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Social Traffic Bot

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You Get REAL Facebook, Instagram
+ Pinterest Followers & Unlimited Free Traffic
To YOUR WordPress Site on 100% Autopilot! 
With This EASY to use Plugin

  • Most AUTOMATED SOCIAL marketing plugin you’ve ever seen!
  • You get Facebook fans for your site
  • You get Instagram followers for your site
  • You get Pinterest followers for your site
  • Your site is promoted to your social audiences 24/7

Click Here for a Demo of Social Traffic Bot


VIDBIZ WSO Review – Great Video Store Builder

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This Revolutionary New Software App Will Build Your Very Own Lucrative Online Business…In 2 MINUTES Or Less!
— Look: 100 – 400% Profit on These In-Demand Services —


  • Start Today – Your First Profit Tomorrow!
  • $100s Per Week from someone else’s Work!
  • 100 – 400% Profit on each service.
  • 1 Click: 60 seconds Paypal-Ready Website Set-Up
  • Simple & Newbie Friendly… Start accepting sales in 2 minutes
  • No Products, Skills or Experience Required
  • Can YOU Spare 60 Seconds to Build an Evergreen In-Demand Business?


Step 1
Drop Vidbiz App onto your Server (60 Seconds)… Video ‘How to’ Included.

Step 2
Re-brand, customize and make the whole site unique to you with just a few clicks.

Step 3
Use the included Traffic sources to drive targeted buyers.

Step 4
Site takes the orders… providers do the work (included) & you profit





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Get Content Kingpin WSO

* Satisfaction Guaranteed *
You are protected by our
iron-clad money back guarantee

Bradley Benner of MasteryPR & Semantic Mastery

You are probably here because you want to find the best way to create high quality content quickly, easily, and cheaply while using it to gather clicks, conversions, and more.

You want a way to produce this content that doesn’t take hours or break the bank – whether it’s for your site, a client’s site, a PBN, or even a web 2.0 property.

You want to put out high quality content that will not only with stand up to scrutiny but result in real metrics like click through rates, time on site, and more.

You’re ready to start getting this content produced so that you can grow your business and scale your content production – which is what you need in order to succeed online.

Several Years Ago I Had A Problem…
Several years ago, I was just starting my SEO & Marketing agency…

I had the good luck to be introduced to a few clients and was able to offer them services that they liked – I had my first 2 clients.


Everything was going to be great from here on out, right?

Well, not exactly…

I was now looking at having 2 clients in different industries neither of which I knew much about AND I had to start producing content for them.

I had started using his IFTTT networks and knew that using them to syndicate good content to their branded networks would generate great results – exactly what we wanted!
So, I started out like a lot of people do.

I was personally writing articles for the mortgage broker client. Every. Single. Word.

It was awful. And it took a HUGE amount of time away from my fledgling business.

Sound familiar?

It was at about that time that I came across a WordPress plugin that introduced me to content curation.

Did this solve all of my problems?

No! Like all of us at one time or another, that plugin looked like it could solve all of the problems.

However, it did show me what content curation was capable of and the immense amount of time and effort that could be saved if done right.

After working out the process in my own valuable free time at night, I had a method for producing regular, high quality, interesting content for my new clients that I could then publish on their websites.

In a short period of time I was able to produce several articles an hour for niches that covered all sorts of industries, which meant I could take on more clients, add on content creation services, and grow the business and revenue!

Pretty great, isn’t it?

What could you do if you were able to easily create content that was done quickly and was high quality?

Would you be able to take on more clients next month, start an agency, or build a content creation service that caters to the millions of people needing regular high-quality content?

Well, the guess work has been taken out of the equation and the process, tools, and more, that I used to do this work has been refined and improved upon over the years by myself and the Semantic Mastery + MasteryPR team and is available today as Content Kingpin!

See Exactly How To Make This Content
Not only will you see how to quickly produce high quality content for everything from your sites to web 2.0’s used for backlinking, but you’ll get access to precise, step by step, video and written training that will let you start implementing these methods – or better yet, let you turn it over to a VA for fast results.

