Apr 20 2015


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I went through the training videos and I really enjoyed his short, easy to follow teaching style but I also like that he’s not TOO professional or too unprofessional.

Harith has a good clear voice and the ability to keep me interested for more than 3 minutes (Congrats on that!) while squeezing what’s needed into each short video and cutting out what’s NOT NEEDED.

Overall I think this is a very good quality product that provides valuable training and teaches a money-making skill that can be put to work in under an hour after purchasing, depending on whether or not you actually DO anything with it, of course 😉

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Just purchase anything from Harith… The guy is a top notch marketer & you’re gonna enjoy his product for long time   .
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*VERY* nicely done indeed – this is a dependable workhorse collection of solid SEO ideas to rank videos (and the training is BOTH video AND pdf … YAY!)Definitely a very good investment for rounding out all the how-tos for SEOing videos – happy to endorse and recommend it. 2 thumbs and 13 coffeecups UP….grand job!


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PThis product tells you hands on how to go about probably The most important aspects that a marketer needs to know in order to be successful these days, and that is how to rank video’s and keep them at the top…

This is the proverbial ‘Sticky Stuff’ indeed and if any man knows how to get Goo out of a Tube it is Harith  !!



GET GluTube 

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Apr 20 2015

WP Video Commando – WP Video Player Your Grandma Could Master [Sick Features Inside!]

Not using video because the process is too annoying? Me too! Until I forked over big bucks to develop…

The Easiest, Most Elegant
WordPress Video Plugin, Yours
For The Cheapest Price Ever

Save hours of time, hundreds of dollars, and loads of headache!

“After Video Intro, See the Amazing Features in Action!!”

“Local Clients giving me checks to make their Videos on Site WAY more Effective!”

Hey Warrior,

Sometimes I think it’s crazy that I manage to do anything online…

Because I’m tech-a-phobic!

Even though I know (it’s common sense) that video is insanely powerful to accomplish anything online, like:

  • Build a list (video squeeze pages crush it)
  • Sell products (video sales letters KILL it)
  • Establish a relationship, lower bounce rates (even screen capture videos build a great relationship with the viewer)
  • Help offline clients stand out from the crowd and grow their presence online (which they pay BIG for)
  • Provide valuable information (many millions of people make videos with great content, and they would LOVE to be featured on your website)
  • Make affiliate sales (folks want to see products in action before they buy!)

Despite ALL of that, I still have avoided using video online, because featuring them on my websites is tricky…

Using all of that code to embed videos freaks me out…

So I think “I’ll just host on YouTube,” but then…

I don’t want to risk losing traffic to YouTube (ever get sucked in to those recommended videos at the end? Yeah, way too easy for traffic to get lured away!)

Hosting videos on my own or using Amazon S3 confuses the crap out of me…

Getting everything “just right,” like video size, the type of control bar, those fancy “buy now” buttons that appear at just the right time, is way too hard for me…

And software that does manage to do some of that stuff for you still requires tech know-how and costs upwards of $197 (i.e. Easy Video Player).

Honestly, $197 is worth it, because video is so powerful… But Easy Video Player is still tricky to figure out…

I needed something way easier and more elegant, preferably something that works with WordPress directly (I like to do everything in one place!)

So I called up my programmer and had him develop:

WP Video Commando is the coolest Video plugin on the market. I am so proud of its host of features that make embedding and customizing videos on your website so easy… because even a tech-phobic can do it!

One of my favorite things about WP Video Commando is that now, I can host my videos on YouTube, which is free and easy to use…

…WITHOUT losing any traffic to YouTube!

In fact, it won’t even look like your videos are hosted on YouTube (if you don’t want them to)…

But even that is just the tip of the iceberg, check out these other awesome “video powers”:

1. Brain-Dead Easy Video Embedding

No weird HTML code at all. Just click the button on any post or page to embed any literally any video online.

2. All The Customizations You Need

Video location: Simply copy the video link (YouTube link, S3 link, or any video link at all) and you’re ready to go.

Video & button settings: Choose the video size you want in one click, or specify your own custom size.

Autoplay: Want the video to start as soon as a visitor lands on your page? Check the box, it’s that easy.

Logo: Brand ANY video you want with your own logo that will appear where ever you want on the video. This is a powerful way to connect with your audience and it’s finally as easy as “copy, paste”.

After all, your videos should brand YOU, not me!

Unlike other video players out there, I don’t make you shell out your important investment cash on software, then force you to advertise ME…

That’s crazy!

