Aug 29 2013

[GET] Adsense Cash BluePrint – $8,417.76 with Simple Adsense Niche Sites


GET Adsense Cash BluePrint


Step by Step, Easy to Follow Videos REVEAL my Exact “Battle Proven” System I Used to Make $8,417.76 with Simple Adsense Sites that each Make $50 – $250 per Month Using All “FREE Traffic” on Complete-AutoPilot!

And how YOU can start building your own cash sucking adsense sites that each make $50 – $250 per month by following my step by step Proven blueprint


Dear Fellow Warrior,

It`s Paul Nicholls here and I have a quick question for you

Are you tired of constantly building adsense sites that make next to nothing and feel like your Banging your head against a Brick Wall?

For a lot of people – thats the reality when trying to build profitable adsense sites

But it doesn`t have to be ….

Let me share a little secret with you…

I have put together a step by step video course which will teach you how to create profitable adsense sites that make between $50 – $200 per month and “even more” even if you have failed at adsense numerous times

How would you like to be able to have a system where you can crank out profitable adsense sites creating you a passive monthly income OR sell them for quick profits for a nice 4 figure sum?Here`s a screen shot of a few adsense sites that I sold for a Whopping $7054.08 and another one for $500

“Introducing Adsense Cash BluePrint”

Watch over my shoulder in step by step videos as I build a real live profitable adsense site that “Google Loves

What is Adsense Cash BluePrint?

Adsense Cash BluePrint is a full blown video course which will take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to create profitable adsense sites everything from niche research to getting your site ranked in googleleaving no stone unturned

Here is another site which I have recently sold for a nice chunk of $1,200

In Adsense Cash BluePrint You Will Learn

  • Where I go to Reverse Engineer Profitable Adsense sites
  • Which kind of niches/keywords are best to target
  • Best length of articles to use
  • A Powerful google friendly site structure
  • The Best ad block placement to use (google have changed the rules)
  • Best backlinking methods to use and why you MUST stay away from _______ for building back links
  • The best size sites to build for maximum profits
  • The best types of back links that “google loves”
  • My 1 Killer traffic/back linking method which google drools over
  • How to track all of your back links effectively
  • My killer strategy for checking google for competition
  • Powerful tactics how to get your site indexed fast
  • 1 Little Known Free tool I use to build back links on Auto-Pilot
  • Plus lots more….
What You Will Get In Adsense Cash BluePrintAdsense Cash BluePrint contains:

Over 170 mins of High Quality training…


  • x11 – Step by Step Adsense Videos
  • Bonus 1 – Fast action guide
  • Bonus 2 – List of Powerful fiverr Gigs

Video 1 – How to brainstorm for an adsense niche

Video 2 – 12 step process for ensuring you choose a profitable niche

Video 3 – How to structure and theme your adsense site

Video 4 – Customizing your theme/configure all settings

Video 5 – On site SEO (part 1)

Video 6 – On site SEO (part 2)

Video 7 – Internal Linking + extra on site Tips

Video 8 – Adsense placement for max profits

Video 9 – Back Linking Secrets (part 1)

Video 10 – Back Linking Secrets (part 2)

Video 11 – Extra Bonus Tips

Here is a ranking report for the latest site that I sold for $1200 just a couple of months ago, as you can see its ranking for lots of buyers keywords….


Here is one adsense site I built over 2 years ago and its always ranked top of google, I sold this site a few months ago for around $2100


Heres another site that I built over 2 years ago and the rankings have never changed, its always ranked in the top 3 of google for buyers keywords. I sold this site also for over $2000


Look over my shoulder as I build a Real Live Adsense site in front of “YOUR VERY EYES”

Throughout this video course you will be actually watching me:


  • Brainstorm for a niche
  • Choose a niche
  • Build my adsense site
  • Add content
  • Optimize my site
  • Optimize my on site SEO
  • Get it indexed
  • Get it ranked
  • Back link it
  • Use tools to check my rankings

I want to “Sweeten The DEAL”


15 Day FREE Video Course!

Part of My original Extreme Cash Profits Video Course Showing you how to make Profitable Adsense & Amazon Sites (Yours FREE)

Why Is This Such a Great Deal?

