Mar 02 2015

ZeroBounce WP Plugin by Ankur Shukla – Reduce Bounce Rate to Zero

Attention: All Website Owners, Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

Watch How This WordPress Plugin
STOPS Your Site from Secretly LEAKING
50% of it’s TRAFFIC
in just One-Click
& Brings you More Sales, More Leads
& More Commissions…

  • Solves a HUGE Problem For Every WordPress Site
  • Setup in 30 seconds – Newbie Friendly
  • MUST HAVE for Sites with Adsense, CPA, Amazon, Affiliate, Blogs, Product Sales…
  • Guaranteed to Increase Your Site’s Earnings
  • Every Website on the PLANET Needs This Software

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Finally a SOLUTION That Will STOP Your Website From
Losing 50% of it’s Traffic Each and Every day…

Dear Website Owner / Online Marketer,

Did you know that every website on the planet is leaking traffic?

Yes, including YOURS!

Recent studies tell us that the average website is losing over 50% of its traffic when visitors just visit a single page, take no action and then just bounce back to where they came from.

This is known as BOUNCE RATE of a website which can range from 40% to 60% for more than 90% of sites on the internet.
What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is when visitors land on your website only to immediately click the back button on their browser. This is typically a website’s most devastating loss of traffic!

Imagine losing more than half of your traffic for no good reason at all.

This loss of traffic and visitors can even be as high as 90.2% in case of social media traffic.


That’s Potentially 50% to 90.2% of Your Sales, Leads,
Commissions and Profits going DOWN THE DRAIN…


To make matters worse you could also find your site getting “Google slapped” back to page 20 because it has a high bounce rate!

The problem is :

High bounce rate = BAD FOR SEO / Your Site’s Rankings
High bounce rate = Sales lost, commissions lost, leads lost.

That’s exactly what every website on the planet is suffering from.

Your Website without ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin
But what if we told you there was a way to recapture traffic you are losing every day by simply installing a simple plugin on your site?

YES – we’ve invented a new plugin technology that will help you retain your traffic and reduce your bounce rate in just 3 simple clicks.


ZERO BOUNCE WordPress Plugin

Stop Losing Traffic – Increase Rankings, Sales, Commissions & Profits

By allowing you to redirect your visitors to any URL of your choice when they click the back button, it allows you to virtually eliminate your bounce rate and turn “lost” traffic into profit!

Website after adding ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin



Getting Started is as EASY as 1-2-3…


Step 1 : Activate the Plugin inside wp-admin area

Step 2 : Add your redirect URL (affiliate offer or cpa offer or another page of your site)

Step 3 : Save the setting & you are DONE!

Any visitor coming from an outside source and trying to BOUNCE OFF will now be sent
to the redirect URL without any delay.


Watch This Short DEMO VIDEO – See ZeroBounce in Action…



Real Customers have extensively used this for over
6 months – Check Out These Rave Reviews…


I was lucky to get early access to this powerful plugin. What this does is amazing! Bounce rate on 4 of my review sites has lowered to the minimum. I have redirected all bounced traffic to Amazon related store using my affiliate link. It made me over $830 in less than two months.

Eric Nelson

Affiliate Marketer

ZeroBouncePRO has some really cool features – I’m seeing my list grow day by day from using this on my site. And the fact that these guys keep adding new ones and sending you Lifetime FREE UPDATES blows me away!

Radu Haihaianu

Product Creator & Marketer

Wow! In less than 6 days I got my investment back. And I added an extra 340 leads to my email list.
This is a Must Have Plugin for ANY WordPress site, period! Thank you a lot for support and development of such genius product.

Sean Colman

Email & Affiliate Marketer

Highly recommended for anyone serious about internet and affiliate marketing. I’m using Zero Bounce on 3 affiliate review blogs and my profit has skyrocketed! These 3 sites are making 40%+ more profit than before.

Kay Reid

Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

I want to thank you for this excellent plugin! We are using zerobounce on our main site that has over 30k unique visits per day. All we do is redirecting visitor for 5 pages that have high bounce rate (according to the google analytics) to email optin page. Results: 80% more email optins than before! Many many thanks!

Mario Garside

Website Designer & Developer



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Our Customers Sent Us REAL PROOF OF INCOME
From Their Sites…


It’s Time to STOP Losing Your Hard Earned Traffic & Get a HUGE Boost in Income from your Site simply by using ZeroBounce






Make More Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is easy when you let others do the selling for you. With ZERO BOUNCE you can automatically redirect people to places like using your affiliate link for easy sales!

Make Money with Adsense for Search

Adsense for Search (AFS) is a program where you put a custom search engine on your site and get paid when a person clicks on a result. Use ZERO BOUNCE to redirect “lost” traffic here and get paid every time they use the AFS search engine!

Get a Major SEO Boost

Thanks to Google’s latest updates bounce rate is now a MAJOR factor when it comes to ranking websites. By virtually eliminating your bounce rate ZERO BOUNCE gives you a HUGE boost to your ranking power so you can get more laser-targeted, buyer-ready organic traffic!

Build an Ultra Profitable List

People ignoring the opt-in form on your site? Redirect them to a squeeze page for more conversions and signups!

Get Increased Sales

Instead of allowing 50% to 70% of your hard earned traffic leave without spending a dime, redirect them to coupons, discounts, and other offers to ensure that you’re making as many sales as possible!

Get Lower CPC with Adwords

If your landing page has a low Quality Score (and it will if you have a high bounce rate) expect to pay an arm and a leg for clicks on your ad. With ZERO BOUNCE your virtually nonexistent bounce rate will help you get lower CPCs for your ads! Money saved is money earned!

Improve Conversions with Site Networking

Have multiple sites in the same niche? Use ZERO BOUNCE to link them all together. Or redirect “lost” traffic to a page that lists all of your sites so that visitors remain in your network. Sky-rocket your conversions with ease!

Get Quality Feedback and Fully Optimize Your Site

Getting feedback for your site can be tough. People who had issues with it are probably long gone. With ZERO BOUNCE you can redirect those who click off your site to a survey allowing you to collect relevant data so that you can improve your site for maximum conversions!

Get Creative

With ZERO BOUNCE the possibilities are endless! Get creative and redirect your “lost” traffic wherever you want.


Our Promise to you:
All Future Updates will be FREE FOREVER!


Here at Force Spark we take your feedback seriously and strive to develop this tool to meet your needs. We are constantly working to add new features based on your suggestions.

In addition to listening to your feedback we will also ensure that you receive all future updates for this product 100% free of charge with a simple button click in the WordPress admin area!



ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to ZERO BOUNCE AT 70% OFF!



If you have any trouble using the ZeroBounce plugin and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.
Your purchase is 100% RISK FREE and GUARANTEED to WORK!
You have absolutely nothing to lose!



Just Pick Your Option Below…


Single Site License

  • License for 1 domains
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • 24/7 support

Unlimited Sites License

  • License for UNLIMITED domains
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Premium 24/7 support



WARNING: Losing traffic you worked hard to get is no way to run an online business. You owe it to yourself to fix this problem with your website.No traffic, no money. End of story.Even if you’re paying for traffic, most of it will bounce right off your site never to return. A wasted investment like that can cripple your business!

To FIX this problem now get the ZERO BOUNCE WordPress Plugin today.

You won’t regret it, guaranteed!

P.S. Zero Bounce is a simple product with a simple concept: kill your bounce rate, get more traffic, and make more sales. Easy as that.

Its cutting-edge URL redirection technology that gives you full control over the traffic that comes to your site. This makes it easy to increase your conversion rates and generate as much revenue as possible.

In short: ZERO BOUNCE is the ultimate solution for not losing half your traffic and monetizing all the traffic that lands on your website.

Nothing else even comes close.

Right now you can get ZERO BOUNCE at a discounted price if you act now. Also don’t forget that your purchase is 100% RISK FREE and Guaranteed to WORK!


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Do you offer support if I need help?Yes! We believe that top-notch support is key for a quality product and will do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page.

Q: Do I get updates for the plugin?Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users with a valid license key.

Q: Will Zero Bounce work on, Zero Bounce will not work on It only works on self-hosted WordPress installs.

Q: I have other pre-sale questions, can you help?Yes! You are welcome to ask any question you wish from oursupport page.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?Yes we do! We are so confident that you will absolutely love Zero Bounce that we are offering a full 30-Day money back guarantee. We take all the risk so you don’t have to.
We’ll be totally straight with you here: If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund, please don’t order a license. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee only if there are technical issues in the plugin that can’t be resolved. If you have any issues you can let us know, we will try our best to resolve it. If we fail to resolve then refund will be made.

Q: Are there any OTOs / upsells?After ordering there are a couple special offers, yes. But just like any upsell, these purchases are optional …BUT – they definitely help take things to the NEXT level – that’s for sure :)

Q: What browsers are supported?Almost all browsers are supported. Take a look here.


Feb 28 2015

My Unfair Advantage by Omar Martin


“What If You Had The Exact
Done For You Products & Tools,
With A LIVE Expert At Your Beck And Call Giving You A System That Hauls In $1k Per Day?“

What If The Yearly Deposit Statements From
YOUR Online Business Looked Like These:


What Could You Accomplish In Your Life With Those Earnings?

To: All Marketers
From: Omar & Melinda Martin
Higher Level Strategies, Inc

If you’ve been trying to build an online business for any time at all and you’re just not making money I’m really glad you’re on this page right now…

Even if you’ve been an internet marketer for some time and you’re making a little bit of money online I’m glad you’re here because I’m going to share something that I’ve really never told anyone before.

It’s about how I really built my online business.

Honestly,  My wife Melinda is the only one that knows this about me.

  • I’m going to tell you exactly who led me down the wrong path and why I felt compelled to follow them.
  • I’m going to show you what trap I fell into and how I almost wasn’t able to climb out.
  • Something CRITICAL happened that changed everything forever.
  • I’m going to explain the 3 simple things that made all the difference in my business and IN MY LIFE.  And most important…
  • I’m going to SOLVE a problem for you that nearly 98% of marketers online never get over and…

Its the reason most people fail and quit.

I’m going to show you how you can stop fumbling around trying to figure things out on your own…  and get an online money making business system.  THE EXACT- system that I use to run my 7 figure company and tens of thousands of dollars per month online.

This baby’s got:

Traffic, Products, Training, Tools, List Building
& Ongoing EXPERT Guidance

Dare I say almost on “autopilot”???


I know that the word “Auto-Pilot” the most over abused term in our industry…  so let me just say this..
I’ve got no “snake oil” to sell you here. I’m the real deal.

And check this out…  I’m going to give you a super cool gift if you really want me to help you grow your business..

My wife Melinda and I have generated Millions of dollars online as internet marketers since 2007 and we consistently generate well over $50,000 per month running our websites right from our humble home here in Palm Bay Florida.

I’m not bragging in any way,  trust me,  we are the “least” materialistic people in the world and anyone that knows us will tell you that.

I’m mentioning these things because you may NOT know us and I know that credibility is important when it comes to making business decisions and purchases. I mean if God forbid, someone you love was having sudden chest pains and shortness of breath you wouldn’t call a plumber right?
Of course not,  you’d call 911!

It’s Important That We Get The Right Kind Of Help, From The Right Kind Of People!

We need properly qualified experts at the right time if we’re going to avert a tragic loss or a life changing disaster.

You may have a REALLY good plumber…

But is he the right guy for the job at that
moment when someone is having a heart attack?

