Mar 20 2015

GET Earn A Passive Income Making Easy Game Apps Without Coding!


If you want to start a app business and start earning money while you sleep, then these courses will show you how.


We want you to be successful so we have bundle these two courses together so you have our complete system on how we make money building easy game apps with no coding or marketing.

Take a look at the TWO courses included in the deal:

REG: $19.00 Main WSO:
$1.00 Bonus Course:


Regular Combined Price
Over: $180.00
Special Price for Warrior Forum Members Only

Click Here to GET  Earn A Passive Income Making Easy Game Apps Without Coding!


In this course we will reveal to you the game app making system we found.

  • It is not a software program, but a website that lets you create & design game apps using their simple drag & drop game templates.
  • Puzzle, Memory, Tetris & more.
  • PLUS we will show how easy it is to create and add sounds to these apps.
  • So you can have 4 games on one app and make what we call an Activity Game App.
  • We will show you all the tips and tricks we have learnt with over a year of trial and error of using this system.
  • Keeping users on your app longer is the KEY to making more money on your apps, and with these games you will be able to create enticing games that will guarantee longer user times.
  • With the click of a button, you can duplicated your app to and make it ready to upload to ALL the different platforms- Android, iOS, and Amazon. The apps you are making are also UNIVERSAL and can be played on a phone & tablets.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to have a MAC to upload to iOS.


In this course we will reveal to you the easy app making software we found.

  • It makes one type of mini game that you can reskin. It is so simple to use, we had our first app build within an hour.
  • We jumped right in and started making an app a day.
  • We will lead you step by step through the entire creation of the app in 5 to 10 minute video lessons.


By end of these courses you will have two completed apps, but the skills and resources you need to make hundreds of unique apps using these drag and drop app maker systems, so you can easily start a game app business.
It’s is an exciting time to get in to the mobile world as it is just in it’s beginning stages.

Each app that you make will become a virtual property, imagine what they will be worth in 5 years time…don’t, get left behind!

ANYONE can get started in the mobile app industry and take full advantage of the this MASSIVE opportunity.


Click Here to GET  Earn A Passive Income Making Easy Game Apps Without Coding!



*Learn why we NEVER have to market our apps.

*We have gotten over 600,000 downloads in just over 5 months, on the Android market, and we have never marketed our apps.

*You will learn you how ASO works and what you need to do to get more downloads & rank your apps on Google Play.


Our goal is for you to be successful, so within the course we will share all of the FREE resources that we use on a daily bases to make our apps.




*2 FREE places to find any graphic you will ever need for any game you make.

*This app requires sounds- which is a valuable feature- and we have found a place to find FREE high quality sounds.
An easy app icon maker. Again absolutely FREE, this will help you make professional & high quality icons for your app.

*App icons and graphics are what distinguishes your app and makes it stand out which will bring more downloads.

Regular Combined Price
Over: $400.00
Special Price for Warrior Forum Members Only

Click Here to GET  Earn A Passive Income Making Easy Game Apps Without Coding!



  • You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs EVER, all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc. in this course are always FREE.
  • Our help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question – our support is second to none.
  • These courses will continue to grow and grow with new ideas, new lectures, new secrets … but the price will also grow too!
  • However, join today and you are “locked In” – you’ll get all the new lectures and materials at no extra cost, ever!
  • You also have a totally unconditional 30 Day Guarantee. This means…if you are in any way unhappy you will get a full 100% refund. No questions asked. That is how confident we are of your success in the app marketplace!

Click the “BUY NOW” button, and don’t be left behind.


Regular Combined Price
Over: $400.00
Special Price for Warrior Forum Members Only

PLEASE NOTE: After Checkout…you will be taken to Udemy. Click TAKE THIS COURSE button.
You will then have to sign in and create a free account at Udemy.
Then you will have FULL access to the course.


Click Here to GET  Earn A Passive Income Making Easy Game Apps Without Coding!



