Nov 24 2014

Bullet Proof PBn

ATTENTION: Outrank Your Competition Everytime With Your Own Personal Bulletproof PBN

PBN Expert Has Helped Countless People Bring Sites From The Dead, And Gets His Clients
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Create a Vast Network of Bulletproof Private Blog Sites
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Bulletproof PBN Advantages:

Our Members Are Seeing 500% Increase In Their Traffic, You Can Too…
Rank For The Top Positions In The Search Engines, Competitive Keywords
Start Making REAL PROFITS, For Your Money Sites With Top Rankings
Generated More TARGETED Leads For Your Business Or Opportunities…

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If you’re not using PBN’s then you need to stop what you are doingand pay attention, we are about to show you the way to easy rankings

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to feel like you’ve got no SEO presence whatsoever. You spend countless hours carefully following all the proven strategies only to barely generate a small blip on the SEO radar screen.What’s worse is your traffic is showing you little or no market penetration and you’re spinning your wheels just about as fast as your profits are going up in smoke.

Still, SEO still seems to be working great for the established GURU’s.

If it’s not doing the same for you there’s a pretty good chance you’re doing something wrong and you need to know what…

If you’re already struggling to use Private Blog Networks you may be suffering from old stale strategies pushed by so-called “Experts” that have done more harm than good… (Don’t worry, we will help you change that… )

If you’re not using PBN’s then you need to stop what you are doing and pay attention, we are about to show you the way to easy rankings with minimal hassle and maximum protection for you and your business…

You Shouldn’t Be Working Yourself To Death For Little Or No Results.

Panda and Penguin jumped in there and slapped me silly…
I can certainly understand your frustration. I got into this business with the simple goal of turning over a nice steady monthly income. I learned that SEO was a critical factor to ongoing success so I chased it hard. And just when I felt like I had it nailed, Panda and Penguin jumped in there and slapped me silly.I mean I thought I really had it wired. My traffic was piling up faster than wood chips from a buzz saw and profits were following the same curve. Then Google put the brakes on and threw me headlong out of the car.

All my traffic disappeared virtually overnight and my profits didn’t just shrink; they literally disappeared into thin air. I went from prince to pauper just like that and never even got kissed or even a simple, “Thanks for playing.”

Such a profoundly unhealthy effect on my sales and profits…

Not one to accept defeat easily, I studied the problem from all sides until I finally pinpointed how and why Google’s relentless upgrades had such a profoundly unhealthy effect on my sales and profits. Then I decided it was time to fight back.

I thoroughly investigated the effects of various Google changes over time to understand the trends and the reasoning behind them. Some of the correlations were indeed frightening, but they helped me understand Google’s philosophy and pointed the way to the wildly successful strategies I have developed and tested over the past year. Now I have deployed them on everything I do.

I see people struggling with SEO every day, and they’re are just not making money online the way they should. So I worked very hard to develop new strategies that help their business models conform to Google guidelines and still pull the massive amount of traffic necessary to ensure a strong steady profit stream.

Then I discovered the Bulletproof PBN Strategy… 
and my business has never been the same since
These new “Bullet Proof” strategies are specifically developed for those who want to make long-term money using smarter SEO by ranking their web sites on the first page of Google in the post apocalyptic Panda/Penguin world. I’m already using them and traffic is flooding into my sites like never before, all INVULNERABLE to Google of course.Best of all… After all the changes with Google and other search engines, this strategy has become even more powerful!

Maximize your SEO presence and boost your profits now…
My new tried and tested methods are specifically formulated forLONG-TERM growth using the awesome power of BULLET PROOF PRIVATE BLOG NETWORKS.They can help even the novice SEO user make massive gains in their traffic, rankings and income with almost no increase in effort.

Even better, they have BUILT IN FLEXIBILITY to help weather the storm of ongoing Google changes. While no one can fully account for Google’s unpredictable nature, these strategies MAXIMIZE YOUR SEO presence and your PROFITS now and they are designed to remain formidable in the face of ongoing change.

Some users are seeing MASSIVE jumps in their Search Engine Rankings, going from Page 100 to Page 1 in a matter of days…

You can too… and much faster than you think.

Here’s Why You Can’t Afford To
Wait Any Longer…

Your old SEO TACTICS ARE DEAD! You need to implement a “BULLET PROOF PLAN” now before your competition catches up and passes you by.Your old SEO is working against you and literally KILLING your ability to generate new and ongoing traffic that is critical to maximizing earnings.

You may have AWESOME content that provides AMAZING VALUE… but knowing nobody’s looking at it will drive you crazy and what’s worse, BROKE!

So now you are asking yourself… But what’s the SECRET?

This New “BulletProof” Method Keeps You Completely Anonymous,and sight unseen by those pesky blog detective bots…” and sight unseen by those pesky blog detective bots…”

Private Blog Networks are nothing new, but up until now people have not been utilizing them correctly. The old stale methods offered in other vulnerable blog network courses no longer apply and could do more harm than good.

This new “BulletProof” method keeps you completely anonymous, sight unseen by those pesky blog detective bots seeking to upset your applecart and steal your rankings from you.

Now you can mask your identity with confidence that the Google dragon won’t sniff you out.

You’ve heard the expression, “Hide in Plain Sight.” Well that’s how we roll. And we show you how to apply our special new techniques to keep Google out of your business once and for all.

Bulletproof Private Blog Networks Are
The Ultimate Answer.

PBN’s That are FULLY Google Immunized and Bot-Proof.
What’s more, it even put the Bots to work for you, spreading and boosting your authority across the net.Once you create your network of invisible blogs they take over and direct Bot-traffic the way you want. Bots don’t know who those sites belong to. They only know that they have good content and they are linking to your main site. So they push traffic your way and send your authority soaring. Your network is totally secure from Bot tampering even while the Bots are working for you.

The powerful strategies contained in Bulletproof PBN offer maximum protection for the user and ensure long-term growth and profitability.

Voila! Rapid Front Page Rankings without the Risk…

Visiting Bots grow your traffic for you because they find exactly what they are looking for and react predictably.

Turn the tables and make them do your bidding without knowing it.

We show you exactly how to do it and you won’t believe how simple and effective it can be.

Bulletproof PBNs Are The Front Line
Secret Weapon In The War On Websites.

But you have to be careful how you set them up and how you employ them. Our secret methods turn them into highly effective traffic generators and better yet, profit builders

This happens automatically in the background 24/7!

Done correctly, it’s like printing money; only better because the machine gets smarter and prints faster over time.

What Our Clients Are Saying About
Bulletproof PBN?

Well I guess everyone is going to know now! Folks if I am looking for SEO knowledge Jason is my secret source the only problem is now that he selling his secrets then I guess I am going to have to share. Seriously though if you are looking for no B.S and just shooting straight from the hip EXPERT SEO knowledge then you landed on the right page. Jason has never steered me wrong and always way overdelivered so I suggest you pick this up and apply it to your business FAST before your competition does. Well Done Jason!

