Apr 21 2015

VideoMotionPro – Video Creation & Marketing Made Easy Without Camtasia

Video Creation & Marketing Made Easy…

videomotionpro is the new way to create highly

profitable videos & info products quickly & easily

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Every entrepreneur, marketer and online business owner needs to be utilising video online. It’s proven all the time to increases sales & conversions. With Video Motion Pro video creation has never been easier…

Easy To Use

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

Create Amazing Videos

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

Increase Your Sales

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

No Restrictions Ever

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

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Apr 20 2015

Fresh SEO Enigma – Case Study

Fresh SEO Enigma – Case Study

This in depth case study shows you start to finish a real website getting #1 rankings with our SEO techinques.

Click Here to Get Fresh SEO Enigma – Case Study

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Apr 20 2015

CB Powerplug – New Tool Finds Big Money on Clickbank!

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Apr 20 2015

WSO VIP Group Coaching – PROOF: $1 Million Dollars & 20+ WSOs Of The Day Generated By Student

Hi all – It’s Steve here with my 7 Week WSO Gold VIP Coaching Group. This is the fifth group coaching session I’ve run, and the waiting list is currently at 53.

It’s a seven week group coaching course – showing you to choose topics that sell, create products that get raving fans and make a LOT of cash.

I show you my personal strategies that have gotten me a LOT of WSOs Of The Day and helped me produce some of the best selling WSOs ever.

Over the past year, the group has generated waay over $1 million and had 20+ WSO OTD. If titles like Instant Content Expert, Instant Copy, WP Lead Pro, Short Copy Formula, Kindle Cash Craze, SpinRewriter and more sound familiar – you’ve encountered members of WSO VIP group coaching…

Previous members include Linkwhizz, James Sides, Roderigo Werner, Brad Spencer, Justin Wheeler, Han Fan, Impact Productions, Urmil Patel, Pixel Crafter, Steve Hines, Chris Cole, David Henry, Scott Henderson and more…

Originally Posted by linkwhizz View Post
Guys you need to seriously consider this offer.

I was a member of this coaching program back when I first started and it’s a huge part of my success.

After this coaching I have gone on to have 9 WSO of the days and generated almost $700,000 in the last 12 months.

I can’t really give any higher recommendation other than to say this worked for me and countless others, it’s probably a less risky investment than some cheap eBook that probably won’t get any results.

This absolutely will get results.

Thanks for this program Steve, it changed my life.



Originally Posted by impact-productions View Post
Didn’t know that you’d been on The Gadget Show, Steve!

I was a member of Steve’s very first set of WSO VIP Coaching students, and I can confirm that the training is top notch.

In fact, Steve’s substantial expanded and updated it since then, so you now get far more for your money than when I joined last year.

Just knowing how to create a product which has a market is core to a successful WSO business, and Steve breaks everything down into such easy steps that you will have a product by the end of this training.

If you’re serious about starting a WSO business, don’t be one of the people who misses out on a spot here.


Here is a video testimonial from PixelCrafter for his first WSO (before the WSO Of The Day last week)

Originally Posted by Scott Henderson View Post
I am a member of Steve’s WSO Pro Group 2 that started last year and I can honestly say that this offer is worth every dollar and a whole lot more than the price here.

If you have never launched a product as a WSO but would like to, you need this training.

If you have launched a product as a WSO and were not happy with the sales, you need this training,

If you have launched a product as a WSO, it did well but did not get WSO of The Day, you need this training.

Go in with blinders on, forget everything you know or think you know about launching a WSO and follow Steve’s training to the letter, you will be extremely happy with the results.

Yes, I launched a product as a WSO, and it did very well. Did it get WSO of the Day honors? No it did not, but it was in the running for sure and besides I made much much more than the price that I paid for Steve’s coaching. I am a student of Steve’s for life!

If a WSO is in your future plans, you cannot afford to not get this training, you will not regret it.

Scott Henderson

Originally Posted by Fahiem Ahmed View Post
Hi Steve,

Just thought I’d leave a quick review.

I was one of the lucky students on Steves second coaching group.

I’m going to try keep this short because this post could be very long and I don’t want to bore any of you guys but here goes.

