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Push Connect Notify Live Demo – Fastest Way to Capture Your Traffic

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Have you heard about Push Connect Notify?

This powerful, yet simple program changes the game on leveraging your customers.

See the Push Connect Notify Live Demo here.

There are plenty of reasons to get it, but to name a few:

  • Instantly create push notifications to your customers
  • Capture Their Email
  • Easy copy and paste installation
  • Immediate feedback and interaction with your customers
  • And so much more!

Push Connect Notify is the ultimate push notification tool.

Leave competition in the dust by enabling your business to communicate with your customers… even when they aren’t visiting your site!

See the Push Connect Notify Live Demo here.

Your competitors will be scratching their heads how you are able to capture the lions share of the market while they fight for scraps.





Hookum Review WSO – Give Them Away… Make Money and Build a #List

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Are You Still Struggling To Make Easy Passive Income Online?

You’re About to Discover the One Secret Twist That Makes it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make Money Online by this time tomorrow.
And all from a Twist on a Ridiculously Simple ‘Old School Trick’!!

Give ’em’ Away – Make Money: Click Play

Get Instant Access to Hookum

  • Ultimate Giveaway: You simply give these Hooks Away (Free)
  • Instant List: They sign up to your list on Autopilot
  • Profit: You Make Money in Days Passively – do it once & Continue to profit!



Get Instant Access to Hookum

Genuinely Easy: A simple twist on an old school method makes it ridiculously simple for anyone to make money (sometimes within mere hours)…You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this yourself

No Thinking Required: A simple 1-2-3 easy to replicate 1 hour system for making fast and consistent & passive affiliate commissions while simultaneously building a list.

Zero Maintenance: Build your first Hookum project in the next hour, & then build another, and another… it’s that simple!

Rabid Audience: Deploy in any niche, area, market and use any platform you like… See how easy it is to grow targeted lists while pumping out affiliate commission…

Remember you simply have to give Hooks away; once you do… they’ll want to buy whatever it is you’re selling

Get Instant Access to Hookum


Do You Want Create Money Magnets? Your Lead Magnet Is Just The Start

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“Create Irresistible Money Magnets Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible…”
And finally build that cash-sucking list!

Here is what you will Learn in Money Magnets.

  • How I create irresistible lead magnets that have people falling over themselves to sign up…and then to buy!
  • How to find out what people want so you can give it to them right from the start – get this wrong and you’re doomed to fail!
  • The kind of lead magnets that have people lining up to grab ’em…and the kind that don’t (hint: avoid these if you want to make moolah)\
  • Why old-fashioned lead magnets are no longer working…this is fundamental…
  • And how to create one that works like gangbusters super fast and super easily so you can do it over and over again…
  • So that your subscribers will like and trust you enough to buy from you over and over again!
  • My simple trick to not only coming up with a great idea for your lead magnet but for all your content and it’s fun 🙂
  • The best format to use to get them flocking to your lead magnet (this is not what you’re usually told)
  • The exact formula I use for length and content – this is absolutely crucial to your success
  • The 3 easy steps I follow each and every time I create a subscriber-sucking lead magnet
  • How to literally eavesdrop on your target audience so that you magically give them EXACTLY what they need
  • Follow me along in your BONUS LIVE TRAINING so that you can not only see every step I take…
  • But ask questions and get them answered on the spot as well!

Click Here For More Information on Money Magnets


MintsApp 2.0 Review : Secret Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing & Automated Customer-Driven Funnels

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The Secret Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing
& Automated Customer-Driven Funnels
Responsible for
482,030 Email Leads & $2,502,600 Sales in 6 Months
And It’s So Easy to Setup You Can Have Your First Campaign Running in the next 2 Minutes!

Watch this FREE Video to See how you can interact & engage
more customers, capture leads & sell more products in MINUTES


get reclick






you can use it to build a 6 figure business in any niche you
want automatically in less than 30 days from now and you’ll
have customer begging you to sell something to them

Running eCommerce & Shopify Stores

Promoting Affiliate & CPA Offers

Promote Your Local Business
hotels, restaurant, gyms, clinics etc.

Build Digital Products Business
sell ebooks, software, training course etc.

Build Huge Email List & Engage Your Blog Visitors Interactively

Get More Coaching Clients on Your Landing Pages



This is the MOST advanced polling software on the planet and the kind of result it gets is unrivalled – the marketing technology behind it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before allowing it to turn any business on it’s head and acquire customers on auto-pilot!


The Redrafted Mints App 2.0
That’s Going to Get You
Engagement & Profits as Early as Today

Brand new sleek user interface with filing technology allowing you to create successful campaigns and projects in minutes

Once you access the all new mints app 2.0 dashboard, you’ll instantly notice the striking difference between the 2.0 and older 1.0 version, there’s no comparison. The 2.0 dashboard is very rich, more sleek, easier to navigate and use and with the new project filing technology, you can now easily group your funnels & campaigns by niches, products, clients, websites etc., it’s like having the tradition PC-based folder technology and our users agree it’s more effective.

get reclick

Social Connect Review – Lead Generating Chat System

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Discover How You Can Build Massive Social Proof For Your Product And Grow Your Email List Directly on Your Sales Page.
Social Connect engages your visitors leading them to buy your product even if you are rarely online and don’t use social media.

Click Here To Get Instant Access To Social Connect Now!

If you want to build a solid and a long-term relationship with your visitors, there isn’t anything else better than social connect in the market right now.
Austin Anthony
I’ve been using Facebook comments. Now I have Social Connect I won’t be using them again. It’s so easy to capture leads and engage with customers in so many different ways with this software. Great idea guys!
Sam Robinson

Choose a template and customize it.


Set up the login settings. You can have the user create a login in Social Connect or even enable the option where they can sign up using Facebook & Twitter


Publish the chat community and participate in the comments


Now, the comments posted on YOUR community can also be shared on Facebook & Twitter. Which means you can attract that traffic back to your site. Aint that cool.

The members who register or sign-up can automatically be added to your AUtoresponder list. Not just that, you can autoregister them to your GoToWebinar account for your next webinar!

Take complete control of the discussions happening in the community. you can also block the comments, blacklist the user and also the IP

Cloud based app dashboard to create chat communities that run on any website, can be embedded into WordPress

We have a built in spam control technology. You are totally safe from spam

Send mails from your own mail id and increase personal interaction with your list with out built in SMTP integration.

We have added 25 themes for you to begin with. And you can completely customize them.

You can make sure that only people from a specific geography as a part of the community!

Add a chat feature to your existing membership site. Your members need to sign again into this chat box, it is already loaded for them to start the interaction instantly.

If You do not have a website, it does not matter. We host it for you.

Your user can easily use their existing FB/ Twitter credentials to join your community.

For Aweber, Getresponse, SendReach , iContact and a lot more. Supports all major autoresponder including but not limited to Aweber, Getresponse, SendReach , iContact and the likes

Click Here To Get Instant Access To Social Connect Now!