Other training in the online marketing world is “incomplete” or “close to complete” – but our meticulous training program has complete screen recordings of EVERY step and is updated when changes occur – you won’t be left trying to figure it out on your own!
You Cannot Afford To Ignore High Quality Content
Content Produces Forever – Your content is important. Whether it’s for your site, your client, or even a PBN, it’s important to have quality content. See results with better Click Through Rates, Engagement, and Conversions.
Easy To Implement – Do you know how much time it takes the average writer to produce an article? You don’t have time for this – find out how you can quickly start having great content made in little time and without big hassles.
Saves You Time And Money – This course can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of lost dollars in productivity, hiring the wrong employees, and more.
Gives You The Tools You Need – We show you exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and the tools to accomplish your content production needs

Get Content Kingpin WSO


TrafficSnap PRO WSO Review – Best Automation and Marketing Tool For Twitter

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TrafficSnap PRO – Best Automation & Marketing Tool For Twitter



Get TrafficSnap PRO WSO

Features You’ve Never Seen Before In Any Twitter Traffic Software

Gets You in Front of Buyers Right When They’re Looking To Buy

Identify Qualified Leads & Connect With Them Without Moving a Finger

Create More Engagement With Auto-response to messages, tweets & mentions

Capture Traffic & Trends By Grabbing Leads & Intelligence From Keywords & Hashtags
“This is a fantastic offer – Twitter is becoming very popular with Google so anything you can do there will be helpful in getting traffic to our videos and websites! Have many of your software programs and find them very helpful.”
– David K Enders
“Twitter is a great source for high quality traffic and I love what TrafficSnap does with it. I was able to target a few hashtags and get 174 visitors to my page in the first 24 hours of using TrafficSnap. highly recommended”
– Ankur Shukla
“TrafficSnap is an amazing product. I’ve seen nothing that’s so simple and effective in generating free traffic. I love the multi-retweet feature. It saves a lot of time, and generates a lot of buzz very quickly. A well-rounded traffic app!”
– Karthik Ramani
Of all the social networks, Twitter has the biggest number of empowered, professional and paying customers with deep pockets. Big corporate houses already know this, and that’s why they have made Twitter the focus point of their business. Even more than Facebook!
Just look at these numbers.

65% of US Companies with 100+ Employees use Twitter
79% Users have searched online for things to buy. (Adweek.com)
40% of Twitter users have at least a bachelor’s degree
73% of Twitter users buy something online every month! (Adweek.com)
There are 313 million Twitter users and over 1.3 billion Twitter accounts
There are 66 million Twitter users in the US
46% Twitter users use it at least once a day!
Twitter is the #1 network for business to customer communication
There are millions of well-paid, busy and prosperous professionals all over the world who have no time for Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. Guess which is the favorite social network for people who have money?

No prizes. It’s Twitter
Big corporates with their huge marketing budgets and highly paid marketing geniuses have already realized that they must have a really strong presence on Twitter if they want to make real profits.

That’s why companies like Starbucks, Zappos, Southwest Airlines actively encourage their employees to tweet. In fact Starbucks generated $180,000 in sales using their tweet-a-coffee campaign (Fastcompany).

Every social media network has its powers. For Facebook it’s their personal engagement and network, for Instagram it’s beautiful photographs, and for twitter it’s keeping people informed.
Ready to Dominate Twitter, The Buyer’s Social Network?
Good! You just decided to bring at least 30% more PURCHASE MINDED people in your marketing reach. It’s the best decision you could make to grow your business online today!

Planning to spend the next 2 months studying all about Twitter and staying up an hour extra every day to do the actual work?


We know you’re already overwhelmed and that’s the reason why you are not able to do a lot of the right things that are stopping you from getting more success online. We will help you make time for Twitter.

We will take of everything. Every single little thing that you need to do, to kick off a perfect and sustainable Twitter blitzkrieg that will bring you new visitors, and a constant supply of buyers every day, without you having to lift even a finger.

Monitor Twitter for any hashtag or keyword and grab any person who uses them.
Send automated messages and direct the person to your offer / page.
Bulk reply / retweet new tweets in just a couple of clicks.
Schedule tweets to multiple IDs.
Auto-reply to anyone who tweets about a topic and convert a prospect into a lead in no time. (Pro Version)
Auto content finder gets you the fresh content from RSS Feeds, Youtube & searches.
Endless free content for your twitter marketing!
Simply, The Best Automation & Marketing Tool For Twitter

Get TrafficSnap PRO WSO


ScopeLeads WSO Review – Collect, Connect and Convince The Hottest Prospects

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“Collect, Connect & Convince The Hottest Prospects To Work With You… In The Click Of Your Mouse”


Get ScopeLeads WSO

See what people posted on Facebook about our Software!

In the next few moments I’m going to tell you how to find and build a list of top notch leads who will pay you handsomely for your skills.

I’ll even SHOW YOU how to do it, anywhere in the world, with just a few minutes “work” each day.

Yeah, you read that right. A few minutes.

Here’s my promise to you:
If You Can Afford The Time It Takes To Read This Letter, You Already Have The Time To Build A List Of High-Paying Clients—Today.


ScopeLeads finds, develops, tracks, and connects you with leads and prospects who are actually in need of your services.

This isn’t some dodgy lead scraper that goes to Google and sucks up every lead it can find.

