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WSO of the Day!!!”
March 27, 2012

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I gave a quick review after receiving great customer service to my “PRE SALES” questions but since i have bought this has just got even better.I have no affiliate link but you would be crazy to pass this up. I seriously do not believe you will get a better WSO all year.If this is still available at $27 then buy it. The Bonus i got on Friday was “SICK” and the great thing is Matthew gave the bonus away even when he is selling it in software format as well. He just gave it away and did not try to upsell it. The bonus is a manual way of using CVP to create viral traffic and its is worth way more than you will pay for the original product. With the bonus video and “fill in the gaps’ template, that alone is worth way more than the original purchase.Add to that also and Matthew is already looking at an upgrade idea for me.

Great Job Matthew

“In The Above Video, I’m going to quickly show you a better way to add video to your website or blog. This goes both for YouTube and self hosted videos, including amazon S3!

Originally Posted by PhilG View Post
Whoa! Talk about super easy! This script is fast and simple. I am certain that everyone from newbies to experienced users will find dozens of uses for it.I had it installed and a video encoded and uploaded in under 2 minutes! With a few tabs open, I am sure it could be done in less than 30 seconds. Boy, don’t I wish other WSOs were this easy to use.I love the way this “re-encodes” the embed code so that people will stay on my site longer. With the combination of a Google Video Site Map and this script, I can now have entire video series “locked” into my site, with the Google love pointing to my site NOT some other site.Knowing Matthew, I am certain that there will be many updates and improvements that will make this script better and better. As such can give this WSO my HIGHEST recommendation. Get it now before the price goes up!

Just my 2 cents
Phil G

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Wow! I love this software and all your products!Matt looking forward to all these updates. Thank you for improving all your products, listening to your customer suggestions and of course your amazing support.Three words to Warriors… Get it Now!Jon

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Hi Matthew,I bought your WSO and installed the custom video player on one of my sites. Here is an excerpt of the review that goes out to my subscribers:Overall rating:
This is an excellent WSO. You are going to get a complete software package that can easily be uploaded to your server and then lets you quickly embed videos on your site. The supported formats are YouTube, mp4, flv, f4v. There was one point that I did not like: the ‘custom video player’ link at the bottom but Mathew agreed to remove that with the next update within 24 hours.HP

Originally Posted by Kochise View Post
Hi mrmcd,Very nice WSO, we can finally use video at its full potential without losing any traffic… cool,I’m playing around with it right now and haven’t stopped finding killer uses for it.You’re offering to us warriors an amazing tool !

Thanks a lot.


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Bought it. Like it too!
Originally Posted by athusbangk View Post
Purchased and have been tried, it works fine. I have been looking for this for a long time and now it has been found. This is as expected.
mrmcd, you really rock!
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Bought….configured (easy) even for and idiot like me! Good job plugging the hole on a website. No one wants a traffic leaking portal on their website.
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WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!The last three days I spent trying to do something at least remotely like what this plugin does, trying all my paid and free plugins, players, skins and software in my arsenal that I paid BIG bucks for! (I am talking only about USING not even programming!) So far my results have been meager at best.So it seems you are my knight in shining armor to come to my rescue bringing relief from struggling with this video beast!Can you read minds by the way? Your timing is great. Just a week ago I would probably passed on this offer because I (so I thought) had powerful tools under my belt. But now I know for sure this is not the case…

Off to purchase…

I’ll let you know about the results.

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Awesome WSO.
Originally Posted by remega View Post
This product is so kick ass it should be illegal! I installed it and started using it in under 2mins. It’s a great investment and once you buy this and check it out for yourself, you’ll be glad you made the purchase.

This includes;

– website embedded videos

– videos on your blog

– sales page videos

– tutorial videos

– video courses

– video information products

– webinar re-runs

– membership site videos

– product launch videos

And every kind of video you currently have on your website or blog.

But first, let’s take a look at what’s wrong with doing it the
standard way. We’ll start with Youtube followed by self hosted

Embedding YouTube video on your website the normal way has some
major drawbacks.

1. People can click on the video and be redirected to YouTube.
This generates some problems for you. It’s like having a bucket
with a hole in it.

2. You are loosing traffic without monetizing it. (Every
opportunity to click away from your website to should be monetized.
Optin to your list, clicking order link, affiliate program, Adsense
or generating viral traffic. Otherwise you want to keep them on
your site)

3. Any value associated with the video to the viewer, is now
associated to YouTube instead of your website or blog. Meaning,
next time they want more quality videos, they’re going to be
heading straight to YouTube instead of Your site.

4. First Impressions Last & Perceived Value. Everyone can
recognize the YouTube Player. And, whether consciously or
sub-consciously – when we see the YouTube player many of us
categorize that video as “FREE CONTENT”, meaning we automatically
see the video content as less value – which can reduce the affect
of the video to the viewer.

All these problems can be automatically fixed with the Custom Video
Player. And not only fixed, but turned around 180 degrees to work
for you, instead of against you.

