Apr 20 2015

Easiest 5rr Cash Ever – Earn $25-50/day with Proven Fiverr Secrets…

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  Here are some of the benefits you get

inside Easiest 5rr Cash Ever…

You will not need to  spend days or weeks, writing content, setting up your website, creating backlinks or anything else. Instead you can get started today!

This takes me just 5-10 minutes a day to make $25-$150/day!   

If you can copy, paste and follow simple directions, you can do this.   

No need to wait for weeks or months to make money .   

Everything is provided in an easy NO B.S manner, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out.  

You can start to make money right away without buying domain names, software or hosting. 

This method will ALWAYS work!  

Copy this system as many times you want and make more money. 

I barely do any work now and STILL receive payments

You can do it, doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced IMer, this system is for all. 

Grab Your Copy of Easiest 5rr Cash Ever


Easiest 5rr Cash Ever interview with Bamdad Sky




Apr 19 2015

Instant Email Swipe File – 2,863 Proven, Profit-Producing E-Mails

Originally Posted by CondorIM;
Wow Matt, this is a goldmine – thank you for doing this – this is going to save me masses of time – and also means I will only be sending out quality broadcasts now
Originally Posted by IrishMarketer;
I’ve been stealing your emails for years and adapting them. At least the ones I can find. I’m excited to be able to get my hands on your swipe file because I know they work like crazy in any niche with a few little tweeks. Now, I can legally steal them and use them. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. I’m glad you put them all togther in txt files with the subject lines so I can quickly search for something to modify and mail. This is going to change my year in email marketing. Love this.
Originally Posted by Jonathan Mizel;
Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius? Just picked this up because Matt’s one of the few people who really get email marketing, and we are always looking for more great ideas for broadcasts and follow ups.

Thanks man, amazing value here.

{WARNING: This price will not last long…..}

Originally Posted by somacorellc;
Just to put this into perspective for you guys, a few months ago I paid over $700 to have just FIVE emails written for a client of mine. Yeah, just five. Don’t get me wrong – they work – but look at the price tag!

At less than $15 this is almost a literal steal. You’re cheating yourself if you don’t grab this right now.

Thanks Matt!

Edit: you’re paying $0.004 per email here. 4 tenths of one cent for every email in this package. What a deal!

Originally Posted by WillDavis;
Just picked this up, looking forward to going through this.
Originally Posted by bigbenre;
Hey Matt,

Just picked this up. I got into internet marketing about a year ago and have to say you are probably one of my favorite internet marketers out there. I am already doing well in the IM space, and try to model a lot of what i do after what you teach and also what you do. Your content is always straight forward and solid.

You also have an incredible group of friends you keep. Every person that you support or you have partnered with to do a WSO is a Big Fish and also great marketer. I hope to one day work with you in some capacity.

Thanks again,

-Ben Lawrence

Originally Posted by blackstetson;

That was fun! Waiting, anticipating, and then pouncing!

Oh, and of course, all for an amazing (and “CHEAP!”) product. I’ve scanned through it and can already see myself rewriting (I mean copy and pasting) all my pre-written emails and then doing the same from now on.

Thanks Matt, you’ve done it again!

Originally Posted by Dave Lovelace;
If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I have a list, NOW what” (wondering what to write and send to your lists), or just want to save a LOT of time coming up with your own email campaigns, you’re going to want to get your hands on this swipe file from one of I.M.’s most experienced email marketers. Matt always gives massive value in his WSO‘s.
Originally Posted by shivy;
- WOW. This is great Matt. You just made my job a lot easier!
Originally Posted by SoloTrafficJam;
Matt, This is Great!!!!! I can always count on you for products before their time, well thought-out, and ON THE MARK! This is a great help to me. Thanks again.
Originally Posted by keith88;
Matt’s WSO is hands down….. THE WORST WSO EVER CREATED!! [Just kidding]… Theres a reason Matt is a such a big name in IM. He obviously knows what’s he doing and he’s been DOING IM (successfully) for 15 years. This wso is really a treasure because you get to study the psychlogy,buying triggers Matt used to rake in MILLIONs of dollars online. Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of IM. If done right its like printing money. Having a list of highy responsive subscribers that buy from you over n over is predictable and stable. Only if you have a great offer for them, plus know what to say n how to say it. Matt has mastered that!

This WSO is pure gold….

It can be used for email ideas and study material (for email copy)!

Matt’s a millionaire for a reason. Might be smart to study him and his work! You wont regret it!