Chris Jenkins

I’ve worked with Jason for years. He helped me rank in the top positions for some of the biggest keywords in the world. Jason has also handled all of my video rankings as well. Everybody claims to know SEO, but I know for a fact this guy is the real deal. The SEO strategies he has put together were out of this world. PBN is a hot subject, but it also needs be done properly and with care, Jason is the guy to handle all that for you.

Chad E. Nicely

I was originally hit by the Google updates when the old blog networks were targeted. I lost 50% of all my traffic and since then i employed the services of Jason Suli who helped me remove my Google Penalty, and restored the traffic back to my website. What ever Jason has done, he certainly knows his stuff.

ChrisLocal Business Owner

Jason Suli’s SEO marketing strategy helped rank our keywords onto the first page of google. The strategies he uses are the most up to date with the best results. We had used other companies in the past with no real success. I believe in his work and techniques and wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending him..

JenniferLocal Business Owner – Australia

If you want fast and stable SEO rankings, you need PBNs to make that happening, they are the single most powerful SEO tool you can ever have, no software rivals them.Personally myself, I have a network of over 150 PBNs that we use for our personal marketing (not as network agency or renting) so I know with facts that this is a business strategy you can build on.

Precious NgwuVideo Essence

SEO for sure is not an easy task any more. Actually I thought it was dead like the walking All jokes aside guess who’s back. Jason is no joke when it comes to SEO bringing traffic and the sites I have back to life. 300% back from the grave cha ching.. Jason’s strategies have changed the way people thought when they hear SEO. And helped me achieve higher rankings. Thanks Jason your Awesome ..

James Orr

PBN’s are the fastest way to secure consistent rankings and hence more increase in traffic to your websites helping you generate more leads as well

Karthik Ramani

Powerful New Techniques That Create Continuous

that loves your site and is fully Google proof.

To be perfectly honest, we all know that Traffic building is theHARDEST task in Internet Marketing. Even the hardest working people struggle to boost their traffic and maintain steady profits from their sites…

When your site is STAGNANT and your old content is DEAD IN THE WATER, SO ARE YOU!

But you can turn all that around almost overnight with these powerful new techniques that create continuous streams of starvingLASER-TARGETED TRAFFIC that loves your site and is fully Google proof.

Google Bots will look at your site with approving eyes and reward you as a high-value, authority site and give you top rankings FAST.

That sort of approval is GOLD ON THE TABLE my friend and it is yours for the taking.

A BulletProof PBN is your 1-STOP SOLUTION to the ever-changing SEO Nightmare with Solid NEW Techniques…
for Massive Traffic Building and Unlimited Profit Building.

BulletProof PBN?

Gets You Real Results!

Up to 500% Increase In Traffic
Top Rankings For Competitive Keywords
More Money From Top Positions
More Generated Leads
More Incoming Sales

Here’s what BulletProof PBN

Can Do For You Starting Right Now!

 Can BulletProof PBN Really Do All That?

YES and more. We cover strategies and methods to apply with comprehensive online Video Tutorials that show you what to do and how to do it. We give you the exact methods to effectively rank any web site in the post Panda/Penguin environment and show you how to immunize your sites to further Google intrusions.
While we can’t guarantee that Google will never come up with a new algorithm that smacks you again, we have made every effort to make these techniques flexible, adaptive and best of all Google Compliant so Google never sees you or your sites as a problem. Bulletproof PBN’s special techniques and strategies are Battle Tested and Front Line Approved in the War on Stagnant Traffic. They are fully proven to boost rankings and catapult your SEO to the Top Level.

Take A Look At How Effective
BulletProof PBN Can Be.

Think about these new possibilities…

Statistics from one of our Students

Check out these amazing results

Now there’s a NEW WAY to fast-track your traffic generation and recovery and reinvest your good content by creating new traffic and increasing your conversions starting RIGHT NOW…

We recently recovered a site that was smacked hard with a manual penalty. By applying our carefully developed strategies we recovered its rankings and traffic and then improved them. Take a look at the results on the accompanying analysis.

The key is not just having your own PBN but also GREAT CONTENT, how you present it and how Google’s pesky bots judge its relavance and value. So you’re clearly preparing content for two different audiences and the way you merge it and deliver it makes a dramatic difference in your online presence and your ultimate profitability.

Content must appear FRESH in the eyes of the search engines and potential visitors or it won’t be earning you money and attracting new traffic EVERY DAY…

When You Have A Bullet Proof PBN Setup
Here’s what you can expect.

Dramatically increased traffic
More leads and opportunities
for conversions
Boost affiliate marketing profits
Push video rankings higher
than ever
Increase your authority in
your niche
Outrank your competitors
and leave them in your dust

Here is just a fraction of

What You Will Learn

This is a VERY POWERFUL System… Proven to generate MASSIVE amounts of profitable traffic …

I have tested it repeatedly across all my sites and it is truly COMBAT-READY… It has turned my traffic and ranking authority into a mountain ofPURE PROFIT and created legions of repeat customers.

You can’t predict what new schemes the search engines will apply next, but you can SHIELD YOURSELF with a powerful battle plan like Bulletproof PBN. Now you can freely supercharge your traffic boosting efforts and free yourself from the ongoing search engine tampering that tries to CRUSH every new thing you do.…

Building traffic is a MAJOR PAIN! And we know how much everyone struggles with it.

Bulletproof PBN makes it as EASY as possible for you with ALL THE RIGHT TOOLS and IN-DEPTH TRAINING in one easy to use marketing package… I’m very proud of the performance this system achieves AND the LONG TERM SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND it offers for marketers who are long weary of fighting the Google armies.

So here’s the hard fact of what you’ve been dealing with up until now. What you’ve been doing just isn’t working. Your rankings are dismal, your authority has faded and your profits have tanked. Sound about right?

You know it’s possible to do much, much better because you see others doing it. And you know that you could see way more profit from your site “IF” you could only attract more laser-targeted traffic…You just need the right tools and strategies to make it work.

Start seeing a flood of Profitable New Traffic almost immediately and with it, the Massive Profits you know your content is worth.

This is your best chance to Revitalize your Business and realize the returns you deserve for all your hard work.

NOW you’ve got a shot at not just the strategies, but an entire comprehensive system designed to Supercharge your SEO like never before. There’s no time to waste. Your competitors are carting off all YOUR cash while you procrastinate. You know you need to take action NOW or risk fading away completely.

Now, these strategies have only ever been shared behind closed doors to only a select few, and they paid $1000s for this…

Until Now… This is the first time I have ever shared these strategies publically and I could easily charge $497 or more… and it would be worth every penny! However, I want you to succeed and I know you have been struggling to make ANYTHING work when it comes to SEO.

So, here is what I am going to do to finally help you get the results you have been demanding…

I want this to be the biggest no-brainer for you, so I am going to offer you an IRON CLAD Money Back Guarantee…

I Will Take All The Risk So You Don’t Have To.