We’ll have a look at that next, but first: let’s quickly look at
what’s wrong with hosting your videos the normal way, both on your
server or hosting account, and with amazon S3.

Did you know that when you use a 3rd party video player, you are
completely at the mercy of their server, and have a much higher
chance of something going wrong when it comes to streaming your
videos on your site to viewers from all over the world. Even if
they have the best possibly servers available, due to the
complexity of the web and it’s network, things can go really wrong.
And, if you have videos on a sales or opt-in page, even a few
minutes of network issues can result in lost sales and reduction in
conversion rates.

Even though you may have access to some advanced statistics on your
video plays, you are still completely dependent on their server and
are not in full control of your own videos.

Then there’s the cost. Quality video player services cost money,
and to make the most of them, you’re most likely going to pay
ongoing monthly fees that eat away at your profits.

Custom Video Player puts you in full control, by allowing you to
generate your very own Video embed code, not dependant on the
performance of any third-party server or network. Custom Video
Player eliminates all ongoing fees, by enabling you to generate an
unlimited number of custom video embed codes on your own site, for
all your sites.

So whether you want to dramatically improve the way you add YouTube
videos to your site, or take full control of your own videos with
your own video embed code generator, the Custom Video Player is
just what you need.

The Custom Video Player works for WordPress, Websites, Blogs and
can be used with your current hosting package.

Let’s take a look at how quick and easy it is to add video to our
site the right way, with the Custom Video Player.

(The video above shows exactly how it’s done!)

Inside the Custom Player, we can generate our very own embed code.
First, we enter our video link. This can be a YouTube link or a direct
video file link, hosted on your site or any other site such as
Amazon S3.

For this first example, I’m going to use YouTube. All we
have to do is enter the link to the video like this. (see the video above)
Select our player size. We can choose any video size to best fit
our site. Each one of these video sizes are set to deliver maximum
video quality. The sizes come both in wide screen and standard
video size. You also have an option to create a super wide cinema

If we want the video to start automatically, we can just tick Start
Video Automatically.

Click “Generate Video Code”. And we’re done!

We can instantly see the video code for our video. If we take a careful
look at the code, and this is important, the code only features
your own website address. There are no 3rd party sites involved.

Also, the YouTube video id code is encrypted, so it’s impossible
for anyone to track this video on Youtube.

Below the code we get an instant preview of what the video looks
like. If we are not completely satisfied with the size, we can
choose a different size to generate a new preview, and find the
perfect video size for our site.

We can click the code here, copy it, and paste in into our site
wherever we want our video to appear. You can also paste into a
blog post or page.

(please view this quick video where I show exactly how)

By looking at the video preview, you can
instantly see, even if this is a YouTube video, it’s loading in
your very own custom player. This means higher perceived value to
the viewer, and no more loosing your visitors to YouTube, no matter
where they click on your custom video player, they are not going to
leave your site.

To use direct video files, such as your own hosted videos including
amazon S3, all you need to do is enter the video link into the video link
field. We select our Custom Video Player size. For this one, let’s
try the Cinema Super Wide. We can select to start video
automatically, and generate code. And we’re done.

Below the generated video code, we can see a preview of our
Custom Video Player we just created. And we’ve just created a true
wide screen cinema experience. This looks very clean and tidy. The
player is a clean design that goes with any website or blog.

If you have multiple websites, you can use the Custom Video Player
for all of them.

Custom Video Player is the only software you need for all your
online videos.

Originally Posted by Russell Hall View Post
I really like it and I can see how you’ve covered the Youtube watermark issue.
I used the “hide watermark by cropping” feature which worked well except fot the fact that a couple of the videos tests I did had text running along the bottom and that made it clear that it had been cropped because the lowe line of text was chopped in half. I did some testing on my own embeds using Old embed code (not with CVP) and I realised that the watermark can be eliminated by including the code parameter “&show=1″. However,.. then the top info bar and link display with mouse hover. When I changed back to “&show=0″ the top bar vanishes but the bottom right watermark reappears. I figure that Youtube have it set up so that you can remove one but not the other,..and therefore your crop solution is clever.That said,.. I think the crop feature might work better if it cropped from the top when using the “&show=1″ parameter because the top bar is a bit thinner than the bottom watermark and a top crop wouldn’t affect baseline text.Just a thought that you might want to play around with,… and that’s just between you and I as I wont say anything on your thread.That said… I’m willing to leave a review as per below if you approve I will post it up for you.
Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Custom Video Player to review by Matthew.

Overall I think Matthew has done a great job with CVP and it’s clear that he’s not done with further development yet.

One of my initial criticisms was that there was still a way for viewers to identify a Youtube video and to follow a watermarked link to the youtube.com site. That problem has since been rectified by way of a new option in the control panel which Matthew included within hours of my commenting on that.