Originally Posted by Tropical1;
Finally! a truly useful product that will save me so much time. Matt, you have no idea!!! thanks a million.
Originally Posted by brian minter;
You are the master at email marketing this is pure gold for anyone who want to succeed thankyou so much for the quality you release on the warrior forum
Originally Posted by phoenixe;
Absolutely AWESOME! I have reviewed the list and this is going to help be so much. Matt is a master at email marketing. I have always struggled with email writing and now I can pick and choose, then with some minor changes, I have the pefect email for a killer response.

Thank You So Much Matt!

Originally Posted by Blue Jedi;
Now, I can jus pick a high quality, best selling & ready-made email instead of writing my own.
Your emails are proven better than mine !
Originally Posted by zedsta;
This rocks Matt…

…I know you are one of very few internet marketers that split test so I know these will be winning subject lines.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Thanks in advance Z

Originally Posted by dmhammock;
Matt, this is awesome

I could possibly create my own email swipes and rigorously test them to identify those that work… BUT WHY!

It is far quicker and easier to tap into your experience of over 2,800 email swipes that are tested and proven to generate results.

This is such as awesome deal to leap-frog my experience that it is unbelievable.

Thanks Matt for once again sharing your experience and success… I am in.

Originally Posted by VerveEnergyShot;
OMG! #OhMattGoodness Mister MADNESS Bacak~ you favorited my tweet about how i thought Ü R CRAZY for allowing just about N-E-1 on the Internet to LEGALLY STEAL 2863+ of your #ProfitProducing #ClickGetting EMails BUT I am unfortunately unable TO TAKE BACaK what i said because Ü R CRAZY &&& iLOVE how this is SO EASY~ it’s like swiping 2863+ flavors from a baby’s favorite stash of candies! #nods HOW CAN N-E-1 NOT MAKE MONEY w/ yOUR #MassiveCollection of EMail AMMO!? LEGGO! ✌ツ
Originally Posted by rts2271;
I bet everyone is chomping at the bit to get there hands on over 2,800 emails, well do the math that’s a email per day for the next 7.5 years. This time they can use your strategies to modify or tweek for themselves. Some of those emails built some of the biggest names in the industry.

I think your crazy to even let people have this, might as well let them pick through your closet :P I always thought you were nuts lol… now I know it. You would have to be brain dead not to pick this up.

Originally Posted by catapultdavidwilson;
I’ve had more people ask for this than
any other product you’ve ever put out.

I’m glad you finally are putting this
out because it will help a lot of people
to stop struggling to come up with
emails and subject lines.

What a rocking deal.

I like how you put each email in
text files and them all in 1 big
pdf file for easy access.

Originally Posted by ChrisH;
I’ve seen the list of emails and it is awesome! You also get the subject lines as well!

No excuse for not creating your email copy now. Just tweek the subject line and content. Split test if you want to.

Then sit back and watch your opens and clicks explode!

Thanks Matt.

Originally Posted by BPGL;
It’s no secret that a major ‘secret’ to success is to do what the successful people do. Matt is a recognized leader in internet marketing- and here he’s handing out the emails that got him there. So, the smart thing to do is….. ? Right- Jump On It!! Matt’s WSO’s NEVER disappoint.
Originally Posted by MikeMarin;
I’m amazed at how few people study the history of the Internet Marketing industry.

Well if you did you’d find Matt has taught many of the “guru’s” online today and he also is usually 2 steps ahead of everyone else.

For example selling big ticket which is the gaining in popularity today, well Matt was doing that in 2007! Which in internet years is like 50 years ago! haha

Anyways, thanks Matt and I’d be foolish not to pick this up.


Mike Marin

Originally Posted by bloggerd;
Can’t wait for this one


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Apr 19 2015

KeywordXP – Watch This Stunning Video To See The Mistake SEOs Are Making

GET KeywordXP

GET KeywordXP

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Apr 19 2015

Video Sales Machine

Hi! Matt Bush here…

For the past five and a half years I have been making afull-time living from local marketing.  For the past several months I’ve been putting together what I call the ultimate “sales machine“, something that would make it as easy as possible for you to get out there and startprofiting from video commercials.

As you are about to see, “Video Sales Machine” is anincredible system that will jumpstart your successtoday…

Step Inside The Video Sales Machine…

Step 1

Simply send traffic (learn easy ways to do this using the included training) to yourpre-configured website (installs in 20 minutes) to “feed the machine

Step 2

Let your automated sales machine “do the work“, and send follow-ups to yourinterested prospects, through a pre-configured autoresponder sequence which sends visitors to incredible pre-loaded sales videos.

Step 3

Now that your prospects have been through your funnel, they will be jumping up and down with excitement

Step-by-step training reveals how to create or pay someone else pennies on the dollar to develop incredible video commercials that you sell to interested local business owners.

