May 18 2016

FB Blitz – Targeted Facebook Traffic Made Easy

“This Strategy Shows You Exactly How to Tap Into Endless Flood of Traffic Straight From Facebook”


Inside The Private Members Area You will Learn Exactly what tools we use and how we use them to Generate a Constant Flow Of FREE Traffic From Facebook…

This Is The Exact Method We Use On A Daily Basis To Drive Hoards Of Targeted “FREE” Traffic To Anything and Everything We Want to Sell…and Make Sales!

This Machine Is Still Making Money On Complete Autopilot After A Simple Step by Step Setup!

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May 18 2016

FB Traffic Hack Generate A Consistent $150-$200 Per Day With Less Than 20 Minutes Of Work

Discover My Easy To Implement “FB Traffic Hack” And Generate A Consistent $150-$200 Per Day With Less Than 20 Minutes Of Work!
It’s 100% Newbie Friendly And Works In Any Niche


Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

  • 4 Different Ways Of Generating Free FB Traffic,
  • Strategies To Get Laser Targeted Traffic In Any Niche,
  • How To Pay Pennies For High Quality Traffic,
  • All About Retargeting – The Most Powerful Conversion Boosting Method,
  • And Much More!

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May 18 2016

Trio Profit Machine – Make QUICK Commissions!

How I Accidentally Stumbled Across A ‘Machine’ That Spits Out 3 Streams Of Income On Complete Autopilot And Makes $122.09 – $708.32 Per Day!
And how YOU Can too! Starting today!
ANYONE Can Do This!


There Are Literally Just 5 Simple Steps To Making Money With The
Trio Profit Machine



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May 17 2016

Niche Moolah – Secret Niche Database

“Top Secret Niche Moolah Database Exploits Rare, Yet Highly Profitable Automated Profit Pockets”

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May 16 2016

Social CPA Academy – Using Facebook and CPA to drive traffic

“Revealed: The Copy & Paste System That Has So Far Made Over $300,000 AND Built a List of 120,000”

You’ve been working TOO HARD. Make FACEBOOK give you the best audiences, best traffic, and best results of your life.

Watch this informational video for details:

  • Cash in with the easiest, most powerful combination of CPA and FB ever created.
  • Get in on the Gold Rush by tackling a method that’s never been revealed before
  • Effortlessly build a huge targeted list and get PAID to do it
  • Zero experience required. Very non-techy friendly.
  • Results in 7 days OR LESS!
  • Only $5/day for ads needed


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May 15 2016



With Just A Few Clicks…
Let Me Prove It To You Right Now!

It Does Everything For You In Just 4 Simple Steps:

Reveals Hottest Niches & Most Profitable Keywords
Automatically Adds 100% Unique Readable Content
Automatically Optimizes & Monetizes
Instantly Builds Your Site & Skyrockets To Page One



InstaNiche is the world’s FIRST and ONLY web based software that researches, customises, optimizes, monetizes, builds and hosts you fully fledged unique amazon affiliate sites that rank page one for huge search terms on Google with just a few clicks.

Best Part About All This Is That You Can
Be Making Money As Early As This Week!

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May 15 2016

Instant Tube Income – Over The Shoulder Training

Inside Instant Tube Income

You Get…

5-Part Video Course
These step-by-step videos will show you exactly how to get started right now and get big results. These videos are done in a “click here” and “click there” format to make it simple for anyone to start making money this week.

Access To 2 Q&A Calls
Although the method is simple. We don’t want anyone to have any unanswered questions. That’s why we are offering 2 Q&A calls where you can ask us your questions directly. No stones are left unturned, and we’ll be focused on helping you make money as quickly as possible.

Real-Life Case Study
It’s always helpful to see a method “in action” and actually making REAL money. That’s what the case study is all about. You’ll get to see exactly how this works in FULL details. Nothing is left out… Nothing is glossed over. You can literally “copy and paste” your way to success with this case study.