Probably NOT.

But how many of us inadvertently make this mistake in our lives though??  We go to the wrong people for advice at our most vulnerable time, right? Just when we need it most.  I know I sure did…

I tried sharing my million dollar idea with my broke ass neighbor “Jerry” who (just like me) didn’t have a pot to piss in.

Here’s what he said….

“You’ll never be rich with that idea man! That stuff is just a bunch of crap! Those guys don’t make no money on them Internets!”

Its so sad…

but so many of us go to the plumber for cardiac advice.
Now had I known any multi-millionaires at the time and went to THEM and shared my idea instead,  I’m sure the response would have been a bit different wouldn’t you agree?

So why do we do it?

Why do we go to the wrong people for advice?
In my case I think it was a combination of things, I was really just screaming “HELP!” I had big dreams and hopes but not any means or resources.

I wanted to stay in my comfort zone, I’d known Jerry for years so I “knew” he’d tell it to me straight.
Or so I thought. The reality is that Jerry had never made a million dollars before so the concept was unattainable to him.

Believe it or not…

Jerry was actually trying to help me the best way he knew how. He was trying to protect me.  Just as I’m sure your favorite plumber would do for you if he was in the room while you were having a heart attack!

It’s important to go to the right people for advice and you have every right to know, I mean REALLY know for a fact,  that they’re qualified before you put your business or your LIFE in their hands.

Funny side note here…

I recently got a 3 page email (literally), this thing was like 2000 words long, from a prospective customer that was considering to buy a $17. I repeat a $17 DOLLAR video series from me.

I decided to call her on the phone to see if this was for real.
Well,  she proceed to drill me with questions for over 20 minutes.

  • Where am I from?
  • Where did I go to school?
  • What kind of grades did I get?
  • How long have I been doing this?
  • What other websites have I built?

OMG…  it was outrageous, but I answered all her questions and then I asked her:

“Mrs. Webb, have you ever flown on a plane before?”

She said “Why of course! Many times, why do you ask Omar?”

I replied, ”Well, I’m just wondering if you stopped at the cockpit before takeoff and made the pilot and copilot answer all these questions and show you proof before you risked your life in their hands.”

Silence On The Line!

Interesting Fact…

We’ll board a plane and risk our lives without first smelling the pilots breath for alcohol or even talking to him for that matter.  We put our lives in other peoples hands all the time without question.

Amazing Fact….

Most of us will just walk into an office and let a guy who we’ve never seen before but we “believe” to be a doctor, stick a needle in our arm without asking him anything about his training, where he went to school, what kinds of grades did he get? This could’ve been the guy that failed medical school twice and is banned from practicing in 3 states!


I really don’t think it was about the $17.

It Was About FEAR.
Fear Of Making A Bad Decision.
Fear of being taken for a ride!

Think about it, fear of being made to look like a fool.  If I had turned out to be a scammer and Barbara lost her $17 she may have to admit to “her Jerry” that HE was right.She might have to relinquish her dreams, her million dollar ideas, her hopes to be financially free and retire her husband from his painful job. THAT’S why she felt the need to “interview” me.

And you know what?  I can understand where she’s coming from because..

I’ve Been There Myself!

I too have made some bad decisions, bad investments, bad purchases…
and I’ve believed in the wrong people.

I’m about to tell you the TRUTH that only my wife knows about my struggle to build an online business but I want to assure you that things are MUCH different for us now.

Thanks to our convictions, beliefs, determination and good old fashioned ELBOW grease!

We’ve Been Able To
Accomplish Some AMAZING  Stuff!

For starters, we work for ourselves.  I don’t have a boss, well, Melinda would argue that SHE‘S my boss but in reality, neither one of us will have to work for someone else ever again.

THAT is such a powerful statement, it even feels kind of weird saying it but it’s 100% true.

We have effectively removed the factor of MONEY from the equation of our lives.

As long as the internet exists we wont have to worry about money, thanks to the business that we’ve built.

  • No more alarm clocks.
  • No more ridiculous commutes.
  • No more annoying co-workers.
  • No more stupid bosses.
  • No more “SICK DAYS.”
  • No more requesting “VACATION DAYS.”

If we want to go somewhere then we just  …GO…

I get asked to speak at events a lot so Melinda and I usually turn it into a mini-vacation.

We recently went to the UK for a few weeks and got to hang out with some really cool people. It was awesome to personally meet my good friend and mentor John Thornhill!

We rented a villa on the water in Puerto Rico and took my mom with us.

I want you to know that we don’t think we’re special or anything like that.
We’ve just worked really hard….  and now,

Our Business Now Works FOR US!

The TRUTH I promised to reveal well,  that’s a tough one to look back on.  In reality it took me 18 months of slaving away at my computer to try and make some money online.

I totally sucked at it.

And while I was building those first websites, we simply couldn’t pay our bills.

We even had to borrow money from Melinda’s parents once and we were faced with the option of bankruptcy.  We were over our heads in debt and we couldn’t even afford gas for the 2 cars so we just left one  in the garage.

We were behind on every single payment and paying bills was like shuffling a deck of cards once a month.

I had become a professional eBook buyer.

I bought into every stupid “autopilot instant traffic” sales page I saw. Trust me, my email had a folder JUST for Clickbank receipts and there must have been THOUSANDS of dollars worth of digital purchases in that folder.

I was working 10 hours per day and coming home to sit at the computer for another 6-8 hours every day,  still we were broke. I almost gave up on the whole concept.
I almost convinced my self that Jerry was right!

Then something happened…
that changed my life FOREVER.

I finally realized that it’s not about creating an awesome product and then TRYING to selling it or TRYING to find marketers that will promote it.

Its about finding a hungry market and feeding it.

I had heard stuff like that before but it never really sunk in, then exactly 24 hours from the moment it “clicked” in my head, I had made my first $97 online.  I WAS ECSTATIC.

I mean, to Melinda “the number cruncher,” she saw months of my time invested for only $97 earned, but for me it was the sparkthat changed my life for ever.

I realized that I had simply been over complicating things.

Trying to build everything myself.

Trying to do it all.

Reinventing ALL 4 wheels.

It got me nowhere & penniless FAST.

All that wasted time.
Now, let me just pause for a second real quick here. I don’t want to give off the wrong vibe.
You’ve probably become accustomed to seeing those sales pages and product offers with those income shots where the creator made like 6 or 7 figures in 30 days or something like that.  Well, no, I don’t have any of those actually and we all know those things can be altered with photo programs anyway.

The truth is that we average about $50,000 per month Melinda and I working from the house and we are business owners.  So that’s not an exact paycheck that we get every month.  You see, that’s what those “auto traffic instant riches” guys don’t tell you.

They show you a picture of one months income and of course that was a “launch” month with a couple extra zeros added by Photoshop of course.

In reality we all know that’s not the way business works

Some months you make more than others.  We personally have had months upwards of $100k and we’ve ALSO had a month as low as $12k. So I’m sure you’d agree that what really matters is how much do you “CONSISTENTLY” bring in.  At the end of the year what does your deposit statement say?

For example, Melinda and I have several accounts for our business,  but there are 2 main ones that she looks at daily. (She handles the money stuff cause I’d probably screw it up, but anyway)

We have a Paypal account and an account. When I say Paypal this is not the standard Paypal account that you may be familiar with, its a business account.

We also have a Merchant accounts through our bank and we use a service called to run that.

Basically, I just wanted to show you some conservative numbers from not too long ago, this is what our little home business deposit statements looked like. $193,936.16 went into our Paypal account and $170,658.45 went into our account. So no I’m not claiming to be a gazzilionaire with the cure for cancer.

Keep in mind that this is just the money that was deposited from our own websites, that doesn’t include our Clickbank accounts, JVZoo accounts and Affiliate income from mailing offers to my list.  That alone is ANOTHER six figure per year income stream for us!

And ALSO obviously there were expenses to run the business. Even though its from the house, there are still Paypal fees, tools and software, hosting, affiliate commissions and a lot of other stuff that we outsource but at the end of the year when its all said and done we can confidently say that we averaged $30,000 per month that year. Last year was much more, and this year is panning out to be a record breaker for us!

Best part is that  this number has  increased every single year since we started! Heck, today we make in a month what we made the entire first year I went full time online! Yes my first year after that “$97 Aha moment” I went on to make $50,000! and now we do that monthly.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago I was contemplating Bankruptcy.

As a matter of fact, when the economy totally took a dump on America, I had the best financial year of my life.

I watched friends lose their jobs, their businesses, their houses and it was heart wrenching. I have friends and even family in the Real Estate business that got hit really hard when the bubble burst.

That brings me to the reason I’ve created this. If you can relate with any of the things I’ve talked about so far then YOU are the person I’ve created this solution for.

I don’t want you to give up! I want you to get to the point of making $30,000 per month like Melinda and I got to when we decided to quit our jobs. I want to help pull you out of all that “JOB” stuff and help put YOU back in the drivers seat of your life.

If I could go back in time to try and spare myself all that heartache all that money I wasted on silly Clickbank products with nice flashy sales pages,   if I could just go back and do it again, I would want to start with 3 basic things…

The exact tools.
The exact instructions.
Unlimited EXPERT support-guidance.

You see, I’m no dummy and I’m not lazy either, I always knew it would take some work.   Thing was that for me it was mostly “Guess Work” cause I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and I blindly trusted all the wrong people with the right looking sales pages.

Melinda and I have assembled what I honestly believe is

The SOLUTION To The Problem
That Most Internet Marketers Face!

In all sincerity, we set out to create the
most robust and “complete” done for you system.

A membership site where you could get everything you need under one roof.
A community where the tools are right there for you, a wide variety of pre-made products for you to chose from, pre-made websites, proven traffic systems, detailed list building and HELP.

Expert ongoing LIVE help on a weekly basis, the answers you need when you need them.
Everything in one place.

I believe that we have just created a place that will practically eliminate the barriers, and drastically shorten the learning curve. This isn’t just me talking,  the VIP clients that already have access to this thing are RAVING about it!!

We’ve Gotten Dozens Of
Testimonials From Members Already!

Here Are Just A Few:





Tim Costin

“Whether you have a business yet or not, Omar and Melinda will take you from newbie to expert in no time.”






Kevin Latmore

“Omar’s unfair advantage has taken me from good to great. I locked arms with him and now I’m getting amazing results. I created my own print magazine and he even pushed me to create my own physical dvd product.”




Bonnie Smith-Silvia

“I use to be frustrated and every product was telling me to go out and buy more stuff. Omar’s Unfair Advantage finally gave me everything I needed to gain the leverage with my online business.”







Robert Deveau

“Hey Omar, thank you for giving me a real unfair advantage.”



This website is SOOO Robust!

We initially only sold this as a $1497 High Ticket
offer from stage only at the events that I speak at.


Side note… Pictured above, I am speaking from stage at the recent JVZoo Marketing Mayhem Event in Orlando Florida. Not only was I a keynote speaker but I sold more tickets to that event than any other affiliate or vendor on the entire platform!


Trust me when I say this members area has everything you can think of. As a matter of fact, if you had to go and pay for each of these things individually it would probably cost you a fortune! I mean that.

I’m going to walk you through the contents and you can add it up for yourself.  Instead of giving you some rounded inflated “retail value” at the end lets add it up as we go on.

First of all, let me just tell you that you are going to be in heaven when you get access to this members area.  This is a TRUE community and you’re gonna be the coolest kid on the block.

