Oct 15 2014

WordPress Multisite Function Tutorials

WordPress Multisite Function Tutorials

You Can Install WordPress Once And Run All Of Your Blogs In A Network Using WordPress Multisite. Easily Manage All Of Your Blogs With One Sign In And Control Center.

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Oct 15 2014

WordPress Biz Theme + Developerand#39;s License

WordPress Biz Theme + Developerand#39;s License

Allows you to create cool, professional, and elegant websites in minutes.. No design or coding skill required

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Oct 15 2014

Instant Conversion Method

Instant Conversion Method

Sneaky Trick To Increase Conversions to 70-80%

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Oct 14 2014

[GET] Facebook Marketing Business In A Box

GET Facebook Marketing Business In A Box

Oct 14 2014

[GET] Build your 10,000 subscriber eMail list in ANY NICHE

No Upsells, Downsells or Inside Out Sells!


GET Build your 10,000 subscriber eMail list in ANY NICHE


GET Build your 10,000 subscriber eMail list in ANY NICHE

GET Build your 10,000 subscriber eMail list in ANY NICHE

GET Build your 10,000 subscriber eMail list in ANY NICHE

GET Build your 10,000 subscriber eMail list in ANY NICHE

Oct 14 2014

[GET] Social Media List Building Video Course Business In A Box


GET Social Media List Building Video Course Business In A Box


GET Social Media List Building Video Course Business In A Box

GET Social Media List Building Video Course Business In A Box

GET Social Media List Building Video Course Business In A Box




Oct 14 2014

[GET] AMA Sniper – Discover The Super Affiliate Tool for Amazon

Originally Posted by canada94 View Post
Just a quick testimonial for Clarke’s amazing software, AMA Sniper, I was lucky enough to get a review copy, and boy do I appreciate that.
If you’re looking for bestselling products and keyword, this will be the last piece of software you will ever need.
Super easy to use, with mega fast results, this is a game changer for sure.

Thanks Clarke.

Kevin Long aka The Kindle King

Originally Posted by bodie2014 View Post
Thanks Clarke, been testing the software, it works flawlessly, fantastic software for researching for my Amazon business
Originally Posted by mondo gonz View Post
I bought this AMA Sniper Program last week and it has saved me tons of time and work finding awesome products to resale on eBay. In seconds I find products raking 4.5 or more with 40% to 70% discounted on Amazon all day long. That means more profits for me and my customers because I can pass on some of the savings as well.

Plus they are making more and more improvements all the time.

keep up the good work,

Thanks guys

Armando Gonzalez

Originally Posted by MarketingGoetz View Post
Im soo happy to get this software and after testing it works great.
It does more than i could ask and is super fast. Before getting this we were manually having to do the research which took a long time and did not get the exact results we wanted .

Since i got an email about this software and speaking with Clarke i wanted to leave a comment torecommend this to anyone looking for a great tool for Amazon and eBay and a great guy behind it . So thanks Clarkes a bunch your a diamond

Originally Posted by PeterMcFarlane View Post
Great software i purchased it 2 days ago and i am currently using it to build my new affiliate site .Excellent results that it delivers , pleasantly surprised by tool . I look forward to becoming a super affiliate using this tool. before i had to outsource someone to do the market research now i have saved myself $$$ with this tool. Awesome Clarke
Originally Posted by JohnK1 View Post
Just bought this software and have to say i’m liking it. Very easy to use and quick


Originally Posted by PaulKlein View Post
I was able to take a look at this and test it out, and I can attest that it works wonders in locating the hottest products in key niches for promoting as an Amazon affiliate!

I love the features and can’t wait to see your upgrades Clarke. This will be a key tool in my Amazon research to tackle my marketing there!

Originally Posted by Witkow View Post
Great Product, Super Easy to use. I got a review copy was very happy to receive it .
Clarke is a top marketer and business person. He took a complete novice (me) and shwed me how to make money online and i made money . I was the biggest skeptic and he showed me the exact steps i needed to take. He is a really cool guy. And so to be my mentor ( i hope ).