Quick Start Guide
Although the video training is easy to follow, sometimes you just want to “jump right in” or have some sort of guide to reference back to when you’re doing this. This guide breaks down the method into very simple steps and makes it easy to jump in and get started quickly.\
What You’ll Learn When You Get Instant Tube Income Right Now…

  • How to get started with this method today even if you’ve never made a penny before online…
  • The best niches to focus on with this method and how to pick a niche that’s best for you and will put money into your pockets quickly…
  • Why this traffic not only starts flowing quickly… it converts like crazy…
  • The simple trick that puts passive income into your pockets… You can literally do this method once and get paid over and over again for weeks and even months…
  • How to quickly go from zero to $100 per day in just a few short days… Some people have been able to get to that level and start making money from day 1…
  • Why this is easier ANY other method you’ve ever seen…
  • You don’t need to worry about complicated or expensive traffic methods, website building, product creation, or anything else that’s already holding you back…
  • The fastest way to scale this up and take this $10,000 per month and beyond…
  • You can literally use this method to quit your job…
  • Plus, a whole lot more…

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May 15 2016

Stealth List Building Formula – Psychic List Builder Reveals Loophole

Stealth List Building Formula


  • A proven way to get all the data you need from your subscribers so you can hyper target your promotions while flying completely under the radar and increasing your relationship with them…
  • A FULL Walkthrough of how to implement the Stealth List Building Formula in your business in less than an hour… (on screen STEP BY STEP video)
  • Why your online success depends on this information and how you can easily get it and immediately increase your sales and revenue from your list.
  • How to skip YEARS of frustration with “dying” lists and list fatigue and non-producing / or targeted promotions… and how to easily uncover EXACTLY what you need to promote that your list would buy…
  • How to implement the Stealth List Building Formula in your business in under and hour and start getting PRICELESS insight about each and every subscriber as soon as they opt-in to your list…
  • How to tailor the kind of promotions you do for maximum earnings, while providing your list with EXACTLY what they want so they love you even more…
  • How to increase the amount of subscribers you get from the SAME amount of traffic you’re already getting..
  • Why you should NEVER ask your visitors for their email address and what you should be asking instead for maximum results…
  • How to use the Stealth List Building Formula to earn even more from your subscribers by presenting to them exactly what they most need to be sold on…

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May 15 2016

Its All You Need – The 3 Strategies


“It’s All You Need” – The 3 Strategies:

Strategy #1 – “Jack It and Stack It:

This is launch jacking meets my “Down and Dirty List Building” strategy!

With this particular method, you will be sucking in 100% free traffic from Google. This traffic is comprised exclusively of people with credit cards in their hands, ready to buy! All you need to do is filter them into my 3-step process and you will be making money hand over fist! You can set this up so that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, you continue to get paid even if you’re not working!

Yes, that means while you sleep, shower, vacation, eat, make love… whatever… the money just keeps on pouring into your bank account.

DDLB-2By the way, I am also including my “Down and Dirty List Building” and my award-winning “Down and Dirty List Building 2” as a special bonus when you order “It’s All You Need” today!

The DDLB system will walk you through some of the finer technical setup steps in order to absolutely maximize your effectiveness with the “Jack It and Stack It” strategy.

The combination of launch jacking and DDLB is a powerhouse that allows you to funnel EASY (and I mean EASY) buyer traffic into a series of opportunities where you’re turning a one-time, low-ticket product seeker into a multiple-time, mid-ticket product BUYER.

The “Jack It and Stack It” strategy, all on its own, can set you free in short order. But I really want to give you every possible advantage, so…

Strategy #2 – Storytime Bribery:

When I told you that this business can be fun, I really meant it.

Look, everyone loves a good story… and in the “Storytime Bribery” section of IAYN, I’m going to show you how to become a master storyteller.

I give you a few fantastic examples that you can use for inspiration.