Seen them, bought them, used them, HATE them.

ScopeLeads finds only the leads that want your service.
Only want leads that need SEO? Just hit ‘SEO Lacking’ and you’ll only get leads who seriously need better organic rankings.
Are you more comfortable with Social Media? Use this to get your foot in the door with large businesses who need some Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube presence.
Or perhaps you’re keen to carve yourself out a slice of the pie in the biggest growing sector online… mobile. Simply choose your niche, and use ScopeLeads to search for businesses lacking a mobile responsive website.
Even businesses who know basic SEO are often missing this, and adding it leads to a huge boost in rankings. This search opens up a whole new audience for you.
Video Lacking
Every business needs video on their website to sell better and rank higher in Google too. If you sell video, local commercials, or animations, ScopeLeads will find you businesses missing exactly what you can provide

And not only that…

You’ll have ALL their available contact info. E-mail, address, phone number, social accounts… all on a silver platter.

Get ScopeLeads WSO


Hashtag Genius WSO Review – New Cloud Based Technology Makes Traffic Deadly Easy

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Sick and tired of paying hundreds of $$$ every month to get the latest shiny software only to get a poor result and zero traffic in return?

Finally Cracked: New Cloud Based Technology Makes Traffic Deadly Easy And Guarantees Results…

… And everything is step-by-step, easy to follow in this all-in-one traffic & Social Media software!
Hashtag Genius

Uncover red-hot profitable viral posts on FB, Instragram or Pinterest that get you guaranteed viral traffic.

1-Click curate & generate traffic from auto-posting to all social networks.

Instant high-converting traffic from unique “hashtag” technology no one else is using

Truly easy to use with built-in training and 24/7 assistance and support
Here’s the type of VIRAL traffic results we’re getting for our users users

Finally you can now grab your share of the huge & growing social media market and get the free traffic you’ve always dreamed of…

… All WITHOUT having to buy 10 different courses & tools and trying to get them to work together but only get a lousy result

Login To our Cloud Platform

Discover hot hashtags, curate & publish viral posts and link to your site, offer or product with just a couple clicks

Enjoy free, passive viral traffic the RIGHT way
These Viral Posts Even Get Your Site Ranked To The Top Of Google Through The Power Of Social Signals



GET Hashtag Genius WSO

In doesn’t matter what niche you’re in: you KNOW that you NEED traffic and if you want to truly make a financial KILLING from true online passive profits and get massive high converting traffic and all without wasting money & time to get traffic – then Hashtag Genius is made FOR YOU!

Plus – this is not a cheap WP plugin or some old boring desktop app – it’s a fully fledged cloud platform – we host EVERYTHING for you on our rock solid server infrastructure for free!

So all you have to do is push a button and Hashtag Genius does the rest for you – getting you instant traffic results and massive revenue!

You Get All This In HashTag Genius
The Most Powerful Viral Traffic Platform At Your Fingertips
Hashtag Genius is the future of traffic technology because it gets all the elements you need in one single place: curates viral posts, adds popular hashtags and publishes them with YOUR LINK to all social media platforms, all with ONE click

Automation at its best
Instead of buying FB ads, hiring someone to design your ads, or spending money on expensive software & SEO backlinks, you now have our 1-click cloud based solution that does it all for you

From Newbie To Expert
With Hashtag Genius, we’ve got features for everyone, meaning if you’re just starting out with your site and need traffic, setting up a campaign and getting results will be SIMPLE, and if you’re already an expert, you’ll see that with Hashtag Genius’ capabilities you’ll get 10X the results in half the time!
A full campaign in 60 seconds
With Hashtag Genius, you don’t need to figure out any “smart” social media angles. All you do is insert your keyword, and our app does the rest: it finds and creates a viral post for you, it adds hashtags that get you traffic, and it publishes it everywhere with a link to whatever you want: your blog, your affiliate offer, your product. Traffic gets to you instantly and you can expect as much as 1,000 visitors in as little as 24 hours!

Designed by Marketers for Marketers
We’ve built Hashtag Genius from the ground up with “simplicity” in mind, meaning this is a marketing-friendly app that’s a breeze to use and comes with full 24/7 support and viral traffic training if you need it

Super Reliable
We’ve got PROOF that Hashtag Genius brings in results like clockwork for you and your clients and with only a few minutes to setup you’ll get an instant boost in traffic, earnings and even SEO rankings
Get Instant Access to HashTag Genius

Hashtag Genius Works with PC, Mac, Mobile

Hashtag Genius is hands down the best traffic software I’ve ever seen – it takes me literally 30 seconds to set up a campaign and publish a unique post and I’m making more money than ever before since using it. Considering the low one-time price – this is the NO BRAINER purchase of the year!