Originally Posted by garymalmsteen View Post

I am the eBay expert in Japan and teach and do a lot of seminars in Japan.
AMA Sniper is an amazing software that I find!!
I will use this one for Amazon drop shipping for eBay sellers in Japan.
I am so lucky to find this one

WSO of the day 24.09.14

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Oct 14 2014

[GET] eBay Daily CASH – Liquidators SECRET Sources + Dropship

How much is having a bottomless pit of Brand New profitable merchandise worth to you and your business?

“If You Have ZERO Tech Skills Like I Do, You Can Easily Grab an Endless Supply Demand Products from Home and Hear Your eBay Cash Register Ringing Tonight! !”





No One Else Does This !


Here’s what one first week student from the UK wrote
” in the past week I have made £431 profit following your example.
Not bad for a few days work
.. Dexter

Dear Warrior,

If you are interested in Selling Physical Products on eBay from home, then this could be the most eye-opening WSO you’ve ever come across….

My name is Dr Bruno. I am an expert at finding merchandise for pennies on the dollar that can be resold for hefty profits. Today, I will show you how you can do it too.

Here’s why:

I’ve created a simple but very powerful new training series, called,
“Product Sourcing Secrets.”
It will teach you how to find products for pennies on the dollar that you can sell on eBay.

It is the exact blueprint I used to teach people with absolutely ZERO experience and no bankroll to work

In this Step-by-Step Training you will Discover

* Where to Find products online

* Where to Source products offline

* The Liquidator’s Secret to high profit products inside Dollar stores

* The Best Retail sources for eBay products

* The Best Wholesale Sources for eBay products

* Instantly identify products you must avoid

* Product Sources to avoid like the plague..

* Your own High Demand ZERO competition Product tonight

* How to source products so far BELOW wholesale it should be illegal

* How to start with pocket change (under $10) and scale quickly

How to Source Products

*In Person- Includes wholesale sources that welcome you inside

*No License Needed

*How to do it all Online from home if you want !

Have you been looking for a simple.. no investing in expensive training programs way to start your own, profitable eBay business from home?

- What if you could get the training you needed and start today?

Just imagine an endless supply of high demand products, that you can sell on eBay.

What if these products were way below wholesale and you could buy as much or as little as you want..whenever you wanted, to start making cash register ringing sales today ?
- How would you feel if you could do this?

And what if you were able to source all the products you wanted to sell with no membership sites, no phony middlemen, and no scammers. .

- It can happen starting today, if you know how.

That’s what this completely new training series, can help you make happen…


It’s Different from Any
Product Sourcing training You’ve Ever Seen!


Because this training is based on decades of real world experience sourcing physical products for resale.”… I’ve seen hundreds of questions and received even more requests for help finding products for years here, and in my business..

I’ve had questions from new and experienced Warriors – looking for a real, no scam sources to find products for eBay and online stores

After listening on the forum for years I came to a conclusion…

Many are looking for and need a simple step-by-step path to a profitable home based physical products business without having to invest in high priced trainings. I trained from my experience and made it happen for others.. That training is available to you now as well.

You want a fast, easy and effective training that shows you exactly where to find all the products you want

=> You want know which are the most profitable products

=> You want start with little or no money and scale a business to end your worries forever

=> You want to start today with no technical skills and no website, and you want to be able to do it all without leaving home if you wish

=>Work Part Time or Full Time whenever you want

This Is What I Have Heard From Many,
Who Have Been Frustrated With
Pie in the Sky Promises and
Break the Bank Training Offers …

Well, I listened and took action.. and decided to help end the frustration and open the doors to a better tomorrow if this is the path for you!

So that’s exactly what this training is all about!

I won’t waste your time with a long drawn out salesletter. You already know if you want to have your own business selling physical products from home. .

What I will share with you however, is this…

Once you start using your training series, you can be Selling Physical Products on eBay and online from home as early as tonight !

Wanna know the best part?

Even If You’re A “Newbie” And You’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before…
So don’t worry about the how, because I’ve put it all together for you in a special course called:

“Product Sourcing Secrets!”

