Aug 29 2013

[GET] Pinterest Marketing Mojo – The Latest No BS Strategies for Optimizing Pinterest


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“Discover The Latest No BS Strategies for Optimizing Pinterest for Marketing to Local Businesses, Online Marketing and More — Work Your Pinterest Marketing Mojo on the Competition”

Dear Warrior,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you know that Pinterest is the hottest social media site on the planet.

One of the problems is that Pinterest is growing so fast that it’s CHANGING TOO QUICKLY to keep up with. It’s changing so fast that some of the products just launching are already out-of-date.

Fellow marketers have been telling me that one of the biggest fears they have is that they don’t feel confident enough in how to market Pinterest to start using it for themselves OR to offer it to their local clients.

Are you in a similar situation?

Here’s how it normally goes…

You want to start using Pinterest for affiliate marketing or just to increase traffic to your money site — but you aren’t sure how to craft your pins or how to optimize for the best exposure. You aren’t sure what Pinterest members want to see. You don’t know how to make a Pin go viral or bring traffic to your site.

OR … you want to add Pinterest marketing to your services for local businesses … but you aren’t sure how to present it to your client, networking group or Chamber

OR … a current client approaches you and asks you if Pinterest is something that they should be doing … can you set up a Pinterest campaign for them.

Now the panic starts:


  • What services do I offer to a local business? What are they expecting from me?
  • How do I price my campaigns and how should I package it?
  • How do I make a presentation on Pinterest when it’s so new and confusing to me??
  • How do I optimize a Pinterest account for best results?
  • Where do I find great graphics to share — how do I add them?
  • What’s the best and fastest way to make Pins go viral?
  • How do I even get a Pinterest Invite?
  • Can someone walk me through optimizing Pinterest Boards and Pins?
  • How do I add keywords and where do I put them for best optimization?
  • How do I add videos to Pinterest?

These are just some of the questions you might have and it’s no surprise anymore that so many marketers start to feel overwhelmed. 

Here is the sad part though..


The Confusion … The Peer Pressure

Most people won’t even try! They won’t create an account for themselves. Their so-called “friends” tell them that Pinterest is just for girls and peer pressure is holding them back. Most will end up telling their clients that Pinterest isn’t worth marketing.

Don’t believe it! Here are some of the latest statistics on Pinterest and this is why you need to start using it and start using it NOW!!

  • Pinterest received 17.8 million U.S. unique visitors in February! (comScore)
  • Pinterest is now the 3rd Most Popular Social Network
  • Pinterest’s traffic grew 52% between January and February of 2012, overtaking Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google+ in number of visits in February.
  • Pinterest user engagement is up to 89 minutes per month on the site and, while it doesn’t come close to Facebook (yet) it now matches Tumblr which used to come in at a solid second place
  • Pinterest remains dominated by women (60%) ages 25-44 (55%) (Experian)

Don’t want to be a part of a community site/social network that’s dominated by women??
Are you crazy??

  • 85% of all brand purchases are made by women
  • 22% shop online at least once a day
  • 92% pass along information about deals or finds to others
  • 171: average number of contacts in their e-mail or mobile lists
  • 76% want to be part of a special or select panel
  • 58% would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device (only 11% would ditch their laptops)
  • 51% are moms
  • Women spent 80% of all sport apparel dollars and controlled 60% of all money spent on men’s clothing
  • Women comprise about one-third (34%) of the adult audience for ESPN sport event programs

Still think that Pinterest is a social network that isn’t worth your time? If you don’t get started with Pinterest yourself NOWyou’ll never feel confident enough or experienced enough to deliver Pinterest marketing services and you’ll never start benefiting from them yourself!

Some of my colleagues have told me that they haven’t gotten into Pinterest yet because they don’t understand it or because everything keeps changing. They tell me that they’re totally overwhelmed by the recent surge of information out there. 

Every single week there is a new WSO launching that is promising you the latest and greatest strategies for Pinterest Marketing. 

There are plugins and software. 
There are tools to do just about anything you want (I use free tools I’ll be sharing with you), tools to Pin, tools to like, tools to scrape pins and post them to your blog, tools to follow, tools to analyze, tools to unfollow … it never ends. Which tools should you use and which will just waste your time.

Massive Amounts of Overwhelm!! Analysis Paralysis anyone?

It’s ridiculous how much information there is and if you aren’t extremely careful when it comes to what you choose, you’ll get totally overwhelmed and you won’t actually achieve anything.

We’ve all been there and I was in the exact same situation not too long ago. Then I rolled up my sleeves ….