EVERYTHING to run and manage your business is in ONE place that means one username and one password, not like when you buy a course and its just a bunch of links to other stuff.  You’ve got everything under one roof here.


Lets Break It Down Into 3 Categories:

Products To Sell          Traffic & List Building          Expert Guidance


Professional Information Products To Sell

The library starts with 40 products in HIGH DEMAND niches and we are adding to this library every single month. You can instantly have 40 websites making you money right inside the members area!

  • Your Own Product Library – (Value $2800) These are 40 Pre-made professional information products for you to sell. These are 40 super high quality products valued at $100 each that you now own the rights to! Just add your name and you’re an instant author.   You get the products, the PDF and editable documents, the pre-built sales website, the custom graphics and editable image files.  You can modify these as you please. YOU can even print these ebooks out and create videos to accompany the book and create your own PHYSICAL information product that you can sell as a ONE TIME OFFER of your own to your customers.  We supply all the tools to make that possible for you.
  • Product Creation Content – (Value $2000) You get 100% unlimited access to our content VAULT as long as you are a member. No one else offers something like this. In hundreds of niches, you can find OVER 20,000 pages of professionally authored content that you can compile to create your own information product right inside the members area. Download it – copy, paste – print it.    INSTANT product digital OR physical.
  • Speedy Profit Creator – (Value $297) the complete product creation video tutorial. Llearn how to make your own Professional Ecovers for free. We’ll hook you up with a server based Ecover creator software that’s so easy to use and will make your products look soooo professional. Everything from how to develop your information products to market them and even convert them into physical products.
  • Lead Magnets – (Value $1080) Products & Freebies to attract customers. You have private label rights to the content, the products, the web pages etc. That means you can use them as an attraction strategy to bring people into your sales funnel. We even provide  dozens of squeeze pages already built FOR you,  modify them however you like.




Traffic And List Building Software & Tools

You’ll be able to SATURATE the web with links back to your websites and start ranking in the search engines using these laser targeted tools.  I’ve even prepared personal videos showing you exactly how I drive traffic in my own business.


  • My PERSONAL Traffic Package – (Value $997) I’ve only ever sold with my stage presentations for $997,  this is my secret traffic and SEO secret weapon.  I’ve assembled your own PERSONAL Traffic Success Kit.  It includes a powerful library of articles for SEO back linking! I provide the Free Article Spinning software and the Semi Automatic submitting software to save you heaps of time.
    How to build THE RIGHT KIND OF LISTS. Buyer leads! (not just useless freebie seeker leads) Its so simple you’ll be amazed!
  • Buzzinar List Building System - (Value $497) The Process Map – the exact squeeze pages I use, the training videos and I’m going take it to the next level and explain how I drive not just FREE traffic but I will log in to my PPC accounts and show you my Facebook Ads, and my Microsoft Ad Center PPC ads accounts. PLUS I’ll explain exactly why advertising on Google Adwords is a “no no” for me and MANY top marketers. The Buzzinar is truly the bomb.  I took a simple Buzz thread and turned it into one of the coolest list building products EVER.
  • Media Marketing – (Value $347) This is POWERFUL and this is a huge component of your Unfair Advantage.  Your getting the pre-built MEDIA tools and software you absolutely need to totally dominate at video and audio production.  This is sooooo important to your online success. Mastering video creation in a quick and painless way.
  • Voxflair software and training system – (Value $97) Professional movie trailer style video clips that will hit your visitors between the eyeballs,  OVER 500 Professional Voice Over recordings that you can splice together as soundtracks for your videos,   60 Royalty free music background loops,  plus we’ll show you how to use the free software to make it all come together.
  • Tons of tutorial videos - (Value $97) Available for you to learn anything you want to know about audio and video production for low budget or NO budget. I’ll show you how to produce cool green screen videos, screen capture videos and even Slide Selling with power points and keynotes. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to use your videos in conjunction with Tube Mogul to drive traffic!
  • The Power Lists Page – (Value $147) You’ll learn how to leverage OTHER peoples lists to get traffic. I’ll teach you how to create solo ad campaigns and I’ll even share my personal Rolodex of Powerlist links so that you too can email HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of double optin leads for free as often as you like!
  • Total Web Traffic – (Vlue $97) Tools and tactics from guest instructor Dave Nicholson. This is awesome! There are actually over 700 tactics that you can use in this course and Dave has chosen 21 to give you specific instructions. There are so much TRAFFIC and LIST BUILDING software tools and material inside the unfair advantage that your friends are going to be begging you tell them your secrets!



LIVE Weekly Webinars + Expert Guidance And Support

This ONE single thing will make the difference between success and failure more than any other factor in your business. This is why 98% of Internet Marketers fail at making money online or building a fruitful business. Sure they may make a couple pennies here and there. BUT long term, if you’re missing the right CUSTOM TAILORED guidance you need, when you need it, you’re prone to fail.


  • Live Weekly Webinars – (Value $5096) You can login or dial in, there’s a new CURRENT topic taught every week, not old rehashed material,  fresh cutting edge stuff that’s working in my own business right now.  A new 30 – 60 minute presentation each week and then a Q&A period where you can ask about anything you want. If your stuck on anything, we use the GoToWebinar platform where you can even show me your screen and I can help you right on your computer LIVE. You can even dial in on your phone if you prefer, plus every single session is recorded for you so you can play it back in the members area whenever you want.
  • 7 & 8 Figure Earning Special guest teachers - (Value $147) We have an expert interview series in the Unfair Advantage but more importantly we have several Expert marketers each month come and teach their secrets LIVE on the weekly webinars. Learn all kinds of stuff from experts that are doing it NOW. Facebook advertising, Fanpages, Media buys, traffic generation, SEO, Keyword targeting.  You’ll be learning from the best and asking all the questions you want. These are strictly teaching sessions. Its no party line,  its a fun organized educational experience. These are like no webinar you’ve ever been on and I can’t WAIT to have you on one.
  • REAL Support – (Value $997) This is sooooo important to us and when I say “us” I mean, me and my wife Melinda. This isn’t some big corporation that’s gonna treat you like a number or a statistic. You’ll be dealing directly with Melinda and I. We are consumers just like we are business owners, we understand what its like to need help with something. We GUARANTEE You’ll Have The BEST Customer Service, And Support Experience you’ve ever had with any company period. You can call us by phone,  you can email each of us directly,  you can post a message in the members area,  you can go to our support desk.

    We  Answer You Within 24 Hours!
    Or Sometimes In Just Minutes!

  • Our Voice Mail System-  Will actually create an mp3 and text it to my phone so I can always be ahead of the curve with support for my people. We take it THAT serious! I am ALWAYS within arms reach of the internet and I am always here for you.  Remember,  you are part of the coolest group of marketers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. We have an active community of HELPFUL members that really care about each others success.
  • JV Relationships – (Value Priceless) You’ll build a support system and  that will last a life time.  You can go on to do business with other members and perhaps make millions of dollars together.   How can I put a price tag on that opportunity. You’ll never feel alone, frustrated or confused about what to do next. The Unfair Advantage Membership literally solves this problem for you.
  • The Webinar Archives - (Value $247) There’s over 1 full year of content already there waiting to be accessed by you at ANY time.My private weekly VIP coaching webinars that I’ve been doing since April of 2010 are all readily available for you… I’ve covered  every topic you can think of in detail.  PLUS, if you’d like, I’ll personally create a presentation for a webinar per your request, just drop it ion the suggestion box for me!

You’ve got a real time coach! Live weekly mentoring.  And an Interactive Internet Marketing Encyclopedia at the click of your mouse, 24 hours per day. You can even suggest webinar topics that you want to learn more about or add ideas for content in the suggestion box.

A Website With A Suggestion Box.When I say, We’ve Got It CoveredWe Really Do!



Over The Top BONUSES

We are constantly adding to this members area. It contains all my best products and software. We just won’t be beaten by any other membership site out there.


  • Free Website Graphics – (Value $147) thousands of professionally created images for you to use… not cheesy old stuff. The same exact images that I use on my sites.. I’m letting you tap into my own private stock.
  • WordPress Arsenal –  (Value $92) WordPress is king right now & everyone is using it!  I’ve put together a tool and training series for WordPress like you’ve never seen.  The Unfair Advantage site itself is built on wordpress!  We’ll tech you the Optimize Press theme and all the coolest plugins to use.
  • Are you a Beginner? – (Value $347) We have the most robust, step by step and easy to follow beginners section I’ve ever seen in any Internet Marketing product. You’ll be taken by the hand and guided by me in brand new never seen before Internet Selling For Newbies training. These also serve as a great refresher for experienced marketers to revisit early methods or skills.
  • Step by Step Training Videos – (Value Priceless) This is literally a library of hundreds of training videos,  including Classroom Style Training where I’m literally standing in front of a whiteboard like your college professor.  Also,  Screen Capture Videos as well like the “5 minute answer” videos.   You truly have an upper hand if  you ever need to review something or learn a new tactic. There are hundreds of videos at your finger tips in the members area.

Just Added..

250Easy Video Solutions

Using video is important. We teach you
how to do it the right way. Learn how to create
a script, how to use your video properly, the types of
videos, how to create the videos and much more.

wpabmulti5WP-Affiliate Builder

We teach you how to attract JV’s and launch
your products. We don’t stop there. We teach
you how to build your JV blog, the do’s and don’ts
of recruiting the right partners, and more..

Melinda and I are 200% certain that you’re going to love Your Unfair Advantage membership. Take It On A Test Drive for 30 Days!  Login as often as you like, use all the tools, watch the videos.  Look around, talk to other members and make yourself at home.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

e!  If you don’t want to remain a member after 30 days. Just let us know and we will INSTANTLY refund you.  We won’t try to resell you, we wont make you prove that you tried any of the steps. If you want out then guess what?  You get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Complete Refund 30 days. Period.

Unlike any other type of business investment out there, with Your Unfair Advantage membership there is truly NO RISK.  We know that people can join take all our stuff use it to make money and then ask for a refund. Well, that’s a risk that WE take. But I am willing to shoulder that responsibility because I don’t think you’re that kind of person and I believe you’ll love the members area so much that you’ll remain a member forever!

Look, The REAL VALUE of this is actually MORE than $19,432.  We added it up along side each of the main components above as we listed them.

Maybe if you were to price it yourself you’d come up with a couple grand more or a couple grand less,  but the question we faced was actually, “How much can this realistically sell for ??” Literally a fully stocked PROVEN business in a BOX, with all the tools, and the help you need.

If you wanted to start a traditional business how much would it cost you?
You’d have to lease a store front or an office, buy inventory, hire people. You’d probably have to take out a business loan for tens of thousands of dollars.

My dad ran a grocery store or as we called them in New York, a “Bodega” for 35 years.  What a nightmare.  I’m no stranger to brick and mortar businesses and the costs they involve.  Plus there is NO guarantees with that sort of a business..  You are risking it ALL, your money, your time, your life and possibly getting in debt forever!  Maybe even more than tens of thousands.

Even if you try to open a more
“solid” business like a franchise type of store…

Perhaps a “Subway” restaurant shop (lets not even say an expensive one like McDonald’s),  you’d have to dish out $15,000 right up front and the initial investment would cost you between $80,000 and $240,000 to start a business that MAY or may not work. Plus you’d need to have immaculate credit.  I don’t know about you but that’s a rare commodity for Americans these days.