At the start of August this year I launched my first ever WSO, this was before I knew who Steve was. The same day I launched I had an email from one of Steves previous students Simon (aka Linkwhizz) mentioning this new coaching WSO from Steve. Now as I said I didn’t know much about Steve and he definately didn’t know me.

So I thought I’d try my luck and sent him a PM about my WSO and asked if he would check it out. I seriously didn’t expect to hear back because I knew how busy he was. However, I was totally wrong and he emailed me back with some great tips.

Not only that but he said he would help me out by promoting my WSO to his list. Now you must be thinking, well he promoted it because he was going to make affiliate commission. Wrong, although I offered 100% commission to affiliates on my WSO Steve told me that he would do it without taking any commission at all. I don’t think there’s any other warrior on the forum that would do that for someone they didn’t know and especially the well known warriors who are really busy, being approached every day by people asking them to promote their WSO‘s.

Thanks to Steves help my first WSO was a great success, over 600 copies sold and a high conversion rate of 14%.

The funny thing is I used the money Steve made for me by promoting to his list and signed up for his coaching group. Let me just say the offer of him promoting your offer to his list is worth way more than the price he’s asking. You will make this money back and a whole lot more.

Fast forward to this week and after Steves coaching I launched my second WSO. The results 200+ copies sold within 24 hours at a massive conversion rate of 30% double of my first. I think I definately would have got WSO of The Day but was up against some big name warriors on the day. I’ve since gone on to sell 100’s more copies.

The thing is although I had some knowledge and experience that I turned into a WSO it’s not necessary. With Steves help you’ll see how even a newbie can launch a WSO.

You can try learning from ebooks but there’s nothing that can compare to being personally taught by someone who has been there and done it and also have them email out to their list for you.

I think I’ve gone on too long and I apologise but if you just take a look at what Steves students have achieved you’ll realise how life changing this offer really is.

Once again thanks Steve for everything. I’ll be in touch soon as I’ve got a couple ideas I want you to look at for me.

All the Best

Originally Posted by david henry View Post
Hi Steve

Just checked out the thread so I thought I would leave my review,

I was in Steve’s first Group and I must admit I considered the decesion to join over a day or so before finally taking the plunge. This is the warrior forum and I suppose we are not used to seeing prices like the fee here, that said it was quite simply the best investment I have ever made in my marketing future, I sold over 850 copies of my first WSO and this was down to this training, it is incredibly detailled and providing you follow the steps week by week it is almost impossible to fail. The training covers reseaching a product like never before so not having a product in mind right now is not really an issue, creating a killer sales page and setting up your launch is vital and Steve covers everything in so much detail, if you are serious about making money from WSO‘s this training is essential, the mail out alone is worth twice the cost of the course so I hope this helps give a little more confidence to anyone still on the fence.

All the best

David Henry

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  • Ranking Beast Learn exact methods Trent Wideman uses to consistently rank videos on YouTube #1 generating thousands in commissions!
  • Wealth Upgrade Club Discover The Secrets of Investing Your Money, Growing Your Money... and Retiring Rich! Here's a Surprisingly Simple Way The Rich Get Richer... And How You Can Too! Join The Wealth Upgrade Club Now To Discover The Secrets of Getting And Staying Rich!
  • Automatic Bonus Delivery WP Plugin Simple. Clean. Works extremely well. A simple set and forget system that will automate your bonus delivery process 24/7. NEVER again you'll have to deal with all the problems listed above. You'll make your customers happy with very prompt bonus deliver

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Apr 20 2015

WP Theme Igniter

Attention: Are you frustrated by your lack of technical skills?

Originally Posted by princecapri View Post
Hey Sally, awesome offer. For some technically challenged people (like myself, this would be amazing!)

I got a review copy from Sally, and I was pleasantly surprised about the depth of training that she has put in. I didn’t realize that the price would be so low – I think its a steal!

Sally, I must admit, without telling you, I put this WSO to the litmus test. I gave it to my VA (who does not know much about WordPress) to see if I could train him up to create sites for me quickly. He can now create these sites for me much faster, so I have ended up saving money!

