Aug 29 2013

[GET] One Million Dollars in 21 Days


GET One Million Dollars in 21 Day



Newbie Friendly Training & Swipe Files Included

How I Banked One Million Dollars,
From ONE Website – In 21 Days
Check out the DVD artwork below – we just received back from the designers

I plan to release this as a physical DVD for $97 VERY SOON
So…I’m not going to keep this WSO open for very long “especially at this discounted price”

Welcome To…


$1,000,000.00 In 21 Days
Sound Insane?I Hope So…

Because I’m About To Expose The Stupidly SimpleFormula That Made It Happen

Best Of All…

The First Time I Discovered This And Implemented It, I Didn’t Have A Clue If It Would Work!

And since then it’s worked over and over again not only for myself but for my students too …

Hey Alex Jeffreys here

….I used to be constantly asked how I get such insane results so quickly…

But Now I’m Asked Something More Important

“Alex… How is it your CUSTOMERS and STUDENTS get such insane results so quickly?”

Well, there’s a simple answer to both these questions…


I invest HEAVILY to learn from the VERY best marketers out there and discover directly from them what WORKS…

I Test it…Tweak it…Then share it!

And today’s no different…

In fact, what I’m about to expose to you right now caused me to bank over $1,000,000 in just a 21 day period!




Who cares about ME anyway?… What does this all mean for YOU…

Well last year I held a sold out, private seminar in London, UK where I shared the exact blueprint to my success online.

The attendees paid upwards of $997 to attend and well… here’s what they had to say about it…


People flew in to the event from all around the world to see me speak. Australia, Germany, Russia… It was insane!

After it was all said and done, there was ONE presentation from the event that people STILL ask me about today…

The amazing thing is, many who took action are now using the same strategies themselves to bank crazy amounts of cash.

Think about this a second, people paid $997 to be sat in the room while I LET LOOSE on ALL of the secrets to my success.

…ON TOP of that they paid travel expenses (planes, trains, auto-mobiles) … hotel food and lived through the VIP parties…

JUST to hear me speak on stage.

Check out the crowd’s reaction at my London seminar…


Well, that was then… but this is NOW!!

You’re a Warrior right?

Being one myself… I LOVE giving back to the community..

So here’s the deal,

Instead of making you pay almost a thousand bucks PLUS travel costs to hear this ground-breaking presentation.



Yep, you’ll get it ALL with absolutely NOTHING left out…

You’ll Get Instant Access

Inside this groundbreaking 153 minute video session…here are just a few of the tactics you’ll instantly discover…


  • How to do free market research (and get inside your buyer’s head and heart) using simple strategies that anyone can pull off…

  • My Brand New sneaky research trick that I used on eager prospects who were BEGGING me to help them…and built up massive trust and social proof for my affiliates to gladly mail for me…

  • The secret (and brilliant) strategy I employed to quickly (and easily) gain the trust of everyone who visited my website or read my blog…

  • How I created demand for a FREE product–and got hundreds–if notthousands of eager BUYERS because of it.

  • How giving away a free product can easily make you 25%, 50%, 150% more cash-in-hand like gangbusters!

  • This is the exact process I took to know my most profitable customers inside out…and be able to hand them on a silver platter exactly what they wanted…

  • THREE “paint by numbers” ways to a crafting a laser-targeted sales message (if you can copy this, you can make money.)

  • What to do if you don’t have any testimonials (and build good will and cool factor) at the same time!..PLUS–What type of testimonials you never want to use–EVER!

  • How you can build a RAVING fan base (eager to pay you for anything you are selling)

  • The 3 stages of a launch…and the one stage NO ONE talks about that’s essential to lining your pockets even before you begin…



  • How NOT selling something to your list of buyers right away can actually EXPLODE your profits…see how I used this trick to grab a cool $300,000 in a short period.