Daniel Adetunji
Product Creator & Expert Marketer

Hashtag Genius is one of those products that is going to change the way we do online & SEO marketing and get traffic forever.
It’s a HUGE ROI Booster and I am going to be using this A LOT In My Business – especially considering its incredible ease of use: I can research a viral post and add my hashtags and that’s it! Traffic starts hitting my site in a matter of only minutes! Highly recommended!

Venkata Ramana
Serial Entrepreneur
From: Radu Hahaianu & Han Fan
RE: Finally the perfect solution for free organic traffic with SEO

Let’s face the truth: you already know you should be heavily involved in social media: it’s the fastest-growing, safest way of getting traffic out there for years to come.

Plus if you get links to your site on social media, called “social signals”, Google will also instantly rank you as they see your content as “relevant”. That means you’re reaping all the benefits of SEO, without ever having to do SEO yourself.

The fact is: there’s no better way to market online than to get your content “go viral”.

It’s a virtual goldmine. Viral posts mean instant traffic that’s free + guaranteed #1 rankings and more organic traffic that’s passive (and free again).
Without EVER having to worry about…

Paying for traffic and trying to break even

FB banning your account and the ability to promote offers

Losing money due to unprofitable campaigns

You see, if your posts go viral on social media – the huge amount of traffic you get is free, passive and reliable.
But How Do You Get Viral Content?

A few months ago we asked ourselves the same question. Viral content is not easy to produce – how do you get as MANY PEOPLE as humanly possible to see your posts, like & share them, and most importantly – click on your links?

The answer was clear: by using hashtags.

Using popular hashtags puts your posts in the stream of posts together with the most popular ones, which means you’ll literally get hundreds of thousands of eyes on yours too.

Bottom line is this: no matter what you’re doing, if you’re not including social media into your marketing, you’re missing out on huge paydays and you’re missing out on the easiest way to make money online.
Heck – I bet you KNOW and…
WOULD LOVE to get started with
Viral Traffic, because you can see it works

$502.55 in Instant Commissions In 2 Days!

Daily Adsense earnings going from $5 to $100+

Chances are you maybe even tried getting Social Media Traffic
…at some point but gave up because it was too time-consuming or too confusing.

Or you’re still trying to get free viral traffic but you’re not getting the results you’ve wanted & you are looking for a better solution.

BUT you’ve been kept back by one huge barrier:The ridiculously complex and outdated training courses and tools that are “supposed” to get you viral posts & guaranteed traffic! Regardless if you’re just starting out or if you already have experience with social media, we can all agree that if you’re trying to follow the usual steps, it’s HARD!

In fact, you’d need to:
1-Constantly spend time trying to figure out the type of posts you need to do (takes a lot of time)

2-Buy courses or apps that claim they can do it for you, but only give you a piece of the puzzle (takes a lot of money)

3-Constantly post content on all social media accounts like FB, Instagram, Pinterest (takes time and you don’t even know If it’s working)

4-Start using FB ads and pay for SEO backlinks (takes a lot of money and you don’t even know if you’ll ever turn a profit)

5-Waste hours connecting the dots yourself and trying to make all of the above work well together

… and only to end up frustrated because you’re still missing a piece of the puzzle, the whole process takes too long and it’s too complex and all of the above tools you’ve just wasted your money on don’t even work properly with one another!

So by now – we’ve agreed on 2 things

1 You want to use social media marketing and viral traffic in your business
2 You NEED viral traffic in your business

And simply because it’s proven…
that this kind of traffic is reliable, free and converts even better than traditional paid “cold” traffic – remember visitors that end up to your site and videos are in NEED of a solution – so they buy YOURS!

And social signals get you #1 SEO rankings too – which means again that you’re effectively getting double the results with little effort.

Yet – you feel paralyzed to take the plunge due to the apparent complexity of making it all work.

Imagine! A new lightweight piece of technology…
that’s so incredibly sophisticated yet intuitive & easy to use that allows you to benefit from the absolute best features and get all the traffic you want with zero hassle…

… That’s exactly what we’ve designed Hashtag Genius to do for you so if you value your business, want to increase your bottom line and dominate your competition, with Hashtag Genius you get all the work done for you with 1-click so you can enjoy free traffic for years to come!

This Is Completey Done For You And Allows You To…
This Is Completey Done For You And Allows You To Take Control Of Your Marketing & Traffic Instantly

Hashtag Genius
No need to waste money on 5 different tools that don’t even work

No need to spend weeks trying to do the work yourself.
No need to ever pay for FB ads, SEO backlinks or any other way of getting traffic

No need to stress over everything that could go wrong, or even wonder if you’re even on the right track
Seriously, there’s NOTHING like this on the market right now! Here…
Take a look at just how powerful Hashtag Genius truly is

Not only is Hashtag Genius the best software that gets you traffic and sales hands down
It’s Also The Most Affordable Solution and a true all-in-one option that does it ALL for you.