So, are you ready to finally succeed and get the rankings you deserve?
I am so confident that you will make the right decision and are going to get your copy of this amazing system for just $17 RIGHT NOW. And I look forward to hearing how Bulletproof PBN drives tons of traffic to your sites and converts that traffic into totally AMAZING income streams…

Chris Jenkins

Jason Suli

    Check Out These Special Offers

  • Proxy Pirate Proxy Pirate helps you scrape thousands of proxies of the net from each and every site you darn well please! Great for use with other application that require that leave footprints!
  • AMA Sniper Consultation
  • Offline Social Pilot Live Training DS
  • URL Revolution Url Revolution is a simple split testing plugin for WordPress - create one link rotating to multiple urls, affiliate offers or optin pages.
Nov 24 2014

Goofball’s Guide ReLoaded – Email Marketing for the Bad A$$

Searching for a solution to MAXIMIZE profits from your list?


This is where your search ends!


“Your All-In-One Guide WithEVERYTHING You Need To Become An Incredibly PowerfulAND Profitable Email Marketer.”

GET Goofball’s Guide ReLoaded


From the desk of Mark Tandan:

Dear Email Marketer,

Let’s get one thing straight.

You’re reading this page right now because your email open rates are just way lower than you’d like them to be.

Furthermore, you just can’t get your subscribers to click your links.

And worst of all. . . you just aren’t making any sales from all of the emails that you send out.

Pardon me for stepping on your toes three times there, but those are the main problems that struggling email marketers, like yourself, are experiencing.

I gotta admit that I was EXACTLY in your shoes, and things weren’t always smooth sailing for me.

About Me

Hey, Mark Tandan here, and when I first got started in this Email Marketing game, things were BRUTAL!

My email open rates stunk, I barely generated any clicks to my links, and I continuously burned out a number of lists, all while making NO COMMISSIONS.

When it comes to Email Marketing, I knew what rock bottom felt like.

Once I hit that stage, I started studying, testing, experimenting, and applying ALL of the Email Marketing info that I could get my hands on.

My hard work paid off because I then developed a simple system that allows me to hit paydirt whenever I promote. . .

You might ask “ Well, Mark, does this system work?”

You be the judge. Here are just some of the results I’ve seen since applying these methods…

Conversion Rates


After months of trial and error and THOUSANDS of dollars invested, I have compiled a collection of the BEST Email Marketing methods I’ve ever used.

The same methods that got me noticed by a 6 figure online marketer who hired me to manage his lists and send his emails.

Similar methods that got me WSO of The Day on my most recent product release back in August. But I’ve since updated EVERYTHING to reflect the results of even more testing and experimenting…

And these methods are now right before you.


Here’s a Quick Glance at What’s Inside:

  • 8 modules, each presented in BOTH video and PDF format so you can absorb the infoin whichever style suits you best (PDFs are personally written by me, and actually expand on the videos)
  • How to boost engagement rates and promotion successbefore you send your first email
  • Description of highly effective traffic sources AND squeeze page tips to MAXIMIZE the results of your list building campaigns
  • Multiple promotion techniques for use in any situation including templates so you can apply and get the most out of any offer you send out
  • ‘How to’ modules on crafting hybrid and story style mails, with examples, so you cankeep your subscribers engaged long term while running amazing promotions
  • Specific ways to maximize your deliverability, so when you send a message it has the best possible chance of hitting the inbox
  • Controversial, rarely discussed methods of email frequency including 3 suggested monthly email calendars so you never need guess when, or how often to send again
  • Why promoting less offers often results in MORE sales for you (and how to do it)
  • Over the shoulder video training on MY EXACT EMAIL WRITING PROCESS from ‘quick research’ to completion, so you’ll soon be writing high converting personalized emails quicker & easier than you ever thought possible
  • And much, much more…


  • Bonus #1 – Top Selling WSO on List Building
  • Bonus #2 – Top Selling WSO on Affiliate Marketing
  • Bonus #3 – How to TOP Leaderboards As an Affiliate Whenever You Choose
  • Bonus #4 - EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the most SUCCESSFUL email marketers of our time, where he spills the goods on exactly how he crushes it with every promotion

I could simply include a bunch of swipes, templates, high converting subject lines and calls to action, but that wouldn’t really cut it (but sure, I’ve included all that anyway)..

This is EVERYTHING you need to become your absolute best at Email Marketing.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what others are saying:

My Super Special Guarantee

Normally, at this point you’d expect to see some sort of money back guarantee. Not today. Instead, I’m going the extra mile. . .

I don’t offer a money back guarantee because this information is highly sensitive and I want to protect the buyers who actually put it to use.

It wouldn’t be fair to allow others to just “have a look” for nothing.

In the end, it’s all about RESULTS, and I’m so confident in these methods that I will offer you a “performance guarantee.”

If after 30 days of putting these methods to use you don’t see a dramatic increase in engagement with your list and success with your promotions, I will PERSONALLY work with you.

Just provide me with tangible evidence of implementing these methods, and we’ll hop on skype and I’ll help you craft fresh campaigns until you start seeing see the results you’re after.

With this being said, the ball is in your court, and AMAZING Email Marketing results are right around the corner. . . IF you put these tactics to use.

Because my “Performance Guarantee” has you COMPLETELY covered, I’m sure that you see this is an absolute no-brainer.

I believe you know your next step.

Mark Tandan

P.S. I can’t promise you how long this will be available. I want to help as many people as possible, but these methods are BEST KEPT to a select percentage of action takers. So, once enough copies have been sold, this will be removed. Act NOW and secure your spot while you still have the chance.

Nov 21 2014

LaidBack Success: Discover The Forbidden Path To Explode Your Income

How To Shatter The Agony Of Financial Stress And Fulfill A Lifetime Of Ease

Discover The Forbidden Path To Explode Your Income

Let me guess, does your routine look a little something like this…?

Every day you sort through a mountain of emails looking for promises of life changing income by tomorrow for a nominal $7.

Finally, you see one that gets your heart pumping. You found “the holy grail” of online income opportunity. It looks spectacular. They have tons of screenshots and testimonials…
It’s just GOTTA work, right?

Then you are blindsided by another hypnotic offer that’s so tantalizing you just HAVE to pick it up. You read through the report and are bursting with excitement. Immediately you go out and buy a new domain and website and drop even more cash on all the “ground-breaking” tools they recommend to get started.

By now you’re $300 in but swear on your life that you’ll make it back.

Soon you hit an apocalyptic wall, spending hours on forums, Google & Facebook struggling to find an answer. It soon seems like a daunting and impossible feat. Then you remember that first product you picked up earlier, read it again and pledge your allegiance to its seductive magic buttons.

Once again you buy another domain and website along with all the tools. It just HAS to work. You need the money right now, not tomorrow… and once again you swear on your life that you’ll make it happen, meanwhile it seems you’re only lighting hard earned dollar bills on fire.

Soon your significant other finds out about your scandalous spending habits and how you just flushed $562 of your already late rent money on the secret information affair that’s been keeping you out of bed every night for the past 3 months.