What You Get With Video Sales Machine

Pre-Built Premium “Sales” Website

The premium website features cutting-edge graphics and presentation, and is built with the sole purpose of being your virtual sales assistant, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It’s jam-packed with features too.

5 Professional Sales Videos

Five professional videos will take local business owners through a journey of understanding how much they would benefit from having a video commercial for their business. These high-quality videos will leave local businesses begging for your services.

Pre-Loaded Autoresponder

Imagine your very own autoresponder system & campaign, already setup and ready to run featuring our pre-written email templates.  Simply configure a few settings and it is ready for use. Amazing right?

Step-By-Step Training

Learn as I show you though my detailed training course, how to create your own video commercials using video software you already own (or even free resources on your computer). I will also show you how to easily outsource the whole thing.

Pre-Built “Premium” Sales Website

  • Incredible Done For You Website Featuring A Super-Easy Install Process
  • Several Customized Motion Graphic Sales Videos Already Embedded In Website
  • Built-In Autoresponder Pre-Loaded With Several Messages Already Embedded In Website
  • Built In WordPress And Featuring A Simple WYSIWYG Interface
  • Several Robust Features Including Built-In Video Player, Gallery, Shortcodes, Custom Formatting, & More
  • Security Settings To Keep Website Safe From Unwelcome Intrusion

5 Professional Sales Videos

Click The Videos Below To See Them In Action

Pre-Loaded Autoresponder “Ready To Go”

  • Fully Functioning Pre-Configured Autoresponder Sends The Follow-Up Messages For You
  • Pre-Loaded With 5 Follow-Up Email Messages
  • Create Your Own Emails With The Easy To Use WYSIWYG Interface
  • Build And Manage Your Own Lists Right From The Administrative Interface
  • No Need For An Additional Paid Solution (AWeber, Get Response, Etc.) Though It Works With Them Too!
  • Opt-in Form Is Pre-Installed On The Website, Ready To Roll

Step-By-Step Training

  • Thorough Training On How To Setup Your Own Video Agency
  • Easy To Follow Instructions On Getting Your Website Up And Running In Minutes
  • Learn How To Quickly Create Stunning Video Commercials Using Software That You Already Own Or…
  • Learn How To Outsource The Creation Of Incredible Video Commercials So You Don’t Have To Do The Work Yourself
  • Watch Me As I Show You How To Find Businesses That Will Be Hungry For Your Videos (And Pay You Generously)
  • Detailed Training On How To Use The “Video Sales Machine” To Absolutely Crush It Online

Of Course You Could Do All Of This Yourself…

Video Production Services – The cost to develop, script, and animate professional sales videos of this high caliber would easily cost $2,000/video.
Cost: $2,000 x 5 Videos = $10,000

Premium Website Development: The cost to develop a premium website that includes as many features as you are seeing here would require an expert programmer as well as marketer.
Cost: +$4,000

AutoResponder Configuration & Writing: The cost to develop an autoresponder program would easily cost $500. The copywriting for the 5 follow-up messages would require a skilled marketer with experience in the local marketing field.
Cost: +$1,000

Training Costs: Once you have all of the other tools in place, you still need to know how to drive business owners into your sales machine, and generate sales from them.

I don’t want to see you stumbling around. I have been doing this full-time for the past five and a half years and want to share my methods with you.
Cost: +$1,500

Fast Action Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus #1

Free Live Training: Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Building Your Own Video Agency Business



  • Wednesday, February 11th
  • 9PM Eastern Standard
  • 6PM Pacific Standard

Live Training

Join me as I take you through the steps of building your own successful video agency.  I will be sharing a ton of actionable advice that will propel your personal video agency business ahead. In a word, it’s going to be awesome!

Fast Action Bonus #2

Bonus Whiteboard Video
Brand New Promotional Commercial

Brand-New Video Marketing Commercial Done In Whiteboard Animation Style

As a special “fast action bonus”, I am including a special commercial that you can use to further sell your video creation services, done in the unique and high-converting whiteboard animation style.  The quality on this commercial is amazing, and I’m throwing it in for no extra cost!

What People Have To Say About My Products & Training…

What People Are Saying…

Lena applied my teachings and through using videos as a “foot in the door” strategy, walked away with a $3,000 client!  Plus recurring fees!

Lena B.

“The great value you offer to us and our businesses in mind is why I keep coming back. I almost feel like I’m taking advantage of you guys.  All my purchases have been perfectly suited to my customer’s needs.  Keep em coming!”

John R.

“Matt your local whiteboard videos are a real success story for me in setting up lead generation for small businesses.

