Aug 29 2013

[GET] PinZon – Automatically Pin Amazon Products to Pinterest on Random Intervals


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 Introducing PinZon

I am not going to sit here and tell you that Pinterest drives more traffic then blah blah blah sites combined…

By now you should already know that Pinterest can drive serious traffic!

But who has the time to sit and pin images all day long so that you can rake in the cash from that traffic?

Well I do not! So I created PinZon. This is my own personal tool that I use to pin Amazon products to Pinterest automatically! I have decided to share it with all you fabulous Warriors.

But listen up it is only going to be available here for 7 days! After 7 days I am shutting down this thread!

What Does PinZon do?

Well it is simple really.

1. You enter a keyword and press “Get Products”. This will return the number of images and descriptions that you specified from Amazon for that keyword.

2. You setup your linking structure. More on this in the next section. This requires just a bit of setup.

3. Enter your Pinterest credentials and click “Refresh Boards”. This will return a list of your available boards to post to. Pick the one you want. Then you need to pick how often you want the program to pin. You can specify a random time between X minutes and X minutes. So for example lets say you pick between 5 minutes and 10 minutes. The program will pin 1 picture on a random time between every 5 and 10 minutes. Once you have that set you press “Start Pinning” and you can minimize the program to the system tray and let it do its thing!

I have been pulling down about 125 related products at a time and letting the program post them to a Pinterest board over night. This is so much easier then trying to post products myself!

Check out this quick video demonstration!

What is the Linking Structure you talked about?

Well if you pin using your Amazon affiliate link Pinterest will remove the affiliate part and you will not get any credit for sales you make.

So to get around this I am using redirection. I simply setup a WordPress blog and downloaded a free plugin called Redirection.

In our program you specify the linking structure like this:







I gave 2 examples because I wanted to show you that you can change the naming. The only part that must be intact is the [ASIN]. Our program will automatically replace the [ASIN] with the ASIN number of the Amazon product you are pinning.

Then after you purchase this WSO I will provide you with the exact way to configure the Redirection plugin so that when someone clicks on your pin they will be redirected straight to Amazon and you will get credit for the click and sales!

I have the directions for setting up the redirection written out for you to just copy and paste. I also have a video for those of you that might like that better the then text version.

In the video I install the redirection plugin and configure it. The video is only about 4 minutes long. So once you watch it the process of setting up the redirection should be a piece of cake.

What About Product Duplications?

That is a good question! One we thought about too.

Our program actually pulls in your pin board before pinning. Then we check to make sure that the Amazon ASIN does not already exist on that pin board.

If it does already exists we will not post it and will instead mark it as a duplicate in the Pinned results.

This is a great feature and prevents your pin boards from getting junked up with duplications.

Software Requirements

This is only for Windows computers that have the dot net framework 4.0 installed. It is easily loaded if you do not currently have it installed. Links and instructions can be provided if needed.

We have nothing against our Mac friends. I just don’t know how to program for them. Mac users can use software like Parallels to emulate Windows and that will work with our software.

Support Requests and Guarantee

All support requests have to be logged through our help desk at WSOToolz Help Desk.

Free lifetime updates to the program are included.

30 day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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