In fact, HashTag is so good, it’s in a league of its own.

Forget about paying outrageous fees to get 5 different tools AND sacrifice a lot of quality, wasting your time & money in the process – HashTag Genius provides the best of both worlds!

You now have the opportunity to take advantage of our zero-hassle, zero-restrictions cloud software that gets you the free traffic and massive sales!
Hashtag Genius

It Gets Better – Dominate Your Competition AND Increase Your Conversions!

That’s right – we’ve built Hashtag Genius with “FREE” in mind – meaning you simply open the app and you can curate posts, generate hashtags and publish to all social media platforms with just a few clicks. That means that your competition won’t be able to keep up with all the free traffic you’re getting while having literally zero costs. You’ll be the DOMINANT force in the marketplace.
Plus, because Hashtag Genius is publishing all the relevant hashtags with your posts, you can easily create your own hashtag and connect with your audience across all platforms.

Your own brand image = increased sales!

GET Hashtag Genius WSO


Commission Jacker 2.0 WSO Review

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Turbocharge Your CPA Campaigns and
Exponentially Increase Your Profits!



GET Commission Jacker 2.0 WSO

Are your CPA offers getting the amount of traffic you want?

Are the visitors to your web pages actually buying anything … or only looking around?

Do you feel as if the money you are spending for online marketing is simply going down the drain?

Any experienced Internet marketer can tell you that the only way to make money online is by driving massive amounts of traffic to your web pages.

But high volume is not enough …

You also need to attract people who are ready to buy the types of products you are offering.

There are two ways to get high volumes of hard-target traffic: Paid methods and free methods.

Paid methods can be effective … but you have to invest a lot of money upfront … and even then there’s no guarantee of success.

Free methods are cost-effective, but they require massive amounts of your time and attention.

Now there’s a way you can get massive amounts of traffic from people who are ready to buy exactly the kinds of products you are offering …

Commission Jacker is a revolutionary new marketing software tool that instantly brings high-target, ready-to-buy customers directly to your offers.

It works by piggy-backing on the success of the most popular sites on the Internet …

Sites like MSN, Huffington Post, CNN, ABC News, New York Times and other authoritative sites that have some of the heaviest traffic loads on the web!

Commission Jacker lets you legally and ethically siphon thousands of red-hot leads away from the Internet’s top sites and point them directly at your offers.

Imagine driving dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ready-to-by customers to your web pages with the click of a button!

Best of all, Commission Jacker is a FREE traffic tool that costs you nothing to use!


There are lots of products you can use to drive massive amounts of traffic to your web pages …

But the problem is that most of those prospects are either not interested in the types of products you are promoting …

Or are simply ‘Windows’ shopping and aren’t yet ready to buy.
Commission Jacker is specifically engineered to bring you only “Buyer” traffic … people who are actively seeking the types of products you are promoting and who have money in hand ready to buy.

Once you point Commission Jacker at your offer pages, you can instantly earn huge revenues, commissions and profits!

Simple to Use – Commission Jacker is so easy to install and use that even a 10-year-old can make money with it starting from the very first day
Works on All Product Platforms – Perfect for affiliate products, CPA offers, and list building
Ready to Use – Doesn’t require the installation of WordPress or any other software
Completely Scalable and Replicable – Use Commission Jacker as many times as you like without ever paying any additional fees
Windows-Based – Commission Jacker runs on Windows but it also works on Macs using Windows Parallels add-on
Commission Jacker gives you the turn-key solution to attracting huge amounts of “Buyer” traffic directly to your offer pages.


About six years ago, I decided to try my hand at Internet marketing. I had seen all the success stories about entrepreneurs who had harnessed the incredible power of the web to build their own personal fortunes and I wanted in on the action.

I quickly realized that getting huge amounts of traffic was critical to my success. So I emptied my savings account and spent $20,000 on every kind of paid traffic method imaginable …

I tried everything from PPC to PPV … from Facebook Ads to Co-Reg … and everything in between.

Not all of them drove traffic to my pages … and those that did gave me mostly prospects who either weren’t looking for the types of offers I was making or weren’t truly ready to by.

Within a few weeks, my marketing budget was depleted. So with nowhere else to turn, I decided to try free traffic methods.

Determined to succeed, I threw myself into the task … spending days then weeks then months trying to get YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and every other type of free campaign to work for me.

While traffic trickled in … and I started make a few sales … it was never enough to justify the amount of time and energy I was devoting.