My recommendation to others – if you have struggled with WP in the past, I would really recommend jumping into this. Its a great offer, and Sally is a very nice vendor.


Originally Posted by Kristen Bedard View Post
This is an incredible resource for the WordPress Newbie or even intermediate level marketer.

Sally granted me a review copy of this course, which I’m grateful for, because it enlightened me to the fact that I’m probably making WP installations more difficult
than they need to be. (I’m not a complete newbie, but I am rather technically challenged and I shy away from anything that looks remotely like coding).

Sally’s product breaks down the process for using the Flexibility theme for your complete marketing funnel into very easy steps via 12 over-the-shoulder videos. I’ve installed WP sites before but I’m laboriously slow at it because I’ve never really understood some of the steps and little things that don’t work right the first time frustrate me. These bite-sized videos are perfect for my short attention span.

Love having the video scripts in PDF format. Also DOUBLE LOVE her bonus of Undercover Resource Genie, a 97-page guide to all the internet marketing resources you’ll ever need.

There are some other great surprise bonuses inside – worth $97 – so the measly $5 or so dollars she’s asking for this product is pure insanity. Anything that’s five bucks and teaches you how to use free tools* to create an entire sales funnel is a must-have in your marketing toolkit. Still reading?

*Yes, you still need a domain and an auto responder!

Originally Posted by micromike View Post
Just finished looking over Sally’s WP Theme Igniter, and I am very, very pleased. 
If you’re just not that tech-y or WP experienced, and tired of paying other folks to set up your sites again and again, this IS the product you’ve been looking for. Straight-line, step-by-step, and all free tools from theme to header creation to opt-in page. You CAN do this, and not take forever to do it either. 
What is it? Sally begins with a free WP theme, and configures that theme into a complete sales funnel site, including a download page and an opt-in page. The total time on the videos is a bit over an hour, and it would actually take you a bit less, after the first time, to actually build the site, if you’d written your copy first. She doesn’t omit anything that’s essential, and doesn’t skip over anything with “set this up like you normally would”. 
There are twelve videos in this training; I think the longest is about fourteen minutes. Each of them covers a different part of the setup, and she gives good info on reasons to set things up certain ways. (Did you know the background colors for posts on the WF was F5F5F5? I sure didn’t. But if you have your graphics guy make that the background color for your ecover image, it won’t have a white square around it, when you post it in your sales page. Cool).
If you’re an experienced WP person, there are still a couple of tools she demonstrates in this training, that you might not have heard of. But, if you’re being held back by not knowing this stuff, and can’t afford to outsource it, congratulations! This is your ticket to getting your site working and online, within a couple of hours! 
Recommendation: buy!
Disclosure: I got a review copy. Damn glad I did. This one’s going in the toolbox. Thanks, Sally! Oh, and the bonuses are pretty nice too, including “cliff notes” of the videos!
Originally Posted by madchef1962 View Post
I bought this for the price of 2 coffee’s (£4) I also bought the OTO. I’m glad I did, I got a business in a box and I think it’s EXCELLENT. I wanted to know how to put an OPT-IN page on my site, now I know how to put a whole WP site together. My outsourcer is unemployed…………PMSL.
Thanks Sally
Originally Posted by ezinerebel View Post
How many times have I paid someone on “service sites” to do jobs that I could have done myself, if time wasn’t an issue? Not any more

This wso is a great little number that has it all..! Especially for someone who wants to start working or blogging online and is afraid to get started , or quite simply doesn’t know how.

Money saved is money earned and whoever buys this will certainly be glad they did… because the more you use this the more you will save!

It’s quite easy to use this to make money as a sideline also! (Asking price earned back many times with the first job!)

Gotta say I love the “extras” and those alone are worth the small cost. That’s a fact!

Another fact is – this a brilliant wso that is well worth buying!

Originally Posted by Anthoni View Post
When you are first starting out in the Internet Marketing business it can be an expensive and daunting task.

What Sally offers here is a way to alleviate that burden from your shoulders and let you concentrate on just selling your products.

Highly recommended for anyone who is starting out, or even those of us who are started but are hesitant when it comes to all the different and expensive themes.