With WP Video Commando, you brand yourself, just how it’s supposed to be.

Custom controls: Choose the control skin you like best, or remove player controls entirely.

True delay “call to action” button: I’ll explain this in full detail in just a second, because it is SO powerful.

Getting excited about how easy
it will be to use more videos in
your marketing?

Great! Let’s continue…

3. True Delay Button Power

Marketing guru Ryan Deiss calls this bad boy the “magic button”.

Want a “buy now” or “download now” button to appear at a certain time during the video? 

I’ve made that stupidly simple to accomplish, check it out:

Select any of the 10 high quality buttons I’ve preloaded for you, or choose your own “call to action” button.

Specify the exact time within the video you want the button to appear, and BOOM, you’ve got the exact same power that mega-gurus use to skyrocket their conversions…

See how easy I’ve made all of this?

There’s even more!

4. “Dead Time” Redirects

This is another insanely powerful conversion booster.

Choose if you want to automatically redirect a viewer to another web page (like, a payment page) after the video is finished playing.

Just tell the plugin where you want the visitor to be sent, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Let’s recap what’s going on here…

I’ve done my absolute best to make using video as easy as humanly possible. With WP Commando…

There is NO coding, NO need for expensive and
tricky S3 hosting, yet complete customization
and conversion crushing tools that are super
simple to use.

And last, but certainly not least…

5. One-Click To Enable Sharing,
One-Click To Share

If you want to enable video sharing, all you’ll have to do is click a box that says “enable sharing”.

Then, when a viewer hovers over your video with their mouse, they’ll be presented with the ability to share by:

E-mail, embedding on their own website, tweeting to their followers, or sharing with their Facebook friends.

This will give your videos a skyrocketed chance of going viral, and you’ve done it in one click. 

No need for an extra sharing plugin.

6. PDF And Video Tutorials

Even though I’m confident you’ll be able to use WP Video Commando with ease, I’ve included step-by-step PDF and video tutorials to guarantee that you take full advantage of each and every feature you’re about to access.

When I contacted my programmer to create WP Video Commando for me, I had a not-so-simple request:

“Give me everything I need to crush it with
video, and make it so my tech-challenged-self
can use it easily!”

He lived up to the task and more.

  • Now you can host videos on YouTube, while looking completely professional…
  • Now you can pull from the millions of videos on YouTube, and share great content without losing traffic…
  • Now your videos will convert higher than ever before, with your own branding, timed delay buttons, and auto-redirects…
  • Now you can offer your offline clients the same video powers, and be able to deliver extraordinary results in SECONDS time.

And as you saw, you will take complete advantage of these powers, because they are SO easy to use…

…Without the $200 price tag…

This plugin has made it possible for me to finally get with the times and use video, and that is worth a LOT to me, because you already know how crazy powerful video is.

$97 for WP Video Commando is an absolute bargain…

With a DEVELOPER’S LICENSE: You can use WP Video Commando on your sites, and your clients’ websites…

With an iron clad guarantee, too

Lucky for you, true Warriors never pay full price…

Pick up WP Video Commando (developer’s license) now for $47 (or less if you’ve made it here during the launch discount) and finally take advantage of the world of video in your marketing. If you’re not blown away by how powerful and easy to use WP Video Commando is, I’ll quickly and quietly refund your investment.

Click the button below and pick up WP Video Commando, completely risk free:

Nothing here has been left out. You know exactly what you’re getting today:

The power to finally host, embed, customize, and conversion-boost your (or other) videos with “point and click” ease, which means…

Squeeze pages that convert better…

Affiliate review sites and sales pages that sell more…

Offline clients who pay you big bucks to set this up for them…

A strong bond with anyone who watches your videos…

All of this for the tech-challenged, for less than $47 if you act right now.

Click the yellow button to secure your developer’s license of WP Video Commando for the lowest amount possible…

Get in right now, it increases with each sale.

To your success,
Ali G.


GET WP Video Commando

Apr 20 2015

Social Lead Chief 2.0 by Stefan van der Vlag

Next-Gen Technology Enables You To Run Hyper-Engaging Quizzes, Polls, And Surveys to…

Position Yourself As The Expert, Get 15X More Leads, Promote & Sell More Products!

and Run Highly Profitable Campaigns Right Inside The Newsfeed!


Like it or not…

2-step opt-in and survey squeeze pages are proven to BOOST your conversions sky-high!

The increase in optins and sales it can bring to the table are completely un-rivaled…

Quizzes like being shared by companies like BuzzFeed, and Viral Nova are getting tons of engagement.

