Aug 29 2013

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Dear Warrior,

Mohammed Ali (not the boxer) here, Iʼve been an online marketer for a really long time now and mostly have made my money through niche marketing.

When I started out, I was lucky enough to move out of the Make Money Online niche very quickly and start in my own niche business.

For years Iʼve been utilizing WordPress and a few other great services to create a powerful sales machine that pretty much supports my lifestyle without doing too much work.

Over the last 20 months or so Iʼve been using my ability to delegate to pretty much
outsource all my workload to make things easier, and I liked it that way. Hell I donʼt even like doing voice overs and have guys like my friend Adil do them for me.

But enough about me, hereʼs why Iʼm writing you today…

As you probably know Webinars are one of the most effective ways to sell big ticket items at a much quicker rate than anything else, besides doing a live speaking gig, online.

But hereʼs the big “hidden” problem, getting the right audience to your webinar page is actually a lot simpler than you might think.

The problem arises however, when you send the right people to the wrong style page.

Let me explain, most places like GoToWebinar, Anymeeting, etc all have really ugly optin pages for webinars.

This was a HUGE problem because I used to send a ton of traffic to those pages and I got good numbers to fill up the Webinar, but it SUCKED because they were so damn ugly & people often emailed me asking, “Mo, your product design, sites, everything is done so itʼs visually pleasing – but why are the webinar pages so bad?”

The truth was I hated the opt-in forms and pages, as it went against what I loved…
Great design, aesthetically good looking pages, and providing lots of value
So I decided to pay a few programmers to come up with a powerful, unique set of
squeeze pages just for me so I could integrate it all together!

This worked as I saw a significant increase in sign ups from the same list that I had been marketing to before but without much response.

In fact, the craziest thing happened when people would keep emailing me for replays
and I even had my friends in the marketing world asking me where they could get their own cool Webinar sign up pages.

That got me thinking and I decided to offer that as a package BUT I stopped myself
because I thought, “I can improve this”.

So what I did was create a plugin that allows your blog to harness one of the most powerful selling mediums available online today, all automated…

Thatʼs right, it automates webinars in 5 minutes FLAT!

Think about it this way, have you ever wanted to do a webinar but the hours leading to it you get nervous, you get some bad news, or something that throws you off…

Whatʼre the odds that you can deliver your webinar in a professional manner every time and close really well?

The best marketers and sales people canʼt do the same webinar every time, so I thought why not make this easier…

Instead of spending all your time running webinars, you can easily spend that time doing things you want to do, whether thatʼs:

– Spending time with your family
– Playing video games
– Coming up with ways to give value to your subscribers
– Taking a holiday
Or whatever else you want

Having this ability is the reason why 90% of entrepreneurs get started so they can do what they want with their time.

And thatʼs where the idea of having an Automated Webinars married my highly converting squeeze pages.


Auto Webinar Press

This powerful little plugin turns any blog into a profit pulling machine.

All you need is the following to get your Auto Webinar Press up and running:

  • A Video Hosting Solution (Amazon, Wistia, Youtube etc)
  • A WordPress blog
  • Auto Webinar Press plugin
  • A list capture service (Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact etc)

Thatʼs all, oh and watching the demo video below to see how quickly you can create a squeeze page and have your webinar up and running completely automated.

Hereʼs what you get with AWP:

  • The plugin
  • Training videos to show you how to successfully use the plugin in your business
  • 3 pre-made squeeze page templates (more to come)
  • A ready-made webinar you can plugin and drive traffic to and earn up to $336.63 per sale from (and as it is a high ticket Affiliate Program, you will not have to do any work whatsoever!
  • Lifetime updates.

So how much does Auto Webinar Press cost?

Because I havenʼt officially launched this, I want to give you a massive discount, as itʼll be sold on for no less than $97 when it goes live on Clickbank.

You can get your hands on your copy today for the HEAVILY discounted prelaunch version of Auto Press Webinar for just $27 for the multi-site license – which means you can install it on as many personal sites as you want!

To get access to Auto Webinar Press all you need to do is hit the buy now button below and youʼll be sent to the check out page where you just need to fill out your regular information and youʼll be sent to the registration page to get your advanced copy of Auto Webinar Press.

Automated Webinars for WordPress

100% money back guarantee…

If youʼre not 100% satisfied by Auto Webinar Press for any reason, then all you need to do is send a quick email to our support system and we will promptly refund you as soon as possible, no questions asked & we can part as friends.

Remember all Iʼm offering you today is a plugin that would dramatically increase your income without you needing to be there to oversee the process the entire way.
All while you can spend time doing what you love, sharing great content through our
automated system, and have a growing list of happy subscribers, & Customers…
Not to mention, all of our hands-on training that will teach you everything you need to know from setting up the plugin, to using conversion tactics proven to get more people opting into your webinars, and more.

To get your hands on your copy of Auto Webinar Press, hit the order button and get started right away…

Automated Webinars for WordPress

Yours in success & Profits,

Mohammed Ali

Automated Webinars for WordPress

AutoWebinarPress is getting RAVE reviews already!

“Just tried the squeeze page, opted in to watch ‘Yesterdays’ webinar and am now watching a great movie…This is a very cool plugin.” – Spijk (WF Member)

“This actually is the perfect solution for an event I am holding this summer, plus some other plans! (I am also looking forward to your plugin updates.) It literally arrived on the day I was trying to figure out how to solve my presentation problem. Perfect…” – toddtrumble
“Really cool, I just tested the and it looks like the one the so called big Gurus use. I’ve got an other question…” – Jorge (WF Member)

“This is something I’ve been looking for long time and for around this price!!!” – Jgannuny (WF member)

“Great Day for all who made purchases today! Prepare for the future of webinars! Mine will be running by the end of the week! Thanks so much Mohammed for a wonderful and inexpensive product for all!” – LelandBest (WF Member)

Automated Webinars for WordPress

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