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Video GIF Mixer Review – Create Engaged Viewers

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Converts casual social media wanderers into Engaged Viewers

“Stop Losing 80% of Video Traffic, and Rapidly Increase Video Views to Drive More Traffic, Generate MoreLeads, & Make More Profits Starting in Just Minutes”

Helps also drive massive number of viewers from Suggested Videos on Youtube & Facebook, and boosts Youtube & Google search rank for the videos.



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Over 80% of social media networks content are images. If you are not using animated images to drive traffic to your videos, you are losing 80% of potential viewers.

The ONLY software which gives user upfront knowledge about the content of the video they are about to watch boosting clicks to video and views by large margin.

Skyrockets YouTube/Google video quality score to boost both suggested videos appearance rate, and SEO rating.

Delivers quality viewers whose interest match the video content, which converts to increased number of action takers. It means more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Struggling to convince more people to click through to watch your video?

Video Marketers from businesses both small and large all want to leverage the power of social networks to have their video be seen and engaged with by a massive number of people on the daily basis.

However marketers have already noticed that now is harder than ever to get people to click through to watch the video.

The reason for that is the distrust in the video content, caused by majority of popular video publishers picking up thumbnails that are misleading.

The growing viewers’ frustration results in rapidly diminishing number of clicks through rates to watch the video.

So what’s the solution?

We are about to reveal the simplest yet most powerful video marketer’s tool on the planet to avoid content distrust, and convert casual social media wanderers into engaged viewers, in order to drive traffic, generate leads, build subscriber’s list, and make more sales.

But before we do that, it is worth to notice that recent studies have found that one of the main reasons why people don’t click to watch video is lack of upfront knowledge about the content of the video they are about to watch.

The same study has found out that creating visually engaging video grams that provide more context, instantly increase number views, viewer’s engagements, and viewer’s action rate.

However, while the study findings were known for some time, only large corporations with their deep pockets could afford to build internal solutions to leverage the power of video gram.

That all changes with Video GIF Mixer.

The Video GIF Mixer is, the fusion of proprietary highly advanced video scan technology, revolutionary smart key-frame selection algorithm, and matrix randomization engine.

Visually engaging video grams produced by the software drastically reduce viewer hesitation, which results is significant increase of number of clicks through, traffic, and call to action engagement.

The Video GIF Mixer software allows to create large number of different looking video grams from the very same video.

That allows for large increase of video views, keeps video grams catchy in timelines, and increases sharing.

Video GIF Mixer technology also converts wanderers on social networks without video support, like Pinterest, and Tumblr to video viewers and action takers.

Video grams can drive viewers traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and most of other web sites.

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