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[GET] Secret Traffic Tsunami


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I could barely get through the copy as i normally just go straight to the “buy” button with Jeremy’s products…

… it’s a must have…

This is a very easy method that you can use over and over again and i can’t tell you how
freaking clever it is!

GET Secret Traffic Tsunami

What if I told you that you can start bringing in MASSIVE traffic on autopilot every single day, starting TODAY… without a list, experience or spending a single dime?

You’d probably laugh in my face and dismiss it right away.

We’ve all seen the “shiny object” hocus-pocus WSO’s and products out there that promise the world and simply don’t deliver.

Rest assured… Secret Traffic Tsunami WORKS.

If you’re struggling to pay the bills or “actually” make money online, today is your lucky day.


In fact, I’m just going to lay out the basics of how this works, right now.

FIRST.. you are going to use a digital product that you obtain for free where I tell you.

NEXT.. you are going to literally copy & paste some text I give you.

FINALLY.. you sit back in your underwear and watch floods of traffic blow through your page while bringing you sales and building a red hot, profit pulling buyer list.

And you won’t spend a single penny doing it.

Your Expenses For This Method:
1. Web hosting – $3.96 a month. But I’ll show you where to get it for free.
2. An Autoresponder – FREE 30-day trial with GetResponse (you should see profits well before that is up)
3. Oh wait.. that’s it :-)
Total Expenses: $0.00 (that means free)

What is Secret Traffic Tsunami all about?

Anyone doing any kind of internet marketing (that means YOU).. needs traffic.
But you don’t need just any traffic. You need high quality traffic that flows like a river with endless supply.
And you need it fast.

But you also need… wait for it… an email list.
You’ve heard it a bazillion times before. The money is in the list. And oh boy is it!

But you don’t need just any list. You need subscribers who have opened their wallet and proven themselves to spend money with you. You need a BUYER list.

That’s exactly what you’ll get using this method.

Secret Traffic Tsunami takes the pain out of the biggest mystery to newbies..
“How do I get traffic without a massive budget?” And ultimately “How can I REALLY make money online?”

You Don’t Need:

  • An email list already
  • To create or “launch” any products (who has time for that?)
  • A big bank roll (again, this method is free)
  • Any experience with online marketing whatsoever

This Is NOT:

  • Forum / Classified Ad posting
  • Article writing / blog posting
  • CPC, PPC, CPA, MLM or THC :-)
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ or any kind of social media
  • Adswaping / Click banking
  • Anything you are probably thinking right now

Secret Traffic Tsunami is a quick & easy to read PDF with actionable steps that will get you up and running in just a couple hours from right now. I’ve written it with the freshest newbie in mind. Forrest Gump himself would have no problem following these instructions.

You will be floored at just how easy this is to do.


What? Why the low price?
Yea, it’s pretty crazy. I’ve WAY undervalued the cost here but for me this report is about helping the hundreds of desperate people who come to me for advice. I get emails every day from people truly struggling.

I want you to be able to get started with as little barrier to entry as possible.

You may not believe that is my goal, but if you were on my subscriber list then you would already know this is true. The need for these people (and probably you) to bring in money to feed your family is very real. I get that, I’ve been there myself.

The stories are different but it’s always the same. They need money, they need it now, they have no money or experience to get started.

That’s pretty much an impossible task.

But with Secret Traffic Tsunami you can do exactly that. Make “real” money, on a regular basis, with practically nothing to start out with.

In addition, you are going to be my guinea pig. See this method is working VERY well for me right now and I want to see how it does for others. Your honest, tested and tried testimonials will help when I launch this on a bigger scale at full price. In return you get a massive discount and access before the masses do. It’s a win-win.

Are there any OTOs?
Yep, but it is NOT required to do this method. The OTO shows you how to take the buyers on your new list and turn an immediate profit from them over and over again, earning 10x more profit than with the original method alone. Again the OTO is VERY reasonably priced to keep your barrier of entry low.

What do I need to get started?
I list out all the tools and everything you will need. It’s all free. You won’t have to spend a dime to get in this.

How long will it take?
If you start implementing this today you could have traffic coming in within 24-48 hours or less.

REALISTICALLY: You should be rolling in traffic at least before the week is through.

How much money can I make?
That is entirely up to you. The world is your oyster. You can grow this almost to infinity.

What about saturation?
This method will never be saturated. There is virtually unlimited amounts of traffic flowing through this goldmine arena of hungry buyers.

