…

Today I’m going to make it easy to start treating this like a business. With the same BLUEPRINT that generates money like clockwork for the top JVZoo marketers.

“I’ve built a $400,000 business on JVZoo working part time alongside my day job”
– Lee Pennington, JVZoo Academy Member

“trial it out” and “see where it goes” does that usually work out well in other areas
of your life?
In my experience… probably not…

In online marketing when you commit, apply the right blueprint and put some time into it THATS when you’ll start seeing results.

The first step is to decide commit to success with an online business.

Now, here’s the second step.

It’s Called Consistency

If you’re opening emails every day, trying out EVERY method then it’s not a surprise if you’re hitting a brick wall. You’re trying too hard… find one strategy that’s proven and works then:

Consistently putting time into your business
Consistently applying a proven strategy
Consistently scaling your business
Here’s where consistently leads with the right strategy:

If you can get people to pay you $7, it means you can create a product people will buy for $27, $47, $97…the list goes on.

That’s how you build a business you can scale. consistently following the right steps then SCALING when you get some results.

Starting is ALWAYS the hardest part.
What’s even harder is quitting before you see your business succeed.

Now you might be thinking “OK, so I’m ready to take consistent action and I won’t quit just before I succeed. Now what?”

Well, have you ever heard of the McDonald’s brothers
They had a restaurant chain in San Bernadino. They started their small business, and were only too happy to modestly retire knowing they contributed with one more restaurant in the town.
But along came Ray Kroc.

“The McDonald brothers were simply not on my wavelength at all. I was obsessed with the idea of making McDonald’s the biggest and the best. They were content with what they had; they didn’t want to be bothered with more risks and more demands” – Ray Kroc
The giant that McDonald’s now is, was due to the fact that one person; Ray Kroc appeared and connected the CONSISTENCY to a SYSTEM.

Only through systems can you start on your journey to the ultimate goal:
Making money helping others.
Ray Kroc also once said
“The McDonald brothers were simply not on my wavelength at all. I was obsessed with the idea of making McDonald’s the biggest and the best. They were content with what they had; they didn’t want to be bothered with more risks and more demands” – Ray Kroc

Could you imagine living in a world without McDonald’s

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, you gotta admit, they have one heck of a strong strategy. And only because of this strategy, was Ray Kroc able to not only improve the business of the restaurant and make it go international; he was able to do that helping many people in the process.

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  1. He’s right, consistency is the key to success. And you need as much quality time as possible, a guy getting up at 6am has more quality time than a guy getting up at 11am.

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