  • Why becoming a Big Name Guru could be an extreme disadvantage when selling certain types of products…and how I rode the coat-tails of a famous guru to make more sales…

  • PRICE HIKE TRICK: My pricing blueprint that immediately increases desire & tears down objections all at the same time…

  • Grab Instant Trust By Association: This tactic is totally swiped from Oprah but works like a charm…

And one of the best parts about the process I’m handing you…

Once You Know This, You Can Repeat It Over And Over For Huge Results!And Don’t Have To Invest Anywhere NEARthe Original $997 Price–Or Even $497, $197 OR $97…

(Which Is A Steal)…Instead Grab It All Today For Just $11!

GET One Million Dollars in 21 Day

It’s Big Bonus Time!

Just in case you need even MORE of a reason to take action now and not miss out, I’m handing you something SWEEEEET!

For A Limited Time You’ll Also Get An Extra 86 Minute Bonus Video Training


Where You’ll Discover…

  • How To Use FREE MONEY MAGNETS To Cash In Big Time

  • Where (And How) To Infiltrate For FREE TRAFFIC

  • How To Have Other People Build Your List For You

  • My Email Tennis Tactic (Prepare To Be SHOCKED At This One)

  • How To Increase EPCs X4 Using Simple P_______

  • My Surgical Strike For Crushing Conversions

  • How To Have Your Customers Create Your Product (SERIOUSLY!)

  • How To Create A Passionate Desire For Your Products Before You Release Them

  • Tricks To Swoop Up ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ (6 Figures EASY!)

And Much, MUCH More!

Including …


  • All The Email Swipes I Use To Apply This Right Away

  • My ‘Yes To Success’ Campaign (This one email alone made me over $86,203)

And Some Special Unannounced Material 

Only Those On The Inside Will Discover!

PLUS, as another limited and time sensitive special - I’ve decided to hand over some EXTRA items as bonuses that in all honesty are too valuable to give you free

But I’m here to make an impact, more importantly I’m here to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to implement this training …


So Here’s Even More…


#1 – Complete Done For You Email Campaign

This email campaign was hand crafted by me personally. It’s the series of emails I use with my list when I use this method.

This exact swipe file has made me personally over $100,000 profit from a list of around 21,000 subscribers. It works. It’s powerful. It’s yours FREE

#2 – Complete Done For You Affiliate Emails 

For complete success online you will have affiliates sending you traffic and sales. So I thought long and hard about this, and decided to give you all of my affiliate email swipes too! 

Affiliates have generated over $1,216,385.00 for me and these are the emails that made that happen. They work, they are very powerful and YES they are yours FREE! 

#3 – Complete “Millionaire Maker” Mindmap

Whenever I plan anything out that will make a lot of money I mindmap it out for myself and my team. 

The mindmap will make everything so much clearer, and simpler for you as well as give you an easy way to implement this without missing anything. 

So again, I nearly didn’t hand this over as it’s my private information but for a limited time with this WSO it’s yours FREE!


Alex, Did You Seriously Say I Can
Get Instant Access To All Of
This For Just $11?

I sure as heck did, YES! the $1million Dollars In 21 Days PLUS Bonuses all for just 11 bucks.

But only if you’re quick to get access right now below…


Plus let’s make this an even greater no-brainer…


Get Instant Access And Love It
Or Pay Nothing Guarantee!

I know without doubt this insane package today will blow you away with excitement.

However I want you to hold complete control today and have zero doubts that what I’m telling you is the truth.

Therefore, to give you all of that and more I’m making you a rock solid guarantee

If you do not LOVE everything you receive, or you simply decide it was not for you for any reason,

Let me know within the next full 30 days for a complete 100% refund – no questions asked!

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, so go ahead before it’s too late and claim instant access right now below…


YES Alex! Give Me Instant Access Right Now For Only $11I Understand The Price Will Rise Soon Or The Offer May Even Close Forever At Any Moment So I Don’t Want To Miss Out! 

GET One Million Dollars in 21 Day

I’ll see you on the inside with everyone else…

To your success

Alex Jeffreys

P.S. Anyone who knows me knows that I really WILL be taking this down so grab this crazy offer now before it’s too late! Don’t be one of the people who miss out…


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