Apr 20 2015

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Easiest 5rr Cash Ever interview with Bamdad Sky




Apr 19 2015

Red Hot Traffic Firestorm – Tap Into Huge Traffic 15,000 Highly Targeted Vewers

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Apr 19 2015

Overnight Profit Switch – LIVE $3500 Case Study


(Awarded WSO of the Day)
The Gurus 
Laughed At Me…

UNTIL They Saw Me Make $1200 In 15 Minutes…
…And Another $2600 In 15 Minutes More…

…Then They Started

LIVE Demonstration:
This Guy Was Pissed!

He said:

Originally Posted by Dario@WF View Post
Sorry but sooner or later you will have to agree that this WSO is useless.

Then he said:

Originally Posted by Dario@WF View Post
Not my type of thing?
I am performing email marketing with 10000’s of people

My reply: 
I don’t. I only mail hundreds…but I make pretty decent money doing it.

Originally Posted by Dario@WF View Post
For example you didn’t even mentioned how important is making email pass spam filters, inserting html, images, leaving signature and so on.

My Reply:
I don’t worry about any of that.

All I can share is what I use to make money, and it really is as simple as what I’ve shared in my course. I’m sorry if you disagree, but I can’t pretend that I do things I don’t do. 

I’m more of an 80/20 kind of guy, so if you’d rather pay attention to all those details…more power to you.

I’ll be honest with you…
…If you want to learn how to build a big list…
I can’t help you…

But If You Want To 
Rake In MASSIVE Profits
From a TINY List…

Then I’m your man.

WITHOUT all that complicated stuff!

The Reviews Are Flying In!

Originally Posted by lesterlim85 View Post
Rob’s the real deal and certainly knows his stuff. I learnt so much just by digging into some of the content he is giving in this WSO. And with case study enclosed it can help us better understand the real applications as well – good one!


Originally Posted by IamTJM View Post
Got a review copy and this is very powerful information. Rob revealseverything you need to know and provides a reallive video case study that you can follow and learn from.

2 thumbs way up and a definite recommendation.

Originally Posted by aminur View Post
Excellent Product Rob. totally blown away my friend. what you shared inside worth 100 times more then what you are charging especially the live case study. Never seen before.

Man i will follow what you shared on my next mailed out. cheers my man 

Originally Posted by Anthony Aires View Post

I’ve combed through the course…I’ve done what Rob teaches in my business it works.

I’ve even discovered things I wasn’t doing that I should be doing (thanks Rob for sharing)!

This is a great WSO at a great investment…

Two Thumbs Up Here!

Anthony Aires

Originally Posted by Stephen Renton View Post
Rob’s the REAL DEAL .. when he promotes my stuff his EPCS absolutely TANK any other warrior or guru out there. BAR NONE.

If you can’t learn how to make serious bank with IM from this guy, close up shop and go get a day job -Rob’s stuff is stellar, and he’s in the trenches honing his skills and practicing what he preaches.

Don’t even think about buying another WSO today – you just hit gold RIGHT HERE.

Originally Posted by Shawn Anderson View Post
Rock on man!

Bringing a slick process + case study to the table.

And a video of you in your robe.



Originally Posted by Gee Singh View Post
I’ve been through the course and can say the entire Overnight Profit Switch system is awesome.

Very cool stuff which I’ll be implementing in my business.

Cheers Rob!

Originally Posted by Eutaw View Post
Just Bought This looks awesome. Ready to dive in.
Originally Posted by TheDC View Post
That’s crazy. I looked at getting one of those. Was too pricey back then though (height of the RE boom).

That’s an even better proof of earnings to me than the PayPal account!!

BTW – nice fast support person you have.

Originally Posted by KBrown View Post
Hey Rob …. I remember when I first stumbled across your blog and I have seen you grow into a great marketer. Thanks for all info that you have shared and I loook forward to your next venture.You always bring the goods. Take care and I will see you around!


Rock On~

Originally Posted by LadyLuck View Post
The devil is in the details, so can’t wait to get started reading. Sometimes just the breakdown of parts can be the difference for success and case studiesreally provide a great way to understand the process.

As YOU continue to STRUGGLE to make money online
I Wonder How Soon You Will Realize


…And How Soon You Will Stop Working Harder &



Dear Fellow Warrior,

After watching the above, you know my secret to making overnight profits…anytime I like…paid directly into my bank account…

And having that profit-pulling ability has changed my life massively…

But it wasn’t always like this…in fact, it wasn’t too long ago I was struggling to make even a single dime online.

Listen to this…

I was unemployed for nearly 2 years in the worst economy since the Great Depression…living off measly unemployment checks and maxed-out credit cards.

I never got a college degree…which means I’ve done every crappy, no-resume job you can think of…from digging holes to telemarketing…


You might be surprised to hear that not so long ago, BEFORE I figured this stuff out…

 I was living in a 200 square foot studio apartment…

 My place was so tiny, I had to climb over my bed to get to my closet…

 I had to choose between a chair and a desk…because I couldn’t fit both in my place…

 When I sat on the toilet in my tiny bathroom, I could actually rest my head on the sink…

And if that made you laugh, you’ll really love this…

My place was so small and crappy that once I moved out, I figured nobody would believe me, so I recorded a video on my last day there…CHECK IT OUT:

I want you to realize that I’m no guru…

I’m just a regular guy from humble beginnings who stumbled across a simple profit-pulling technique that works like crazy

But TODAY I can literally make thousands of dollars overnight any time I want…

This has allowed me to move out of my old rathole apartment and into a really awesome industrial live-work loft…which I love!

Here’s a pic of my city skyline view:

The view from my new loft!