Keep It Simple is the true motto that Sally has surpassed.

Originally Posted by Darnscotty View Post
Hey Sal, I would just like to leave a review of WP Theme Igniter! I had some difficulties and I must say your product has helped me out from start to finish. You made a task that stood like a mountain in front of me a complete breeze.

I recommend this product to people who likes a step by step guide. This is not one of those WSO‘s that say, go there, and look for this. She shows you where to go and what to click and why.

Thank you for all your help Sally!

Dear Fellow Warrior & Entreprenuer,

Are you frustrated by your lack of technical skills?

Would you like to learn a simple and easy way to customize WordPress ready for you to add your sales copy and other sales funnel pages?

Professional looking sales sites are a key ingredient for any online marketer’s success. 

If you’re stuck on that step, chances are you’re never going to sell any products or achieve the dream lifestyle.

My name is Sally Lazarus and I got started online a few months ago.

When I first got started, I foolishly thought I could throw up a sales page in no time.

How wrong could I have been?

I Had No Clue How To Build A Professional-Looking Sales Site…

I had technical skills from my career BC (Before Children), but they might just as well have been pre-historic for all the good they did me online.

To my horror, things had moved on without me and I was pretty clueless when it came to the Internet.

There Had To Be An Easier Way Than HTML, FTP & Web Design!

I played around with HTML and I learned how to use FTP to upload my website, but I had trouble coping with all that Super Techie Stuff™

Plus my design skills weren’t the best, so my sites were basic and quite frankly… not all that great.

My geeky side was in overload! My head was sore from banging it against the wall and my laptop was in severe danger of being thrown out of the window…

I didn’t want to mess around with FTP, and it seemed to me that there must be an easier way.

WordPress Seemed To Be The Answer, But Premium Themes were Expen$ive & Required A Steep Learning Curve

When it came time to release my first Internet Marketing product, I needed to build a website to host the sales page, JV page, download pages and more.

I needed it to look professional and for it to be easy to update, without having to deal with all the technical gobbledegook.

After a while I decided this WordPress Thingy™ seemed to be the answer.

Everyone was raving about premium themes to create sales funnel pages, but I’d already splashed out to get graphics created.

I couldn’t justify spending yet more money on a WordPress theme.

Plus I’d heard that there was a steep learning curve, which was rather off-putting. 

I didn’t want to spend what seemed like an eternity learning a new theme only to find that it didn’t quite work how I wanted it to.

And Then To My Relief I Found It! The Insider Secrets! I Realised That Site Creation Is Easy When You Know How!

In the midst of researching my first IM product, I came across an awesome FREE WordPress theme.

It was stupidly simple to customize!

I quickly realised that I’d stumbled across the secret to creating exactly what I needed – a simple way create a framework that would make my sales site look professional.

At last there were no obstacles in my way!

I quickly got my first product out there. I was finally on the first rung of the ladder to achieving my dream lifestyle!

You can continue to scramble down the road without success or, for less than the cost of a lite breakfast, you can get started creating your own professional sales funnels that command trust and authority with these free tools…. 

Your lack of technical skills no longer needs to stand in your way. WP Theme Igniter will take you to the next level, step by step.

GET WP Theme Igniter

Still Not Convinced?

Can You Really Afford To Miss Out On This Chance?

Can you afford the hours it will take to figure all this out on your own?

Time is money and it really is simple to do all this when you know how… 

Do you care enough about your success to invest less than the price of a coffee and a cupcake in WP Theme Igniter? 

This Offer Will Not be Available For Ever…


ACT NOW & You Can Start Building 

Your Very First Sales Site TODAY! 

Hurry! The price is increasing every few sales. Get in early and pay less!

See you on the inside,

Sally Lazarus 

PS Remember that fear of technology or lack of technical skills no longer need to hold you back! Site creation is easy when you know how.

Save the time and confusion involved with learning HTML, FTP and Web Design and hours of frustration, messing about with WordPress on your own.

You could be building your very own sales site in just a few minutes time.

Just hit the buy button now!

PPS Cash in on your new found talent! Learn these simple skills and you can be creating sites for offline businesses or your fellow marketers in no time at all!

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