Once again, they start packing their bags and vow for the last time to walk out the door with the kids and rip your whole life away with one fell swoop. Suddenly you come to the frightening realization that you are in a serious financial crisis.

Buddy… I know exactly how you feel.
In fact, that was a true story from the struggles of my own life.

Jeremy KennedyFrom: Jeremy Kennedy
To: Victims of life’s cruel reality.

When I first got started, I wasn’t looking to make millions. It wasn’t about being an internet superstar or building a giant empire.

Heck, I just wanted to be able to pay the bills and feed my family without having to grind out 9-5s at a job that was going nowhere.

After years of clawing my way to financial freedom, I finally created a working roadmap to real online success that allows my family and I to live a comfortable lifestyle, free of financial stress.

Now I want to share with you that same roadmap to finally conquer your financial woes.

This blueprint led me to generate over $224,749.75 in 2013…
The same blueprint that allows me to bring in numbers like this…

I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the industry, won numerous awards and released dozens of highly sought after products.

More importantly I’ve had the humble delight of helping people just like you break through the wall and find comfort in securing their financial bliss.

How would you like to earn a steady and reliable stream of income, thousands a month, while working only 2-3 hours a day (or less)?

How would you like be the boss, control all the shots and choose when & where you want to work?

How comforting would it be to know that money is coming in on a regular and nearly auto-pilot basis? Would you sigh a breath of relief?

I did too, and I would love to help you do the same.

Introducing “Laid-Back Success”…

How LaidBack Success Works

Laid-Back Success is an eye-opening step-by-step weekly training series that takes you by the hand and helps you conquer your fears and build a real online business, easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

This is the exact same business blueprint I use today to generate hundreds of thousands a year with minimal time investment.

Each week you will receive a new email that includes that week’s training & a homework assignment. Each assignment is designed to add a new layer to your business every week.

There’s no worry that you won’t continue to make progress. Homework assignments give you specific instructions that you can easily perform while still having time to spend with your family and enjoy the more important things in life.

By completing the assignments, you’ll be generating windfalls of money within just 2 weeks while adding more profit layers each week as you move along.


With LaidBack Success you’ll get instant access to:
  • A proven business blueprint for leading your family in a financially sound environment.
  • Weekly bite-sized training so you can spend more time on what really matters to you.
  • Quick-start exercises to bring financial relief right now when you need it the most.
  • A business model that produces regular monthly income to comfortably pay the bills & melt away impending stress.
  • The ability to spoil your loved ones with the luxuries of a worry-free lifestyle while building a nest egg to secure the future of your children’s welfare.
  • Full control over your business & life so you can finally fire your boss and stick the rat race in your rear view mirror.
Allow me to share a few words from people just like you
who I’ve helped break down the wall and get on the right path to success…

I always ensure to provide massive value to my students. So in addition, I’m going to award you with these jaw-dropping gifts…

Gift 1 – An intimate & uncensored phone call with me personally.
This is truly off-the-charts in terms of getting a powerful dose in quick start business strategy. I normally charge $197 per hour for one-on-one consultations but when you invest in your success today I’ll schedule a one-on-one 30 minute phone call to review your situation and get you started in the right direction immediately.

Gift 2- $100 in free Google AdWords advertising.
With the strategies I give you there will be no need for expensive advertising costs (in fact I show you how to get the fastest and most powerful source of traffic without spending a penny).

That said, the more eyeballs on your pages the better so in addition I’m giving you a hundred bucks in Google AdWords credits to help you get rolling. This is essentially free money you can use to grow your business.

Gift 3 – Exclusive access to my most powerful coaching sessions.
My private coaching students pay over $2,500 to get into my weekly coaching sessions where I share invaluable insights on rapidly growing your online business. You’ll get backdoor access to 5 of my most powerful group sessions, instantly downloadable, free of charge.

Let’s take a quick look at the value you are getting today…

  • On-going (5 month), actionable weekly training and assignments providing a proven blueprint to a full 6-figure online business (from a-z) giving you the lifestyle and financial freedom you’ve been struggling to obtain (real world value of over $2,497)
  • Private one-on-one phone call with me. I’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with the comfort of knowing you made the right decision. (real world value of $197)
  • Free advertising credit to help you get that extra push of traffic. (real world value of $100)
  • My most cherished private group coaching sessions chock full of invaluable guidance to reach your success quickly. (real world value of over $521)

All together I’m giving you over $3,315 in sheer heart-pounding lifestyle and business training. While you might expect to pay that or even more, I truly want to help you reach financial nirvana with the lowest barrier to entry.

Even if I cut that number down to half, it would be well worth more than the $1,657.50 investment… I’ve spent WAY more time and money to learn the exact same information you’ll get today.

But today, you won’t pay even half of that. In fact I’m going to drop the number so low that I’m actually sacrificing time, money and resources to make it easier for you.

Why? Because I know that this will dramatically change your life and I’ll earn your business in the future. It’s a win-win situation.

100% Iron Clad, Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee

I’m so confident that this course will revolutionize your immediate and long-term future; I’m going to put all the risk on my shoulders. You’ll get to try LaidBack Success risk-free for the next 90 days. At any time during the 90 days, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund.

Due to the on-going nature of this product I can only leave the price this low for a select number of success driven action takers.

The price will soon go up to a monthly recurring fee but not today.

For a very limited time you’ll get everything included for a discounted one-time investment of only $3,315…  $197.

Click the button below to secure instant access and enjoy your LaidBack success TODAY!

Here’s to a life of prosperity,

P.S. By living through the same crippling confusion you are going through today, I understand how important this decision of a life altering opportunity is to make.

I know just how scary it is to think about what would happen if you continue on in your current state of peril.

I urge you to make the right decision and immediately take action to gain control of your life & finances before a hazardous mistake becomes a devastating collapse.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can break free from the slavery of your demons.
Invest in yourself. Invest in results.

Start by simply clicking the button below and change the course of your world immediately.

P.P.S. Don’t forget… This offer is extremely limited. While the real world value of what you are about to receive is well over $3,315… the ultimate result is absolutely priceless.

For only $197 you can achieve the peace of mind you’ve been struggling for your entire adult life.

Not taking action today means potentially passing up a lifetime of joy & fulfillment.
You may never see this offer again.

Nov 21 2014

Simple Cash Puppeteer: Job Quitting Income Working An Hour Per Day

Review by SeekDefo

I was given a review copy and here’s it. I am not a newbie when it comes to Fiverr. I have been using the site since the past four years. I have gone through countless wsos on Fiverr, I either buy them or get a review copy and I felt that there’s nothing no one could ever teach me more on this.

But Gradi has managed to give me the shock of my life. Some of the gig types listed in her WSO are stuff that I’d never buy on Fiverr because they never work. Not with Gradi— she has listed gigs that actually do the job and that simply amazes me. I’d buy this wso just for those gigs alone.

Now, with all the extras that come along— ad copy, swipes, gig packages and the whole marketing methodology, I bet you’d have to try very hard to not make money with it.