Mar 20 2015

GET Affiliate Command: How to Build REAL Trust and Authority in 6 WEEKS

GET Affiliate Command: How to Build REAL Trust and Authority in 6 WEEKS


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Mar 20 2015

GET Done For You Systems: List Building


Mar 17 2015

GET Solo Ad Arbitrage 2 By Jeremy Kennedy

Make $45-150/day starting today. No list. No website. Free & easy to do!

Here’s what our customers are saying…

Welcome Entrepreneurs & Friends,

Get ready for the product that’s going to melt off all your ice this season.

Last year, Solo Ad Arbitrage sold over 1,480 units.
The public has been BEGGING for an updated version… and it is HERE.


You know what that indicates to me? People are making money and they love it.

What if I told you that you can start making $45-150 or MORE every single day, starting TODAY… without a list, website, experience or spending a single dime?

You’d probably laugh in my face and dismiss it right away.

We’ve all seen the “shiny object” hocus pocus products out there that promise the world and simply don’t deliver.

Rest assured… Solo Ad Arbitrage WORKS, and I’m actually going to explain the process and method behind it right here, right now.

I want to be 100% transparent so you know I’m not pulling the wool over your eyes. If you’re struggling to pay the bills or “actually” make money online, today is your lucky day.

In fact, I’m just going to drop the first couple pages right here on this page. Keep reading…

What is a solo ad?A solo ad is simply when someone pays someone else to send out an email to their list that promotes their product or service.

Solo ads are usually paid on a per click basis. Meaning you pay someone for a certain amount of clicks on your link in their email to your page.

At the time of this writing, solo ads average from .30-.50 per click. You can find solos for higher and lower. I’ve seen them as low as .20 per click and as high as $1 or more per click (this is usually to a very high quality buyer list.. or for a niche outside of IM).

So as an example to put it all into perspective, a typically transaction may look something like:

John pays Chris to send out and email (to Chris’s list) that promotes John’s squeeze page. John pays Chris .35 per click for 200 clicks to his page for a total of $70.

So in perspective, Chris is making money simply by mailing his email list.

Solo ads in general are extremely hot and you can see why. People are flat out making a killing by selling solos to their list. On the other side of the coin, people are in constant need of traffic. Solo ads are one of the best forms of traffic out there because they provide an “on-demand” source of traffic that is relatively inexpensive and highly targeted.

Be prepared for your heart to start BEATING faster!

What is Solo Ad Arbitrage all about?To sell solo ads, you need an email list. To make “good” money with solos, you need to be able to send a lot of clicks (traffic) in a short period of time so you need a rather big list… or do you?

In Solo Ad Arbitrage I’m going to show you a way to benefit from the cash cow of solo ads without having a list at all. Also, you won’t need all of the tools that solo sellers have to invest in such as an autoresponder, a website, tracking tools as well as the constant spending to build their own list.

So how is this possible? Brokering.

Very few people even know about, let alone utilize one of the most powerful types of businesses… being the middle man.

Think about Walmart, Amazon or just about any retailer. They don’t actually own the products they sell. They just facilitate the transaction between the buyer and the seller, and the store gets a cut.

You can apply this methodology to just about anything… including solo ads.

The basic premise is that you obtain solo traffic for cheap and resell it at a higher price.

So for example, you can get solo ads anywhere from .35-.50 a click all day long on a regular basis. Essentially you get buyers that pay you .50 per click for a solo. In turn, you go to one of your solo venders and pay them .35 per click. You just scored a .15 per click profit.

Let’s Do Some Math

Solo ads typically sell in packs anywhere from 100-1,000 clicks at a time or more (those are the more common sizes but it’s not hard to find people buying bigger).From the places I will show you, it’s of little effort to sell 300-1000 clicks a day or more, with only about 3 hours of work or less per day.

So let’s say you sold a 300 clicker for .50 a click and paid .35 a click.
Your profit is .15 per click multiplied by 300 = $45

You just made an easy $45 for simply facilitating the deal.

