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Commission Jacker 2.0 WSO Review

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Turbocharge Your CPA Campaigns and
Exponentially Increase Your Profits!



GET Commission Jacker 2.0 WSO

Are your CPA offers getting the amount of traffic you want?

Are the visitors to your web pages actually buying anything … or only looking around?

Do you feel as if the money you are spending for online marketing is simply going down the drain?

Any experienced Internet marketer can tell you that the only way to make money online is by driving massive amounts of traffic to your web pages.

But high volume is not enough …

You also need to attract people who are ready to buy the types of products you are offering.

There are two ways to get high volumes of hard-target traffic: Paid methods and free methods.

Paid methods can be effective … but you have to invest a lot of money upfront … and even then there’s no guarantee of success.

Free methods are cost-effective, but they require massive amounts of your time and attention.

Now there’s a way you can get massive amounts of traffic from people who are ready to buy exactly the kinds of products you are offering …

Commission Jacker is a revolutionary new marketing software tool that instantly brings high-target, ready-to-buy customers directly to your offers.

It works by piggy-backing on the success of the most popular sites on the Internet …

Sites like MSN, Huffington Post, CNN, ABC News, New York Times and other authoritative sites that have some of the heaviest traffic loads on the web!

Commission Jacker lets you legally and ethically siphon thousands of red-hot leads away from the Internet’s top sites and point them directly at your offers.

Imagine driving dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ready-to-by customers to your web pages with the click of a button!

Best of all, Commission Jacker is a FREE traffic tool that costs you nothing to use!


There are lots of products you can use to drive massive amounts of traffic to your web pages …

But the problem is that most of those prospects are either not interested in the types of products you are promoting …

Or are simply ‘Windows’ shopping and aren’t yet ready to buy.
Commission Jacker is specifically engineered to bring you only “Buyer” traffic … people who are actively seeking the types of products you are promoting and who have money in hand ready to buy.

Once you point Commission Jacker at your offer pages, you can instantly earn huge revenues, commissions and profits!

Simple to Use – Commission Jacker is so easy to install and use that even a 10-year-old can make money with it starting from the very first day
Works on All Product Platforms – Perfect for affiliate products, CPA offers, and list building
Ready to Use – Doesn’t require the installation of WordPress or any other software
Completely Scalable and Replicable – Use Commission Jacker as many times as you like without ever paying any additional fees
Windows-Based – Commission Jacker runs on Windows but it also works on Macs using Windows Parallels add-on
Commission Jacker gives you the turn-key solution to attracting huge amounts of “Buyer” traffic directly to your offer pages.


About six years ago, I decided to try my hand at Internet marketing. I had seen all the success stories about entrepreneurs who had harnessed the incredible power of the web to build their own personal fortunes and I wanted in on the action.

I quickly realized that getting huge amounts of traffic was critical to my success. So I emptied my savings account and spent $20,000 on every kind of paid traffic method imaginable …

I tried everything from PPC to PPV … from Facebook Ads to Co-Reg … and everything in between.

Not all of them drove traffic to my pages … and those that did gave me mostly prospects who either weren’t looking for the types of offers I was making or weren’t truly ready to by.

Within a few weeks, my marketing budget was depleted. So with nowhere else to turn, I decided to try free traffic methods.

Determined to succeed, I threw myself into the task … spending days then weeks then months trying to get YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and every other type of free campaign to work for me.

While traffic trickled in … and I started make a few sales … it was never enough to justify the amount of time and energy I was devoting.

That’s when I decided to tear up the Internet marketing instruction manual and build my own traffic generation system from the ground up.

I taught myself code and buried myself in the technical aspects of software writing …

I went to the creators of the most popular campaigns and picked their minds about what they did to succeed …

I tested countless failed software programs before finally one began to show promise.

When I launched my prototype of my Commission Jacker software, it instantly began driving a large amount of visitors to the offers I had connected it to … not just hundreds of people, but thousands in a single day.

“This has to be a one-off,” I thought. “There’s no way this traffic can be sustained.”

But it was … only hardly anybody was buying anything.

So I started tinkering with filtering so that Commission Jacker was only attracting people who were proven to be ready to buy.

And that’s when it started to rain …

Rain money, that is!


In the years since I first started using my Commission Jacker software, I have been able to create multiple internet marketing income streams … each of which brings me a four- to five-figure income each and every month!

Thanks to Commission Jacker, my list of internet marketing subscribers has swelled to more than 60,000 people.

And one of my non-Internet marketing businesses now has a list of more than 53,000 ultra-targeted customers and pays me in the mid five-figures per month promoting just CPA offers to that list!

Since that day six years ago when I first started with internet marketing,I have successfully launched several online businesses – each of which earns me a minimum of $100,000 per year!

And that’s just for starters!

Due to the success of Commission Jacker, I was able to develop several other successful products – including such highly acclaimed products as “Complete Traffic Domination” and “Complete Video Domination”, to name a few … that have sold more than 37,000 copies and have helped thousands of online marketers earn millions of dollars.