They are accepted well and do a great job of getting calls for the businesses I have sold the service to. Thanks for your exceptional work.”


“Matt’s stuff is flat-out money in the bank.  Always the highest quality and great support!”

Nick Mancuso

“I am a huge fan and supporter of Matt Bush. Unlike many marketers, I refuse to promote products to my list unless they are of world-class quality and can actually help my customers. That’s why when Matt launches a product I always promote it.”

Drew Laughlin

100% Risk Free Purchase

This is a risk-free purchase.  If you are not happy with it for any reason at all, you will receive a full refund as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. We are so confident that you are going to love it.  We stand by our products 100%.

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Apr 19 2015

Amazon Attention Grabber WP Plugin: Discover How 1 Simple Tweak Can Increase Amazon Conversions By 300%

GET Amazon Attention Grabber WP Plugin

Attention Serious Amazon Affiliates…

“Discover The 1 Simple Tweak That Can Turn ANY of Your Websites into Amazon-Crushing SAMURAIS…
How You Can Increase Your Conversions by 300% AND Turn Your Exit Traffic into Cold Hard CASH…
And The Plugin That Lets You Do all This in Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse”

Warning: If You’re Still Struggling to Command the Attention of Your Prospects and are Unable to Get Them to Even Acknowledge Your Affiliate Product, You Will Be Left Behind – It’s Just a Matter of Time
If You’ve Ever Wanted to Leverage Your Existing Efforts to Make You More Cash Hands-free Without Any Extra Work From You.. Then This May Be The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read..

Originally Posted by DigispaceMarketing View Post
If there is one of those “one little thing that makes the difference” between making more commission, here it is
Originally Posted by misterlmno View Post
Awesome Plugin guys, great way to get more clicks to your affiliate pages!
If you are are getting any traffic to your Amazon pages, this is sure to lift the CTR!!
Originally Posted by trelli View Post
Congrats on this awesome plug in Ruchi!
The beauty of this thing is the sheer simplicity of it. Simple yet highly effective with the often lost art of conversion.
Yes we always hear about traffic, traffic, traffic, that is all well and good, however with this thing, one can take x amount of traffic and double, or even triple the conversion rate, now that is efficiency.
Very well put together, great job
Originally Posted by DoubleOhDave View Post
I have 3 of Ruchi’s WSO‘s (the SEO Detective, Social SEO and Wiki Backlink one – if you have others Ruchi, please let me know) and when I got the chance to review this I jumped at it having seen her name attached to the project.
The plugin is very newbie friendly. I actually had to check twice that I had filled in all the details I needed to, as I thought it was just too simple. But it is just that simple! And to be able to tailor it to any page is a great benefit as I have a couple of review sites with multiple pages – each on a different product.
I think the main benefit of this (apart from the obvious benefits of the “cinema” style light dimming) is that it is such a massive time saver for anyone trying to figure out a way to catch a visitor’s attention.
Not to mention – I don’t know if anyone else liked this – but I really like the choice of colours for the banner and button. The red one really complements my sites and looks like I designed it myself as part of the overall feel for them. I haven’t tested out the other colours yet but I am pretty sure they will work just as well to complement other site colour schemes.
Overall, I would say buy this fast before the price rises. The quicker you get it the better the bargain. It works perfectly so you won’t need support (in my opinion) and in the unlikely event you do I have found that Ruchi is very good at getting back to people on their questions.
Originally Posted by Domain Dude View Post
Ruchi the plugin looks awesome and is visually very attractive!!
Originally Posted by PeterGarety View Post
Hey Ruchi,
This is simple, effective strategy how to turn visitors to money. I recommended this to my customers and I call this plugin – Squeeze A Dime To Make A Dollar!
Imagine, Amazon is just the best selling platform when it comes to converting visitors to paying customers and the only thing you have to do is to get them to Amazon. And this is exactly what this simple plugin will do for you.
So, if you care about additional, passive income stream from your sites, Azon Attention Grabber is the plugin you need.
Superb offer Ruchi!
– Peter
Originally Posted by pankajguptag View Post
This is highly recommended plugin for amazon affiliates. As the name suggest, Azon attention grabber does the work perfectly and it can help you to get extra sales. You can always add the hot products to get more conversion. It is worth the investment and I don’t think there is any similar plugin available.”
Simple and yet very powerful plugin.. Let me know if I am missing something..
Thanks Ruchi for this great plugin..
Originally Posted by DailyHealthBlitz View Post
I received a review copy and installed this on two of my Amazon affiliate sites. I am a big fan of WordPress plugins especially those related to affiliate marketing and pretty much buy and test all of them. Some I keep, and many I eventually cast aside because they are either too complicated, no support, don’t work, etc. This ones a definite keeper and will go on all of my Amazon affiliate sites! So simple yet soooo powerful!
Here’s what I like about it: 1) Easy Set Up: Setting this up took about 3 minutes! 2) Link cloaking 3) Exit Pop Up – This is evil genius!
It’s easy to see that this plugin will increase conversions. Thanks Ruchi!
– Doug
Originally Posted by BobbyTn View Post
The Azon attention grabber is exactly what the name says, it grabs attention for sure, the slick design and the capabilities of this plugin makes it so easy to benefit from, simply slap your affiliate id and bam! Your in business. I love it …great job Ruchi and Jay! As always