My head is reeling with ideas already and I can make more money than Gradi. I am sure of that.

In terms of the insane value provided and the incredible opportunities inside, this is seriously the best WSO.

Thanks Gradi.

Review by trevorlam

here it’s my promise for honest review
Iam very proud to become the man who can review this wso and I promise to comeback with my honest iam don’t have relationship with the creator of this wso.first iam skeptical reading the headline but really iam interested with this wso so I want to reveal what it is!!!.it’s about fiverr after reading this wso its its easy to understand and every resource you need to make money is provided so you will get complete business.if you’re newbie or seasoned marketers I think this time for you to get this wso because this is a very high demand and evergreen I know many people in my country doing this exact business and making a cool $$$. okay that’s my review making money is fun and if you have this guide making clear path to your success.

Thanks Miss Gradi

Review by mjones801

Disclosure: I received a review copy of the WSO but I also purchased a copy because 1. Gradi certainly deserves the support for all the hard work in spite of challenges and 2. It’s that good

OK – so I thought the same thing when I first saw it: Not another WSO on Fiverr arbitrage! I quickly changed my mind,however, after taking a look at what Gradi has put together. I know the term “Business in a Box” is way overused but in this case that’s exactly what it is. You could just follow the plan (including an actual case study for one of her clients) and you would quickly have a viable business. However, I think it’s also important to note that even tho you might not be interested in having clients for an offline business there are plenty of resources here you could use for your online business. It will no doubt save you a lot of time and money in locating reliable gigs and you will probably (like I did) fine some real time/money savers you didn’t know existed.

Well done, Gradi! Good to have you back and thanks for sharing your expertise

Best wishes for abundant health and success!

Review by RogerFung

I’ve received a review copy.

As others have mentioned in the thread, there is no secret as to how Gradi is making money with this tactic. The key is in the details and execution.

What’s included in the package is the exact gigs/gig combinations Gradi used; some swipe files; case studies; and most important: a list of trusted gig offers!

Just the time saved on searching in Fiverr is already worth the price. Your return on investment is simple: for the price of a cup of coffee and less than 15 minutes, you will save at least a few hours of research (not to mention the thousands saved from having to test out the gigs).

Two thumbs up!


Review by JonHascue

Here is my quick review.

I personally know and use this approach, but I did learn something as well.

I am sure you know this has to do with arbitage, and it does so with a simple explained plan to achieve results. You get everything, from the gigs to use, to where to advertise, free and paid, to what to say, swipe files, and a head full of knowledge. You can use all of this and expand even further. Just think out of the box, the ideas are there.

To me, the best part is the gigs. Not having to spend time an money looking for good gigs, they are right there as well.

In short, this does give you a good plan for business, with a nice marketable approach.


Review by TheDebtEliminator

I have received a review copy from Gradi.

This WSO presents ways to start some very comfortable profit streams by utilizing Fiverr that can keep your clients happy to continue working with you for years.

The PDF report was to the point, without and fluff.

And has opened decent profit possibilities up by using case studies …. To make the procedures transparent and easy to understand.

The secret sauce is in the Details, and they are provided in full.

This is a good value … You will save a lot of research time and be able to get started using this method quickly.

All the Best … Ron

Review by Jeff Caceres

This WSO ended my longest streak of “not buying a WSO” for over a year. So I already bought this one.

Anyway, here is my review for Simple Cash Puppeteer. I have already done this kind of method once, but the difference is that Grati put up together a complete business-in-a-box method that really saves my time. I have been buying too many Fiverr WSO’s that didn’t work on my part (even if I followed step by step instructions), but this one is too simple and newbie friendly.

This is recommended for newbies, but this may also help the experienced and advanced ones. This will be useless if you just read and appreciate it without taking action. Action is the one that gives you results, not just reading and let it stay on your hard drive for long.



Review by Srini30

Hi Folks,

I have been fortunate enough to get a review copy from Gradio. I am also a level 2 seller on fiverr and gotta say this is one of the most finest and comprehensive WSO I have ever seen!!!!!

The method described by her are not unique and probably some where someone would be using them, but the modus operandi and the ” methods / gigs” which gradi uses are from the ever green niches and also has the potential to make a decent income daily online.

The “methods” might seem like quite tedious initially but gradi has broken it systematically into a series of smaller ones to help the reader understand better. even more, she has also given swipe files and the details of the exact methods she is using. Overall it a good gig and has the serious potential to make a decent income

This is not the traditional way of making money on fiverr, though it uses fiverr { can be used with other gig sellers like gigbucks, etc too}. This is about ways and means to use the “services” provided by gig owners and make some decent income

In case you are a fence sitter, then don’t go for this gig, as this is for people who are serious about biz and can devote certain time to their online biz.

Rating- 4/5

GET Simple Cash Puppeteer

Nov 21 2014

Crowdfunding for Authors : $9,470 In Crowdfunding Money In 30 Day

GET Crowdfunding for Authors

GET Crowdfunding for Authors

GET Crowdfunding for Authors

GET Crowdfunding for Authors

Nov 21 2014

Wolf of FB: Don’t Waste Another Penny On Ads Until You Read This Special Report!

“Don’t Waste Another Penny On Ads
Until You Read This Special Report!”


GET Wolf of FB

From The Desk Of: Pedro Lopes

Dear Aspiring Pack Leader,

I want to ask you to do some mental math right now…

Tally up a rough amount of what you’ve made in your internet marketing career

Subtract that now by a rough amount of what you’ve spent trying to make that money.

Let me guess, it’s a negative number?

You’re not alone

In fact, you’re in great company – meaning you’re in the majority

The people in negative ROI hell are great – the negative ROI itself, well it
just ****in’ Sucks!

Ever feel like you are being constantly fed the same stuff over and over again, only to come back for more of the same junk the next day?

These so-called GURU’S just never seem to let up!

All day, everyday “look at me”, “look at how awesome my stuff is” yet here you are again.

You always think it’s gonna be something different – but it never is!

At some point someone has to say…

My name’s Pedro, and I’m not a millionaire. I’m actually quite like you.

I wash my own clothes, do my own dishes, drive my own car, hell I even have a job!

When’s the last time a “guru” admitted THAT to you!

We all have to start somewhere right? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban were not born billionaires, believe it or not!

But there’s nothing stopping you or me from becoming one – well, at least a millionaire

See, we’re not too far apart, you and I – we both have a common goal, online success

In fact our only difference is, I may have tapped into that success more so than you

Not to worry though, today I’ll be sharing some of that success…


Wolf of FB is quite simply the most fluff free, tried & tested, rugged, extensively researched, actionable, “sell me this pen” report out there

Here’s what the critics are saying:

What’s inside it you ask?

You will find 5 meaty modules just waiting for you to take action on them

Let’s break ‘em down shall we?

Module 1: Find an offer

In this module we go straight into battle formation. We break down where to find the best offers, why you should pick them and how to pick them. By the end of this module, you will also know what you’ll need to build your empire. You’ll find it quite simple and not unnecessarily complicated.