Nowadays I travel all over the place and live the lifestyle I choose…which doesn’t include a commute, a boss, or anything having to do with the rat race!

It’s a far cry from the miserable $15/hour telemarketing job…the last job I held before I became a full time Internet marketer…


As a telemarketer, 15 minutes of work made me $3.25…


With an Overnight Profit Switch…I make…
I make $1200 for 15 minutes of work…
$2600 for 15 minutes more…

I Bet I Know Which Life You Would Choose!

So how do I do it?

It’s simple…I HAVE A LIST!

How else?

I mean, come on…how else can you make money on demand?


But I have a BIG secret or should I say a SMALL secret…

My list is small…

…and not just small…EMBARRASSINGLY SMALL

I’ll be honest with you…
…If you want to learn how to build a big list…
I can’t help you…

But If You Want To 
Rake In MASSIVE Profits
From a TINY List…

Then I’m your man.

The $1200 in 15 minutes…and $2600 in 15 minutes more…

I made that $2600 overnight off a list of less than 500 people!

Now THAT is a small list…

I mean, you probably have more than 500 Facebook friends…

In the video I showed you as I made $1200 overnight with a single email…

That’s $1200 in profits
Paid Into My Account
From a Single 59-Word Email
To a TINY 440 Person List…

What if you could watch that LIVE on camera…

See exactly what I wrote…

See inside my strategy…

What if you could see every single aspect of that promotion from start to finish…

My thought process along the way…

My simple strategy & checklist…

Imagine how valuable that would be…

But wait…that demo was just a taste…the whole promotion made $3500 in 2 days…

…from 2 emails (to 440 people)

…and you get to see it all LIVE…


The Overnight Profit Switch:

The Overnight Profit Switch is a LIVE in-depth CASE STUDY that goes, in detail, intoevery aspect of this highly lucrative email promotion to a tiny list!

This is your chance to pull back the curtain and see behind the scenes of a massively successful email promotion!

This LIVE Case Study Includes:

Ø LIVE videos that were filmed as I sent out each email so you can experience the process in REAL TIME for yourself

Ø Exact copies of the 2 emails I used to pull in $3500 in commissions in 3 days

Ø In-depth breakdown of each email

Ø In-depth breakdown of my product selection process

Ø In-depth breakdown of the dead-simple, yet INSANELY effective strategies I used to maximize my profits

Ø My email promotion checklist designed to ensure I make as much money as possible

Don’t miss this chance, because I may take this down very soon…come join me now!

And I’m Making This 100% Risk-Free To You

In case you were worried, this offer is 100% Risk-Free to you, with my Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you don’t think Overnight Profit Switch has been worth the price, then just ask for a refund and you’ll get it.

But I have a pretty good feeling you’re not going to feel that way. 

When you have the ability to make overnight profits ON-DEMAND…you’ll be so happy you took this opportunity. 

That’s why I’m more than happy to offer this 100% Money Back Guarantee For A Full 30 Days

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Apr 19 2015

FUN Money System

Do You Want to Run a REAL Business Online
Something That You can Become Passionate About, Something That Actually Makes Good Money!?


The FUN Money System

Learn How to Easily Create Your Own Viral Blog Site From Scratch,
*and Turn it Into a Monster Traffic Machine. 
Yes! You CAN Make Money While Having Fun and Actually Bring Smiles to Other People.

How Cool is That!?

Okay, so I got the inspiration for the Fun Money System after reading about the success of*
ViralNova.com (one of the biggest viral blog sites in the world with a top 750 alexa rank!)
It was just 1 guy (Scott DeLong) who created this site, and within 8 months from starting up; 
Scott’s site was getting millions of visitors and already making him $400,000+ a month! 
He claimed to not use any kind of paid advertising ever either.

Anyways, his story inspired me, and it actually sounded quite easy to do.

So that’s exactly what got me started in my viral blog site.

Here’s one of my viral blog sites after 1 year…attracted 12.7 Million Visitors!
Not anywhere near the level of ViralNova,*

but I really didn’t spend as much time on it as Scott DeLong’s.

Making $6500+/Month From Ad Networks, 
Working Just a Couple of Hours a Day.

Making Money CAN Be FUN!

The Fun Money System is all about creating your very own real business online,

a viral blog site in the Fastest & Easiest way possible.
You do not need to spend thousands of dollars creating your own viral site or spend

thousands more on marketing your site. 

You only need to spend a few dollars on a domain name and web hosting, and that’s all!

GET FUN Money System

Here’s What You’re Getting For $8.88

The 2014 Fun Money System
Guide + 4 Part Video Package

You Will Learn:

How to get a Domain and Web Hosting

How to Setup a Viral Site (WordPress)

How to Get a Free Theme & Configure it

How to Install Essential Plugins and Configure Them

How to Make Your Site Social Friendly

Steps to Easily Creating Viral Content 10x Faster

How to Advertise Your Site For Free (My Site’s Top 5 Traffic Sources Revealed)

Tips and Tricks to Running Your Viral Site

Testimonials Are Coming In!

Originally Posted by Art Turner View Post
This WSO is a breath of fresh air in the special offers section.

It’s not over-hyped or oversold. In fact, I think the sales page undersells it.

The content is well-written, simple and direct, and definitely actionable.

The purchase was easy and the delivery process was flawless.

I’m looking forward to having some fun with this one.


GET FUN Money System

60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

I’m giving all buyers a full 60 days
100% money back guarantee! If you don’t find my guide useful, then I don’t want your money.

Thank you for viewing my WSO Thread!

-Leon Tran
Author of Multiple Top Selling WSOs!

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Apr 19 2015

1wsoPLR Profits Vaccum Workshop PLR Package

WARNING: Price Increase In 48 Hours

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