Here is What My Beta Testers Have Achieved Using The Commission Jacker Software
I have been using the Commission Jacker software for about 5 months now and in the this duration it has directly added over $40,000 in my bottom line
– Jay Stewart

I consider myself a successful online marketer with over 4 years of experience and a six figure yearly income.I have used dozens of marketing softwares in my career. I started using Vivek’s commission jacker software in June last year.It has proven to be one of the most powerful internet marketing tools I ever used.
Till date I have added over 30,000 subscribers in my lists using this software and I have made over $55,000 in past 8 months promoting CPA offers to those lists
– Sarah Jones

This software is absolutely AMAZING!!! I have no words to describe it.I got a review copy of it from Sam yesterday and promoted an iPad offer using it. In the past 12 hours I have made a total of $121.50 in CPA commissions.I am feeling so excited! Now I am thinking about hiring a few VAs and scaling up big to reach the $1k+ a day income level
– Doug Freeman

I have been using the Commission Jacker software for the past one week and in this duration I have added 1,724 new subscribers in my dating mailing list using it. A couple of days ago I promoted a CPA offer to this list and made $672 in commissions,which is not bad given I have worked just 40-45 minutes a day
– James Brown

This is the most powerful CPA marketing software I have used till date.It has amazing traffic getting abilities. I have been using this tool for the last 5 days and have made over $1,500 in CPA commissions using it promoting email submit offers. In my opinion every CPA marketer should have this tool and include it in their daily marketing activity.It is so easy to use and generates instant results.
– Mark Forbes
Commission Jacker lets you legally and ethically steal traffic from the Internet’s most popular and most authoritative websites.
This includes sites like Fox News, BBC and CBS. But these are just a few examples because Commission Jacker lets you jack visitors from ANY website on the Internet!

Here’s an example of how it can be used …
John Smith is passionate about a particular niche. He spends hours on Twitter or Facebook (or other sites looking for news articles and new blog posts about his favorite topic. Then, after he clicks and reads an article, when it’s time to leave up pops a message inviting him to subscribe to your list devoted to that niche so he can get the latest news and updates on related topics.
Let’s say Mary Thomas is surfing the web looking for articles about her favorite pop star. When she arrives on an authoritative page … such as US Weekly or E! … up pops a quiz that she can take to qualify to win a new iPad. But the quiz is actually your CPA offer and when she takes part in it you get paid!


Or how about this one …
This time you point Commission Jacker at a popular news article in a leading US newspaper about the rise in online courses that teach people how to play the guitar. After the reader is through with the article, as they click off up pops an offer for your Clickbank affiliate product for an online guitar course. Every time somebody clicks through … you get paid a hefty commission!

These are just a few of the actual ways I have personally used Commission Jacker to make money online.
Watch The Video Below to See This Software in Action:

Commission Jacker lets you set pop-ups to appear after a set time or when visitors click off a page … it’s up to you.

And because of the type of window Commission Jacker uses … pop-up blockers don’t stop it.

The number of ways this innovative software can be used to make money is only limited by your own imagination.

Best of all, once you purchase Commission Jacker you can use it over and over again and never have to pay me another dime.
Your purchase of Commission Jacker entitles you to install it on as many machines as you want without having to pay any additional royalties or licensing fees.

Give it to your outsourcers so they can put the power of Commission Jacker to work on all of your pages and promotions
Sell the traffic Commission Jacker brings you to other marketers
Use Commission Jacker to drive targeted traffic and leads to your client’s sites then charge them as much as $997/month for the leads
Your Unlimited Developer License authorizes you to use Commission Jacker any way you like(The only condition is that you cannot give away or sell this software) without ever having to pay another dime.
A $997 value, your Unlimited Developer License is FREE with your purchase of Commission Jacker … but only if you ACT NOW!


In order to reward those marketers who can instantly see the powerful benefits of this groundbreaking new marketing software, Commission Jacker is being offered at dime sale pricing.

That means the initial price of Commission Jacker will be a single, one-time payment of just …

But the price will go up with every sale.

You should know that similar products that offer half the benefits as Commission Jacker currently are selling briskly for $47 … $67 …. and even $197!

CJ Competitor Pricing

Why spend more on inferior products that do less when you can get the best legal and ethical traffic jacking software on the market today for this incredibly low price?!
Sill on the fence? Well, how about if I remove any and all risk from your decision.

I am so confident that Commission Jacker is exactly the tool you need to drive massive amounts of high-volume, hard-target traffic to your offers that I am going to make this solemn pledge to you right here, right now:

“We have a conditional refund guarantee-If for some reason,the software doesn’t work as demonstrated in the demo video on this page,we’ll try our best to get it to work.If we fail in doing that,we’ll refund your purchase price provided you have sent us a screen capture video recording of the software not working within the first 45 days of your purchase.”

I can make this astonishing promise to you because I am 100% confident that Commission Jacker is precisely the type of traffic-driving software tool that you have been looking for.

I have personally used it to earn massive amounts of commissions online.

Commission Jacker not only gives you the volume of traffic you’ve been looking for, but it also provides you with highly targeted buyers who are actively seeking to spend money on the exact types of offers you are promoting.

Now that’s what I call a “no-brainer”!!

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to finally start gaining traction with your online promotions?

Are you ready to begin earning huge profits that will allow you to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you deserve?

Are you finally ready to achieve the type of success that will earn the admiration of your family and friends?

GET Commission Jacker 2.0 WSO

Yours in Internet Success,

Vivek Narayan and Sam Wright

P.S. Did you know that a recent survey found that more than 91% of all the internet marketers earn less than $5,000/month from their web-based promotions while the top 3% marketers make more than $1 million a year?

That really makes you wonder why there is so much income disparity between the top guys and the bottom ones?

Commission Jacker lets you graduate from nickel and dime Internet marketing and join the winners at the big boy table! You can use it for any type of promotion and can replicate your success over and over again.

Plus, with the special bonus Unlimited Developer License you can hand it off to your outsourcers or Virtual Assistants and let them keep your successful promotions running while you enjoy counting your profits … without having to pay another dime!

My 45-day money-back guarantee removes any risk from your decision … so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Get Commission Jacker RIGHT NOW and start building your online fortune TODAY!