Apr 20 2015

Outsourcing With Lyfe: Philippines Style

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Let’s get Severely Serious right Now…

Are your familiar with this soul drenching scene….

I’m siting at work…and Finally, the work day ends as the clock strikes 5pm…With all my energy drained from annoying bosses and co-workers all day…I make my way slowly to my car that I’m 1 month late on the payment…and the insurance!

I make my way to the highway and BAM...traffic beyond traffic as far as I eye can see….yes once again it’s going to take me 1-2 hours just to get home.
During the ride home I keep thinking how much I really don’t like my job….actually no..I hate it with a passion…I keep thinking If I can just I can just get something to work online…in a major way…I could be free….I give a big sigh…no break-thru…yet.

I finally make it home, it’s 7pm… 

Exhausted…I’ve been up since 5am to get ready by 6am…to make it to work by 8am…it’s now 7pm…

 I still have to eat…do some things around the house…pay some bills…ahhhhhhh

Stop it!Don’t Let another day pass you by without being extremely productive..



The secret? Have someone do the work for you!

My Name Is Lyfe…I’ve been outsourcing for a long time now and have had multiple employees/assistants from the Philippines. I have found this to be THE best country to outsource because of it’s low pay rate, yet very high quality of workers.

I’m from America…but I actually lived in the Philippines for almost a year. So I believe I have a lot of insider tips and knowledge that the average person would not about outsourcing here…
I’m done spending 3 weeks trying to figure out what membership software to buy…how to install it correctly and have it running properly when people come to sign up.

I will Not waste one more minute of my day…I’m going to have other people do it for me…

Not only did I discover that once I did this…I was able to grow my business exponentially, but I was utterly Shocked that I could get someone to fill my place for around $2 an hour!

Yes so for $2 an hour I was able to get a college educated English speaking assistant to run my entire business for me! 

Originally Posted by Maria Gudelis View Post
I just spoke to Lyfe this morning via skype – he’s actually in the Philippines right now -Practicing what he preaches! I was amazed at his success as well – seriously, from 0 to $10k in one month with his seo company, then to 250k revenue in ONE year…

How he does it? By outsourcing!!

he even shared a GREAT tip with me about how he pays his talent and it’s even a better system than what I used to pay my full time resource in the PH. WOW.

You have nothing to lose, you have a full money back guarantee so why not check it out now before it’s TOO LATE!!!
Cheers, Maria Gudelis

Originally Posted by Rob Howard View Post
Here is my review I sent to my list:The guide is one of the best I’ve seen in a while in regards to outsourcing.
He teaches you how to find outsourcers, how much to pay them, how to train them, and more – all helping you REALLY take off in your business.

And the thing is – this outsourcing is almost free. At 2 dollars an hour you can get a lot of stuff menial stuff done – backlinking, setting up sites, SEO, wordpress, adsense management, video creation…

So I highly recommend everyone pick this up – regardless if you write kindle books, build affiliate websites,CPA, or sell info products.


Are you Finding yourself with not enough time to make as much money as you want to online?

Are you tired of trying to learn and Wasting too much time on-

  • SEO
  • HTML
  • Design
  • WordPress
  • Plugins
  • Sales Letters
  • Emails
  • Funnels
  • Videos
  • Backlinking
  • Google
  • Clickbank
  • Adsense

You need to be running your business…NOT having your business Run you..

Imagine this..
You find an awesome course online….
But you know its going to take some time to set up.in fact if you had to learn to do everything in it yourself…it could take you months…

 You have your assistant look over the course….and tell them you want them to set everything up in there how it’s laid out….

 Then come back to you within a week with the website set up…plugins done…domain routed..SEO done…articles and design done….everything set up just how the course describes….in 1 week…it would have taken you months to do it….and most likely…you would have been discouraged..annoyed and gave up…and went on to the next new thing…

 But since you had your assistant do all the hard work..your new business is up..making money and profiting nicely already…

 Just how much did this cost to get done for a weeks worth of work from a college educated hard working assistant…

They worked 20 hours….costing you….$40…wow…


So you’re telling me for $2 an hour I can get someone hard working…loyal and extremely knowledgeable and diligent for $2 an hour? 


How much would that skyrocket your business and profits if you could free up your time and get tasks done right away..the correct way.

So…I’ve put together a course so you can have the same and better results than I have had from outsourcing in the Philippines!

Originally Posted by socialmassmedia View Post
Lyfe brings out really high quality stuff and if its anything from his last product to go by then don’t hesitate to jump on this one. He knows his stuff and someone who overlooks fluff and give you the real meat. You got my vote on this one great stuff Lyfe :-)


Outsourcing With Lyfe: Philippines Style

==What’s Included==Mathematics:

I’ll tell you how much to pay your assistant and how much profit you could earn.


Why hire in the Philippines:

I’ll be going over why you should hire only in the Philippines to accelerate your business and profits.


How to pay your assistant/team

I’ll show you how and where to pay your team…and save money for yourself and them at the same time. (no you don’t have to have paypal)


Time Management:

I’ll review how to keep track of your team to make sure they are working the hours as scheduled and to monitor productivity.

And Tons More!

Life and Business Changing

Bonus: Non-Disclosure Non-Compete Contract

I’ve attached a special contract you can use exclusively with your new team.

What else?

Mega Massive Bonus “I was shocked she let me include this for you”

I just spoke with Master Millionaire Marketer Maria Gudelis and she has authorized me to Give You access to her Blockbuster WSO that’s Now Closed as a special Bonus with this package…(very limited time only)
With this exclusive Bonus you get GOLD access to her membership site…(no monthly fees or anything!)This is the EXACT same course the was taken to the Public for $997 after it‘s closing here…
As you might guess I was shocked she even let me put it in as a bonus.

As this is an exclusive bonus for buyers only..without giving too much away..she show’s how exactly how she made $45,791 In 13 days…

This is an awesome course and extremely detailed that I have taken myself with tons of videos and pdfs..case studies…audio and more….

This will be a great course for you and your new assistant to put into effect together.

Maria was the first to make over $100,000 in Revenue in 26 hours with a WSO on the Warrior Forum …….WOW!

Value $997 Yours now included with purchase of my outsourcing course.

-Now that….That is what I call a true Bonus-

Thanks tons Maria!

By taking advantage of this offer right now…at this exact time..

You will discover how to drop working 40 hours a week to Zero

Be able to save the most precious commodity you own…your Time

Be able to increase your business profits and productivity
Scale your business massively

“Outsourcing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.”– Larry Elder

Want to STOP working 40-60 Hours a Week....For a limited Time as a Special Offer and Price ONLY for the Warrior Forum…..This is how you do it….Click that buy button now and let’s get started!

GET Outsourcing With Lyfe: Philippines Style

Yes in case the giant blue icon didn’t grab your attention..I have a 100% 30 Day money back guarantee…your happiness is more important to me than the money…100%!


GET Outsourcing With Lyfe: Philippines Style

Limited Time only..Price is Rising with Every sale….if you refresh the page..it may jump again…

Wish you the best! 


support email: lyfelytehelp @ (gmail.com)

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