That’s when I decided to tear up the Internet marketing instruction manual and build my own traffic generation system from the ground up.

I taught myself code and buried myself in the technical aspects of software writing …

I went to the creators of the most popular campaigns and picked their minds about what they did to succeed …

I tested countless failed software programs before finally one began to show promise.

When I launched my prototype of my Commission Jacker software, it instantly began driving a large amount of visitors to the offers I had connected it to … not just hundreds of people, but thousands in a single day.

“This has to be a one-off,” I thought. “There’s no way this traffic can be sustained.”

But it was … only hardly anybody was buying anything.

So I started tinkering with filtering so that Commission Jacker was only attracting people who were proven to be ready to buy.

And that’s when it started to rain …

Rain money, that is!


In the years since I first started using my Commission Jacker software, I have been able to create multiple internet marketing income streams … each of which brings me a four- to five-figure income each and every month!

Thanks to Commission Jacker, my list of internet marketing subscribers has swelled to more than 60,000 people.

And one of my non-Internet marketing businesses now has a list of more than 53,000 ultra-targeted customers and pays me in the mid five-figures per month promoting just CPA offers to that list!

Since that day six years ago when I first started with internet marketing,I have successfully launched several online businesses – each of which earns me a minimum of $100,000 per year!

And that’s just for starters!

Due to the success of Commission Jacker, I was able to develop several other successful products – including such highly acclaimed products as “Complete Traffic Domination” and “Complete Video Domination”, to name a few … that have sold more than 37,000 copies and have helped thousands of online marketers earn millions of dollars.

Here is What My Beta Testers Have Achieved Using The Commission Jacker Software
I have been using the Commission Jacker software for about 5 months now and in the this duration it has directly added over $40,000 in my bottom line
– Jay Stewart

I consider myself a successful online marketer with over 4 years of experience and a six figure yearly income.I have used dozens of marketing softwares in my career. I started using Vivek’s commission jacker software in June last year.It has proven to be one of the most powerful internet marketing tools I ever used.
Till date I have added over 30,000 subscribers in my lists using this software and I have made over $55,000 in past 8 months promoting CPA offers to those lists
– Sarah Jones

This software is absolutely AMAZING!!! I have no words to describe it.I got a review copy of it from Sam yesterday and promoted an iPad offer using it. In the past 12 hours I have made a total of $121.50 in CPA commissions.I am feeling so excited! Now I am thinking about hiring a few VAs and scaling up big to reach the $1k+ a day income level
– Doug Freeman

I have been using the Commission Jacker software for the past one week and in this duration I have added 1,724 new subscribers in my dating mailing list using it. A couple of days ago I promoted a CPA offer to this list and made $672 in commissions,which is not bad given I have worked just 40-45 minutes a day
– James Brown

This is the most powerful CPA marketing software I have used till date.It has amazing traffic getting abilities. I have been using this tool for the last 5 days and have made over $1,500 in CPA commissions using it promoting email submit offers. In my opinion every CPA marketer should have this tool and include it in their daily marketing activity.It is so easy to use and generates instant results.
– Mark Forbes
Commission Jacker lets you legally and ethically steal traffic from the Internet’s most popular and most authoritative websites.
This includes sites like Fox News, BBC and CBS. But these are just a few examples because Commission Jacker lets you jack visitors from ANY website on the Internet!

Here’s an example of how it can be used …
John Smith is passionate about a particular niche. He spends hours on Twitter or Facebook (or other sites looking for news articles and new blog posts about his favorite topic. Then, after he clicks and reads an article, when it’s time to leave up pops a message inviting him to subscribe to your list devoted to that niche so he can get the latest news and updates on related topics.
Let’s say Mary Thomas is surfing the web looking for articles about her favorite pop star. When she arrives on an authoritative page … such as US Weekly or E! … up pops a quiz that she can take to qualify to win a new iPad. But the quiz is actually your CPA offer and when she takes part in it you get paid!


Or how about this one …
This time you point Commission Jacker at a popular news article in a leading US newspaper about the rise in online courses that teach people how to play the guitar. After the reader is through with the article, as they click off up pops an offer for your Clickbank affiliate product for an online guitar course. Every time somebody clicks through … you get paid a hefty commission!

These are just a few of the actual ways I have personally used Commission Jacker to make money online.
Watch The Video Below to See This Software in Action:

Commission Jacker lets you set pop-ups to appear after a set time or when visitors click off a page … it’s up to you.

And because of the type of window Commission Jacker uses … pop-up blockers don’t stop it.

The number of ways this innovative software can be used to make money is only limited by your own imagination.