Let’s take it a bit further. Let’s say you sold a 1,000 clicker solo ad (not hard to do at all). With the same math you would make $150 from those 1k clicks.

At this point I shouldn’t have to convince you that there is some serious money to be made here. It’s plain to see. Now I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

Heres What You Will Learn:

  • How to make $45-150 a day or more, starting TODAY!
  • Without a list.
  • Without a website.
  • Without any experience.
  • Where to get cheap clicks all day long.
  • Where to find hungry buyers begging to pay for clicks.
  • How to keep those buyers coming back for more.
  • Everything you’ll need to do it. (it’s all free)
  • Step-by-step instructions for the freshest newbie.
  • How to build your own list without spending a penny.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of click brokering.
  • Bonus ninja tips & tricks that will have you killing it from day one.
Solo Ad Arbitrage is a quick & easy to digest course with actionable steps that will get you up in running in just a couple hours from right now.We’ve created it with the freshest newbie in mind.
You will be floored at just how easy this is to do.

Four year veteran in the Solo Ad industry, Andrea (a.k.a. The List Mistress) shares her perspective from inside the trenches. She knows her way around the field and keeps her solo ad business running hot. You’ll be singing her praises as she discloses how to stuff money in your pocket on a daily basis.
The original creator of Solo Ad Arbitrage, Jeremy has been teaching online business to thousands of people for years.

More reviews from the Warrior Forum:

Its Good Or It’s Free, Guaranteed.


Why such a low price?Yea, it’s pretty crazy. We’ve WAY undervalued the cost here but for us this is about helping the hundreds of desperate people who come to us for advice. We get emails every day from people truly struggling.

We want you to be able to get started with as little barrier to entry as possible.

You may not believe that is our goal, but if you were on my subscriber list then you would already know this is true. The need for these people (and probably you) to bring in money to feed your family is very real. I get that, I’ve been there myself.

I racked my brain for months trying to find a real solution for the people who come to me for help. The stories are different but it’s always the same. They need money, they need it now, they have no money or experience to get started.

That’s pretty much an impossible task.

But with Solo Ad Arbitrage you can do exactly that. Make “real” money, on a regular basis, with practically nothing to start out with.

What do I need to get started?

I list out all the tools and everything you will need. It’s all free. You won’t have to spend a dime to get in this.

When brokering, do you have to pay for clicks?

When you will sell a solo ad, first the buyer will pay you upfront (via paypal), then you go to your vendor and pay them the difference for the clicks and keep the rest as profit. So again, you won’t spend a dime out of pocket.

How hard is it to sell solo ads?

You might be thinking “oh, so the catch is I’m going to be grinding away trying to sell solos with no luck”.

That’s a bunch of hooey. Selling solo ads is one of the easiest things you can do. There is a tremendous demand for them.

It’s like saying “can I find people to buy toilet paper”. The guy who owns Charmin is a bazillionaire because almost everyone on the planet uses it.

The same goes with solo ads. It is traffic. Traffic is THE most in demand commodity on the net. Everyone online needs it, and they don’t just need it once.. they need it CONSTANTLY.

The places I will show you have thousands of hungry buyers DAILY ready to buy tons of clicks. Finding buyers is the least of your worries.

So then what SHOULD I be worried about?

The only thing you need to worry about with this method is are you actually going to take action and do it. It’s simple. IF YOU DO IT, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. PERIOD.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If you can prove to me that this doesn’t work then I’ll happily give your money back. I’ve clearly laid out what this report entails here on the page so you know what you are getting… “This just isn’t for me” is not a valid reason for a refund.

That being said, We are here to help. I personally answer every email I receive and I am regularly available on Skype. I don’t want you to feel like you are going to be thrown in the water without a rope.

Mar 17 2015

GET WordPress: Not Good

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Mar 17 2015

GET 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

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Mar 17 2015

GET Trends That Are Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Mar 17 2015

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Mar 17 2015

GET Top-10 andriod app who’s gives money

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