MemberHub WSO Review – Worlds Greatest Membership Platform

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The World’s Greatest Membership Platform Has Now Been Unleashed To The World


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I used Memberhub to create a member site for my DealVid launch. I was able to have the entire member area up and running in literally under 10 minutes. Nothing else was as fast and as easy to use as MemberHub – Martin Crumlish

Common Problems With Existing Membership Platforms… Slow Loading The membership never loads fast enough Non Responsive Doesn’t play well with mobile devices Complicated Can’t figure out how to use the software Ugly Designs The membership doesn’t look appealing to the eye No Options Not enough options to make it enticing for members Hosting Costs You typically have to pay the hosting fees Software Conflicts WordPress is always updating, or having conflicts Recurring Fees A lot of membership platforms charge recurring Unstable Platforms Platforms that don’t function properly, unstable No Way To Profit Memberships that aren’t setup to get you paid! No Support Do we even need to explain it?
The Story Behind This Flagship Product
The products we develop and launch to the public are always built out of a need we have in our own business. This flagship product is NO EXCEPTION. The truth, is this is the BIGGEST product we have created in our combined 20 years of being in business. We have both been building memberships for as long as we can remember. Last time we checked it was a total of 175 memberships sites. Everything from online marketing to dating membership sites.

We have even designed sites for clients. Which platform you ask? All of them!

Our last membership creation took place in 2014. This was a monster site that took 3 months to develop! The pain involved with the creation of that site is one that we don’t wish on any developer. The page loader would spin over and over for minutes, many of the pages wouldn’t load after you have scrolled the 100’s of pages in the pagination, the page design was always inconsistent and it was just hard!

We had an idea that would allow us to turn that 3 months of development into 45 minutes! Not only that… when the site was done, it would be a complete sales machine!

We called that solution…

Check out the Amazing Power of MemberHub This is a full length demo from start to finish

MemberHub It’s never been EASIER to build and profit
Buy Now Best membership platform so far for me. I’ve used multiple WP membership plugins. They are all labor intensive. I purchased a cloud based membership software a year ago or so with many promises…none of them materialized. I have yet to build any site with it. – Timothy Hacker
MemberHub will produce the most beautiful, highly profitable membership sites in a matter of minutes. These memberships will keep your members engaged and hungry for more of your products! 15 Custom Designed Themes To Choose From! With MemberHub you are able to choose from a total of 15 custom designed themes. We have a variety of themes for you to choose from. All custom designed to help your members be successful and ecstatic about being a member inside your membership site!
Built In Custom Editor,

To Perfect Your Look!
Once you have chosen your template, your next step is to spend a couple minutes perfecting the design. With our built-in custom editor, you can change the entire look of the theme in a matter of seconds! Our predefined colors will do all the design work for you!
Create Your Modules Easily And Instantly! Create your sites pages in no time at all. In most cases, all you need to do is load one video, and everything is done for you! MemberHub will build out 99% of the site, without you having to lift a finger! MemberHub also makes it easy to manage multiple products at the same time. You don’t have to scroll through pages, nothing to search for, you simply choose the product you want to work on.
Buy Now MemberHub is going to change what I can do with my life. Teaching others around the world my expertise in dog training and health but also helping others teach the world will let me stop the last bit of the office job. – Tim Munro

Create Levels And Packages
MemberHub allows you to easily create levels so that you can group products together for special access. MemberHub also allows you to create a package and break down a single product for access. This is especially useful when your product has different upsells with it. Beautiful Sales Pages Created For You Automatically! As you create your memberships and products, MemberHub is working in the background creating sales pages and linking all your products to your store! You have full control over the look of these pages and what you want to appear. They are here to make sure you GET PAID!
Gamification Features Never Before Seen In A Membership Platform! The gamification allows you to issue badges and point to your members when they take action. MemberHub will even keep track of these points automatically. Your members are also able to receive rewards when they receive their badge. These rewards are determined by you! This will keep your members coming back again and again, making you a lot more money in the process!
MemberHub Keeps Your
Members Happy!



Member Hub

Click Here For More Info on MemberHub WSO


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