Can this be outsourced?
Very, very easily. And it would be of extremely little effort to show your VA how to do it.

Do you provide support?
My current customers and subscribers can already attest that my customer service is of the best in the biz. I take very good care of my customers and make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

If you have questions, I’m only an email away.

WTF? This sounds too good to be true.
That’s ok. You won’t be taking any risk here because I’m putting the risk on me.
If you pick up this report and you don’t find value in it.. just let me know and I’ll buy it right back from you.

You simply have nothing to lose.

Ok, enough chit-chat. Let’s get this party started.


Sep 08 2014

[GET] Perpetual List Building Money Machine

GET Perpetual List Building Money Machine

Sep 08 2014

[GET] Cheap Traffic Revolution

In this report: The quickest and easiest way to …

INSULATE YOUR Ad Budget by spotting WEAK competition in High Traffic Areas… And Stealing Their Thunder right from under their noses!

GROW STEADILY RICHER by investing confidently in STRONG Proven Ad Placements that could hand you sales conversions of 8.2%… 11.7%… 18.4%… up to 26.2%!… As an affiliate!!

… Don’t just take my word for it…


Aweber Proof Snap

Building lists like that would do wonders for your business, as well as your life, right?

responsive subscriber lists of this size is push button money! Accomplished marketers have been saying forever that each email subscriber is worth $1 annually, so let’s add up the total you see above.

$49,471 + 16,808 + 34,107 = 

$100,386.00!!!! per year

I built those 3 lists with the traffic methods covered in this course. Building those lists provide me with a 100K yearly income source I can tap anytime I want. Don’t you want the same?

Well, I’m here to tell you it can be you’re reality today…

Dear Fellow Entreprenuer

Whether you’re a fellow musician, or not, you want the same things I do: We want it All!

  • The money to plunk down for that vintage Gibson Guitar we’re itching for – or anything else we crave…
  • The freedom to blow off work and jam for hours in the park, catching the attention of strangers & making them fans – or to do anything else that pleases us – whenever we damn well feel like it…
  • The respect of our equals – and the time and money to make ourselves heroes in our own houses…

I’ve already got mine: When I set out to get my own money, freedom, and respect 6 years ago, I was a flat broke unemployed music teacher. Now, they (former friends who laughed at me 6 years ago) say I make more money than all of them combined, and beg me to teach them.

Tens of thousands of commission checks flow into my bank accounts each and every month.

See For Yourself!!!

Bank Proof snap

My time’s my own to do with as I please.

Countless product owners write me long emails, and numerous Skype messages, begging me to promote their products.

And yeah, I get a huge kick spoiling my wife, and extended family rotten.

Now, I’m Going to Help You Get Yours In Far Less Time Than It Took Me!

Allow me to officially introduce myself:

Ari Protrait

My name is Ari Rothland and I have just documented, and blueprinted my powerfully effective traffic generation techniques in a course called…

“The Cheap Traffic Revolution”

Cheap Traf Ebook cover

This course gives you, in plain & simple English, the exact strategies I used to make over $5 million in commissions in the last 3 years, with small lists, some as small as 800 people!

I did this without ever breaking the bank on paid traffic. I commonly pay a whopping $0.02 per click! Yes, you read that right. Let me make it even more impressive… I commonly bring in laser targeted traffic to my squeeze pages to the tune of 1,000 clicks for just $20!!

Scroll up to the conversion rates I mentioned earlier.  The weakest one was 8.2%!!!

Now, when you join today you’re going to know how to get a 60% opt-in rate on your squeeze, so that’s 600 people. A 8.2% conversion rate on 600 people = 49 sales!!

The average affiliate commission is $30… so you do the math… You spent $20 to get the list and you get 49 sales at $30 a pop… what’s your return on investment?


Got your answer?

You sure?

Good, because here it is…


That is very possible, and very easily doable with this system!

Now, I can’t promise you’ll get the same results but look at it this way, you make 1 sale you’ve already made a $10 profit. Who wouldn’t feel comfortable testing things out with those kind of margins, right!?!