And the Facebook newsfeed has become THE place where you generate the FASTEST MOST Targeted and Crazy Profitable Buyer Traffic every single day – handsdown!

So wouldn’t it make sense to put a lead and sales boosting widget, right inside the Facebook newsfeed?

So, are you ready to step up and take it to next level?

All The Smartest Websites, Companies, And Marketers Are Using Facebook to

Send Millions of Visitors Each and Every Day!

The World’s Coolest Marketing Apps Provide Micro Commitment Technology

To Help You Convert Traffic Into Scorching Hot Leads & Sales All The Time!

profileDate: March 16, 2015
From the desk of: Stefan van der Vlag
Re: You are not alone…

Are You Starting To See The Bigger Picture Here?
We saw it too!

You could take your high converting 2-step-optin landing page and share it all over Facebook (inside the Newsfeed, your Fanpages and Groups, even run ads to it if you wish) and achieve instant success, right?


Here is the problem…

Once you share your landing page on Facebook, most likely you’ll end up with just a boring link, and a picture that is supposed to draw attention…

Truth is, if you’re not some kind of KILLER COPYWRITER, that knows a thing or two about writing ad copy, lots of people will just scroll by and you’re missing out on all the clicks..

Your bounce-rates on your landing page are sky-high! I mean… “I was surfing Facebook just now, and now I’m looking at your squeeze page. What the..?” and they hit the close button.

And if that landing page of yours isn’t mobile-ready, you are losing even more visitors!

Hell, not to mention that if you’re running ads for website clicks – that redirect outside of Facebook – are still more expensive if you keep the traffic inside Facebook!

What I’m trying to say…engaging your audience or converting them into sales and leads on Facebook has become hard than ever before.

And there you’re sitting on your high converting landing page, the same bag of tricks 99% of all other marketers has, and you just don’t seem to be able to get the most out of it.

You’re not alone. We saw this too.

Now, we already increased all our conversions by changing all our landers into a 2-step-optin form, or a survey opt-in form… Plus we ran cool quiz website like BuzzFeed, but we really wanted a way to put them DIRECTLY where the traffic is at; The Facebook Newsfeed…

So, We Started Wondering What Would Happen If We’d Combine Those Things…?

Can you imagine what would happen if you were to combine a powerful psychological trigger – like the micro commitments in those survey, poll and quiz landing pages – and put them in an EXTREME Social environment like Facebook?

Well, we designed a solution…

We built the world’s ONLY and most advanced NEXT-GEN app using cutting edge technology that allows you to harness the power of micro commitments, right inside Facebook’s newsfeed with all the stellar-conversion-technology fully intact…

Now, Listen up matey because…

We’re About to Change the Way You Get Leads for your business and Promote Products FOREVER!


We Call Them LeadTools – Micro Commitment Style Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls That Run DIRECTLY In The Facebook Newsfeed.

Especially Designed for the marketer that wants to boost conversions and increase sales!

It Are LeadQuizzes Like These That Allow Us To Capture Leads In An Innovative Way!

You can use it to build list of fresh new subscribers for your online business
(easily build a micro commitment sequence and collect profitable leads inside the newsfeed)

LeadPolls Help To Find Out What Our Audience Wants, Gettin’ Mad TeeSpring Sales!

You can use it to learn what your existing audience wants, and needs!
(The top TeeSpring earners use this approach to sell to the same niche over and over again!)

LeadSurveys Like This Allow Us To Presell, Boosting Conversions On Any CPA, Or Affiliate Offer!

You can use it to pre-frame your leads, or pre-sell an offer…
(This helps to increase your conversion on actual CPA offers, and other affiliate offers!)

LeadBuzzes Like These That Allow Us To Go Viral When We Darn Well Please!

You can use it to learn what your existing audience wants, and needs!
(The top TeeSpring earners use this approach to sell to the same niche over and over again!)

…Check Out How Easy This Is!

Just Check Out Your Feature Filled Application!

Your Feature Filled LeadTool Creator Awaits You On The Other Side, It’s so COOL!

(Here’s a quick glance at some of the steps. Click the images to enlarge.)

All Designed To Get More Out Of Your FB Ads!

Once you use Social Lead Chief’s technology on your campaigns, the engagement on your campaigns will dramatically triple instantly!

Plus It’s All So Easy To Setup… in Just mere MINUTES!

All You Need Is Your Facebook Account and This Software!

And it works seamlessly inside newsfeed, fan page posts, groups, your own feed, and more…

So What Are You Waiting For?