Module 2: Create a squeeze page

If you’ve never built a squeeze page before, now is your chance to learn. This is broken down in detail from domain acquisition to what you should write as your squeeze page headline. With suggestions for both free and paid ways, even a way to do it without a website. You’ll also learn how to set up your autoresponder, step by step.

Module 3: FB page

Not everyone knows how to create a proper FB page, this module gets into the details. Not only will you learn how to set up your fan page, you will also know what to do once it’s up.

Module 4: Fire up ads

This is the module you might enjoy the most. Revealed here are strategies on how to get .01 to .05 cent clicks. You will learn how to laser target your audience effectively so you won’t waste a penny on your ads. You’ll also learn how to use effective ad copy so your ads convert into leads and sales. We also go into how to research your audience. I made sure to leave no stone unturned here as this is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Module 5: Facebook Empire

At first, I wasn’t going to include this module. I was planning on using it as a separate offer because of the information it offers. This is a bonus module, and it is one hell of a bonus! You will learn how to take your take your FB business from “fly by night” to “empire” status. Just one of the ideas I share in this module can skyrocket your fan page to viral status without costing you a penny!

So, isn’t it time you make this online thing work for you?

Just imagine not having to clock in to get paid, because now you’re getting paid to post on Facebook

No more by the hour, you’re now by the post – and it pays much better

It’s possible for you, I know because I’m damn near there!

This information you’re getting today is worth well over $47

Today you’ll get it for a fraction of that…

Don’t miss your chance…

Freedom’s just around the bend, only question is are you willing to be the pack leader?

Here’s to making great choices that’ll get you out of “great” company!

Your Fellow Pack Leader
-Pedro Lopes

PS – I like to reward action takers. Because of that, this is on a dime sale, which means the faster you act the less you’ll pay. Nobodies ever succeeded by thinking about it. Trust me, the “think about it” plan is overrated. Pack leaders take action, that’s why they’re ahead of the pack. Don’t wait any longer, it’s costing you. Make a decision and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

Nov 21 2014

How To Make $100 A Day Sending Emails

Originally Posted by Sam Mann View Post
Let me tell ya this, Jeremy knows how to mail and make people buy stuff. I have seen him on ton a of leaderboards and send a ton of sales.

So if you are on the fence… get in while you can


Originally Posted by CashMoneyOnline View Post
Another great product put out by Jeremy. Going to recommend this to my list.
Originally Posted by archie79 View Post
If it’s from Jeremy, it’s a solid way to make money. For 7 bucks, it’s no risk.

How To Make $100 A Day
Online Sending Emails

GET How To Make $100 A Day Sending Emails

Stats Just From My WarriorPlus Account
(Last 30 Days)

$3,014.69 / 30 Days = $100.48 Per Day


How To Make Money Online Teaching What You Already Know


How much upfront cost is involved?

  • Autoresponder: 30 Day Free Trial with GetResponse ($15/month afterward)
  • Web Hosting: $4-6/month (optional)

How long will it take?
You can start making money as soon as today and every day from here on out.
How much & how fast is up to you.

Is this newbie friendly?

Are there OTOs?
Yes, you don’t need them in order to make $100 a day.
If you want to make $615 a day then you might want the OTOs.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, 100%, but you won’t need it. This stuff just works.

Nov 21 2014

2StepOptins – Grab Exclusive Private Label Rights To This Brand New WordPress Plugin


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Nov 21 2014

Product Blast Off- Legally Steal My Product Templates

Legally Steal My Product Templates  So You Can LiterallyCopy, Paste & Profit!
Get Your Hands On The Blueprints That Have Brought Me In 6 Figures…
Ever Thought You Couldn’t Create Your Own Product?
Worried that you don’t know how to do it?
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Think creating and selling cash-sucking products is for other people?
Now you can think again!

Why Should You Grab These Templates Worth $$$$sFor Just A Few Bucks?

These are the very same templates I’ve used to create multiple award-winning WSOs Of The Day as well as profit-pulling products in all kinds of niches.

I know how hard it is to find templates like this…

In fact, I looked everywhere when I started out and found nothing of any quality. So I decided to create my own from scratch…

And that’s what you’re getting today – templates you can use to create your own cash-generating products for you or for your clients.

Finally you can get on the product bandwagon and start making real money – just like the gooroos!


Here’s What You Get With This Incredible Package…

Template Collection

The product creation templates I created and use every day to make my own award-winning products.

You get:

  • Ebook templates
  • Worksheet templates
  • Ebook cover templates
  • Meme templates

Simply swipe these and use them as they is or make any changes you wish. All in Word and ODT formats for easy editing.

Ecover Template Collection

Every product creator needs ecover templates but all too often they’re tricky to edit. Not this lot!

You get:

  • 58 ecover templates
  • Variety of formats including PSD, Word and ODT
  • Super easy to edit
  • No need for Photoshop – you can also use free tools

Never pay a designer again or spend hours editing a template – just a few clicks with these and you’re done. Every product needs a professional ecover and now you can create your own easily for free!

Royalty Free Music

Adding music to your videos and presentations really gives them that professional edge.

You get:

  • 67 royalty free tracks
  • Varying lengths
  • Specially chosen to fit all kinds of niches
  • MP3 format

It’s hard to find genuinely royalty free music that you can use in your products. You can safely use these for all your audio and video needs.

Sales Graphics Collection

Every product creator needs sales graphics and these are proven to convert browsers into buyers.

You get:

  • Responsive Minisite Templates
  • Graphical Headline Templates
  • Banner Templates
  • Attention Grabbers
  • Testimonial Boxes
  • Headlines
  • Stickers
  • Logos
  • Arrows
  • Countdown & Warning Banners
  • Add To Cart Buttons
  • Handwritten Graphics
  • WSO Banners
  • Bullets
  • Bullet Lists
  • Guarantee Boxes
  • Guarantee Seals
  • Pricing Tables
  • Order Boxes

And much more!

PowerPoint Templates

I created and have used these PowerPoint Templates in several highly successful products. 5 additional templates also come with editable flyers in PPT.

I also created 3 PowerPoint stingers complete with music that you can easily edit and drop in to your videos and presentations for that uber professional touch.

You get:

  • My 2 Best PowerPoint Templates
  • 18 Slides Styles In Total
  • 3 Editable PowerPoint Stingers
  • 5 More PowerPoint Templates With Editable Flyers
  • 25 Slide/Flyer Styles In Total

Use these in your videos and presentations – it’s all done for you!

Product Creation Graphics

Extra graphics specifically to help you in your product creation.

