Apr 19 2015

Keyword Needle – Real World Niche Research Data – Forget Google & AllinTitle


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How to find a needle in a hay stack? Set it all on fire and pull out the mega magnet!

“Finally! A Shockingly Accurate Method
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It’s time to stop wasting time on keywords that don’t deliver.

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It looks like you’re doing just what I was secretely doing too (the reactive method), getting #1-3 ranks on SERPs for my ‘chosen’ keywords over and over again…DARN!Is there a way to BUY all this thread and shut it down Chris?

I am really pi55ed to see it revealed like this.

Honestly, I wanted to keep it as one of my most guarded secrets – my edge, so to speak…

Maybe raise the price, so that there won’t be so many buyers? Whaddaya think?
PM me if there is any chance to stop this, thx!

Dear Warrior,

Let me be blunt up front… I am not trying to
wow you with big promises or expectations.
It’s a bold statement to say you can find keywords
that practically guarantee profits.

But it’s true. Just look at the traffic one of my sites
was able to pull in last year…


And another…


Most people won’t use this strategy, but you’ll
never find wisdom in crowds. The most effective
way is often crushed by a few people who know
the minimum effective dose for maximum profits.

“The TRUE Traffic & Competition Finally Revealed!”

After reading this…

  • You will KNOW the TRUE competition for a keyword from a real world test
  • You can do a REAL WORLD test of how much traffic a keyword actually has.
    No more stupid estimates!
  • You will be able to accurately see the profits you can get for ranking
    in the top ten for that keyword.
  • You will be able to minimize your effort in, and maximize your results out.
    High profit margins guaranteed.


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Pretty creative method! I have too say that this is well worth the price you are asking I am glad to see this got WSO of the Day!Tim

My failure rate is ONE PERCENT!

If my failure rate was 50% I’d break even, so when
99% of my keywords hit the overall profit margins
are pretty good!

I don’t waste time trying to rank for keywords
that are too difficult, or don’t have the traffic.

I don’t use fancy calculations like KEI or look
for pretty green lights from my keyword tool.
If I did, my failure rate would be 50% or higher!

 Why do people pick the wrong keywords and endlessly pursue a lost cause, when guaranteed keywords are lying in wait to blow up their traffic?

They are doing this…


It should be this…


My step by step blueprint pinpoints the exact simple method I personally use to make sure I never waste time on a keyword that doesn’t deliver.

A 200°C Kettle is a Waste!

What good is a kettle that boils your water to 200 °C. It’s just a waste. Just hit 100 °C and be done with it!

Most people overcook their keywords and wonder why all their profits have evaporated away. There’s a simple way to ensure you hit that sweet boiling point for your keywords.

Get this short 30 page report and start putting in the minimum, and getting out the maximum!

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Overall rating:
This is an excellent WSO. You are going to learn how to get fairly accurate estimates for keywords and know exactly which keywords you should invest time and money in instead of relying on the data that keyword tools give you.HP

This is What You do AFTER Keyword Research

This short, to the point report will help anyone
maximize their profits from Google traffic.

The fact is, this report is NOT even about how
to do keyword research. It assumes you know
the basics of identifying promising keywords.
If not, I’ve got a WSO on that.

This report is what you do after you have picked
the keywords you plan to rank for.

  • This is how you minimize effort in
  • This is how you maximize profit and results
  • This is how you avoid wasting your time
    on lousy keywords, and focus on the big


Originally Posted by Matthew P. Griffin View Post
Man, Chirs!This is not hype, fluff, but down to earth information that anyone, regardless of where they are at with their online business (or offline for that matter) can use.Creative, but the basics is black and white! I can’t wait to get my team on this to bring it back to where it was always supposed to be instead of always trying new methods where 99% of them don’t work.

I can tell you’ve been in this game for a while and I really respect your solid approach and
Thanks man!

Matthew P. Griffin

Robots Tell Lies

Have you realized yet that the keyword tools
have been lying to you?

Have you come to the conclusion that a lot
of those fancy keyword scores, traffic data
and everything else isn’t matching up with
the real world?

If you rely on tools, you are a tool.
The only way to really know whether a
keyword is truly worth the effort is to get
real world data.

This reports shows you exactly how to get
real world data to prove which of your
keywords are the ones you should pursue
to make guaranteed profits.

No more guess work!

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Traffic is the lifeblood of site owners. Chris has shown in his book very clever methods of getting quality keywords, and if added with your own good content, you will be having killer sites for sure.It’s a very comprehensive read with several nuggets that can help you a lot with your keyword targeting and searching. It’s worth to mention about the potential mistakes to avoid when one is doing his keyword research.Chris has made this book very affordable at this price, so you better grab it while it’s still at its cheapest rate right now!


Want Laser-Focused FREE Buyer Traffic in Any Niche You Choose?

You need keywords that will deliver profits!

Everyone is using the keyword tools,
crossing their fingers and hoping for the

If you have money and time to burn then
that strategy is fine. However, why do this
when real world data is at your finger tips
with just a little effort.