Dear Fellow Warriors

Let me get straight to the point..
You have an affiliate site where you promote Amazon products – and you KNOW the conversions should be better..
You KNOW you’re leaving a ton money on the table, but you just can’t figure out why or how you can fix it…
I know what it’s like to put your heart and soul into something, in anticipation of the resounding sounds of a cash register, only to be greeted by a deafening silence

There must be a better way

If you’ve been striving to earn an income online and are still trying, chances are it’s not your fault..
We’ve been conditioned to believe all we need is traffic and an offer and the money will flow freely towards us, but that’s not the case.. Well not YOUR fair share anyway…
It almost sounds to easy when you realize that 1 simple little tweak to your website could quite easily triple your commissions overnight!

Truth is..It’s easier than you think!

Let’s do some simple maths here:
Scenario A If your average commission is $15/sale, your site converts at 2% and you get 1500 visitors – You’ve made $450
Scenario B If your average commission is $15/sale, your site converts at 6% and you get 1000 visitors – You’ve made $900
Even with 30% LESS traffic, you still end up making more money.. Conversion is that important

Same Traffic.. More Money!

So why listen to me? Because I’ve been making money online since 2006, I’ve done all the tests and trials, I’ve messed around with a ton of methods, I’ve split tested until I was blue in the face and I’m happy to say that happy to say I know what works, and this checks all the boxes

Introducing Azon Attention Grabber

GET Amazon Attention Grabber WP Plugin

Azon Attention Grabber is kick-ass Amazon WordPress Plugin grabs the attention of your prospects and diverts it to your Amazon offer – Guaranteed
It creates a popover box over your website and is triggered in 2 ways:

  1. Timer Setting – You can set how long after the prospect has been on the site Azon Attention Grabber. We recommend setting this to 30 seconds

  2. Exit Setting – Just before the prospect is about to exit your site and leave your life forever, the plugin detects this and appears

Click Play Below To Watch Azon Attention Grabber in Action

Here’s just some of the things Azon Attention Grabber can do for you:

  • Instantly increases your conversions by many multiples, without this plugin, you’re leaving a ton of cash on the table – Pick this up today and grab your fair share of money
  • Warning: Is your affiliate link buried within an article struggling to be noticed? This plugin will capture the attention of your audience and significantly increase the number of clicks you get on your affiliate link – Guaranteed!
  • Significantly boost results by enticing your exit traffic to see the product you’re promoting before they leave your site and buy through someone else’s link *This is HOT*
  • Block out distractions and highlight your Amazon affiliate product using the plugin’s lightbox effect, this dims the screen behind the popup ensuring all eyes are on the offer
  • And much much more

Love it or Shove it Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how confident I am that Azon Attention Grabber will seriously triple your conversions and earn you fatter daily commissions. If for whatever reason you’re not absolutely over the moon with what you bought, all it takes is one email and I’ll refund you every last penny and we part as friends. So clearly 100% of the risk is on me, so I’ve got no choice but too deliver 10x over the cost of investment.
If you aren’t completely blown away with the ease of use and the results this plugin can bring – Then quite frankly we don’t want your money..
.. Seems pretty fair right?
Look, this is cutting edge technology and an absolute STEAL at this price, many people who have seen this plugin in action think I’m completely nuts for offering it so low!
But let me assure you that the price will be rising after each sale, so get it at the lowest possible price while you still can

Here’s What To Do Next

By now you may be wondering what to do next, if you’ve ever had the problem of investing a large amount of time, effort and money into building your site, sending traffic to it and stillgetting nowhere, then Azon Attention Grabber may be the best investment you make all year!
If your gut is telling you that this training is right for you, then you should probably listen to it, after all it’s never failed you before and it’s not wrong now so, go ahead and click the buy now button below.
Remember 100% of the risk is on me and I know this training will have a huge impact on your business. So again click the cool looking buy now button below and start turning prospects into buyers today!

GET Amazon Attention Grabber WP Plugin

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