Here Are 5 Reasons Why “Product Sourcing Secrets” Will Work For You:



Reason #1

Proven Business- No Theories. I only teach what I have done and taught others using decades of experience

Reason #2

Start with Little (under $20) or No Money

Reason #3
No Chasing Phony Sources and Dream Killers

Reason #4

Zero Technical Skills Needed

Reason #5

Have Your Own ZERO Competition Product This Week.


What’s A Cash Generating WSO Like This Worth?


Well, seems everyone thinks that to create a training series, - SPECIFICALLY about Selling Physical Products on eBay and online from home – has to be expensive. I should know, I’ve seen the high ticket offers and guru promotions Bologna ! This is not brain surgery…

With this Easy to Implement TRAINING you can have an Endless Supply of Products and Learn How to Sell on eBay this week !).


There’s Nothing Like This Out There…

Because no one else teaches with the cash ringimg
“product radar” of a Professional Liquidator

My methods are straight forward and simple..No theory,No sites to join, No hidden fees EVER !.

Not only that, I created:

* 6 Step-by-step instructional videos with actual examples of products ! Get some this afternoon.. we tell you where they are

* 8 Step-by-Step transcript mp3s audios to listen and learn on the go[/FONT]

* 8 Step-by-Step PDFs. If you are like me and learn best by reading we created PDFs of the training so you can read the material at your leisure.

Everything, is explained in PLAIN English. It’s super simple to watch, read, listen and understand. It’s all laid out in easy to follow steps so that that any business newbie can understand.

That’s why “Product Sourcing Secrets” may be the perfect choice to get your business up and started .

It is Not Fancy..No Exotic Settings or cheering multitudes …just simple, straight forward and proven information from a real world merchandise and business pro with a proven reputation in the forum .

So if you want to take advantage of this insane offer, grab it now at a fraction of what it’s really worth…and start the business that can take care of you and your family for a lifetime…

Why is this So Low Priced?

Simply because this is a WSO and I believe in straight forward, easy to implement, step-by-step training that can change your current situation TODAY… without wrecking the family budget. .
Once this is over, I will offer it off the forum thru retail channels for $67.00 because the information based on decades of experience and the support that we provide is much way more…lots more..

Whatever The Price, Is A Mere Fraction
Compared To What You’ll Be
Able To Selling Physical Products on eBay and online from home…

I Hopefully this makes sense to you.

The OPPORTUNITY for Selling Physical Products on eBay and online from home is gigantic. Sourcing the right profit generating products is perhaps the most critical component to success. Imagine what it would be like to have training from a real world expert that you could put into action today !

You’ll be able to cut through the fog without breaking the family piggybank and open the door to real and finally enjoy lasting success!

No matter how you look at it, it’s a heck of a one time bargain.
The time to act is now if you want to save the most money. The current price is a drop in the bucket compared to the success that’s possible selling physical products from home using this training series, .

I plan on raising the price to at least $67. very soon, so act now and save a bundle.

And don’t worry, If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, I have you completely covered


GET eBay Daily CASH


“Product Sourcing Secrets.” comes with a 100% no-questions asked, 30 day money-back guarantee. Simply let me know and I’ll happily refund your money, and you can keep everything.


There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking me up on this risk-free examination of “Product Sourcing Secrets.

You just can’t lose, it’s yours no matter what!

Act Immediately And
Receive The Following Bonuses

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act now, I want to add even more value and give you everyr eason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

FREE BONUS #1 – Valued At $27
“Swapmmet Sourcing Secrets”

Your first free bonus covers exactly How to Source Brand New Retail merchandise at Swapmeets that sell like hotcakes on eBay.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to spot the right merchandise within minutes
  • Which vendors to work with…this is critical, miss this and you will always overpay!
  • How to Get the Absolute LOWEST Price within minutes of seeing a product

How does that sound? Pretty cool, right? But I’m also going to throw in:


FREE BONUS #2Valued At $27
“Book Sourcing Secrets”

Is it starting to make sense how valuable this bonus package is? With this bonus you’ll uncover a treasure trove of information about Where to Find Books to Sell in your online business.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:


  • How to Source Books that Sell for up to $35 and more…for $1 or Less !
  • How to find all the books you want, weekly
  • And how to source books for FREE that may be more profitable than any purchased at sales

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re empowered with all this insider information! Well, it’s all YOURS FREE when you pick up “Product Sourcing Secrets” today.