Adsense Cash Blueprint is packed full of every single one of my best tips, tactics, strategies and secrets that ive learned over the last 4 years

The tactics I teach you in this course are very powerful so I could easily charge a lot more than what you can get this today for

Im starting the price for the cost of a pizza….$7.95 but it will be going up every 3 sales 
so if you want to get anabsolute bargain then you must jump on this right now






So What Will It Be?


Are you going to continue struggling trying to build money making adsense sites?

Or…… are you going to make this tiny investment and discover exactly how to create profitable adsense sites from that start and save yourself months or even years of trial and error?

PS: I spent over a year struggling to make money with adsense sites when I first started so I know exactly how you feel to constantly feel like your wasting your time

If I had a course like this offered to me back when I was struggling to put all the pieces of the adsense jigsaw together it would of saved me over a year of failing and wasting time and money


What You Get in Total

  • x11 Adsense Step by Step Videos
  • x1 Fast action guide
  • x1 List of Powerful Fiverr Gigs
  • x15 Free Adsense & Amazon Videos
(Over 5 hours of video)


GET Adsense Cash BluePrint



PPS: Remember you have a full 30 days money back gurantee if your not completely satisfied so dont miss out!

To Your Success

Paul Nicholls



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What Other Warriors Are
Saying About Adsense Cash BluePrint:“is a course from someone who actually walks the walk. it’s not theory”

Originally Posted by M Thompson View Post

Hi Paul, another great package of Actionable Videos..As mike says above this is a course from someone who actually walks the walk. it’s not theory, Paul shows you what to do and how to do it.

Guys you have a choice.. If you want to learn about Adsense then go and spend $47 on a course thats mostly old information and theory or around $10 and get up to date information and watch Paul show you every step of the way.

this is a solid plan of action for building an Adsense business

Originally Posted by JRCarson View Post

Guys, if you’re on the fence about this one, Paul is a great guy and great teacher. I’ve learned quite a few tricks from him in the last few years and this course doesn’t disappoint…and at that price…just get it. Of course I don’t mean to say it’s all about “tricks”, this is a solid plan of action for building an Adsense business. 

You won’t regret getting this one.

Great stuff again Paul.

Jeff Carson

“I have to say Ive got the course and am VERY impressed”
Originally Posted by shaunyb1 View Post

Well, I have to say Ive got the course and am VERY impressed with it. Paul’s no nonsense approach works… what else can I say? I got Pauls last course and it actually helped me make a breakthrough in my earnings. All I can add is that he is a great genuine guy and he knows what he is talking about. Highly recommended.


“If you don’t think that this course was a great investment I’ll eat my hat”
Originally Posted by Dave Toomey View Post

First off Paul is a great teacher and he knows his stuff. I’ve bought his last 2 courses as was never disappointed.

This course really does take you hand in hand and show you what to do. I know this stuff works cause I do this stuff too.

I don’t do many testimonials but it really is deserved here.

If you don’t think that this course was a great investment I’ll eat my hat.


“Paul has put a hell of a lot of effort in this, and its an excellent course”
Originally Posted by SeoBoss View Post

Just got your new course Paul.

Got to say that i have Pauls last two releases, and at the price this one is at right now, you would be foolish to not jump in and purchase it. Paul has put a hell of a lot of effort in this, and its an excellent course.

The quality is right up there again, and this will help you make more money… if it didnt I would not have bought it.

Thanks again Paul,


“This is an excellent package by someone who walks the walk”
Originally Posted by Mike Long View Post

This is an excellent package by someone who walks the walk.

A few years ago, Paul was asking the typical kinds of questions you would expect a newbie to ask.

What wasn’t typical was the fact that Paul took the answers to his questions and APPLIED them.

You aren’t getting any theory here. Paul has gone out and done the work…done the testing…learned what worked and what didn’t.

I love watching people who are willing to put in the time, the effort, the diligence that it takes to be successful. Paul is definitely in that very select group.

This is a rock solid package, and I believe you would do well to pick it up at this ridiculously low price.

“I bought this today and thought it was a real solid product”
Originally Posted by pj oz View Post

Thanks Paul … I bought this today and thought it was a real solid product 

Well done !


GET Adsense Cash BluePrint