Apr 20 2015

No BS List Building – Simple Method Gets 4000 Subscribers In One Day

Still struggling to build your list fast?

Discover 3 Dead Simple But Highly Effective List Building Strategies That Can Add Between 100 and 4000 High Quality Subscribers To Your List…In A Single Day!


And the best part is…they are VERY low cost or COMPLETELY FREE


No Experience Required. No Solo Ads.

Simple Rinse & Repeat List Building Systems


Hey Fellow Warrior!

My name is Peter van Zijl and I’ve partnered up with Mark Thompson.

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to make a living online mainly thru email marketing. I have a variety of highly responsive and profitable lists across multiple niches. It’s by far my favourite way to make consistent sales every single dayby simply sending emails. 

In fact, since I started focusing 100% on list building I’ve seen my online income explode. Think of it as traffic to any offer you want…whenever you want it!

A few years ago I wasn’t in the position I am in now.

Oh no.

I bounced around from method to method…half-heartedly trying to make them work before getting bored (and making no money) and then moving onto the next “big” thing to hit internet marketing.


It was like I was running on a hamster wheel…

I worked my butt off I still didn’t see any noteworthy returns.


Everyone tells you the “money is in the list” – but how is that possible when you can’t even get anyone onto your list?

One Morning I Woke Up To A Google Nightmare

My first “break” was with a few Adsense sites I have built.

Sniper sites – you know, those 5 page sites that we all thought Google loved?

When I finally started making decent money from my Adsense sites Google decided to ban my account for no apparent reason.

$150 a day income stream gone over night.

No reason. No explanations. Nada.

Back onto the hamster wheel.

Even when I did try my hand at building a list I failed miserably.

I just couldn’t seem to get enough traffic to my squeeze pages like everyone else was getting.

SEO and the whole quest for “free” traffic had me bleeding money to try get traffic to my sites.


If You Build It They DO NOT Come

No matter what I tried I kept experiencing the same problems:

  • I’d build a squeeze page hoping it would convert…but struggle to get enough targeted traffic to really test it out…
  • I wasted my hard earned money on solo ads for little or no return…it seemed like the only people making money from solos where the folks selling them…or the experienced marketers with deep sales funnels.
  • I didn’t have a system in place…a system that could easily add hundreds, if not thousands of subscribers to my list every single month
  • I spent a fortune on SEO services hoping that my sites would rise above the rest…only to be hammered by Google’s latest update.

Stopped Chasing The Flavour Of The Weekand that’s when everything changed…

It took every ounce of self control to ignore the urgers to buy the next “big” thing.

I immediately stopped everything that wasn’t working for me.

Focused on one niche…

…and spent a little bit of money on paid traffic.

And then I stumbled across a way to add 150 people to my list in one day.

I thought it was a complete fluke so I tried it again.

Over 100+ people subscribed to my list in a day.

The cost?

$10 a pop.

I then tried it in another niche.

Same result although it cost $15 a time and I added 117 people to my list in a day.

This soon became the easiest and most consistent list building strategy in my arsenal.

I can add 100 – 200 laser targeted subscribers to my list…in a single day… any time I want to…and it onlcosts me $10-$15 to do so…

I refined this strategy so that it works in pretty much any niche I want to go into.

This has been one of the biggest driving forces in allowing me to create a full time income through niche marketing.

Forget Recycled Leads & Expensive Advertising
Build A List Fast In Pretty Much Any Niche…Whenever You Want To!

There are 3 low cost and free list building methods that I now use whenever I want to go into and dominate a niche.

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive advertising or solo ads…

Imagine you could:

  • Quickly throw up a squeeze page and start driving laser targeted traffic to it fast…and start adding hundreds of subscribers to your list in a single day.
  • Say goodbye to recycled leads and solo ads once and for all. Instead of sharing a tiny pool of leads with everyone else you can add an ocean of fresh leads to your autoresponder account.
  • Have a bullet proof system in place that consistently and automatically adds leads to your AR account like clockwork.
  • Say goodbye to SEO once and for all and take your business into your own hands. No more relying on Google to drive traffic to your site…then trying to funnel that to your squeeze page!
Check Out Some Of Our Results:

No BS List Building

No BS List Building is a 23 page PDF and two training videos outlining 3 easy list building methods (and two surprise bonus methods).

No fluff, no BS…only tried and tested list building strategies to help you quickly and easily build yourself a big, targeted and responsive list.

These are evergreen strategies that can be used in nearly any niche.

Method 1: The Shout Out

• How I added 149 targeted subscribers to my list in a single day. I’ve turned those subscribers into hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions since then.

• Costs as little as $10 to do (sometimes even less) and you can easily add 400+ subscribers to your list every single month.

• Watch over my shoulder as I go into a brand new niche and show you exactly how this works in a real life situation (outside the IM niche)

Method 2: The Triple Win

This is Mark’s special technique:

  • That he used to add 4000 subscribers to his list…in a single day.
  • This method is completely FREE and very easy to replicate.
  • It works in any niche and is definitely NOT only for the IM or make money online markets

Method 3: Mutual Appreciation

  • An easy rinse and repeat list building system that can add 100+ subscribers to your list in a day.
  • This method is completely free and will help you build strong ties with experts in your niche.
  • Works in any niche you want to use it in.
In case that’s not enough – we’ve added two extra bonus methods for you:

Bonus Method 1:

The first one is a method called The Hunter which is a killer way to leverage other people’s hard work to build your list.

Bonus Method 2:

The second is an advanced module called The Secret Sauce...

Both are incredibly powerful ways to quickly build a list in any niche.


How Much Are 100 – 4000 Hot, Hungry Subscribers Added To Your List In A One DayWorth To You?

This is a Warrior Special Offer so I’m offering this guide at a massively discounted price. This is going to change. I’m definitely not going to keep it as this price for too much longer.

Much less than it should be.

Much less than spending time and money trying to work out list building systems through painful trial and error.

Way cheaper than struggling with solo ads hoping your sales funnel will convert.

small onetime investment of:

Click Here to Get No BS List Building

I’m going to take the risk so you don’t have to. I’m so sure you’re going to love this product. Try this out, risk free for 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason simply send me and email and I’ll refund you every penny of this small investment.

Google Proof Your Online Business Today
Here’s What You’re Getting:
  • The full 23 page no fluff training manual outlining the 3 list building methods
  • 2 additional bonus list building strategies
  • Over the shoulder videos where you’ll see the entire process live
  • Unrivalled support

If you’re serious about taking your online business to the next level by building a list of targeted subscribers that will buy from you over and over again then quickly grab this now:

Click Here to Get No BS List Building

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you’re serious about creating a highly lucrative income stream that is relatively hands free then I truly believe that this is exactly what you’re looking for.

I look forward to helping you


Peter van Zijl and Mark Thompson

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