Here’s a quick Glimpse of what you’re getting today:

  • Discover The $0.02 – $0.10 everything blueprint! Here you’re going to uncover how to never pay more than $0.02 – $0.10 per click ever again! (This makes driving massive traffic easy when you can get the best of it for dirt cheap!)
  • How to stick out like a sore thumb in even the most hyper-competitive and over-saturated markets! These marketing secrets are responsible for multiple 5 figure paydays! (You can reuse this as many times as you wish and it never fails to create monster campaigns!)
  • How to legally steal the biggest competitors in your market’s best customers without them having a clue that you’ve got your hand in their cookie jar! (This stealth tactic makes life as an affiliate so much easier, why start from scratch when you can swipe winners already making cash!)
  • How to access & leverage the best split tests in your market to swipe and launch with your campaigns(never have to test again!)
  • Ad Copy secrets that get your ads more clicks, faster than ever before, this is the key to paying a lesser bid than everyone else yet still getting the lion’s share of the clicks!
  • Discover exactly how to track offers to scale your offers to infinite heights! Uncover secret tools, and tactics that super affiliates use to maximize R.O.I. (Very powerful!)
  • Uncover how to build a list before you build a list that will lead to 4 times the conversions, subscribers, and repeat buyers! (This is a very under the radar tactic that quietly creates fortunes, master this and you can corner any market with no fear of the competition catching on for months!)

The key to this changing your financial outlook is simplicity. This course isn’t beating you over the head with a ton of content or fluff, it’s straight to the point. Spend a afternoon reading it, and have a campaign up the same day.

Who is This For:
  • Serious Entreprenuers who can’t be swayed from their vision of financial freedom by anything!
  • People who take quick & decisive action when given clear instructions
  • People tired of theory based courses & halfway taught methods
  • People who are willing to push through any learning curve they may encounter and persevere!
Who is This NOT For:
  • Anyone who thinks a lifestyle business strategy is ‘Too Hard’, that’s loser language and it’s not tolerated around here.
  • Anyone who thinks not knowing a term, technology, or how write content is a valid reason to quit. Please leave and head straight back to your job! You have a pension to work for.
  • Anyone who thinks the first time they try a method should be a home run an if not it’s trash… take the advice in the last bullet.
  • Lastly, anyone who’s going to waste their own time or mine. Please leave now!

If you genuinely believe you are the right person for this offer, then there’s only one thing left to discuss…

What’s The Price?

You can swipe all this money making power for the  very affordable, no brainer price of just…

GET Cheap Traffic Revolution

What’s a five or six figure commission producing traffic per month worth to you? If you have an action oriented mindset, $17 should not be a issue.

If you consider spending $17 unreasonably expensive for a $100K+ annual income it’s time to consider another profession, buddy. I’m just being honest with you.

Hop on this ground floor opportunity today while you still can. No fake scarcity here, search up my track record, I follow through on my promises to shut offers down.

But, wait… this offer wouldn’t be complete without an iron glad guarantee!

“That’s Right! When You Buy From Me, You ALSO Get My Award-Winning Customer Service, To Go With Your Rock-Solid 30 Day Money-back Guarantee!”

If you ever need help, or ever have a question, you will get a prompt response, from ME personally, within 24 hours, MAX! Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm EST. No lost tickets. No B.S. You get what you need, when you need it, every single time.

When you buy from me, you get the support you need, PERIOD.

And you ALSO get a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee You Can Count On!

Test drive the Sleep Money Method for 30 days.

If you need a refund for ANY reason, let me know, and you’ll get your money back right away. That’s a promise.

So, now you have a choice:

  • You can keep struggling to make money online, buying product after product making someone else rich…
  • You can keep on falling for latest miracle traffic bot, Google loophole, or some other scam with big promises and no results…
“Or…You Can Make 2014 The Year You Crush It By Following My Proven System for Building a Six-Figure Passive Income Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!”


GET Cheap Traffic Revolution

So, that’s it!

If you have any questions, shoot me an email, and I’m happy to answer. If you need technical support, please send a support email to: arothcoaching@gmail.comI’ll get back to you right away!

Dedicated To Multuplying Your Income,

Ari Rothland

Sep 08 2014

[GET] Online Cash Flow Method

GET Online Cash Flow Method

Sep 08 2014

[GET] Affiliate Anarchy

Don’t Make The Mistake I Made…Become An Affiliate Machine in 6 Steps.
Proven Results To Setup A Stable Business For Life

GET Affiliate Anarchy

GET Affiliate Anarchy

As reviews come in…

Originally Posted by footbag_man View Post
this is a great course for anyone that wants to make money online as an affiliate marketer!

I’m going to tell my subscribers about this too..

Great course.