The BEST SolutionIntroducing..“Pinterest Marketing Mojo” 

  • The 5 Things You MUST do to optimize Pinterest for best exposure
  • The One Recent Update on Pinterest that completely Changes the Way You Market — and, no it’s not the changes in the Terms of Service
  • The Fastest Way to Manually Add Massive Amounts of New Followers to Your Pinterest Account 
  • The Best Time to Submit Your Pins – Do this wrong and your pin may never go viral.
  • Do This and your pin will never, ever make it to the Popular page. Easy to avoid when you know how.
  • Who’s Pinning You?? Why this information can be important.
  • Pinterest RSS Feeds — What are they? Why you need them? How to use them wisely.
  • 30 Offline Niches perfect for Pinterest Marketing — some you’ve probably not thought of! 
  • Two offline business case studies showing how Pinterest is working for them — in niches you would never suspect! 
  • More than 20 Tools, Bots & Other Cool Stuff you can start using today to help automate Pinterest … and most of the ones I recommend are free!
  • The secret to making your Pins go viral! 
  • Three ways to add Pinterest users to your list or your client’s list — this is so easy!
  • Can’t Get Enough Pinterest — My list of over ten different Pinterest clone sites you can marketing with today.
  • You will receive my Pinterest Marketing Powerpoint presentation (PLR) so you can immediately start presenting Pinterest to local networking groups, Chambers of Commerce, etc. Use it to create a video explaining Pinterest and load it on your website! This presentation explains what Pinterest is and how it can be used to build business today.


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Money Back Guarantee

Try it out for yourself for a Full 30 Days, and if for any reason at all you’re not 100% satisfied simply e-mail me for a No Hassle refund.

I will promptly refund you 100% 
and we’ll walk away friends. 

This means 100% No Risk for you.

Originally Posted by Rob Actis View Post
I got a sneak peek at all of the content that Winter has included in this WSO. I read it on the plane back from the Local Marketing Summit. I have purchased other WSO‘s on Pinterest previously and to be honest, they all confused me. The way that Winter writes makes things very clear and I now understand how to maximize my marketing using Pinterest with my offline clients.Good Job Winter for your first SOLO WSO!If you want to add Pinterest to your toolbox, this will show you how to do it.

I know I got a review copy, but I also just bought a copy, this is good stuff!

“If you don’t take ACTION, Someone else will!


Rob Actis
“The Assassin”

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Warriors, you guys need to check this offer out.
This offer is worth way more than Winter is asking.Look at what you get alone just in bonuses:You get WSO of The Day Pintrest product from Ed Mercer & Martha Mayo & Ed Achurst.

You get Barbara Ling and You get me and Jerry Willamson’s Social Media
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Everyone I just mentioned is in the Skype group and you can contact at in the Skype
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You will be love Winter’s Pinterest product with her unique Offline product that helps business owners to make more money and you as well.

Click this link to learn more:

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Winter always delivers great value. Grab this now. I did.
Originally Posted by LiquidSeo View Post
Hello,I was lucky enough to receive a review copy from Winter on her Pinterest Marketing Mojo product.Winter breaks down a humongous new social network, and provides you simple, easy-to-follow instructions to maximize your use and ultimately your profits.

Winter is an incredible writer – you will quickly see that she writes in a style that makes it simple for all to understand. Most of you don’t know this – Winter co-authored a very successful WSO with another leading marketer.

My take – this is a must-have guide for all who want to learn fundamentals and intermediate strategies with Pinterest, and possibly more importantly apply Pinterest as a tool with local clients.

Congrats to you Winter on taking on this project and hitting a homerun!

Love it!


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The course itself is amazing.. nice job! Add the over the top insane bonuses and this is a true NO BRAINER folks.. Wow!!Oh and if your like me and have no idea why Pinertest needs to be a part of your business then check out these numbers.Visits in March

* Facebook 7 billion
* Twitter 182 million
* Pinterest 104 million
* LinkedIn 86 million
* Google + 61 million

Pinterest beats Google + and LinkedIn !!!

Massive value here folks..

I seriously want you to be happy with your purchase today, so I’ve pursuaded the following AWESOME marketers to offer a bonus as a part of this WSO. PurchaseTODAY to get access to these products:

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Fast Action Bonus 2Mining Pinterest Gold from Mining Gold Products, Ed Mercer, Ed Akehurst, Martha Mayo as a bonus. This product was awarded WSO of the Day on March 16th, 2012 . This bonus goes hand in hand with Pinterest Marketing Mojo as it will walk you through exactly how to make your Pinterest images stand out. This will put you ahead of the competition and get you noticed. With Pinterest, it’s all about the images. The better you are at making your images stand out, the better results you will have.Fast Action Bonus 3


Beginning Your Pinterest Empire
from Barbara Ling!! This product contains lots of links for inspiration, examples of infographics, ways to get invites if you don’t have one already … and much more!

Fast Action Bonus 4


Facebook Profits Formula
and YouTube Offline Love by Rick Hodge.

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To Your Success,