What if you went the other route I tried, you know,  the whole “go to college and get a good job” ideology.   Yeah right!  I’ve been there done that,  got the degree and a nice cozy spot on the unemployment line after a $280,000.00 combined tuition between college and grad school.

Not to mention the 6 YEARS of eating Ramen noodles it took me to get to that unemployment line.  But hey, I’ve got some really cool looking certifications in the closet somewhere.

A PROVEN Internet Business System With
The Working Parts Already “Done For You”
Real LIVE EXPERT Guidance Is The Way To Go!

It would be a very wise investment if you were to pay $10,000 for such a chance.

I sure would. It’s a no brainer.   BUT I just didn’t have that kind of money. I mean, If I could afford that price I probably wouldn’t need the product cause I was already doing well.

Some people may be able to borrow that or get a loan if they were truly motivated but who’s got the credit? I sure didn’t.

Melinda and I agreed that if this membership site was truly going to be an Unfair Advantage as we were calling it then the price had to be reasonable. Yes $10,000 is reasonable BUT it’s out of reach to those who need it most.

We decided that if we were going to sell this from stage
with a 90 minute presentation at High Ticket events then

We should charge at least $1,497 because its just that valuable.

But a few lucky people will NOT have to pay $1,497 or even $997

As a matter of fact, right when we were wrapping up the site we reached out to the top internet marketers we know for some advice on pricing and positioning. Weirdly, they all pretty much said practically the same thing.

“Sell it by webinars for $997.”  There seems to be that trend going around right now since webinars are converting so well.  As a matter of fact the “guru’s” we showed it to for advice are STILL hounding us to put on a webinar so they can send some traffic to it and make bank!

Obviously its a steal but don’t worry
YOU’RE not EVEN going to pay $997.

Melinda and I really want to give you the upper hand, and frankly we didn’t want to wait till we have a webinar created, and set all that up. We really just want to open the doors so for a limited time, right now, until we create the webinar.  So You’re getting ALL of this,  A LIFETIME membership To The Unfair advantage with all the VIP perks and products for the low price of…


Or One Low Payment Of Only $297 For Life

Simply put, that is just the cherry on top of the perfect ice cream sundae.

If you’d prefer to just try it out month to month, we’ll give you an option of paying $37 per month. But think about it… $37 may be a really low price but times 12 months that’s $444.00 So we’re saving you a MASSIVE 57% off of our already ridiculous low price if you act today.


GET My Unfair Advantage by Omar Martin

Keep in mind that this is a super low price that we ARE definitely taking down shortly this is a limited time special since you were referred by one of our JV partners. This membership sells for $497 per year but you are getting it today for only $297.

That’s a one time payment of 297 with NOTHING ELSE TO PAY… EVER.


There is no pressure. There are no annoying upsells, You have 30 days to check it all out.

It’s time you stop fumbling around trying to do it all yourself.
It’s time to stop wasting your money on all those silly “gazillionaire auto traffic instant riches with 3 clicks” Clickbank launches that happen every other day. Those things are a joke.  Just stop. Where has it gotten you?

Trust me, I’ve been there, I know how you feel, I know its been hard that’s why I’m extending my hand to you right now. I want to bring you into a community of good people. SUCCESSFUL marketers.

Melinda and I are about to give you  the BEST possible customer experience you’ve ever had. We will truly treat you like a VIP,  the way it should be. If you know anything about us, you know that we are the creators of a platform that thousands of marketers use to establish trust.

Ethical business is what we pride ourselves on. We want you to be happy. We want you to make money. Lets do this, select your plan now, we look forward to talking with you inside.

Start your 30 day trial now. See you inside!

30 Day Personal Guarantee

Take it on a test drive for a full 30 days. All the risk is on us. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason what-so-ever, We will promptly return every penny, no questions asked. You have my word.

Omar & Melinda Martin
Higher Level Strategies, Inc

GET My Unfair Advantage by Omar Martin




Feb 20 2015

Path To Online Marketing Success – INFOGRAPHIC

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community –

    Check Out These Special Offers

  • SSS Massive Traffic Package Special Massive Traffic Package Special - If you need traffic for any of your online ventures then look no further than this. With this package you get all the traffic training you will ever need.
  • TPF - Flying Twitter Bird Script - 3 Bird Pack
  • Instant Video Blogger - Gold All the videos from the silver level plus how to make killer video with iPhone and iPad apps.How to edit video, photos, screen shots. How to add titles in lower 3rd of videos. How to frame the talking head shots. 40 tracks of royalty free music
  • Uber Graphics Pack 1 Month A huge range of top quality graphics professionally designed each and every month!
Feb 19 2015

Bullet Viral Traffic – Special Offer

“Discover How This Site Got 253 Visitors Per Day Instantly On FULL Autopilot…”
Use viral content on both your web site and social channel to bring huge traffic.
Runs in fully automatic mode or with a manual post curation option.
Viral content posted to Facebook and Twitter get crazy Shares and Likes.
Running in 3 MINUTES
Build a complete site with content almost instantly – all with zero coding.
Hi there. Justin Anderson here…

It all began in January when I read a Business Insider article about the massive success of Viral Nova.

As I researched it more, I learned why the owner of Viral Nova tried to stay below the radar…

– Zero to 100,000,000 visitors in 7 months.
– $400,000/month in AdSense.
– Just one guy and two assistants running it all.
– He used the content to build several 500,000 Like Facebook pages.

This is insane!

I wanted in BAD! How hard could it be, right?

I enlisted a buddy to begin my own world domination. He spent 60+ hour weeks writing content. Top 37 Places to See Before You Die. 17 Ugliest Babies. You know the stories… Hours and hours, every day, writing content.

And the site didn’t see success.

That’s when I stepped back and asked myself “Why am I doing this?”. I build software for a living… Why can’t I automate it??

So I met my top developer at a local deli and drew up my plan on a napkin. (We all know that million dollar business ideas come on napkins!)

“Yeah, I can do that”, he said.

“Let’s get to work on Monday”. I was excited.

For the next few weeks, he was sucked into building my machine of world domination. Heads down, only talking to me to ask questions and grab another Red Bull. After 178 hours of development, we had our first beta version.

It needed more automation. It needed more viral content. It needed integration with Facebook and Twitter. So back he went and got those added.

I next enlisted some heavy hitter beta testers and they LOVED the system. One tester named J.R. had been trying to roll his own viral site for at least 6 months, spending over $50,000 on time, content, and tech. He was literally crying over Skype when he could accomplish a week of work in less than 5 minutes a week by using my system.

Another tester even tried to bribe me to keep it private. Hah!

So now it’s time. Let me tell you a bit about my new baby named Bullet Viral Traffic.

So We All Know There Are 3 Ways To Get Traffic…

Paid Ads
Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or any other network that you have to pay money for traffic.

Real people sharing and engaging with your content both on your web site and on Facebook/Twitter/etc.

Link building and on-page optimization that can earn you penalties from Google.
Of course SOCIAL is the one I prefer the most…

The reason I like it the most is because right now it’s completely untapped. And it’s the only way for things to “go viral”.

“Viral” is a marketing channel that brings in life-changing traffic AND profits.

I’ve personally worked in the “traffic-getting industry” for years – so I’ve seen it all. And I’ve NEVER seen a method generate more traffic than “viral traffic”.

Viral traffic is one of the best methods, if not THE best out there.

Viral Is PROVEN To Bring Millions Of Visitors AND Dollars

We all see viral content every day, but we generally don’t realize how it isliterally everywhere. From our Facebook feeds to blogs we read, the content is there sucking in our clicks and Likes and Shares.

And viral success stories are all over the web. Massive investment money, huge profitability, and traffic so nuts it melts servers.

Take a look at some of these success stories below that show how a viral site can come from nowhere to the top in a matter of months. And of course imagine what it’d be like to build your own viral empire!

6,500,000 daily visitors
Received $40,000,000 from investors
Alexa US #19
213% growth (23 to 72 million monthly)
10,500,000 daily visitors
$60,000,000 in revenue in 2013
Received $96,000,000 from investors
Alexa US #40
250% growth (4 to 14 million visitors)
2,700,000 daily visitors
Alexa US #238
Sold for $4,200,000 in 2013
1,400,000 monthly visitors
Alexa US #1584
Received $7,000,000 from investors
1,800,000 daily visitors
Alexa US #807
Millions in AdSense revenue
2,000,000 daily visitors
$400,000 in just one month
Alexa US #324
So… Exactly How Amazing Are The Results?
One Tester (J.R.) Absolutely Loves This Solution!

His blog continues to grow and is now getting THOUSANDS of visitors.

He no longer has to spend 40 to 60 hours per week writing content that he HOPES will go viral.

Instead, spends just a few minutes handpicking the viral content that goes on his site.

People are sharing his content like crazy.

The viral effect is definitely there now.

So, of course, he’s happy as a clam.

And this is just one successful case study of many. Our beta testers are all extremely happy with the results they’re getting.

Bullet Viral Traffic Removes The Learning Curve And Makes Generating Content Downright EASY.

After Months And Months Of Hard Work, The ULTIMATE Automated Viral Solution Has Arrived


I’m proud to say, we came up with a solution that will not only bring an absolute flood of visitors, but will also bring asnowballing viral effect

You see, once you use viral content you see an instant traffic spike.

But you continue getting a stream of traffic to your web site and shares on your social channels as the story echos around the internet.

Check out our FIRST test to the right…
–   Brand new site (zero posts) hooked up to abandoned Facebook pages
–   Up and running in under 3 minutes
–   253 visitors the VERY FIRST DAY and dozens of Shares and Likes
–   Continued traffic for days after

Bullet Viral Traffic is the first and only product that spikes traffic on both your web site and your social accounts.

Even with all this power, Bullet Viral Traffic is amazingly easy to get running. Take the next 2 Minutes 23 Seconds to see for yourself how simple it is to add viral power to your site.
Imagine the massive leverage you will have!

Imagine setting up your own viral site in less than 3 minutes… (and again and again!)

Imagine seeing your Facebook Likes and Shares growing on autopilot with your site traffic…

Imagine logging into your Google Analytics account and seeing a STEEP SPIKE in traffic…
That’s all possible with this powerful tool at your side. With Bullet Viral Traffic you can now…
  • Build your very own FULL viral site in under 3 minutes
  • Grow Facebook Likes and Shares using HOT viral web content
  • Grow your web site and traffic rapidly from 100% VIRAL content
But Don’t Take My Word For It That This Software Is Awesome
See What Some Of Our Beta Testers Had To Say
I’ve seen the power of viral and wanted to get in the game. After installing this plugin and tweaking one of the themes to make it my own, I now get dozens of shares and visitors on just about every post. It’s crazy how fast traffic has grown to both my Facebook page AND viral web site.

Garish W

I started my own viral site about 6 months ago and spent an average of 45 hours per week curating content. While some posts have gone viral, I just wasn’t making the money I needed. After installing the plugin, I now do 7 days of ‘curated’ viral posting in under 10 minutes. Absolute GAME CHANGER!


I have a couple of abandoned Facebook pages and didn’t know what to do with them. I hooked up my NEW viral site to these pages and had 253 site visitors the first day as well as dozens of new shares and likes. Insane how easy it was to get free traffic with just 5 minutes worth of work.