Best of all, once you purchase Commission Jacker you can use it over and over again and never have to pay me another dime.
Your purchase of Commission Jacker entitles you to install it on as many machines as you want without having to pay any additional royalties or licensing fees.

Give it to your outsourcers so they can put the power of Commission Jacker to work on all of your pages and promotions
Sell the traffic Commission Jacker brings you to other marketers
Use Commission Jacker to drive targeted traffic and leads to your client’s sites then charge them as much as $997/month for the leads
Your Unlimited Developer License authorizes you to use Commission Jacker any way you like(The only condition is that you cannot give away or sell this software) without ever having to pay another dime.
A $997 value, your Unlimited Developer License is FREE with your purchase of Commission Jacker … but only if you ACT NOW!


In order to reward those marketers who can instantly see the powerful benefits of this groundbreaking new marketing software, Commission Jacker is being offered at dime sale pricing.

That means the initial price of Commission Jacker will be a single, one-time payment of just …

But the price will go up with every sale.

You should know that similar products that offer half the benefits as Commission Jacker currently are selling briskly for $47 … $67 …. and even $197!

CJ Competitor Pricing

Why spend more on inferior products that do less when you can get the best legal and ethical traffic jacking software on the market today for this incredibly low price?!
Sill on the fence? Well, how about if I remove any and all risk from your decision.

I am so confident that Commission Jacker is exactly the tool you need to drive massive amounts of high-volume, hard-target traffic to your offers that I am going to make this solemn pledge to you right here, right now:

“We have a conditional refund guarantee-If for some reason,the software doesn’t work as demonstrated in the demo video on this page,we’ll try our best to get it to work.If we fail in doing that,we’ll refund your purchase price provided you have sent us a screen capture video recording of the software not working within the first 45 days of your purchase.”

I can make this astonishing promise to you because I am 100% confident that Commission Jacker is precisely the type of traffic-driving software tool that you have been looking for.

I have personally used it to earn massive amounts of commissions online.

Commission Jacker not only gives you the volume of traffic you’ve been looking for, but it also provides you with highly targeted buyers who are actively seeking to spend money on the exact types of offers you are promoting.

Now that’s what I call a “no-brainer”!!

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to finally start gaining traction with your online promotions?

Are you ready to begin earning huge profits that will allow you to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you deserve?

Are you finally ready to achieve the type of success that will earn the admiration of your family and friends?

GET Commission Jacker 2.0 WSO

Yours in Internet Success,

Vivek Narayan and Sam Wright

P.S. Did you know that a recent survey found that more than 91% of all the internet marketers earn less than $5,000/month from their web-based promotions while the top 3% marketers make more than $1 million a year?

That really makes you wonder why there is so much income disparity between the top guys and the bottom ones?

Commission Jacker lets you graduate from nickel and dime Internet marketing and join the winners at the big boy table! You can use it for any type of promotion and can replicate your success over and over again.

Plus, with the special bonus Unlimited Developer License you can hand it off to your outsourcers or Virtual Assistants and let them keep your successful promotions running while you enjoy counting your profits … without having to pay another dime!

My 45-day money-back guarantee removes any risk from your decision … so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Get Commission Jacker RIGHT NOW and start building your online fortune TODAY!


MemberHub WSO Review – Worlds Greatest Membership Platform

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The World’s Greatest Membership Platform Has Now Been Unleashed To The World


Click Here For More Info on MemberHub WSO

I used Memberhub to create a member site for my DealVid launch. I was able to have the entire member area up and running in literally under 10 minutes. Nothing else was as fast and as easy to use as MemberHub – Martin Crumlish

Common Problems With Existing Membership Platforms… Slow Loading The membership never loads fast enough Non Responsive Doesn’t play well with mobile devices Complicated Can’t figure out how to use the software Ugly Designs The membership doesn’t look appealing to the eye No Options Not enough options to make it enticing for members Hosting Costs You typically have to pay the hosting fees Software Conflicts WordPress is always updating, or having conflicts Recurring Fees A lot of membership platforms charge recurring Unstable Platforms Platforms that don’t function properly, unstable No Way To Profit Memberships that aren’t setup to get you paid! No Support Do we even need to explain it?
The Story Behind This Flagship Product
The products we develop and launch to the public are always built out of a need we have in our own business. This flagship product is NO EXCEPTION. The truth, is this is the BIGGEST product we have created in our combined 20 years of being in business. We have both been building memberships for as long as we can remember. Last time we checked it was a total of 175 memberships sites. Everything from online marketing to dating membership sites.

We have even designed sites for clients. Which platform you ask? All of them!