You get:

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You Get All Of This When You Invest Today In Product Blast Off!
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If You Could Create What’s In This Incredible Package It Would Cost You $$$s …

I’ve created this offer solely for my customers. People I know will benefit from a product of this quality. You can’t get it anywhere else…and if you tried to create the individual elements or put them together yourself you’d end up paying:

Graphics – $97

PowerPoints – $47

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Plus Those Valuable Bonuses…

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    Check Out These Special Offers

  • Autopilot Forum RICHES! Autopilot Forum RICHES! - ZERO-WORK (100% Outsourced) Six-Figure Forum Traffic Income System...
  • SEO Enigma - [TRIAL] Elite Coaching and Mastermind The Inner Circle Membership is an exclusive coaching masterclass delivered via a VIP Skype and Facebook Group along with private access to us. We will also be supplementing this with Google Hangouts and Webinars (including guest speakers)
  • Launch Sniping On CRACK! Platinum Package Launch Sniping On CRACK! - ZERO-WORK Six-Figure Launch Sniping Income System
  • Offline Puppet Master: Restaurants Edition What Is Offline Puppet Master? Simply put, OPM is a unique twist on video marketing utilizing, you guessed it, a PUPPET! Who Is Offline Puppet Master For? Offline consultants who have or are prospecting a client from one of the niches listed above.
Nov 21 2014

4-Products in 12 Days – LIVE


GET 4-Products in 12 Days – LIVE



No over the top sales letter here. Everything is already contained in the video.

If you don’t have 10 mins to watch the video… I’m ok with that. This is probably not for you.

We start Friday November 21st and we are going to launch a new product LIVE every 3 days until the end of the month… or we hit 4 products. Whichever comes first.

Yes, every 3 days!

Yes, even with me going to visit family and wont even be at my office all of Thanksgiving week.


Because I care

No seriously. If you haven’t already, watch the video!

There is nothing more profitable than product creation…. NOTHING

read the above again

Funny thing is… it is one of the EASIEST things with the least amount of competition to do.

You want to go try to rank your blog for clickbank products… go for it!

Want to spend your a@@ on facebook ads trying to get your teespring campaign off the ground… by all means!

Keep in mind, all other methods you may attempt online all lead to one thing


Think about it for a minute:

Q. Why would someone be so happy to give you $1.50 for that email submission?

A.Because they will be selling a more expensive product and you do all the hard work of driving traffic.

Q. Why would I be happy to pay you half a nickel a click to put my adsense ads on your blog?

A. Because I will make 1000x times (minimum) that back when I sell them a product when they get to my site.

Q. Why do you think Amazon will gladly give you a measly 4% commission (if you can even call it that) for advertising their products for them.

A. They only pay you when they have already sold a product and made… well… you can do the math on that one!

Yet people LOOOOOOVE to flock to freaking Amazon affiliate products



Well, it isn’t your fault.

You probably just think that sounds easier!

And THAT my friend is why I created this.

3-Day Product LIVE!

I will prove to you live that anyone can create a product. And to prove how easy it is, I am going to do it in 3 days!

Showing you everything I do from start to finish LIVE! You will even have a say so in what gets created!

Here are the rules:

-The products have to be brand new and unique

– I cannot use PLR

– I have to create everything in 3 days from start to finish

Here is what that will look like

Day 1: Product Idea Research

Day 2: Creating The Product

Day 3: Sales Letter Creation and Launch

– I cannot promote these products to my existing list. This is so I can show you without driving any traffic of my own exactly how much I make with each product and how much you can expect to make even if you are brand new.

– I have to create 4 products total

– I have to create one of each type of product: One PDF, One Audio, One Video. That way you see that it really doesn’t matter what type you create, this can be done easily

Now, when you join now you will go inside the members area and be taken to the welcome video. There it will explain how this will all work and how to access me and the LIVE traingings.


My product launch hands-on course sells from $997-1997 and is worth every penny!

You will be getting some of the same secrets I share in that course for a fraction. And you will be getting them LIVE!


You also get free access to all 4 of the products that get created! Yours to keep for joining today

What do you say? Are you up to this challenge?


Here’s to making life-lasting change to everyone I meet

P. James Holland
Coach Comeback


WARNING: Result ARE typical!
Originally Posted by southpaw View Post

My feedback…

… I built up a small list list and simply pulled the trigger… resulting in just shy of $8k in sales (real estate investing niche). Not bad for the first go of it, IMO.

The model that James shares flat-out works extremely well… IF you’ll take action and follow the plan. After that, you can add your own flavor and tweaks.

James is a straight shooter and I highly recommend this WSO!


Originally Posted by Wizardofwisdom View Post

I signed up for this. (That’s to say I’m a fully paid up member of this training program)

Here’s my review.

For the first time EVER in trying to make it online I feel I have a business, a plan and a direction.

I was, I confess, a little doubtful before I joined because I’ve got a hard drive full of WSO’s and I’ve been a product creator for years.

How to market and get more than a handful of sales was my issue, and I wasn’t sure, (in my own mind), if I was going to hand over money to learn more of what I already (thought I) knew.

Boy, this was the BEST investment in my future I’ve ever made, bar none.


Instead of fumbling around in the dark, I now know how to find a market, how to approach that market, how to know what that market wants and how to make them offers they’d be silly to refuse. I also know how to find people who will willingly sell it for me … and I now have a real, actual BUYERS List – which appeared in a matter of days!

What’s more, I know I can do it again. And better next time. I feel like I’ve finally been shown how to fish … not just thrown a fish.

Coach Comeback is tenacious and will NEVER give up on you. This isn’t just some series of videos you can watch and forget. This is real, I-won’t-stop-till-you-make-it mentoring.

This is how people are supposed to be when they say they’ll help you.

I don’t know what this costs now, but whatever it is, stick another zero or two on the end of the figure and it will still be worth the price.

Originally Posted by heavyjay View Post
There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said in previous posts. Coach IS one of the good guys. His intention is to actually help people rather than keep them busy and broke with shiny objects.
Originally Posted by Coach Comeback View Post

I say… call my bluff

Take the course while keeping one finger hovering over the refund mouse click. And if after going through each module you dont immediately rush back here excited to get started and motivated by the possibilities and are absolutely COMPELLED to leave a review . . .. then I will eat my own dirty sock!


yes… I really did just quote myself on my own sales page

Originally Posted by DJX71 View Post

I had the opportunity to get coached by James recently, and it has been an absolute life-changer for me. By the way, I do NOT throw THOSE words around lightly!

Unlike the previous poster, I was not / had never been (and never planned to be!) a ‘product creator’. I was fine being an affiliate for someone else, but otherwise? The whole process just seemed too daunting and out of reach to me.

I just couldn’t ‘identify’ with it at all — it was definitely for ‘other people’ and also just didn’t seem worth the trouble. James definitely had his work cut out for him here, or so it would seem…

To his credit, he not only changed my mindset about how easy product creation can be (apparently there are MANY different ways to skin a cat AND to create products! Hmmm), but first showed me that it is MORE than worth it to create your own! In fact, I now see it as more viable than almost anything I’ve done before…EVER!

Under his direction and with his close help (I needed more hand-holding than most, probably), we put a product together and launched it here on this Forum. There are many MANY other places to sell, but this is what we chose first, and it became the coveted ‘WSO of the Day’ almost overnight!