Secure Your Access to Social Lead Chief During Our Special JVzoo Launch!

Here’s Why It Works So Well

It’s been proven time and time again that we humans place excessive value on consistency. All because we associate delivering on our promises with showcasing good character traits!

Plus… if we humans are getting a no, or we’ve got to do something ‘extra’ to get what we were promised, we will be more committed and behave in consistency with what what were asked to do…

That’s why those 2 step opt-in form work so well too!

In example, for most of us, if you agree to hold our friend’s bag, you tend to do so dutifully, forgetting all other tasks just to make sure that the bag survives without a scratch!

And it’s that same kind of behavior that is getting us marketers a ton of leads!

So…if your visitor starts with a quiz, survey, or poll… Takes that first question, he or she basically commits to complete it, and will behave in consistency of what is asked of him or her there after…

That’s exactly what the American professor of Psychology, Robert Cialdini, means!

When you put micro-commitment actions to work for your business, you harness the inherent human association of good character with honoring one’s commitments.

And that’s just high level JEDI stuff right right there…

Here’s The Thing Though…

You’re a great marketer or at least, you’re doing pretty well and you know a thing or two about building successful fanpages, highly engaged groups, going viral, getting cheap likes and targeted clicks from Facebook…

But you’re yet to turn in any serious profit

Right now, you’re probably sitting on a fanpage or facebook group with thousands of audience but it’s not making you any money because monetizing and getting leads from them is HARDER than you ever thought possible.

The reason is because before today, if you wanted to collect leads to your build list, or sell your products you had three miserable options:

  • You send them to an external landing page outside Facebook hoping it converts…
  • You send them to an UGLY tab on your fanpage, and we all know how that ends!
  • You’ve been following “how-to” courses, but those didn’t seem to get you much further

You’ve probably tried all these possibilities and noticed that they just don’t work…

To be frank… With these methods, it’s extremely hard to engage your audience and make them take the actions you want the them to take (opt-in to your list, buy your products).

And you might have thought…

“If only I could get people to opt-in to my list and buy the products I’m promoting right from their newsfeed… then I could grow my business really fast!”



Well – Now YOU CAN build and deploy powerful engaging *micro commitment* style landing pages right inside the newsfeed and directly connect with your audience…

Think about this…

The next time you set up an ad post (with Social Lead Chief) and it goes viral — your auto responder account will be exploding as your are harvesting THOUSANDS of fresh new leads by the hours directly from the newsfeed.

Or Use This to Promote
JVZoo Products as an Affiliate…

Here’s exactly what my buddy Devin Zander did on his last $20,000+ Promo for Peter Garety’s P1 Rank Me launch last February…

He simply created a 2 sheet LeadQuiz asking if they need back links, then asking if they would love an hands off way to attain it, and hit them with the sales video… 

…He spend $66.77, and got 39 people to checkout:

Those checkouts are worth around $40 per checkout… and some of those people also bought the OTOs! Netting Devin around $3000 from this simple ad alone!

…and well and the results speak for them self:

That $3000 Devin got in return for the $66.77?

Well – it helped him to do a $20,000 promo! So, if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. You can do the math, that’s just a KILLER ROI right there.

And YES – We’re Doing This As Well!

Grab Social Lead Chief Now During Our Special JVzoo Launch!

75% OFF!

What You’re Looking at Right Now Is the

World’s Most Powerful Social Sales & Lead Machine

That’s Revolutionizing the Way You Market in 2015 Using Next-Generation Features

And This Works On Every Device.  Including Phones & Tablets!

Our 100% responsive templates make sure that you look PROFESSIONAL on every device!

This Means You Get ALL The Traffic!

Social Lead Chief knows when a user is on a mobile phone! And if a mobile user sees and clicks on your LeadTool, this user will simply be redirected to a mobile ready page!

It looks exactly like this. A blank page with your LeadTool and a big share button!

And Here’s How It Looks If Your Links End Up On Google Plus or Twitter

That’s Right, We Want You To Have A Professional Look A Cross Multiple Platforms!

Cool stuff, right?

This means that you can get viral traffic looking at your landing page surveys, viral buzzfeed style quizzes, your teespring polls, and have a ton of people click on your ads!

Also Compatible With Every Browser!

It doesn’t matter which browser your visitor uses. Social Lead Chief is compatible with all!