Our last membership creation took place in 2014. This was a monster site that took 3 months to develop! The pain involved with the creation of that site is one that we don’t wish on any developer. The page loader would spin over and over for minutes, many of the pages wouldn’t load after you have scrolled the 100’s of pages in the pagination, the page design was always inconsistent and it was just hard!

We had an idea that would allow us to turn that 3 months of development into 45 minutes! Not only that… when the site was done, it would be a complete sales machine!

We called that solution…

Check out the Amazing Power of MemberHub This is a full length demo from start to finish

MemberHub It’s never been EASIER to build and profit
Buy Now Best membership platform so far for me. I’ve used multiple WP membership plugins. They are all labor intensive. I purchased a cloud based membership software a year ago or so with many promises…none of them materialized. I have yet to build any site with it. – Timothy Hacker
MemberHub will produce the most beautiful, highly profitable membership sites in a matter of minutes. These memberships will keep your members engaged and hungry for more of your products! 15 Custom Designed Themes To Choose From! With MemberHub you are able to choose from a total of 15 custom designed themes. We have a variety of themes for you to choose from. All custom designed to help your members be successful and ecstatic about being a member inside your membership site!
Built In Custom Editor,

To Perfect Your Look!
Once you have chosen your template, your next step is to spend a couple minutes perfecting the design. With our built-in custom editor, you can change the entire look of the theme in a matter of seconds! Our predefined colors will do all the design work for you!
Create Your Modules Easily And Instantly! Create your sites pages in no time at all. In most cases, all you need to do is load one video, and everything is done for you! MemberHub will build out 99% of the site, without you having to lift a finger! MemberHub also makes it easy to manage multiple products at the same time. You don’t have to scroll through pages, nothing to search for, you simply choose the product you want to work on.
Buy Now MemberHub is going to change what I can do with my life. Teaching others around the world my expertise in dog training and health but also helping others teach the world will let me stop the last bit of the office job. – Tim Munro

Create Levels And Packages
MemberHub allows you to easily create levels so that you can group products together for special access. MemberHub also allows you to create a package and break down a single product for access. This is especially useful when your product has different upsells with it. Beautiful Sales Pages Created For You Automatically! As you create your memberships and products, MemberHub is working in the background creating sales pages and linking all your products to your store! You have full control over the look of these pages and what you want to appear. They are here to make sure you GET PAID!
Gamification Features Never Before Seen In A Membership Platform! The gamification allows you to issue badges and point to your members when they take action. MemberHub will even keep track of these points automatically. Your members are also able to receive rewards when they receive their badge. These rewards are determined by you! This will keep your members coming back again and again, making you a lot more money in the process!
MemberHub Keeps Your
Members Happy!



Member Hub

Click Here For More Info on MemberHub WSO



Viral Money Magnet System WSO Review – Immediately start posting viral videos and making money!

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Here’s What You Get Today
Viral Traffic Software – Instant access to the Viral Money Magnet members area and proprietary software system. Immediately start posting viral videos and making money!
Quick Start Guide – You’ll get an inside look at a few special tools and advanced tactics we use run a very profitable viral empire. Get newbie friendly advanced strategies.
Video Training – You’ll get to look over my shoulder via screen cam video as I setup the Viral Money Magnet system right here with you. Then, just copy me.
Monetization Codes – Instantly sync your affiliate links or ad code to our entire viral network. And add your own affiliate banners
Follow These Simple Steps & You Could Be Making $$$
#1. Grab Viral Video URL
Once you identify a viral video, simply just copy the url or embed code of the video you want to use and prepare to add it to our viral network
#2. Add Link To Viral Syndicator
Simply copy and paste your viral video url into our easy to use interface and it will be published to our network with YOUR affiliate links and display ads.
#3. Share Link On Social Media
Now you’ll want to jump start the viral effect by sharing your new post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!
#4. Go Viral & Get PAID!
As your new viral pages catch on and start getting shared by thousands of other people, your ads will begin to receive clicks, and you will get paid!

Video Synd Alpha – Video Ranking Software

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Dear “Traffic Deprived” Marketer,
Imagine if you could power-syndicate literally thousands of your offers globally and locally from a single digital interface… An interface that allows you deep control into markets powered by social signals unreachable without such precise digital command… A way to re-think and re-imagine new paths leading to marketing nirvana like you’ve never had access to before.
Get Ready – It’s Here!
Video Synd Alpha, the ultimate video syndication platform that syndicates thousands of videos into niche markets in an instant has arrived!

Launch VSA and soon your profit centers get hit with tidal waves of video traffic through syndication campaigns you publish!

The mission is multiplicity… not just a handful of video positions but literally thousands of them syndicated at a touch of a button.
This is how VSA creates a multitude of video rankings globally AND locally that point to your profit sites where you get paid


Click here to find more about Video Synd Alpha