There are a couple of things I really like about CVP and so I’ll list them below:

1) Quick and easy to install
2) Can be used on ANY site… not just WordPress
3) Simple copy and paste of CVP code and you’re ready to go
4) Very low cost compared to a similar WP plugin that starts at $97
5) The CVP code completely disguises the original video URL (I know of no other script that does that)
5) Developed by someone who is sincere and will continue to upgrade and develop

The CVP program works as described right out of the box,.. I tried to break it but was unsuccessful in that attempt.

Well done Matthew,….. at under twenty bucks (current price) this one is a steal,.. at anything under $47 it still is comparatively excellent value!

Watch Video Here -> www.CustomVideoPlayer.Net/wso

So if you have any videos on your site, and would like to do it
this way, then you can buy the Custom Video Player today and get a
significant early bird discount. If the Custom Video Player is not
right for you, then you can get your money back.

Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll get immediate access to
download your Custom Video Player. It comes complete with a video
Quick Start Set-Up guide, where I walk you through the easy setup
process. There are no files to edit or databases to create. The
setup is extremely easy.

GET Custom Video Player

If you need any help setting up your package, we’ll do it for you,
absolutely free.

So, just click on the order button right now, and lock in your
Custom Video Player special discount saving.

Originally Posted by Sydney Warrior View Post
Hi Guys,I rarely post to the WF but I feel this time I have to.*Your follow up service and unadvertised bonuses are incredible. From the moment I bought I have received such helpful emails, tips and tricks and your latest bonus that generates gobs of traffic from facebook is way more than I ever imagined I would get from you.*I have bought probably hundreds of WSO‘s and even the great Icun could learn from you. Well done. I would recommend people buy this product because*

1) It is a fantastic Product
2) Even if you throw the product away the [FREE] bonus is worth 10 times the price
3) It is incredible value for money so even if you don’t plan to use it today – stick it in your drawer – you will use it tomorrow – especially once you see the bonus
and finally*
4) Just to experience what great service feels like.

By the way you also have one of the most innovative OTO‘s I have seen – it is a great idea and I bet we will see more people using that approach in future – this is the first OTO that was a benefit to the customer for the IP it gives you even if you don’t buy into it. By the way it is absolutely not one of those OTOs that you need to make the product work – it is completely separate and 90% of people will not buy it but you will appreciate the ingenuity and may use it yourself one day.

Cheers and Thank you.


GET Custom Video Player

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
Matt is highly responsive & you should feel comfortable in buying his WSO‘s. This is the 2nd WSOI’ve bought from him & couldn’t be happier.Joel
Originally Posted by eAgent View Post
Rock-solid technology.Matthew, this is way cool. Picked it up without even reading the sales letter (OK, I DID glance through your video to see how this was going to work – but still: in concept alone, this is awesome and mandatory!).Here’s another benefit: As your YouTube videos move from private (say, as a presale video, or early release high-value content) to open content (for late adopters), your video will already have some plays for SEO value. A few thousand real views in private and POP! It’s public – and rising in Google rank.Smart.

So many things I can’t wait to try with this.

A big congrats, and an exceptional value. Really. (And yes, I know 2 other paid services… so I know whence I speak).

Here’s to WSO of the Day and more awesome releases from you. I want in early!

Originally Posted by ShaneWilliams View Post
Matt and fellow Warriors:Was just about to hit the sack for the night, when something VERY unexpected happened. A support ticket I sent in was returned and RESOLVED in 37 minutes!!!!I’m not an impatient person and could have easily waited a few days for a response. As a product vendor myself I know things can take a bit if you are swamped with many tickets….but that was not the case here at all.When I first found this product, I was one of the ones commenting on Matt’s main page about the fact that I could still click on the YouTube logo. The only way I was even going to consider buying this was if I had the option to completely hide that logo. No reason to lose my traffic….should be MY choice.

Next thing ya know, Matt replied on there the very next day saying problem solved! Not only was that issue addressed but there were already more updates in place.

When a vendor takes immediate action like that to please his buyers and create a better product, I will ABSOLUTELY hold up my end and happily purchase the product!

I’m no FTP whiz and made an error when trying to upload to my hosting. Instead of possibly making things worse I used the support desk. My request was to add this product to 2 of my domains, with my chosen URL, and have both places password protected.

Imagine my shock when I’m about to log off for the night and see a new email popup titled: “Resolved Ticket”!!*

A VERY huge THANK YOU to Matt and the ticket responder Denise for an insanely rapid response and resolution! Everything works great and I seriously could not be happier.

Sure it’s rare, but sometimes you come across someone and their product that leaves a major impression. For the price point on this product, the quality and the support have gone above and beyond. If there weren’t any new updates available, and the support would have taken a few days, then the price would have still been a bit low….but for this buyer’s experience, I’m truly blown away.

Thanks Matt for your attention to detail and listening to your buyer’s requests. You have proven to be extremely professional and I will of course keep an eye out for any future releases from you.

P.S. …..tell Denise she is a Support Superstar!!!!!!

This WSO gets my top recommendation. Over delivered is an under statement.*


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