Originally Posted by Eugene Mallon View Post
This very low priced course is the best that I have ever read. I have read it 3 times now,
last time taking notes. Over the years I have spent hundreds each for generic rubbish.

Please take me off your lists for possible refunds. If I am unable to make a single cent from
this highlly valuable course the problem rests with me not with you.

The product is 64 pages long and extremery packed with very useful information and I reccomend
it is a must buy for all warriors.

Eugene Mallon

Originally Posted by Rok Solid View Post
Just bought based on the ridiculously high quality of all your other products and I was not disappointed with this one (no real surprise)

I’m only about half way through and I’ve already learned some very cool conversion tactics and tools I never knew existed.

If you’re one of those people sitting on the fence with this one my advice is simply to get off your butt and buy this thing!

(In case you’re wondering I’ve never met Snowclone and don’t know him at all. I’m just a very satisfied customer and believe in giving credit where it’s due.)

Highly recommended course for newbies and veterans alike!

All the best

Originally Posted by flyingskill View Post
Thanks for the review copy!

Here is my in-depth review. The main ebook is of 64 pages full of tried and tested tips.Experience is in full swing in this guide.

Traffic Anarchy = A Perfect System of Building List in any Niche with Minimal Work for Maximum Profit

This product is to-the-point leaving no stone unturned to satisfy its customer in setting up a sustainable long term passive business and as a result you can enjoy the internet lifestyle that top affiliate marketers are doing.

To achieve the above mentioned GOAL you have to follow each step mentioned in Affiliate Anarchy.

The Following Steps are Explained in a very professional and easy-to-follow way

1) Setting Up System >> what you need to go ahead from niche selection to ……

2) Setting Up Your Website >> how to set lead capturing, explained in a easy way.some gems are waiting for you in this section

3) Setting Up Your Auto-responder >> how to set up follow up series as well

4) Building the List >> Soul of this guide, how to get traffic that converts

5) Scaling Up and How to Get Maximum Profit from the List >> Resources have been provided to make you Authority in the NICHE.Automation is waiting for you at this step, explained effectively..

Go ahead and follow each step if you want to make a fortune in a very straight forward way.

Wish you all Good Luck!


GET Affiliate Anarchy

Sep 08 2014

[GET] Social Media Predator

GET Social Media Predator

GET Social Media Predator

Sep 08 2014

[GET] WordPress Mass Exposure

Why Sell Your Products Through 1 Affiliate Network Only
When You Could Easily Have MULTIPLE NETWORKS
(and their affiliates) Driving Sales 24×7 For You?

*** Introducing WPMassExposure ***

GET WordPress Mass Exposure

Works with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank,DigiResults, ProductPay and Tons More!

Using WP Mass Exposure it’s Really Easy!

Save Lot of Time and Money!

We’ve Included Everything That You Need to Get Started.

Get The Plugin With PLR at anINSANE PRICE!

As The FTC Rules Require, We Want To Let You Know That Results Are Not Typical And That Your Income or Results, if Any, Will Vary. We Obviously Don’t Guarantee or Imply That By Using Our Software You Will Get Rich or Make Any Money At All.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Rebrand & Sell the Plugin?

Of course. Please take a look at the PLR terms for more details.

Do It Get a PLR Certificate?

Do You Explain How To Rebrand It?

Do You Offer Refunds?

Does it Include a Sales Page?

Yes. You can preview it here:

And you also get the source of the graphics (.PNG) in case you want to make some changes.

Does it Include a User Manual?

Does it Work With The Latest Version of WordPress?

Is it Easy to Use?

Where Can I Write For Support?

You can write at All the emails are replied within 10-12 hs (Monday to Friday).

Will You Limit The Number of PLR Copies That You Sell?

Sep 08 2014

[GET] Killer Motion Graphics Bundle

Making your own custom videos is a hot marketing technique these days. Video sharing is more popular than ever as social networks are just full of video clip after clip. If you’re not an experienced videographer, you probably think you need to spend thousands of dollars finding the right person to do the job for you.

In reality, you can easily do it yourself at just a fraction of the cost! With the Killer Motion Graphics Bundle from Marketing Motion Graphics, you’ll have all the help you’ll need.

[GET] Killer Motion Graphics Bundle

Please contact me through the Marketing Motion Graphics website if you wish to purchase this offer a second time.