Jerome 007

After ONE DAY of using this on a dead Facebook page and a brand new site…
253 Visitors . 783 Page Views . 12 Facebook Shares . 17 Facebook Likes
What Makes Bullet Viral Traffic So Powerful?
With This Stunningly Clever WordPress Plugin You’ll Be Able To:
Automatically find and post viral content
multiple times a day so you can relax while your website works for you.
Automate integration between Facebook and Twitter
and your web site so all your marketing channels grow each other at the same time.
Automatically generate TARGETED content
add both general AND niche focused so your audience begs for more. (Or choose to manually curate your content for full control)
Collect and build your email lists
so you can keep growing that cash making engine.
Grab mobile users with your own completely responsive mobile viral site
so half your audience isn’t left behind.
Monetize traffic in any way you wish
with easy integration of CPA and affiliate offers, sponsored posts, AdWords and much more.
What Do You Get With Bullet Viral Traffic?
The Bullet Viral Traffic WordPress Plugin Software
Amazingly powerful site builder that that allows you to crank out automated sites in less than 3 minutes. (VALUE: $97)
Five Powerful Viral Data Sources
Post click-inducing content from five of the leading viral sites including BuzzFeed and Viral Nova. (VALUE: $97)
Automated Content Curation
A “push-button solution” for curating unlimited amounts of content without having to hire an expensive team of writers. Includes ALL the archives of their proven quality posts.
(VALUE: $997/month)


And if you order today, we’ll also throw in these four fast-action bonuses:

Viral Marketing 101 Training
A detailed training document that outlines the three pillars for viral success – virality, traffic, and monetization – and how you can use them to ensure your success. (VALUE: $97)
THE Original Viral Nova Theme
We’re including our interpretation of the original Viral Nova theme. Start out with a battle-tested design.(VALUE: $137)
Top 50 Viral Posts of 2014
The three pillars of viral success are virality, traffic, and monetization. This ebook outlines all of the steps necessary for any viral marketing effort to succeed.(VALUE: $37)
Top Imgur Posts of 2014

Take a look at the top Imgur links of 2014. Do people like historical photos? Funny animals? How-to sequences? Open up this report to find out exactly what people like to Share and comment on!(VALUE: $17)


But you won’t pay anywhere near that here. Right now (while our introductory pricing is going on), you can grab Bullet Viral Traffic for 93% OFF using the Purchase Now button below.

Bullet Viral Traffic - Special OfferLet me ask you real quick…
If the answer is “yes” to ANY of these questions, then don’t wait to pick this up.
  • Do you want INSANE amounts of viral traffic hitting your site?
  • Do you want to line your pockets with more of the green stuff?
  • Do you want to get your Facebook page to be #1 in your niche?
  • Do you want to see STEEP inclines of traffic hitting your site?
Look at the timer above – this offer won’t be available for very long…
I’m 100% confident that you will LOVE getting a whole new level of viral traffic to your sites with Bullet Viral Traffic! But if you don’t… I’m offering a full 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee!
You don’t even have to give me a reason to get your money back. Literally ALL the risk is on me. It’s up to me to prove to you that what I’ve said is true.Click the “Buy Now” button above and let’s get a stampede of viral traffic coming your way.

To your success,

Justin Anderson

P.S. – Most people know that viral is the way to go but they’re just not doing anything about it. And I guess the main question to ask is this: How much longer will EASY viral traffic like this be around? It is so WHITE HOT and RIPE for the picking right NOW. Those that take advantage of this will see what I mean ;)

P.P.S. – Remember that Bullet Viral Traffic can build a viral site for you in less than 3 minutes! You could be up and running and getting traffic to your newly created site as early as TODAY.

And with my 30 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose here and so many traffic spikes to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for this amazing software?

All you need is a standard WordPress site with PHP 5.3 or newer and administrative rights on the blog so you can install the plugin. There is no need for ioncube, curl, or any other third party components that some hosting companies disallow.

Can I use this powerful plugin on my existing site? Or do I need a special theme?

Yes! You can use this plugin on ANY site as it pulls in the powerful viral posts and loads them into your WordPress as posts. You may want to tweak your theme to make it even better looking or use the included theme to get you up and running. We do have a powerful upgrade option that includes three proven viral themes if you want to hit the ground running…

Are there any hidden monthly fees or limitations?

There are no hidden fees or surprises! For launch, we’re offering this amazing system as a “one time purchase” and plan on changing over to a monthly service in the future. So jump in and get your sites running without the worry of getting surprise hosting or service charges in a month or two.

How can I use this amazing system to make money?

Just use your imagination! Once you build your site and hook up the social accounts, your traffic to both your site and social will grow. Once you have traffic you can monetize in any number of ways: AdSense, site flipping, affiliate offers, listing building, etc. Have fun with it!
Feb 19 2015 Membership With 30 day Trial

Exactly What You Get Every Month?


You’ll get a BRAND NEW, High quality & huge “business in a box” with complete PLR each & every month on really HOT IM topics/Niches.

You just pack them up & sell as your own.


When you subscribe for our membership TODAY, You will get My “Facebook Business In a BOX” which I sell for $97 for FREE !

You will get access to Monthly launched product after 1 month completion.

(Special thanks for Being Our Valued Member)


As you are on this page, You already have seen one of our ” Business in a box” Packages (Main Offer + Pro Edition...) Right?


BUT I am explaining you again with another HQ, “Facebook Business in a Box” package details to clear exactly what you’ll get each & every month what you’ll get in this Package! 


  1.  Facebook Business in a Box” (Basic edition- Valued at $2400):   Checkout what you was getting with it Here!


All 11 modules will be Included:

Module #1: Training Guide (Valued at $600)
Module #2: Cheat-Sheet (Valued at $50)
Module #3: Mind-Map (Valued at $50)
Module #4: Professional Mini-site (Valued at $300)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $400)
Module #6: 3 Promotional Swipe Emails (Valued at $100)
Module #7: 8 Animated Banners (Valued at $80)
Module #8: Complete set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $150)
Module #9: How to set up everything Video (Valued at $100)
Module #10: Top Resources Report (Valued at $50)
Fast Action Bonus: Special Report (Valued at $200)


  2 . Facebook Business in a Box” (Pro Upgrade- Valued at $2000):

Let me show you in detail, what’s included in Pro-Edition?




GET Membership With 30 day Trial

GET Membership With 30 day Trial

Feb 19 2015

Youzign – Revolutionary New Graphics Software

Revolutionary New Graphics Software Creates Amazing Facebook Covers, Video Graphics, Flyers, Infographics, Business Cards, Youtube Channel Art, Banners, Headers And More, With No Photoshop And Nothing To Download Or Install.

Limited offer: lifetime license plus free developer rights!

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Here Is What REAL People Say About Youzign

Lorraine GaultYouzign helps me so much in my businessit’s so fast to create fantastic looking banners and creatind social media graphics is a breeze, everyone asks me what I use to make them look so professional, it’s so enjoyable to use that Youzign is now my favourite graphic creation tool and I no longer use Photoshop. All my clients love the designsthat it allows me to create. Youzign Rocks!”

Martin McVeighBefore Youzign I was using several graphic softwares to get different effects like cropping an image in one then downloading it to another for an opacity effect. I think a lot of people will know what I am talking about. Not anymore Youzign has changed everything. It’s all there no more messing around with complicated software and hoping for the best. Youzign brings it all together. It’s point and click easy to use with no real learning curve you can be making great designs in no time.”

Jason Weber“In my business, time is money, and Youzign helps me create backgrounds and banners for all of my social media outlets for all of my clients within minutes.
Juxtapose this with Photoshop, which would take me a good half hour to hour, and the design quality wouldn’t up-to-par with Youzign standards.

This brings me to my second point: quality.I still have yet to explore all of the options Youzign offers, but the simple point-and-click options make things easy for even the most graphically-challenged, such as myself. The pre-designed patterns, objects, backgrounds, items, and more make this truly a point-and-click operation, which is precisely what I need.

Youzign is far more efficient than Photoshop, which is not only a CPU resource-hog, but can be cumbersome and tedious, without pre-designed options and up-to-date social media formats as well as proper image sizes.”

Irfan U. Khan“We are a web design agency and up until now, I have been using Photoshop to do all FB and Twitter covers for my clients’ facebook and twitter cover photos.
The big pain was that I always forgot the dimensions of facebook and twitter headers and had to Google it every time I had to build a cover. On top of that, Facebook and Twitter have every now and then changed the dimensions so that aggravated the problem even more.
Then once I design the cover, I used to upload it on FB/ Twitter to find out that the profile picture was covering some text. Ahhhhhh….Youzign changes the game for me.
I don’t need to remember the dimensions, Youzign does that for me! And with one click I can preview exactly how the design would look on FB/ Twitter, that absolutely solves my problem.”

Mark Stockdale“I haven’t been on here for a while, but I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a fantastic job with Youzign. My wife and I are part of a network marketing company. I’ve used Youzign to create several different promotional type items over the past few months. It’s my go to design/graphic software.

R. Steven Thomson“I had tried a number of versions of software, including explaindio, videomakerfx, and photoshop. Up until I got my hands on Youzign, though, I wasn’t satisfied at all.

Finally …an exact size (no need to reposition image and make dozens of tweeks back and forth to get stuff to line up. I actually had fun instead of being frustrated and cursing like I did with previous software.


Fed up with Photoshop, Slow Designers And Outsourcers?

Time To Put The Power Of Creating Stunning Graphics
Right Back Where It Belongs – In YOUR Hands.

70% of consumers don’t trust bad design

I’m sure you already know that the graphics you use determine the way your potential customers perceive your business.

A Basekit study showed that 70% of consumers don’t trust websites with bad designs.

In fact, you probably experienced that feeling too when you were drawn to buy something, simply because the design was amazing. Check out Apple for example – people get excited about their packaging never mind the product!

Simply put: good design inspires trust, bad graphics inspire distrust.

The trouble is, creating graphics to a high-standard is extremely difficult.

  • First, you need Photoshop (which costs about $300 a year) and then you need to spend months (if not years) learning it
  • Second, you need to figure out what the freaking image dimensions are for all of the designs you create (trust me, this is a feat by itself).
  • And finally you need to come up with designs that don’t totally discredit your business, unless you can afford to hire a pricey designer…

We are about to make it simple for you

Where does that leave you? You could always go scouring the internet and search for a designer, drop a few $100 (or a few $1000) for graphics and wait for a couple weeks for them to be completed.

But that is expensive, time-consuming and a pain. It sucks. Wouldn’t you love to take control of this yourself? Of course you would…

Well now you can. We are putting the power to create, awesome stunning marketing graphics right back where it belongs – in YOUR hands.

Introducing Youzign, The Universal Designer

You dreamed of it, we made it happen

Youzign brings together all your design needs in one single interface

For Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Create Facebook covers, Twitter covers and Youtube channel arts in seconds with Youzign.

This is a great way to promote your brand on social media, or you can use this feature to sell these services to clients. And that’s not all, we are about to add Google+, Instagram and Pinterest plus loads more.

And because the Youzign team is constantly keeping track of the latest evolution in social media marketing, you’ll never have to search for dimensions on Google ever again. We take care of that.

For videos and slideshows

Video is hot.There’s no better way to connect with your audience and stand out in front of your customers. Youzign lets you create video graphics such as lower-thirds which can be used for Google Hangouts or any camera-facing videos.

Some of our customers also use Youzign to create Powerpoint-like slides and video sales letter graphics for their videos.

And since Youzign only uses vector graphics which can scale beautifully, your graphics always look crisp on video.

