Apr 19 2015

Commissions Monster- Discover the Secrets

Grab Your Copy of Commissions Monster

From: Naidy Phoon, Edmund Loh & Venkata
Date: Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Hi there! It’s me Naidy. Let’s get right to it. Are you sick of making chump change online? Are you tired of working your butt for tiny amounts of commissions?

Would you like to see an immediate explosion in your marketing income? Without having to spend more money on traffic, a website, or list-building?

Do you want to finally have what it takes to Obliterate The Competition — and set record breaking numbers for your online promotions? Good! You’re in the right place!

You need to read the message. Entirely. All of it. Now.

Listen, Here’s The Reason:

Me and my business partners, Edmund Loh and Venkata Ramana created an exclusive system “Commissions Monster” – which reveals our weird underground method to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions – that you can copy and earn monstrous commissions.

If you’re tired of spending hours in front of your computer working like crazy – yet still making peanuts – you’re about to discover what it takes to…

You’re about to find out how to make 4 figure paydays in commissions like clockwork without needing a big list, a website or technical skills.

(READ: not pay-months…. Pay DAYS!)

Picture the day, when you finally have enough money in your bank account, that you finally feel comfortable leaving your day job?

Can you imagine what life will be like when you can make a full time living from just a few hours of work?

Or what about if you could afford to take your family on any dream vacation – without having to skimp? Without having to “stay-cation?” That’d be great, right? Just knowing you could do it anytime you wanted, right?

Well, it can be done! With “Commissions Monster” you’re getting everything you need – a piece by piece blueprint – to start making big affiliate commissions, often-times recurring!!

  • Discover how to dominate the competition using advanced and little-known affiliate marketing techniques.
  • Have more time to do the things that you love
  • Have more freedom, quit your job – RELAX!!
  • Make large amounts of money from very little traffic.

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Apr 19 2015

Amazon Quick Start – Shows You How To Set Up A Profitable Amazon Site In 3 Hours

Scroll through to 16.34 to see some of the positions achieved.

Here are some positions shown in the video:

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Apr 19 2015

Two-Way SMS WordPress Plugin

The Two-Way SMS WordPress plugin creates an SMS dashboard connected to any twilio account. (Twilio.com is the phone/sms provider). It allows your client to send and receive sms messages from multiple customers from one, easy-to-use, interface. You client can even speak their replies into the plugin if they are using the Google Chrome web browser (and have a microphone).

Each WordPress SMS user login can have their own twilio credentials connected to it. It can be their own twilio account or a subaccount on a twilio account.

It can be used in conjunction with any other twilio plugin.


  • WordPress
  • Twilio.com account
  • Works for phone numbers in the US, Canada, and the UK

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  • Powertool Heaven Amazon Theme nin the Powertool niche filled with products already
  • Easy Buyer Profits JUST $1 Dollar To Learn How To Build A HUGE Buyers List FAST And Bank $100+ Daily Like Clockwork!
  • WP Plugin Bundle Offer Get 4 Best Selling Plugins with A Developers License
  • Internet Marketing Idea Machine When you don't know what content to create, here's the exact system you need. This teaches you to create content people want...whenever you want to create it.

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Apr 19 2015

$100k Case Study

GET $100k Case Study


Contact Information

SKYPE ME - If you want to ask me any questions before you get access, you canskype me at: janighelp


OR Facebook ME at: Jani Ghaffor

OR Send me a PM via the Warrior Forum


Q -Do I need a list?

NO you don’t need any existing list or anything for that matter. You can start off with NOTHING just as I am doing in this case study.

Q – How much will I need to invest after i Get Access To the $100k case Study?

A - At the bare minimum, you would only need to invest in a domain name for as low as $1.99 and then tools like an auto-responder and your website graphics which I’ll show you how to get for as little as $50.

This is the bare minimum but ofcourse if you want to invest more into your own product its totally up to you.

I will be doing it at bare minimum costs so you get to see how EASY it is to create a product without paying anything or by paying very LITTLE!

Q – Will This Work For Me If I Don’t Have A Product?

A – I show you how to easily create a product within less than 24 hours using a super stealth , secret method that I used myself to launch my very own first product. I will be doing eveyrthing from scratch as If i am a newbie.

Q – Will you show us how to launch a product IN ANY NICHE?

A – YES , you can use the same methods I show you, to launch a product in ANY niche. I’ll show you and help you get JV partners in ANY niche you want.


GET $100k Case Study

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Apr 19 2015

Rapid Offline Success – Still struggling to create that JOB killing income?! That all changes TODAY!

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