Killer Motion Graphics Bundle Highlights:

Pre-Keyed/Chroma-Keyed Footage
Why this bundle is so immensely helpful is because it includes pre-keyed video footage. Most of today’s user-friendly video editing programs let you layer multiple tracks, including pre-keyed and chroma-keyed footage. Pre-Keyed images are similar to “green screens” in film, where the subject is removed from the background. This just opens up a world of endless opportunities when it comes to video editing.

8 Video Collections of your choice
This Deal lets you select 8 video collections of your choice from Marketing Motion Graphics. Choose from a plethora of video clips to work into your videos either as backgrounds or intro scenes.

Huge Collection
No matter your video content, you’re sure to find the perfect clip for your editing purpose. Just browse through the category collection including Particle Trails, Light Reveals and Transitions, Earth and Space, Hearts, Motion Backgrounds, Textured Backgrounds, and more.

Royalty Free
Every video in this collection is 100% royalty free, meaning you can use them in your own videos, whether personal or commercial, without the need for any attribution at all.

High-Quality Clips
All video clips, animations, and film loops are rendered out at 1280 x 720 HD as well as some at 1920 x 1080 HD, so your videos will feature top quality content. Pre-keyed clips are rendered with a PNG codec (.MOV), while MP4s are also provided for some collections but are not pre-keyed. WMVs are also available for some collections (Windows Movie Maker) but they are not pre-keyed.

Take Your Time
After purchasing this Mighty Deal, you’ll receive a unique promotion code to purchase any 8 video collections at There is no time limit on the coupon code, so you can hold on to it and use it whenever you wish. Jump on it now or wait for even more video collections to be added to the mix (see the deal terms below for more info).

How it works:

Sample videos from some of the collections:

Just a sample of the collections to choose from:

Deal terms:

You will receive a PDF with a link to take you to a code after completing your purchase, to redeem for 8 video collections of your choice from

Download your collections at anytime by logging into your**account.*You may choose to wait for more collections to be released before redeeming your voucher.

Note:*While your coupon code does not expire, it can only be used once and you must use it to redeem 8 video collections at once.

Videos clips, animations, effects and loops are all rendered out at 1280 x 720 as well as 1920 x 1080. (Please read description of each collection for details)

The ‘pre-keyed’ clips are rendered with a PNG codec (.MOV).

WMV’s and MP4’s are also available for some collections (not pre-keyed).

The video collections are 100% royalty free. *

You can use the video clips to create your own videos for personal and commercial use.

You may NOT resell the animations as they are nor upload them and distribute them on other stock sites.

Sep 08 2014

[GET] Bookbub Decoded

How To Get Featured on Bookbub Easily!
(The #1 Service For EBook Price Promotions)
This is no hype – many authors have become New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers, Amazon Kindle Top 20 & Top 100 Paid Bestsellers by using Bookbub!

RAVE REVIEW!“Getting a title accepted in Bookbub can skyrocket your profits and exposure in an incredible way. The first time I heard about Bookbub was when a fellow publisher told me how he had received over 16000 downloads and 400 reviews of one of his children books! I was incredulous. How could he achieve such a feat with a book that was no different to so many others in the same marketplace? Needless to say I wanted to find out more, and the secret was Bookbub promotions. Since being accepted as a Bookbub feature his little book about Baby Animals has been earning him really good money month on month. And that is just one book in his portfolio.

I decided to try my hand at the same thing, and found that getting accepted as a feature is not as easy as it first looks (many authors will tell you how they have tried again and again to get featured on Bookbub’s lists only to be disappointed).

And as any author knows, writing the book is only a small part of the battle. If you cannot get targeted readers and eyeballs on what you have to offer, even though you have the best book on the planet, it will still wilt away into obscurity. Other promotional techniques can be very time consuming, and their effectiveness is questionable. Bookbub, although it does have a cost attached, has stats that are through the roof when it comes to real world results for featured authors.

And this is where Mavis Amouzou-Akue’s Bookbub decoded is a welcome addition to your book promotion arsenal. The best thing is that Mavis actually DOES what she teaches! This is not theory, but hands on, real life training from someone who is using Bookbub as one of her main avenues to get exposure for her books, and reaping the rewards. What she shares about Amazon’s new series promotions makes a paid promo with Bookbub even more compelling.

Bookbub Decoded is not a compressive library of promotional techniques. Instead it focuses with laser accuracy on Bookbub, and how to integrate it effectively with Amazon’s own promotional algorithms. If you want to know everything about everything when it comes to promoting your book, this is not the report for you. But if you want RESULTS – get Bookbub Decoded and make it happen!