Would You Open a Supermarket in Iceland?

If you were a business hot shot and was planning
to open a supermarket chain in Iceland, what
might you do?

Sure you would do your preliminary research, you’d 
gather your data together and see if it looked viable.

Do you think you might take a flight out and visit 
Iceland before you put your money where your
mouth is?

Of course you would! It’s common sense.

Use the same common sense with Keywords!

Keyword tools can be a useful guide for initial 
research, but you need real world, on-the-ground

Keyword Tools are what you use before you jump
in and get your hands on the real world data.

Use the Keyword Needle strategy to get data that
forces you to prove whether what you are doing is
going to make you a profit or not. 

Testimonial (via Skype):

Originally Posted by Andrew Fletcher
Chris,This is an awesome, info packed guide to increasing traffic. Easy to understand, easy to implement (I loved the alternatives given for new starters so they don’t get left out) and pretty much a guaranteed way to targeted traffic.And at the crazy low price you’re offering it at, this is a complete no brainer.



Are You Wasting Your Time?

Most people find some nice looking keywords and
then start building a site, churning out content, and
putting effort into promotion.

Then the keyword doesn’t deliver.


They invested in the wrong keyword.

It gets worse!

They either keep pushing that keyword hoping one
day it will pay off (it usually doesn’t), or they make
the same mistake all over again with a new keyword.

Instead of trying to blindly rummage through a
haystack looking for that needle of a keyword, burn
down the haystack and pull out the mega magnet!

What You Get:

Hit the buy button and you shall receive…

  • The to-the-point, 30 page, Keyword Needle Report
  • How a friend of mine identified the earning potential
    of a keyword over a year [Page 4]
  • The dangerous percentage error for your profits
    [Page 6]
  • How little changes have big effects [Page 8]
  • How to confirm if your overall business model
    and marketing strategy is sound [Page 9]
  • The ________ Approach to identifying guaranteed
    winners [Page 10]
  • HOT! How to identify guaranteed hot keyword using
    ______ content [Page 12]
  • In what circumstances you should use an authority
    website to gather real world keyword data [Page 14]
  • Why this strategy explodes your profit margins [Page 15]
  • Step-by-Step: How I have used this strategy to target
    entire sub-niches effective on sites with 5 figure monthly
    traffic [Page 16]
  • How to use real world keyword data to identify
    guaranteed winners [Page 19]
  • How to predict the traffic a keyword will get in any
    top 20 position in Google using real world data [Page 20]
  • How to see your ‘true’ Google ranking [Page 23]
  • The art of __________ to carefully move your
    keywords up the rankings while maximizing profit
    [Page 24]
  • HOT! How to uncover lost keywords with big potential [Page 25]
  • Raising the bar when you are ready to rank for tough
    terms [Page 26]
  • The deadly mistakes to avoid when hunting for
    keywords with guaranteed profit [Page 28]


The Wrong Eggs!

Traffic is the lifeblood that you need to constantly
pump into your business.Yet so many get stumped
by picking the wrong keywords.

They’ve got the wrong eggs, in the wrong basket!
Start picking winners now, and chunk out the rotten
eggs that will poison your business.

Quite simply, get Keyword Needle Now…

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$9.95 is a joke. I totally agree with the first review-post you can read on the sales page. Make it at least $1 up every sale, will you?Seriously though, it is a no brainer. Skip your beer today, buy this WSO for the same amount of money. You will also get extra time in the evening to implement it.After learning enough on keyword research, building sites, doing SEOthis information looks like the last link in the chain, and I know by experience that your very first steps choosing the keywords can either make or break the website on the whole.

What’s the Price?

Most WSOs like to sell you on how awesome
their price is, and how they should be selling it
for $67 or some other made up figure.

I’m not going to make up some crap like that.
I intentionally put the price low and I am not
claiming to be going crazy or have some big
bill that I urgently need to pay.

It is just my philosophy to provide products
at great prices. This low price is intentional,
I believe offering great value, especially in
uncertain times, is just smart business.

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If you want the smart way to find keywords with guaranteed profits, and the ability to maximize your returns from your hard work, then grab a copy of Keyword Needle now!

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That’s 30 days to find profit sucking keywords using this method.

This Strategy + Your Site = More Profitable Keyword, More Traffic & More Cash

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I got a review copy from Chris.MY REVIEW

This is a very clever WSO, and as usual with clever systems like this, you go “d’oh well that was obvious” once you read it. It’s so simple it’s right in front of your nose how to do it, you just need to make a system out of it, and Chris shows how to do that.If you follow Chris’s method, you’re going to succeed in finding high-value keywords. If you then build good content and good websites, its really very hard to fail to make money. It’s as simple as that.

It’s definitely an eye opener, and it will teach you how to use free information that anyone can get, to find out what works.

VERDICT: Get this before the price goes up.

Grab your copy now…

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