Naturally there are no guarantees of that, but it goes to show…and strongly PROVE without a doubt…that his process works. He knows how to pick what will sell, how to put it together into a sell-able package, and then how to let the rubber meet the road and actually SELL it!!

It worked for me, and will continue to do so for as long as I follow what he taught me (and why – WHY – would I ever stop?). I, also, have been ‘taught to fish’.

There’s a phrase in life that is often over-used, but that I feel is more appropriate in this instance than any other I’ve come across: “If I can do it, then you most CERTAINLY can!!”

Thank you for everything, James — this has been quite a ride!


Originally Posted by natas105 View Post

I’m one of James’ apprentices and it IS as good as it gets, which is pretty AWESOME.

What to expect from James:
– Answers to your questions
– Sticks of dynamite to blow up your roadblocks
– A solid strategy
– An action plan
– Guidance
– Friendly butt kicks
– Pep talks
– Resources
– Platforms
– Attention
– A great Hangout

For the record: James has no idea I’m writing this nor did he ask me to.

It’s true, It’s as personal as it gets. James will personally assist you and he is one of the few marketers that is actually easy accessible. He truly cares and he always finds a way to inspire and motivate you.

I like working with James, because he knows his stuff. I haven’t seen anyone asking him a question he didn’t know the answer to.

In short: If you want to move forward instead of doing the moonwalk…..James is your guy!

Originally Posted by off99555 View Post

At first I thought he lied about coaching people on skype for many hours freely on the sales letter. But I was very wrong. Even I didn’t bought his course yet, he gave me a free call from skype providing me lots of advice on product creation and mindset.

At least if I can’t make money with this method then I already have a reliable coach who take care of other people.

Originally Posted by dogstar View Post
I can’t say enough about how valuable Coach is to the Warrior Forum and the IM community at large…this WSO is worth more than 10 times what it costs plus his insights into the foundations of success through personal development are incredibly valuable…he is one of true good guys…and yes, by the way, I purchased this WSO and place it in the top 3 of WSOs I’ve ever bought…practical, insightful and above all real world!
Originally Posted by DevEdge View Post

This Stuff Works!

I set my first project up but FAILED to do one crucial thing – test my setup. Which meant I had a big technical problem

But I still made $465 (3 sales) within one hour. My EPC was $5.96

Now going to automate this and plug in some paid traffic and hopefully next time I won’t have the technical problem which will mean better conversions.

Originally Posted by borama05 View Post
Coachcomeback is truly one of the good guys. I purchased his course and I can genuinely say I have learned so much from him. I know he says he is a nobody but his course is truly packed with so much knowledge. But the best part about him is how he gives his time, he actually chatted with me on Skype for a good 30 min not to mention all the emails on questions I had. Thank you for much Coach, keep up the great work and I look forward to anything else you offer in the future. You are one of the good guys there.
Originally Posted by EasySt View Post

Coach is one of the best guys I’ve come across on the forum!

This WSO is one of the best I’ve bought, and I can assure you, I’ve purchased many.

His support is top notch, and Coach is willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Trust me, this stuff is great, coach is great, and it’ll all work out!

Originally Posted by AskMsD View Post

Coach Comeback,

This guy is the real deal, we have connected and he has help me with my business and even with life really, his caring heart is unmeasurable and his self help training which he shares freely. He has given step by step instruction on how to obtain large amount of cash in a short period of time, and he is there to assist you along your journey. There are very few people online that I can personally speak about in a positive manner.

This guy is in rare air, I even got on him on this very thread about his low volume talking on his video’s but he still assisted me and I believe he genuinely cares for people. So whatever he does I am behind him 100+%. You continue Coach.

Originally Posted by Tinkan View Post
[B][U]With all the different courses that I’ve purchased, I’ve never seen someone step in front of their product to help others succeed the way that you do. It’s mostly just people that get others to join their half @$$ program, then send their mailing list, promo after promo. But if you try to reach that person on a personal level for help, you’re lucky to get a half @$$ response from them. I’ve read several ebook on ‘how to connect with your mailing list on a personal level’, and stuff along those lines. But I couldn’t really put together how to do that, because I’ve never seen it in action. But you definitely achieve that, I assume just by you being, you. And that’s extremely inspiring. Even when you aren’t trying to teach me something, I seem to be learning something new.
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Just got off a call with Coach Comeback and I definitely look forward to working with him in the future. I can tell from the hour we spent on a Skype call that Coach Comeback genuinely wants to see people reach their full potential and become successful. He asks you questions that really get you to think about where you’re and where you want to be. I’ve gotten crazy value out of our Skype call and I got some advice that will literally double my income instantly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, intermediate marketer, or advanced marketer, Coach Comeback will give you advice that will help you get your business up and running or take it to the next level. Whether you decide to enroll in his coaching or not, you will definitely get some tremendous value out of speaking to him about your goals, and how you can achieve them.

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I’m so getting in on this.

I watched the video and it, in of itself, has a lot of good things in it. I sincerely hope that Coach accepts me in this mentorship program as I think it will benefit him as much as it will benefit me.

I, for one, have never met anyone (Coach that is) that inspires me to be better than I am. I know that his further mentorship of me will be beneficial and I wish to continue my relationship with him.

Something in his video reminds me of what Thomas Edison once said about inventing the lightbulb-

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Thomas A. Edison

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I have been fortunate enough to be coached by James. Within 3 weeks I went from struggling to my first $1k payday online.

I have had several more since – and just last week I made $1,700 in a single afternoon from a Google Hangout by simply applying what James taught me.

The biggest lesson for me? James taught me to value myself and my work and to find the courage to take my true value to market.

Without him, I’d be back in the day job. (Which I hated).

He is my friend and mentor – I assure you he will bring out the absolute best in you.

And in case you’re wondering, James doesn’t even know I’m writing this.

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Talking with James is amazing. He’s is very genuine, talking with him is more like talking to a very good friend, it is not an all logical back and forth but a very authentic NO BS conversation. His outpouring of value is just mindblowing. I can’t stop taking notes when talking to him. I always thought I am smart and I already know everything.. but James gave me some advice that I never heard before.. this is very rare these days.
James, I hope there will be more people like you in the future.
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James is an Original.

I had my hour long consultation with him on Thursday.

First of all. He creates a comfortable environment and then we spent the next hour planning a specific project where I can earn $2,000 in the next 30 days. Now, we are off to the races. Here is an audio recorded after my first meeting with Coach Comeback –…-james-holland

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James is SOME guy, I tell you. For example: when I tried calling him today on skype, he said this:

HOLD ON. Let me take my clothes off!

True story.

Why am I saying this?

Because with James you get the complete package:

– results.

– fun.

– and sense of humor.

Awesome guy!

GET IN ON THIS! You’ll love it.


… well… I guess the secret is out!

If we are going to work together.. you’d better get used to my sense of humor and having a good time.

I should have put that in the requirements… A SENSE OF HUMOR IS A MUST!

No pessimists. No grumpy guses. No “realists”.

We like to whistle while we work around here



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