For print and offline marketing

Youzign gives you the ability to create print materials such as flyers, business cards, loyalty cards and more. It outputs high quality PNG files in RGB mode – 100% print ready, no messing with techie formatting stuff.

The image on the right is a screenshot of some Youzign designs that we printed at a local printer ( a business card front and back and a postal card). They look slick, right?

This is a perfect way to reach more customers in the physical world or offer innovative services to small businesses like restaurants or other local shops. Youzign can turn you into a 1-person design business!

For Kindle authors

No more worrying about formatting, pixels and the likes: Youzign keeps track of Amazon cover guidelines so that you don’t have to think about it. Simply start designing, export your image as a jpg and add it to your Kindle books.

Several of our customers have been successfully publishing Youzign designed eBook cover designs on Kindle.

For Bloggers And Infographics

Need to create infographics, memes or even quote images? Youzign lets you do that the easy way. These are a great way to drive viral traffic to your website and increase authority.

Or maybe you need to find out a quick copyright-free image to make your post stand out? Simply fire the Pixabay integration and get access to over 300,000 copyright free images right inside the Youzign dashboard.

And with Youzign for WordPress plugin, it only takes one-click to integrate your Youzign designs to your WordPress posts and pages.

The universal designer, Youzign works for everyone

Since Youzign allows you set custom sizes for your own designs, you can virtually design anything. This include but is not limited to:

– web banners (rectangle, leaderboards, etc)

– sales pages for your website or forums

– buttons, call-to-actions, guarantee boxes

– postcard and invite cards

– website and application mockups

– and more. With Youzign the sky is truly the limit.

The  Technology You Need. When You Need It.

Background removal, Instagram-like filters, Over 745,000 Graphics And More…

Simple, Fast And Powerful Interface

Youzign brings you the most efficient technologies for designing in a extremely simple interface.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Access all your designs online, from any computer via your Youzign dashboard. You may also preview your designs from the Youzign mobile site -perfect for previewing designs for a client or sharing ideas.

One-stop image library: 750,000+!

Never be stuck for images to add to your designs. We have directly integrated with pixabay and iconfinder to put 750,000+ free images right at your fingertips.

Just enter your search terms and youzign goes off and finds all the images you need. One click, and the image is added right there to your canvas.

You can edit it, add filters, crop it, remove the background….whatever you need! This unrivalled flexibility makes youzign the answer solution, no matter what your design needs.

Complete WordPress Integration

With millions and millions of websites running of wordpress, we know this great framework is the beating heart of the internet.

For marketers, wordpress is an essential tool offering a lot of convenience and saved time. For this reason, we built 100% integration between your wordpress site and your youzign account with the Youzign Plugin.

Now your youzign images can be added right inside WP content in seconds with a few clicks…..and this great plugin is included in your purchase, it won’t cost you a cent more!

Mobile Version

If you are out on the move and need quick access to Youzign, the Youzign mobile site is there for you!

This is perfect if you need to show off your design to a client or one of your partners.

Access, preview and download your designs (read-only) from any mobile devices with an internet connection.

Instant Image Cropping

Upload your own images to Youzign and crop them from right inside the software.

Customize graphics instantly

Our unique coloring options lets you edit the colors of any of the built-in graphics to match your brand.

Instant Background Removal

Remove backgrounds from any image in seconds thanks to our integrated background removal tool.

Instagram-Like Filters

Add beautiful image filter effects such as black and white, vignette, polaroid sepia and more.

One-Click Preview: See Your Designs The Way They Will Look

Preview your designs as they would look on Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, etc.. You can even generate realistic 3D preview of your flyers and business cards. The images above are actual preview 100% generated with Youzign.

What People Say

  • Unlimited undo history

    Made a mistake? Fear not, undo and redo any actions from the software interface.

  • 100% Customizable

    Choose from 10 pre-made formats or enter your own custom size. Youzign allows you to design anything, from stamps to posters.

  • WYSIWYG editing

    Simply click, drag, drop, edit and see your changes
    in real time.

  • Asset Library

    Upload your own images and save them directly inside Youzign, so that you can access them anytime in the future.

  • One click image sharing

    Share your designs on Facebook and Twitter from the Youzign dashboard or with your clients from your own custom share URL.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Access, preview and download your designs from any mobile devices with an internet connection

  • Auto Saving

    Lost your internet connection or closed your browser accidentally? You’ll be able to retrieve your entire design thanks to the auto-save feature

  • Chrome Plugin

    Using Chrome? Download the Youzign Chrome plugin for one-click access to Youzign on the go from the Chrome browser

  • New formats added

    While Youzign currently offers 10 pre-made formats (and custom sizes) our objective for the end of the year is to have 100 formats already done for you, including tee-shirts, Google+ headers and more

  • Use Your Own Fonts

    Youzign is preloaded with a ton of open source fonts, and you can also access the fonts you have installed on your desktop (system fonts).

  • Transparent Backgrounds

    Need to add one of your design to a colored background? Simple save any of your designs in Youzign as a transparent PNG.

  • Advanced editing

    Keyboard shortcuts, move to front, move to back, center, flip and lock layers, duplicate and opacity control are some of the editing tools that makes Youzign a fully featured graphic software.

  • Dedicated Team

    Youzign is developed by YMB Properties, a company of 15 staff. We have been developing Youzign for more than a year and in business since 2011. We are here to stay.

  • Amazon S3 Integration

    All your files are safely stored on Amazon S3 servers and backed up daily, so you can be ensured that your designs are safe.

  • Fanatic Support

    We love our customers! Contact us via email (average response time 7 hours), phone, live chat or the helpdesk, we’re here to help!

Get Instant Access To Youzign

30 Days 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

You are only a few seconds away from having the full power of Youzign right at your fingertips.

Just click on the buy button below and as soon as you make your purchase you will have instant access – there is nothing to download, nothing to install and nothing to confuse you. Your purchase is back by our 100% money back guarantee too, so if within 30 days Youzign has not become your go-to design software, simply let us know and we’ll send you every one of your pennies back. It’s simple, easy and 100% secure.

Limited offer: lifetime license plus free developer rights!

Note: This is a time-limited offer, hurry to secure your copy of this amazing product at the lowest price possible. We reserve the rights to increase the above fee at any point so act fact to avoid any disappointments.

Brought to you by

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I need to install this or do I access it online?

    Youzign is a web application so it works 100% online, there is nothing to download or install. You can access it from any browsers with an internet connection.

  • q-iconCan you upload your own images and logos into the software?

    Yes you can upload your own images, JPGs, GIFs and PNGs. Youzign outputs high resolution PNG images in RGB format (suitable for the web and printing).

  • q-iconIs this 100% risk-free?

    Yes! You are backed by our 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. We stand 100% behind our product so we are very confident you will love it : )

  • q-iconHow do I get support?

    Simply email and we’ll reply back within a few ours, or find out more ways to get support.

Get Youzign



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Feb 17 2015

ValueAddon is LIVE

11,560 Customers Have Made The Switch.

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No Restrictions

No Limitations

White Label Rights

Discount Pricing Ends in…

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Get ValueAddon

Still Mucking Around With Kajabi + WordPress + Wishlist + SitemanPro?

Create and Sell Online Courses and Build Beautiful Membership Sites Within Minutes!


Step 1: Add Content

Simply upload your content into ValueAddon. We’ll host your files and videos for No Additional Charge.


Step 2: Set Price

Use our built-in shopping cart to set and configure your pricing options. No Complicated Integrations needed.


Step 3: Launch Website

Publish sales page, membership website, make money and let your membership run on auto-pilot!

Some CRMs and Email Providers we integrate with:


The Worlds Easiest Membership Platform

See why all of the top marketers have already made the switch to ValueAddon’s innovative technology that is being called a disruptor in the industry.


Just Look At Our Amazing Features…

ValueAddon Admin Features !


Member Management

Easily manage all your members in one place. Create new or edit existing customers.


Multimedia Content Engine

Easily upload almost any file type and our system will encode it (if needed) to make sure it works across ALL platforms like iphones, tablets, android, desktops and more.


Create Coupons/Offers

Create an unlimited amount of customized coupons for things like creating 7 day trials, monthly trials or giving special people free accounts.


Configure Pricing

Our built in payment processor will allow you to create multiple payments options that can be displayed to the user on checkout. For example: monthly, yearly, or one time payment options.


Dynamic Q&A Tool

Allow your membership users to send in their best questions while you answer them in either text or audio format.


Done-For-You Sales Page

Our included sales page tool will automatically create a converting sales page for your new membership site in seconds!


Time Release Content

Don’t give away ALL your content at once. Slowly release your content by publishing it on a future date.


Enable Social Sharing

Make your content go viral by enabling your users to share your content on social sites like Facebook Twitter, and Linkedin.


Advanced Sales Reporting

View advanced sales reports complete with graphs, charts, and more!


Customize Look and Feel

Customize your membership site with your own logos, colors, backgrounds, video pre-loaders and more.


Header scripts allowed

Add custom scripts like website analytics, tracking pixels, re-targeting code, or anything else into your membership with ease.


…And more

More features are being added monthly. Login to your membership site to see what’s new.

ValueAddon Member [Front-End] Features !


Converting Sales Page

Visitors who aren’t current members of your membership site will see a wonderful sales page showcasing all your great content. This was built to convert and it works!


Beautiful Members Area

Say goodbye to lifeless and ugly content. Once your content is uploaded into ValueAddon, it becomes more valuable and looks amazing.


Course Completion Tracking

Now your membership users can track their progress while they soak up your online content. This boosts engagement and increases customer lifespan.


Ask The Expert

Allow your membership users to engage and ask questions with YOU directly by using our unique Q&A tool. Your users will LOVE this.


Manage Order Details

Our payment management tool gives your users the ability to update their cc, one-click cancel, and submit refund requests directly from their control panel without any help needed from you. This lowers support tickets by 67%.


Downloadable Content

If you enable content downloads, your membership users will be able to download your content directly to their hard drive for offline playing.


Note Taking

Your membership users will be able to take and save notes directly on each content page that they can refer back to anytime they want.


Searchable Tags

Help your membership users find what they’re looking for by tagging all your content.


Support Automation

ValueAddon comes standard with an optional built-in contact form. You can also direct responses to an outside helpdesk URL.


Drip Content

You can release content slowly with our drip settings. Drip individual lessons or entire courses over any period of time.


FaceBook Group Sync

Create  a FaceBook group and sync your members into the group. When a member cancels or expires, they will be automatically removed from then group. 100% automated.


Affiliate Program Support

Run your own affiliate program/referral program with our JVZoo integration.

Success Stories, Case Studies & Testimonials

See How Real Customers Profit and Use ValueAddon For Membership Sites


Kris Dehnert


Nick Hansinger




Kenn Renner

Our Featured Users Include Folks Like…


Want to See How ValueAddon Can Help Your Business?

Watch The Full Demo Below! “How To Create a Membership Website in 10 minutes”

Demo: 5 Minute Site Build

*Many features were not shown in this video. This demo video was just a “small taste” of what can be done very FAST. Your followers will LOVE this tool! Skip to 5:50 in the video to see the completed membership site.

Demo: Inside Members Area

Here’s a complete look INSIDE the members area showing off all the advanced features Value Addon comes with. No membership platform offers all these features… PERIOD!

Comes With A Sales Page Creator

See How Real Customers Profit and Use ValueAddon For Membership Sites


Built-in Shopping Cart +
Merchant Account Included

Value Addon has  a robust shopping cart built-in + we also offer a free merchant account (auto approval) with every membership site you create in addition to our other payment providers that we integrate with.