I show you how to get your audience frothing at the mouth in anticipation of your next piece of content.

And I show you how to turn this audience into raving customers who will keep giving your their business for YEARS TO COME! Longevity is HUGE in this business. And while sure, there will always be an influx of new prospects for you to woo…

Click-For-MoreWouldn’t it be nice to hold on to your older customer base, too?

Why, of course it would, silly goose!

When you follow along with the “Storytime Bribery” process, I’m telling you… you will set yourself apart from ALL of your would-be competition at a very high level.

And ya know what? It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun!

Also included with your IAYN package, as a special added bonus, you’ll receive my “Click For More” book. Again, it covers some of the more technical aspects of setting your “Storytime Bribery” campaign up to perfection. Enjoy the gift!


Strategy #3 – Pure Authority:

I saved the best (and certainly my favorite) for last.

Remember the headline of this page? I told you that I made $7000 for one email.

Did you believe me… or did you think I was full of total horse sh*t? It’s okay, you can be honest.

The truth is, I’ve done even better than that! My best-performing email to date has earned me a whopping $11,000! For just one email campaign.

This was for mid-ticket coaching. And you know what? I didn’t even create a landing page, sales page, webinar… none of that crap!

What did I do?

I sent an email and opened up a dialogue. I started coaching people 1-on-1 before I even asked for any money. By the time we got down to business, it was they who were asking me to take their money!

PLL-Cover-1With the “Pure Authority” strategy, you will learn exactly how you can command this type of power, too!

But don’t worry. You don’t have to do any coaching, if that’s not your thing. I give you all kinds of awesome ideas. I make money using my list in all sorts of fun and creative ways. And I share these tactics with you right inside the book. 🙂

Imagine being short on rent… or bills. Perhaps you have a vacation you want to take… or tuition to pay. You’re swimming in debt. You’re overwhelmed.

Now imagine taking 20 minutes to craft an email, and within the next 24 hours, whatever was eating out you… was 100% handled!

That’s what the “Pure Authority” strategy can do for you.

You’re going to love this. And as a special bonus, I will give you two guides on building the type of list that these big-money techniques work best with.

My award-winning “From the Top” and “Private Label Lifestyle” programs are both included with your package today.

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Apr 07 2016

MintsApp 2.0 Review : Secret Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing & Automated Customer-Driven Funnels


The Secret Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing
& Automated Customer-Driven Funnels
Responsible for
482,030 Email Leads & $2,502,600 Sales in 6 Months
And It’s So Easy to Setup You Can Have Your First Campaign Running in the next 2 Minutes!

Watch this FREE Video to See how you can interact & engage
more customers, capture leads & sell more products in MINUTES


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you can use it to build a 6 figure business in any niche you
want automatically in less than 30 days from now and you’ll
have customer begging you to sell something to them

Running eCommerce & Shopify Stores

Promoting Affiliate & CPA Offers

Promote Your Local Business
hotels, restaurant, gyms, clinics etc.

Build Digital Products Business
sell ebooks, software, training course etc.

Build Huge Email List & Engage Your Blog Visitors Interactively

Get More Coaching Clients on Your Landing Pages



This is the MOST advanced polling software on the planet and the kind of result it gets is unrivalled – the marketing technology behind it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before allowing it to turn any business on it’s head and acquire customers on auto-pilot!


The Redrafted Mints App 2.0
That’s Going to Get You
Engagement & Profits as Early as Today

Brand new sleek user interface with filing technology allowing you to create successful campaigns and projects in minutes

Once you access the all new mints app 2.0 dashboard, you’ll instantly notice the striking difference between the 2.0 and older 1.0 version, there’s no comparison. The 2.0 dashboard is very rich, more sleek, easier to navigate and use and with the new project filing technology, you can now easily group your funnels & campaigns by niches, products, clients, websites etc., it’s like having the tradition PC-based folder technology and our users agree it’s more effective.

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