This is an uncomplicated step by step walkthrough that covers several genres specifically that can be promoted through the Bookbub platform, and the Decoded report teaches how to craft your books to be accepted as a feature to the massive and targeted Bookbub audience.

As a result of reading the report I already have a strategy in place for my next promotion, and I cannot wait to get moving. I have a book that is selling reasonably well, but it needs a push to shoot it through to bestseller status. I know that the techniques shared in BookBub Decoded are just what I have been looking for to make this a reality. Can’t wait to share the results!”

David Martin Spirit Life Publishing

Dear Warriors,If you dream of making a success of your eBook publishing business either on kindle, kobo, nook, apple, google play or smashwords then this maybe what you have been looking for!

I have been using Bookbub since 2013. Bookbub has single handedly made me a Kindle Top 100 Paid Bestseller, Multiple #1 Category Bestseller, I have had of thousands of sales and over 150,000+ free downloads.

What Is Bookbub?

Bookbub is an EBook Price promotion site that begun in early 2012. They currently have around 3 million subscribers segmented by genre. What they have achieved in just two years is nothing short of amazing!

Why Bookbub?


  • It is currently estimated that Bookbub drives the sale of 1 in every 50 ebooks sold in the Amazon US kindle store!
  • It is even better than solo ads because getting featured could give you a 1,157% RoI
  • You get a lot of organic reviews after each Bookbub feature
  • They currently have the biggest reach of ebook readers by genre
  • Bookbub provides insider data, research and valuable insights on your potential reader / audience you cannot currently get anywhere else
  • On the 1st May 2014 – Bookbub announced they had received $ 3.8 million of funding which they intend to use to improve their current offerings and to expand into international markets
  • Being featured on Bookbub could propel you onto the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists
  • Being featured on Bookbub could enable you to become a Kindle Top 20 and or a Kindle Top 100 Bestseller
  • Being featured on Bookbub could make you a multiple category #1 Bestseller, enabling you to sell thousands and thousands of your titles over time.
  • Bookbub represents an unprecedented opportunity for any author to create life changing income from just one kindle book a month

Just imagine You – A New York Times Bestselling Author!

Just imagine You – A Kindle Top 20 or Top 100 Bestselling Author!

Just imagine You – Selling thousands of units per day at least once every month!

Just imagine You – Being able to Live Your Dreams – Finally!

GET Bookbub Decoded

How To Get Accepted For A Bookbub Feature!

For many kindle authors their problem has been not being able to get accepted for a Bookbub feature in the past. For others they have been told that it is near impossible so they haven’t even bothered to try!

The product on offer today – Bookbub Decoded solves this problem once and for all.

The course is delivered in zipped file. The zipped file contains one pdf and 11 videos. You don’t have to download any of the videos.

In it you will get up – to – the minute insider information that will enable you to get your eBooks featured when you want them to.

I share the proven way to easily meet Bookbub requirements.

I walk you through how to get accepted in the following genres:-



Children & Middle Grade


Women’s Fiction


General Non-Fiction

Advice & How To

Religious & Inspirational

Biographies & Memoirs

How to make life changing income from just a book a month Bookbub promotion and a new feature just launched by Amazon

How to leverage your Bookbub feature

And Much More!

Grab Your Copy Today

GET Bookbub Decoded



Sep 08 2014

[GET] 10 Thriller Plots Sept 2014

Want to get a jumpstart on your fiction career?

Writing a thriller can be quite difficult because you have to think of twists and turns and interesting plot points. These plots will help you think creatively about your books and get them written faster!

If you’ve purchased my plots in the past, you know that they are popular because they are COMPLETE and easy to use. These plots are no different!

I worked with the mystery & suspense romance writer on my team on these plots. Each one is written almost as a short story so you can get the flow of the storyline. There are also chapter breakdowns as well as short character sketches.

This writer has also based many of these plots on REAL news stories, so you can tap right into the details and change them up to suit your fictional story.

So what do you do with these plots?

* Create short stories
* Create novellas
* Create full blown novels
* Create a series
* Give them to your ghostwriter to develop

It is VERY important that you do NOT publish these plots as-is, however. These are a guideline. Change the character names, characteristics, places, events, etc so that your stories are completely unique to you.

If you’re stuck and not getting anywhere in the publishing business, this is your chance to hit the ground running! Grab your pack while the price is still low!

GET 10 Thriller Plots Sept 2014