Sales Page Included

Just fill in the blanks and in seconds, you’ll have a great looking sales page ready to accept orders. Or, use your own custom sales page. It’s up to you!


Fully Scalable

Each membership is hosted on the cloud using the advanced power of Amazon S3. This is the exact same scalable hosting technology that BIG companies like Pinterest, Foursquare, Netflix, and Spotify use.  Rest assured that your membership site will load fast and be scalable no matter how members join your site.

Free LifeTime Updates

Since ValueAddon is hosted in the “cloud” and maintained by our amazing programmers, your membership will always get the latest and improved features installed automatically without ANY additional work from you. We handle ALL the technology so you can focus on marketing and making money.


Secure and Private

When ValueAddon was developed, security was the top priority. We’re proud to offer custom membership solutions that will keep your content protected and safe. This means that people will not be allowed to access your membership content if they have not paid for it.



11,560 Customers Have Made The Switch.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% ON-FIRE and Totally Jazzed, if you are even the slightest bit under-whelmed, if for any reason you decide you aren’t completely satisfied, just email ValueAddon within the first 30 days and We’ll refund your first month’s fees. And you won’t be charged another dime after that! No Questions Asked!

This Is The Personal ValueAddon Guarantee To You


Even More Testimonials From Happy Customers

See How Real Customers Profit and Use ValueAddon…


Willie Crawford


Nancy Matthews




Kenn Renner

Yikes! See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Feb 17 2015

Funnelr – Copy and Paste Sales Funnels

Guaranteed The Easiest Money You’d Make in 2015

Slap your name on my $11,000 sales funneland keep all the profits to yourself!

Finally… The first ‘copy n paste’ system that actually works!

Kory Pearman

By now you gotta be sick of your sales funnel not making any money.

But don’t panic, you’re in the same boat as every other marketer who’s ever tried to pull this off…

You hear stories about ‘set-and-forget passive income streams’ where you put together funnels that make you money around the clock… but for some reason…

As much work as you put into it, regardless of what you paid for it…
no matter how much value you’re giving away…

Your funnels don’t make a dime.

Or barely make enough to cover your hosting costs.

I get it.

…and if you do get subscribers they’re freebie-seeking vultures too cheap to spend any money.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Let’s face it, building funnels sucks.

…ok maybe it doesn’t suck, because sales funnels are the easiest and fastest ways to make a living online.

I make about $15,000 a month from funnels alone.

But it’s pretty damn hard…

It’s a lot that goes into crafting the perfect funnel and probably WAY more than you think.

It’s actually a science…

  • You gotta know your market inside and out and know exactly what they want.
  • You gotta be a copywriter to string together the right words to
    persuade them to take your offer.
  • You gotta be a designer so your site doesn’t look like a 6 yr old girl put it together.
  • You gotta be tech-savy to ensure your site actually functions.
  • You gotta be awesome at writing emails to follow up with your subscribers to keep income flowing.
  • You gotta keep some extra cash lying around to run countless tests.

Can you do all that? I doubt it.

Hell, neither can I.

And that’s a ridiculous amount of work!

Eventually you’ll fall into the same cycle of working another JOB…

…except this one doesn’t pay you ANYTHING and you slave away in front of your computer losing money!

That’s not the true internet lifestyle.

You’re here to make money, and a lot of it, without sacrificing the time you can be spending doing the things that you actually enjoy.

Oh and don’t get me started on ‘outsourcing’ this stuff…

That’s a joke.

Half of the people selling funnels don’t know a SINGLE thing about
turning visitors into cash.

The worst part is…

While you’re stuck trying to figure everything out and being slowed down by empty promises, tiny sales funnels are thriving and are at an all-time high!

In fact, right now it’s easier than it has ever been to make a comfortable
living from sales funnels…

And to be honest, it’s leaving you in the dust

But you’re probably asking who the hell is this guy and what does he know about putting together profitable funnels?

Well if you don’t know me my name is Kory Pearman.

(and yes, that’s my real picture up there – I’m a real guy – not some bozo hiding behind a silly avatar)

Over the years I’ve made a name for myself from building these
tiny funnels for quite a few of your favorite marketers.

These little funnels have made me and my buddies pretty darn rich.

Ok, maybe not that rich.

But we’re pretty well off.

Well enough to mosey through the holiday seasons stress-free and live pretty comfortably.

We call them “micro-businesses.”

But though they’re small – they bring in A LOT of cash – with very
little work, and usually for years to come.

In fact…

Here’s one that made over $11,200… in 3 months!

It’s the same funnel that paid off an awesome Hawaii vacation my
fiance and I took this Christmas!

Straight cash! And I’m talking a luxurious two-bedroom suite…

Heated 46-by-82 foot infinity pool overlooking Waikiki Beach…

Room service from award-winning chefs…

Stress-free, relaxing nights in ocean side cabanas…

And more Pina Coladas than either one of us could remember to count!

All paid for with “lazy” affiliate commissions… Heck, I don’t even own my product – and we still had plenty left over to put aside for our next trip.

This tiny funnel literally covered everything…

And it’s the same funnel that I’m giving you access to right now!

Obviously this isn’t your typical “done-for-you sales funnel.”

You’re not gonna find this being sold for $7 on a forum somewhere…

This funnel has been in my private vault for a while and HUNDREDS of hours went into fine-tuning this machine.

Over the months I put this thing together:

  • I did extensive market research and pin-pointed exactly what this market CRAVES
  • I hired one of the best copywriters online and we created a squeeze page that converts at a whopping 70%
  • We strategically crafted the OTOs to do HUGE numbers in affiliate commissions
  • My graphic designer spent weeks designing every page making
    everything clean, professional and trust-worthy
  • I perfectly monetized the “giveaway report” to be yet another
    consistent income stream
  • We even split tested this baby dozens of times to ensure high
    conversions throughout the entire funnel

And honestly I’m still floored by the results!

Even top solo-ad vendors are calling this the “best offer they’ve ever sent traffic too.”

This thing is insane…

And for a few lucky people, this is going to help you make more money than you’ve made all year in 2014.

This is basically like a machine that prints out hundred-dollar bills.

If you can copy and paste…This will be the easiest money you’d ever make. And I seriously don’t say that often.

Mark my words, this is YOUR year to actually make some money for a change and I’m equipping with everything you need to do it.

Even better…

You’ll have this funnel up, running and making SALES in 3 easy steps:

It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

But don’t just buy it and let it collect dust on your hard drive – This is for serious people who will actually put it into action…

  • Build a list of subscribers into the tens of thousands…
  • Trash all of those silly, cheap WSOs and finally make some money for once…
  • Own an actual business that will continue to put money in your
    account for years to come!

Consider this your unfair advantage to jump over the tedious work, the trial and error, the headache, the frustration, the failure – and land feet first in your most profitable year to date!

Here’s exactly what I’m giving you…

My massively, high-converting squeeze page:

This is by far one of the best squeeze pages I’ve ever put together. Though it’s simple, conversions are impressively high!

The last test I ran it converted at over 70%… and that’s from cheap, solo ad traffic.

This page was designed to do two things – to collect leads and warm up the subscribers for the OTOs – and it does that flawlessly. You’re going to love having this in your arsenal.

The giveaway report I use to get subscribers:

We use this report to get people to optin to our list, and it does its job.

It’s not only going to teach your new subscribers some pretty cool ways to grow their own lists…we monetized it to be a standalone money-maker…

This little ebook is responsible for THOUSANDS of dollars that I make this funnel.

My video OTO pages:

Now this is where the true magic happens!

After your new subscribers opt in to your list they’ll land on 2 videos I made to promote affiliate products that compliment the ebook, and I
explain why they need to drop what they’re doing and purchase them.

These convert insanely and are going to explode the commission stats in your dashboard.

…even better, I use these to promote Warrior+ and JvZoo offers – so you’ll get paid instantly after each sale!

This funnel will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business

If you’ve been looking for a surefire and guaranteed way to add on some extra income for 2015, this is it.

And honestly if I were to charge you what this thing is worth (or even a fraction of what I make with it) you’ll easily be paying in the thousands.

Get Funnelr – Copy and Paste Sales Funnels

Don’t take my word for it… test-drive the funnel risk-free for an entire month!

Trust me, I know this funnel is going to rock your world. And if it doesn’t, I’m giving you a full 30-days to get your full investment back.

So grab this. Run the wheels off it for a whole month.

Build your list as big as you can get it.

Make more money than you’ve ever made online with this thing.

If you’re not impressed by the results (which is doubtful) – simply send me an email: “Dear Kory, this sucks. I can’t get this thing to convert and I want my money back.”

No hard feelings. You’ll be refunded in full and you can carry on with your business as if it never happened.

So you’ve got nothing to lose and literally everything to gain here.

Pull the trigger and grab this while it’s still available!


If you get in today, I’ll show you my
closely-guarded traffic secrets!

Watch these videos and never struggle for traffic ever again!

Everyone needs traffic – it’s the backbone of any online business and this one is no exception.

Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered – nothing makes me happier than seeing my customers succeed.

So to help you out, I shot a few over-the-shoulder videos showing you exactly what I do to send cheap and super-targeted traffic to my funnels. And you’ll get access to these videos completely free with your purchase.

But this offer is extremely time-sensitive and expires the second the clock strikes zero.

Hurry! Secure your 70% discount + FREE Traffic Videos!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What niche is the funnel in?

    I built this funnel in the make money online niche and it teaches people how to build lists.

  • Will the squeeze page work with any autoresponder?

    Absolutely! I supply form codes for both Aweber and Getreponse, however if you use a different autorepsonder, simply replace the form the code with your own.

  • I’m not tech-savy, can I set this up?

    Yep! This funnel can literally be up and running on your server in 10 minutes. I shot a few videos walking you through the process and it’s just a matter of uploading the files to your website.

  • What are the PLR rights?

    This funnel is for personal use only. You may not sell or giveaway the funnel.

Feb 17 2015

WP Sales Copy PLR License

“Who Else Wants Exclusive,Private Label Rights to My Best-Selling Software?”

Creator of WP Sales Copy

From the desk of Derrick Van Dyke
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Re: Your Private Label Rights License

Dear entrepreneur,

Have you ever wanted to sell your own software, but didn’t want the hassle of designing, outsourcing, and updating it?

If you answered YES, then today is your lucky day…

Because, for a limited time, I’m selling private label rights to WP Sales Copy.

That means you can change the name and sell it as if you created it yourself. You can even enter your name as the original author.

We’ve made it super easy to brand with your own software title. Just edit one file and automatically brand the plugin with your name, software title, and affiliate signup page.

icon-wordpressWorks with Any Theme
WP Sales Copy is a stand alone plugin that works with any theme and won’t conflict with other plugins.
icon-mobileMobile Responsive Pages
All of Your Pages Will Look Great on Tablets and Mobile Phones
icon-page-brownHigh-Converting Pages
Flexibility to create any type of marketing page in minutes.
icon-launch-redEasy Product Launches
Integrates with PayPal, ClickBank, Warrior Plus, JV Zoo, and more.
icon-emailUse Any Autoresponder
Just copy and paste form code from any service – even self hosted mailing list scripts.
icon-clock-greenBuilt In Countdown Timer
Count down to your product launch date or start the timer when someone visits your the page. Automatically redirect to another page when the timer hits zero.
icon-gift-redMarketing Graphics Pack
You get 50 beautiful full screen photos, 60 paper backgrounds, 90 sales page graphics, and 133 custom marketing icons.
icon-guarantee-orange30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Try WP Sales Copy RISK FREE for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny.