It’s a great WSO but we’re not done yet !

I decided to add another irresistible bonus training for warrior members only.


FREE BONUS #3 – Valued At $97.
“Super Simple DropShipping”

Once you go through this bonus training you’ll know almost everything you need to know about how to start dropshipping or doing retail arbitrage today..

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn inside this amazing bonus:


  • How to select the right products to sell
  • Simple step-by-step guide to a successful Amazon to eBay business
  • How to calculate potential profits before listing an item on eBay
  • How to Multiply Traffic and Sales in one easy step
Sound Good so far?
That’s Just A Sample Of What’s To Come!
Our students receive LIFETIME updates to CRUSH the competition!There’s even 1 more


30 Days of PERSONAL EMAIL SUPPORT from Dr Bruno. Ask any question about product selection, listings, selling, sources, pricing, buying, you name it…


I will PERSONALLY mentor you on product selection, listing and selling so NOTHING is left to chance !

Skip the trial and error part…get a personal straight forward answer from a product sourcing pro !

Plus- Previously Unannounced Continuing FREE Training on eBay, Amazon FBA, Importers, Exporters, International Sourcing, Auctions, Craigslist and more..

Each of the bonuses could sell as WSO’s within their own right. But they’re yours FREE so you can get your business humming along today!


Heres a Quick Recap of What’s Included
  • Step by Step Blueprint- How to source high demand products to sell on eBay
  • Liquidator’s secret to instantly picking winners at Dollar Stores

  • The BEST retailers to visit on a daily basis…and how to identify the most profitable products within minutes

  • Proven Wholesale sources- Buy as much or as little as you want. No membership fees, No License Needed. (you’ll find them inside)

  • How to build your drop shipping businesssource products in person, by phone, or online from home !


Still Have a Few Doubts?

Here’s what some other Warriors have to say about it.


After falling out of contact for almost two years, out of the blue I heard from Dr. B, asking if I wanted to review his upcoming WSO. Because I highly impressed with his premier WSO Surplus Secrets released two years ago, I happily accepted his invitation.In his Product Sourcing Secrets WSO, Dr.B details his model on how to start with a hamburger bankroll and buy certain items at retail pricing and still sell them for a good profit on eBay. Unless you live in the sticks, you literally can start sourcing products to sell in your community the same day you start reading his tutorial.

There are five easy common sense modules to follow, involving:

Modules 1 -3 The three sources for buying low and selling higher for good profits.Including guidelines sharpened from Dr. B.’s years of experience guideline or how to bestproceed with each source, which items to concentrate on and which items to avoid like Ebola.

Modules 4 puts everything together for making money

Module 5 contains common sense guidelines on how to list, display and price products optimally for best profits and least problems with returns, complaints, etc.

There are a few highly relevant bonuses included. One shows how to effectively dropship your products for greater hands off involvement, freeing you to concentrate on sourcing more products and avoid you home becoming a mini warehouse.

To top things off, the most important resource offered is Dr. B himself, being available to answer questions, give advice on various steps of the process from a to z to get you going successfully.

Dr. B. does not sell WSOs for a living, this one being his maybe forth of fifth WSO in over two year. I believe he really cares that those who buys this WSO and takes action succeeds. Maybe his way of giving back for the nice life he and his wife have built for themselves over the years with this and another advanced model.

I have no idea what price point Dr.B will sell this WSO at, buy whatever the price, its a good investment for action takers with a small bankroll a little pluck because at some point you may have to actually talk to a human being (eek!), are tired of Google slaps, super duper article writing, the newest Facebook marketing wiz bank thingy, tweets, pins and needing a masters degree in technology to understand the latest software, etc.

This is old school “buy low, sell higher’ at its naked best.

Highly Recommended.

A minor criticism is there are a few wrong word in sentence typos. Self published works with these typos are a bugaboo of mine, but they are few and in no way detract from the power of this simple (simple if you know what to do to avoid money losing mistakes as Dr. B details) and yet powerful model.

P.S. There is one more bonus included that is the bees knees for book lovers like me. As well as an additional source of high margin profits.

