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CouponAzon 3.0 WP Plugin WSO Review – Amazon Coupons for Affiliates

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CouponAzon 3.0 WP Plugin – Amazon Coupons for Affiliates

Click Here to Learn More About CouponAzon 3.0 WSO


Watch the video to see how the plugin works in action.

See The Demo Site at http://couponazon.net/demo/

Automated Updates

The plugin will retrieve the coupons multipal times a day to make sure to be up-to-date

Amazon TOS Complient

The plugin is 100% within the rules of the Amazon affiliate agreement

PSD Included

I created the “view coupon” button and included the .psd file in case you want to change it

Newbie Friendly

The plugin needs no tech skills and if you have any questions there is a manual and you can contact me


Project Supremacy Review – WordPress plugin designed to perfectly do your on-page SEO.

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Project Supremacy

Get Project Supremacy

    • Project Supremacy is the only WordPress plugin designed to perfectly do your on-page SEO in the exact way Google wants.
    • By using schematic markup, JSON LD, image exif, and all of the other “fancy stuff” that will literally obliterate your competition.
    • It will do all of this for you automatically, without you needing any special skill or code at all.
    • You also won’t have to focus on off-page SEO, backlinking, or using Private Blog Networks… and if you DO decide to do some off-page SEO, the results will be 100x more powerful thanks to having Project Supremacy.
    • Project Supremacy is ready to become one of those “essential plugins” that you immediately install onto every new WordPress site you create.
  • The results are proven time and time again: instant rankings and traffic boosts, with permanent staying power, meaning more sales, commissions, and larger lists — without spending a single penny on advertising!

Get Project Supremacy

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You will also snag up…

1.) The SEO Agency License

This will give you the unlimited right to use Project Supremacy on any and all client websitesforever!

Think about how much this will streamline the work you do for SEO clients…

And how much they will LOVE all of the new results you bring them. Click Here to learn more about SEO Agency license and streamline your work in a much better manner.

This can also be an incredible value-add for new and old clients, and you will charge very handsomely for ZERO extra work on your part.

Retail Value: $197/month – Yours FREE for life when you get your Agency Unlimited license today.

2.) Client Hunter Software

Find hundreds of clients who want your services at the push of a button.

This smart software will detect businesses whose websites need on-page SEO work… (i.e. those that would improve dramatically just by adding Project Supremacy)…

It will also pull up the relevant contact information so that you can quickly reach out and score new business hassle free.

Retail Value: $197/month – Yours FREE for life when you get your Agency Unlimited license today.

3.) Schema Competition Lookup

Press a button to discover which websites in your niche are already using schema effectively.

Now, of course, most sites will NOT be using schema correctly… but it is always good to know exactly what your competition is doing…

And this is how you spy on them ethically and effortlessly.

Retail Value: $197/month – Yours FREE for life when you get your Agency Unlimited license today.


This all-in-one Agency Unlimited license will NEVER be available for such a small investment again…

You do not want to miss out on the change to have Agency rights when someone knocks at your door and asks how you effortlessly rank at the top of Google…

You don’t want to hand thousands of dollars over to someone else each month, just because they got the Client Tracker today and you didn’t…

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And invest a one time, risk-free, $297 $167 in yourself and your business.

This opportunity is ONLY available for you – right here, right now.

And we would definitely love your feedback, because when we release this to the general public at a much higher price, we know that the results you’re going to get will make that higher price a true bargain.

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you will feel so great about the deal you got today.

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If, for any reason, you’re not 100% thrilled with Project Supremacy…

If you only generate an extra $500 next month because of the surge in traffic, and you wanted $501…. Or for any other reason in the world… you decide you don’t want more free Google traffic…

You’ll just click your mouse and receive an immediate refund.

That’s it.

We want to make sure there is no reason to say “no” to what we truly believe might be the very best deal of your entire life.

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