GET WP Sales Copy PLR License

What is Included in This Package?

You get the complete, unencrypted source code to the software, banners and ecover with PNG and PSD files, and 10 video tutorials.

What Exactly Are My Rights?

To maintain the value of this high-quality product, we ask that you DO NOT give it away, sell it for less than it’s worth or sell any type of rights to others.

However, you can…

  • Sell personal use licenses
  • Sell developer licenses
  • Add it to a paid membership site
  • Bundle it with other products
  • Add it as a bonus for a paid product

What About Updates?

You will receive all future updates to the software. The latest version is bug free. But if you encounter any problems in the next 30 days, I will fix them for free.

What About Support?

You will be responsible to support your customers. However, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via my help desk.

Can it be Translated Into a Different Language?

Absolutely, you will have the full, unencrypted source code to modify any way you like. And the submit buttons for the optin forms are generated from text, so your customers can enter any text they want to display on the buttons.

How Much is Your Investment in a PLR License?

It would cost at least $3,000 to have this plugin created. Plus the time it would take you to design it and work with the programmer to make sure it’s done right.

Then you would have to test it to make sure it’s compatible with other plugins, servers, and autoresponder services – we’re talking hours and hours of testing, debugging, and hoping your programmer sticks around to fix any problems.

But you won’t have to pay $3,000, $2,000 or even $1,000…

Right now, you can grab an exclusive PLR license for just $497.

Is There a Guarantee?

Since we’re giving you the unencrypted source code to the plugin, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Please contact me if you have any questions.

You can view the video tutorials here.

Software is a billion dollar industry and this is your chance to get a slice of that billion dollar pie. :)

And since you’ll own private label rights, you can brand it as your own and add it anywhere in your sales funnel – bundle it with other products or add it to your membership site.

GET WP Sales Copy PLR License

All the best!

Derrick Van Dyke

Creator of WP Optins Elite

Feb 17 2015

Paul Nicholls Monster PLR Sale

I’m selling my Entire Info Product Business – Get Private Label Resale Rights To all of my Best Information Training Products – For 7 Days Only……

From: Paul Nicholls

To: Clients of Paul Nicholls:

Hi, Paul Nicholls here . . . .

(For those who don’t know me, you may be wondering, who is this guy? I’m Paul Nicholls owner of, and popular IM blog,  among other places online (just google me to find more)


Here is a screen shot showing just 5 of my products – which all got product of the day:





And here is a screen shot of my all-time wso stats:



That is a total of over $90k so you can see that this list of products do sell and have sold very well so there is certainly a big demand for the information within the courses.

Let me ask you this……


Are you really struggling to create an online business from scratch, or you have a few products and just can’t create an “empire” out of it?


Are you frustrated because you are trying to see results in a very competitive market (the IM market is one of the most competitive and most difficult markets – although highly lucrative) and you just wish there was an easier way?

Or are you trying to build a lucrative business online and you need something to get you going?

If so, you are not alone, in fact, my guess is that most people who are trying to get an IM business off the ground want to build an empire fast.

But the thing is it’s very very difficult. That’s the truth.

And building my info product business has not been easy, and it’s taken several years to get to the point that each info product typically sells 300-500 sales or more (and gets me lots of new subscribers and customers each time)

But here’s the thing, what if you had the chance to get access to every single info product I’ve ever created, and you could do anything you wanted with them?

You could repackage each product, one or two weeks at a time, and sell it on digi results, jv zoo or clickbank under a different name.

You could take each one, split it up into smaller sections and then create your very own unique product of it combining what ever products you want together…

You could re-release them as clickbank products.


I could go on and on with ideas. Maybe you are having some of your own ideas right now as well.


Now, I’ll be honest with you, up until now I was NEVER willing to sell the rights to all of my complete info product business like this.


I just didn’t want to lose control of these products because the amount of blood sweat and tears that have gone into creating them.

I’m proud of these 20+  products and all of the hard work it took creating them kind of makes it even harder to let go of them and sell the rights to them all…

So I haven’t been willing to let go.

But I’m gonna be straight-up honest with you about something.

I’m going to be working on some different things in my business and I still will be creating more products but I already have tonnes of information products in my product line that I don’t have time to make the most of so I would rather sell the rights to them so others can benefit and start seeing results online without worrying about having their own products to create and sell.


You’ll get download access to EVERY info product I’ve ever released


There are around 22 products in total with a few of those being upsells but there are still over 20 full complete products and courses with over 160 training videos.

(and yes You’ll get every single upsell to all of the courses if there are any)

You’ll get every single info product – even the ones that are discontinued, that I no longer care to sell, even the ones I DON’T WANT to have out there anymore.

Now, here’s the way this is going to work:

You’ll get all the original download pages from the products that I currently have download pages for (which is most of them). They are mostly created using optimize press and I use a similar download page layout for all of my download pages.

So you can either copy my download pages and create a same looking page using your own optimize press account or you can just use the information from the download page and create your own type of download page using another tool or software of your choice.

But – if you are willing to put some real work into re-releasing these on other channels – like jvzoo, clickbank, or udemy, or other learning sites out there – this can be the backbone of your business for the next year, if you want it.

Now, what about the price?

Each of these have value of between $17 – $47 (and I guess a lot more if you look at the amount of time it took to create some of these products)

There are over 20 products each with a value of between $17 – $47

So a total of $598

But that’s with no rights.

Rights normally sell in the IM world for about 3x – x4 the retail price – so you’d be looking at about $2000 – at the low end – to get all these products WITH unlimited plr-style resale rights

And I believe it would still be worth it – let me say this, I’ve thought for a long time about re-releasing all these on jvzoo, one at a time –

And if you did it – it would be worth every penny of $2000+!

But . . . instead of selling all this to one buyer for $2000+, I’ve decided to make this a WSO special offer in itself –

So for a limited time of just 7 days – I’m starting this out at less than $100 – that’s right – just $100 for all my products worth over $2000+

And each time someone buys, the price goes up – so if you want this, and you want it at the best price, get it now:

Now, here are some terms, these are non-negotiable, and if you aren’t comfortable with these, please don’t buy this:

1) There are no refunds, period.

2) There are also no refunds, period, on any product or wso you’ve bought already (this is an incredible deal, period. And if you buy $2000 worth of products for $100, then want a refund on the last 2 products you bought for $8 each, that is just plain old nitpicky. If this isn’t worth $100 to you right now, regardless of what you’ve invested with me so far, just don’t buy it. It’s not fair to everyone else.

3) Reminder: You will be getting all of the product download links sent direct to your email inbox so you can then just download all of the products to your pc and save them. They are all zip files.  When you re-sell these you will of course need to save them and re-upload them to your own server, do not what ever you do sell them as they are because I will be taking these products down from my server in the near future.

4) This relates to the bonus below: I will also make it as easy as possible for you regarding the sales letters so you know which ones corresponds to which products. will get all of these sent direct to your email inbox after you have purchased.

So, if you have gotten through all of this and you are still with me, it’s still a good deal for you, get this for everything it’s worth:

and like I said earlier – here’s the bonus:

You get all the sales letters and the few sales videos too that I have for all these products (there maybe a few that don’t have sales pages but 98% of them do have sales pages.

(Some of these products also have graphic sales pages which were cost a few hundred dollars for each one alone)

I have no idea how much value this is – but if you say each sales letter is worth $200 to write – with say 20 sales letters and another $1500 for the graphic sales pages – that is $5,500 alone in sales letter value you can copy or use it as a guide and create your own unique copy, what ever you want.

So that brings the total value of this package to $7000 – $9000

And you get it all today for just:

Now, keep in mind, this sale will go for just 7 days, then I pull it. If this is something you want to do, now is the time to get in:

GET Paul Nicholls Monster PLR Sale


Here’s a quick review of what you’ll discover in this powerful training:


–>You get all the sales letters that I have for all these products (there are a couple of products that I don’t have sales letters for but the rest all do have). (About 19 sales letters all together)


–>You get all my 21 products with full plr rights with over 160+ training videos

–> The products are worth $2000+ or more

–> The sales letters, sales videos and graphics are worth $7,000 or more

For 7 days, I’m running a – special offer on this entire package, the price goes up each time someone buys, the current price is:


GET Paul Nicholls Monster PLR Sale

And if for some reason at this point, you are still thinking, “I just don’t know. I’ve never bought one of Paul’s products, I have no idea the value . . . :” That makes sense. Don’t buy this now. Instead, find one of my products and buy it. See if you like what I do. Decide to buy or not buy. No big deal. Really. Think of this as just a fun read.

For everyone else, if you even have an inkling of an idea of what you could do with over 20 products and over 160 training videos, 19 sales letters, video sales letters and some graphics – just buy it!!!

That’s all for now from me –



P.S., I don’t like to brag or anything like that as that’s not my style but if you don’t know me and you’re not quite sure how good my training and products are then spend some time and google me, look me up on the warrior forum or read my Internet marketing blog

All of the Products You Will Get with Full PLR Rights:

  • Offline Bullet Cash (x9 videos) – ($37 value)
  • Avalanche List Building (12 videos) – ($37 value)
  • Sales Funnel Mastery (8 videos) – ($27 value)
  • Video Creation Blueprint (6 videos) – ($27 value)
  • Product Creation Hero (9 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Email Marketing Assassin (14 videos) – ($37 value)
  • Solo Ad Professor (8 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Solo Ad Basics (6 videos) – ($17 value)
  • Knockout Profit BlackBook (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • The 9 Profit Pillars (9 videos) – ($27 value)
  • WSO Cash Code (22 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Extreme Cash Profits (22 videos) – ($17 value)
  • Adsense Cash Blueprint (15 videos) – ($17 value)
  • $100 per day blueprint (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • Fast Cash Commando (6 videos) – ($27 value)
  • Ultimate Solo Ads (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • Solo Ad Sales Funnels (6 videos) – ($17 value)
  • Passive Cash Profits (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • Sales Funnel Commando (7 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Blog Profits Exposed (12 videos) – ($17 value)
  • $500 – $3000 pay day formula (4 videos) – ($37 value)

What You Get in Total?

  • x21 of my best Internet marketing training products with full plr rights ($2000+ value)
  • 160+ training videos
  • x21 sales pages including graphics and sales videos ($7000+ value)

But, I Must Warn You….



…this is a Dime Sale!

And this Deal with ONLY be available for 7 days online.

That means the price will be rising aggressively.

Therefor it’s in your own best interest to get this insane PLR deal now because that’s the only way you can guarantee you will get it at this ridiculously low price before it’s gone forever.


GET Paul Nicholls Monster PLR Sale

To Your Success

Paul Nicholls




Q: Why are you selling your best Internet marketing information products?

A: I am going to be focusing more on other areas of my business and also creating more products for 2015 and as I already have so many info products that I own I have decided to let some go and letting others benefit from these products and to help them see results and succeed faster online.


Q: Are these products still up to date and is the information in them still current?

A: Yes, 19 out of the 21 products are still up to date and are great training courses. There are only two products that are slightly out of date but these are just extra products that I have decided to include anyway as I don’t sell these products anymore. That being said there is still some great content within these two products and can still be used very well as free give always, bonuses or anything else you would like to do with them.