Aug 29 2013

[GET] Live CPA Blueprint

Hundreds Sold! All reviews below are genuine

“WARNING: Don’t buy another WSO about CPA… or…
any other affiliate marketing course… until you
read every word of this important message…”

“An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Sick & Tired Of All The Big Promises that Don’t Live up to Even Half the Claims”

“This is not some course, ebook or “system.” It’s unlike anything you may have seen before. Instead of showing you some rehashed or “use to work” method…

I”m going to show you how to leapfrog over the learning curve, get profitable CPA campaigns running in a stunningly short time, and do it all using a currently LIVE and profitable CPA offer I’m currentlyrunning….

The powerful but super simple method I use to get my campaigns profiting quickly…and then expand them for even more profits…

How to select the right keywords and offer angles that get your visitors eager to fill out your offers…

The true inside secrets top million-dollar affiliate marketers use, often “behind the scenes,” that can literally double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your response and your sales.

And much, much more!”

“Yes you can just flat out have this highly profitable and currently working campaign so that you can finally profit with CPA, increase your conversion rates… double your profits… and explode your email opt-ins (all without having any experience at all!)

In this WSO you’ll discover…

How to launch campaigns quickly with the highest probability of success.

How to take the exact campaign that’s currently getting me hundreds of opt-ins
per month FREE…and copy/paste it for your own use.

How to craft an email opt-in that makes you money on the front end…and the backend!
…without having to actually give anything away.

My name’s Paul and I’ve been doing affiliate marketing full time since 2003.

Needless to say I have a LOT of experience and a lot of that is doing paid traffic. PPC, PPV etc…

Having helped a number of my friends over the years I know that it can be a struggle sometimes starting out especially with something like PPV or PPC traffic.

This isn’t some hyped up guide that’s full of promise and sells you nothing. I know from experience that the biggest thing that actually helps besides having clear easy to follow instructions (with lots of pictures/screencaps) is showing someone how to actually make a profit…for real.

When someone sees profit come in, even if it’s only a little, a light seems to go off and the person starts “getting it” and are now able to now move on to the next level. It’s also a big morale booster to see profit. It just makes you want to keep doing more.

That’s why I wrote this, to show you a simple method to actually make a profit.

It’s not earth shaking, it’s not some unknown mystery that I “discovered” (if that were the case the last thing I’d do is post it on an open forum.) However it works and it works well.

It’s a simple method that anyone can follow and it can be applied to any niche. Also your chances of making a profit are actually pretty high. Not all offers you try will be profitable but if you follow my simple method for launching them, a high percentage should be.

The method I use and will show you is very much the same as building a campfire. You start small with some twigs, then when you have a little flame you add one some bigger sticks etc…until…not always but sometimes yes…you have a giant bonfire of profit pouring in.

Just realize no one ever starts a bonfire, they start a little teeny one with twigs and a spark and build from there.

That’s what I’m going to show how to do.

For this WSO I decided to actually take a campaign which is highly profitable, which is currently making me money (right now) and show it to you.

This is just a partial screen shot for today…total cost for these leads?….I actually made money getting them.

I want this to be easy for you. I personally hate buying something only to find later “there’s something elese I need” (note: you’ll need to sign up for aweber or another email list company)

In this WSO your get the landing pages, opt-in form, the offer, the keywords…everything.

I know the first thought is…if everyone jumps in it’ll kill it and no one will make any money. That’s what I’d think anyway.

Not the case with this one at least.

What I’m going to show you is pretty ingenious, there is a front end offer you get paid on and a back end which you get paid a ton on.

You’ll be building a list which you can promote to over and over and over and you should be able to do it by either making a profit while you’re building it or if you’re aggressive, you should be able to build it for pennies per opt-in.

Also you won’t need “anything to give away” to entice the opt-in you’ll have to see it but it really is a pretty cool setup.

Everything you need is in the WSO.

I’ve personally expanded my own campaign and some days I’m breaking even or a small profit and others I’m paying a few pennies per opt-in.

In the process though I’m building a large list for almost nothing and have an autoresponder sequence of emails setup.

They promote a backend offer which pays well over $150…and if they don’t get that, there are plenty of other options to keep promoting.

It’s such a broad niche that there are practically endless numbers of keywords you could use to send traffic to this. Just to clarify, this is low cost paid traffic, not SEO.

The guide is over 50 pages and none of it is fluff. There isn’t even a table of contents, introduction or anything else that’ll burn up your printer ink. 

It’s all content based around a LIVE currently profiting campaign. This is not something that used to work, it’s working right now.

Also with what you learn you’ll be able to take any offer and know how to launch it with the knowledge that there is a high possibility it’ll be profitable without spending a fortune “testing”.

From there I’ll give you my strategy for expanding and scaling out profitable campaigns to squeeze the most money you can out of them.

I also show you how to setup tracking properly (with lots of screenshots) so you can see exactly how to do it.

Without tracking which keywords are making money and which are losing, there is no way you will ever succeed.

I’ve laid it out very clearly, step by step so anyone can follow it and understand it.

I also show you step by step how to use aweber to host your opt-in form.

This is actually key as it leaves almost nothing on your web pages except some tracking code meaning they will load very, very fast.

I’ve done my best to explain what’s in this WSO and can tell you this is the exact method I use for all my campaigns.

You can take the campaign I show you and run with it…I am and I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing.

You never know, CPA offers come and go but this one should be around for a long time.

If for some reason this isn’t your thing, you have a 30 days to get your money back guarantee.

This is a knowledge based WSO based on a real currently live campaign. Even experienced marketers should benefit from it.

This is being sold as a dime sale so get it while it’s cheap.


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