Apr 17 2015

Trust Mogul – A Simple Embed Code That Skyrockets Conversions Even For DEAD COLD SEO Traffic

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Apr 17 2015

Money Site Trainer (One-Time Payment)

Money Site Trainer (One-Time Payment)

In-depth, expert training on setting up, configuring, optimizing and promoting an authority site for maximum profits!

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Apr 17 2015

Azon Product Sniper – Turn Your Visitors Into Buyers

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Apr 17 2015

Advertise Where Amazon, Walmart, and Target Do!

Here is a fresh from the oven WSO that I highly recommend…Mass Coupon Submitter Bot!

This just makes sense, especially for digital products where providing a coupon to your customers doesn’t cost you a dime!

This software then submits those coupons to DOZENS of coupon sites, which get picked up in the search engines immediately. I got my copy, and there were no OTOs after the sale…

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Apr 17 2015

WP Blur – Creative WordPress Plugin – Gets Viral Social Traffic Just By Blurring Content! See Details Inside


Originally Posted by Chris Jenkins View Post
This looks awesome Jay! You always build quality plugins so I am excited about this one. If you know do not know Jay he puts great pride in his work and his plugins are TOP NOTCH!


Originally Posted by abhi1 View Post
Looks great Jay. Social signals are pretty important for your SEO and
this plugin looks just perfect…I’m on it!
Originally Posted by todd11 View Post
Awesome tool! I saw a demo of this last week, it is great for getting folks to take action
Originally Posted by Charlie Lyons View Post
I agree with many of the comments in this thread. It is a handy plugin and clearly does what it’s programmed to do but I’m not sure it will delivery the results it is intended to deliver.

Do you have any stats on increased conversion from visitors to any site that was getting a steady flow of traffic and as a result of installing this plugin traffic increased further?

It’s really not much different than a fan gate was used on Facebook and people got tired of that quickly. People may not be willing to “Like” or “Tweet” or “Share” something they haven’t seen or approved of yet. Will some do it blindly? For sure! Will many shy away from spreading something they have no idea about? Likely. That’s my hunch unless you have stats to share that would sway my position.

I will likely buy this plugin because I believe that it’s level of effectiveness hinges entirely on HOW TO USE IT more than simply activating on specific posts/pages.

I believe if you deliver some sort of valuable content to your reader/viewer and pull them into a conversation and really engage them, then as they turn the corner to receive more content in the same subject they’ve invested time in and you’ve delivered value, that’s when I believe locking up content and delivering it would make this an invaluable plugin.

For example: Top 10 Ways To Win Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Back
1. ABC
2. DEF
3. GHI
4. JKL
5. MNO

Putting a little thought into delivering value before locking down content I think would really make a difference.

Anyhow, I think it’s a smart plugin to own. Great work on this, Jay!

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