Aug 29 2013

[GET] Sniper Commissions – ClickBank Affiliates You Need This – $2,811.369 In Just 45 Days!


GET Sniper Commissions


Still Struggling To Make Money Online?
Let Me Show You How I Have Went 
From ZERO Commissions To Over 
$2,811.69 In Just 45 Days With Just…
One Tiny List, 
One ClickBank Product 
& One Simple Website!



This Course Will Only Be Available Until The Sunday The 29th of April 
Where It Will Close At 6PM UK Time To The Warrior Forum.
Allow me to show you how to build super fast responsive lists already warmed 
up and ready to buy what ever you have to promote to them.
Follow along with my sample Sniper Commissions site as I build it ready for 
a new wave of subscribers next month.
Sniper Commissions will show you a time tested proven business model that 
works each and every time you decide to deploy your Sniper Commissions 
site into the affiliate marketing battlefield.
From: Colin Thompson


Dear Fellow Warriors,
If you’re still not making a single penny online then you need to stop and take note of what Sniper Commissions is about and what it can do for you as an affiliate marketer.

Having a responsive list that buys from you is the true key to success online whether your a product creator or an affiliate marketer, list building is what you should be aiming to do at every opportunity you get.

I mean think about this for a second, when you see a new multi million dollar ClickBank product launch do you really think the Guru behind that is wasting his money on Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, or even wasting time creating YouTube videos?

The Answers NO…

They rely on there joint venture partners like me and you sending them traffic to their product through email marketing simply because email marketing works best to send a lot of buying traffic to any sales page in an instant.


Because these top Guru’s DON’T waste money on Search Engine Optimisation, leaves me and you with a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to cash in on big launches and build a LIST of super hot targeted prospects that are already looking to buy what we have to offer them.


Your Sniper Commissions Site Will Seize This Huge Opportunity
& Fill Your Autoresponder With Lazer Targeted Prospects
& Stuff Your ClickBank Account Full Of $$$



Look What I Done From a Tiny List Of Just 612 Subscribers Built In Just 45 Days!

That tiny list made me 64 sales on a product paying $35.25 per sale making me $2,811.69 including a few up sell sales in just 72 hours of me sending one simple email to a buyer hungry list!



Affiliate Marketing Combined With Automated Listbuilding Sites Allows Me To Enjoy a Fantastic Life & Sees Lots Of Wonderful Places

Sniper Commissions Websites Can be Set Up 
In Less Than 60 Minutes!

Have your site set up in less than 60 minutes, using free wordpress themes all you have to do is point and click as you follow along with my sample site.

There is ZERO complication in my Sniper Commissions course and I simply teach you the methods and facts to building a sustainable affiliate income using the power of listbuilding and big ClickBank launches.

In less than 45 days you can be sat with a list of buying subscribers and fat wad of cash in lining your ClickBank account all this and you wont need any of the following to achieve this…


No Paid Traffic
No Techie Skills
No Experience

Just Take a Look Below What The 
Sniper Commissions Course
Will Teach You

Module 1:
Introduction and getting started.
Step by Step basics to the Sniper Commissions training.
From knowing nothing to getting your online business started.
Discover the quick trick to fast list building with my technique.
Picking the correct product to promote that will guarantee $$$.

Module 2:
Affiliate Income Secrets.
Learn a sneaky trick to getting more opt ins than anyone else.
How to build your Sniper Commissions site in less than 60 minutes.
How to get simple content that will rank your sites high in Google.

Module 3:
Fast Autoresponder Setup.
How to get your email marketing set up in an instant.
Where to get your email content from without lifting a finger.
How to start making money from your very first subscriber.

Module 4:
Google Ranking Secrets.
Discover how to rank your site number 1 in a matter of days.
Learn my simple backlinking technique that takes 30 minutes to set up.
Find who I use to do this all for me if you choose not to do it yourself.
Discover the secret link structure that will drive a ton of free traffic to your site.

Module 5:
Launch Week Preparation.
Follow along and learn how to pull of a successful launch as an affiliate.
Discover how to prep your list for the launch day buying frenzy.
Learn exactly what you need to do in order to squeeze every last penny from your list and make up to 30% more sales from 5 minutes of work.

Module 6:
Product Launch Disasters.
Discover what you must do to still make a ton of money when the product your promoting gets a bad rep.
Learn a quick trick to cashing in on your Sniper Commissions site when opt ins and traffic start to die off.

Module 7:
45 Day Check List For Success.
Takes you by the hand every step of the way of building your Sniper Commission site to product launch day promotion.



Sniper Commissions Will Show You a Clear Path To 
Affiliate Marketing Success By Combining The True Power 
Of Targeted List Building & MULTI MILLION DOLLAR 
ClickBank Product Launches.

Plus Grab These Killer Course Bonuses!



Access To 5,000+
Private Label & Resell Rights Products



As an exclusive member to Sniper Commissions you are also granted access to:

12 Months FREE GOLD Membership to
Access over 5,000 private label and resell rights products.
Access free SEO & link building tools.
Access free online e-cover creator.

Get all the content your ever going to need to keep your list happy by having access to eBooks, software, graphics, article packs and video courses absolutely free that come with Resell, Master Resell & Private Label Rights.

Stop Allowing Yourself To Get Left Behind In The 
Affiliate Rat Race!

To often am I tired of listening to others talk about the best way to make sales as an affiliate knowing that these methods simply won’t work.

That’s why I have developed the “Fastest & Easiest Way” to making money as an affiliate marketer that can be repeated time and time again to build you a solid online business that has the one key asset that will make or break any Internet Marketers hopes and dreams and that’s a list of buying subscribers.

Join My Open Members Forum So I Can Watch You Succeed!

Now no matter how good any course or training program is there will always be some point where you simply slip up, forget or just need an answer fast…

That’s why I have included a full open forum inside your Sniper Commissions Membership Portal.

Feel free to ask me as many questions as you like in the Forum and al get right back to you with the correct answer to make sure you stay on track.

If You Combine The Power Of List Building & Affiliate Marketing
You Control Your Lifestyle, Your Money & Your Destiny.



I’m so confident you will love Sniper Commissions I am Giving
You a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



Just imagine within 45 days from now you can have 100s of loyal buying subscribers at your control and thousands in your ClickBank or PayPal account.



IMPORTANT NOTE: This Course Is Only Available For 7 Days At This Very Low Introductory Price!

Unfortunately because this information and training is worth way more than I am offering it to you here means I can only be making the course available for 7 days to Warrior Forum members and visitors!

So go ahead and order your Sniper Commissions training right now and al see you in the members portal – I know you will be happy you did – I guarantee it.

Grab Your Sniper Commissions Membership 
Here Before Its Gone Forever!
Click The Buy Now Button Below!



Grab your Sniper Commissions training today and learn how to become an affiliate marketing master and control a list of hungry buyers.

Sniper Commissions is only available at this low introductory price for 7 days after that it will be only available on the ClickBank market place for a much higher price.

Customer Support

All customers that have purchased the product can contact me through the members portal either via a private message or post in the forum.

If you cant access your login details or access your Sniper Commissions membership then please email me here: 
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