P.P.S. The good doctor wisely includes media to suit all learning*preferences, audio, video and*PDF*transcripts. Clap your hands and say Oh Yeah!




“DrB really did it this time! What a great course. The videos, mp3s and the pdfs goes into great detail on how to start up this very profitable business with very little money.

DrB shows you how to, find the right products, price the products, and the best places to sell the products.You can scale this business into a full time venture if that’s what you want to do.

I see huge upside potential with this business and it can never get saturated.

DrB shares his many years of experience in this field.* If you take action and follow his direction you can succeed!

Thanks DrB for putting together this course I know that I will benefit from it for years to come!*



Disclaimer: Dr B gave me a review copy.

In this project Dr B makes two statements that fit this program like a glove. The first says it is “a real physical products business from home”.

The second statement says “No Gimmick No Fancy software, No Push Button Promises… Just real deal stuff that can make money.”

He is right. You will have a real physical products business you will run from home without gimmicks, fancy software or any other hocus pocus if you follow his instructions.

What else can you ask for?



Hello Dr B
There’s no question that you show a wealth of knowledge in the system you’re showing here and that you can guide the right person to achieve good realistic financial goals.The key of course is the right person, as with everything it all takes work and a passion for the methods involved……

” I have previously been on ebay and never done anything like this! I am in the UK and I found an item yesterday for 38p (following your guidelines) and put it on for £8.99 – guess what…I sold 3 last night! Just returned from the wholesaler and purchased 100 items! I intend on setting this business model up for my kids to run, with my supervision.”

Dexter Gallagher UK


Dr. Bruno was kind enough to give me a free copy of Product Sourcing Secrets, a complete guide to selling physical goods on eBay. The book has five parts and comes with lots of great videos to help you get started.

I was surprised to find so much information inside. This book describes the ins and outs of selling hard goods on eBay, offering simple solutions for making money online. Dr. Bruno explains the whole process in a simple language so anyone can apply the tips provided.

Personally, I’ve only sold a few products on eBay. This book has opened a whole new world of possibilities that I wasn’t aware of. Not only it offers expert advice on how to sell deeply discounted products on eBay, but also shows what items sell best and how to increase your profits. I’ve read about the best ways to sell used books, seasonal items, signed sports memorabilia and hundreds of other products.

Dr. Bruno offers tons of information that anyone can use for making money on eBay. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to read this guide. I recommend Product Sourcing Secrets to anyone looking to build new streams of income.

John Zapata
Orig posted by John Z

Don’t wait. Take a minute and take the first step right now


You Can’t Leave This WSO
Empty Handed, Can You?

“Product Sourcing Secrets” will give you the step -by-step guide you need to have your own, profitable business, selling physical products from home this week ! Finally, know that you are doing something good online, starting today – and year after year for as long as you’re in the Physical Product sales business.

Why cheat yourself out of the profits others are enjoying just because they paid for high priced trainings? To get on a fast track to accelerated sales and profits, get started today.

To your success,

Dr Bruno.

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting a complete, never before released Amazon to eBay dropshipping courseincluded at no cost. Everything to get you started Selling Physical Products on eBay and online from home. If that’s what you want to do, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

INCOME CLAIMS- You will NEVER see or hear me make income claims of any kind. I know what is possible. But I don’t know you or what you will do. I know that some Some may promote offers with financial screenshots to get folks salivating… I won’t..

My reputation is well known on the forum. If you want to learn. If you want to start your business today, start selling today, start your new tomorrow and forever today…there is no time to waste .. if that doesn’t work for you there are lots of screenshots and promises of quick riches almost anywhere you look. It is up to you


GET eBay Daily CASH



Oct 14 2014

Running Riot – Weight Loss PLR Mega Pack

Running Riot – Weight Loss PLR Mega Pack

Customizable guide on fat burning quickly through running

Click Here to Get Running Riot – Weight Loss PLR Mega Pack

Oct 14 2014

Running Riot – Running Affiliate PLR Pack

Running Riot – Running Affiliate PLR Pack

Click Here to Get Running Riot – Running Affiliate PLR Pack