And if that’s not enough… 

We give 110% of our energy to make you happy, that’s why we include this for you…

  • We host all your LeadTools. So when your post goes Viral we pay for the all the traffic!
  • We will give you all of our support! Use our Helpdesk, we even help you setup if you are stuck!
  • You will get lifetime updates, and we will fix anything that might need fixing in the future!

And it’s not stopping there…

We want you to succeed. That’s why we have setup a ton of training videos through out the entire application. Right there, on each and every step you’ll find a training video that will help you out when in need!

Here’s an example…

As you can clearly see now….

You know that we worked our butt off for a long time to create a tool of such immense quality and potential, and we also didn’t care about any of our expenses at all… we just wanted to create something cool – and we did!

So I’ll ask you again…

How Important Is Making A Sale To You? Are you ready to
TRIPLE, or even QUADRUPLE your opt-ins and conversions?

Are you ready to stop struggling and step up your marketing in 2015?

Social Lead Chief is your answer!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Secure Your Access to Social Lead Chief During Our Special JVzoo Launch!

You Just CAN’T Get This Easy, Powerful
Next-Gen Technology Anywhere Else!

And during this grand opening special, you’ll get access to Social Lead Chief for just a few bucks less than a quarter, and before we convert this to a monthly subscription!

For a limited time only, you can get your hands on this micro commitment + social sales machine for a one time price at 75% OFF.

This is a LOW one time investment — no monthly fees, ever! (only when you miss out…)

When you think about how long you’ve wanted to build your list and sell products directly from Newsfeed… I know you realize just how huge of deal and limited this offer is.

In fact we’re so confident you’re going to love Social Lead Chief that we’re going to guarantee your results for you.

NOTHING could be more fair than that!

Grab Social Lead Chief Now During Our Special JVzoo Launch!

By now, you’re already thinking that Social Lead Chief is an amazing software that offers real incredible value.

Because even if you only use this to build high converting micro commitment landing pages and put them directly into the Newsfeed…

Or if only you use it to put functional lead capture forms inside your viral fanpage posts…

That feature alone is worth over 20x the tiny investment we’re charging for your LIFETIME chartered access today!

Remember, this is legal and
Facebook TOS compliant…

Social Lead Chief is build to fully integrate with Facebook, explode your post engagement, and stay in compliance to their TOS at all times.

What you’re getting here is the coolest Facebook marketing solution to date.

Get in now and lock in your savings of this revolutionary social marketing technology!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Secure Your Access to Social Lead Chief During Our Special JVzoo Launch!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers…

  • q-iconIs Social Lead Chief Compatible With Both Mac And Windows systems?

    YES – This is software that runs on a POWERFUL dedicated server. This way you take stress away from your computer and you get to access your application where ever you darn well please! WITHOUT any monthly fees or hidden costs! (for now…)

  • q-iconDo You Provide Training On The Use of Social Lead Chief?

    YES! You will find full video training and manuals for use in your fully featured digital content area. We show you exactly how to use Social Lead Chief and even share the nitty-gritty with you, just to help you get the most out of it!

  • q-iconWhat Technical Experience Do I Need To Operate Social Lead Chief?

    We have designed it so it’s VERY easy to use. You just need to fill out some fields and use the ‘Drag N Drop’ interface to further beautify your quiz! Some of our BETA testers mentioned that if you can click your mouse and type, you’re already half way there!

  • q-iconWhat Kind Of Support Do I Get After My Purchase Of Social Lead Chief?

    Our heroic support team is itching to help you out! Our project manager, selected the finest young men and women that will ensure you get a prompt and speedy response to anything you need! We are happy to help you out.

  • q-iconHow Many Computers Does My Social Lead Chief License Allow To Use?

    You can use it on as many computers you like, but you are only allowed to have one live logged session on our server. This still enables you to access the software from the Bahamas. This also protects you from pirates – making sure you get what you paid for!

  • q-iconHow Many Quizzes, Surveys, Or Polls Am I Allowed To Create With Social Lead Chief?

    Because this is a JVzoo launch special, we’ve decided that every customer that gets in during the launch time will get the ability to host UNLIMITED quizzes, surveys, or polls on our server. Your dashboard gives you the best overview of your creations, allowing you to spot winners easily!

Apr 20 2015

Fresh SEO Enigma – Case Study

Fresh SEO Enigma – Case Study

This in depth case study shows you start to finish a real website getting #1 rankings with our SEO techinques.

Click Here to Get Fresh SEO Enigma – Case Study

Apr 20 2015

CB Powerplug – New Tool Finds Big Money on Clickbank!

GET CB Powerplug