Apr 17 2015

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Apr 17 2015

Social Time Master

“Revolutionary Social Media WordPress Plugin, Invented By A Bearded Biker And Bulgarian Cowboy, Boosts Your Traffic, Sales And Profits In 2 Minutes A Day – Even If You Are Inexperienced…”
Richard WingStanil Dobrev
Social Sharing Has Never Been So Fun and Easy!

Social Time Master

A unique, original social autoposter that lets you schedule hundreds of social posts with a few clicks of the mouse. It manages everything visually, using a powerful, and easy to use Timeline Interface.

It gives you massive amounts of power with social media to do more and do it faster than ever before…

Social Time Master Features:
Schedule Hundreds Of Social Posts In No Time Flat With A Few Clicks Of The Mouse.
Manage Everything Visually
Flexible And Powerful
Easy To Use Timeline Interface
Audience Engagement Has Never Been Easier
Hot, Brand New & Ready-To-Go, Social Auto-poster That Will Sky Rocket Leads, Visitors, Sales, And Affiliate Commissions!
Our Need Creates Opportunity For YOU!
This product was created to cover our own needs and after we made it so flexible and powerful, we decided to open it to the world and now you can benefit by picking up a multi-site personal use license.
Some Of The Awesome Features Of Social Time Master

Flexible and easy to use Visual Timeline

The most easy way to preview and manage your social posts.

Post to unlimited social accounts

Currently supported are Twitter, Facebook Accounts, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. For added benefit we added Woo Commerce support for product sharing.

Import all your Facebook Groups and Pages

As simple as adding your user account

Unlimited sharing variations for each blog post

You can have multiple sharing details for each blog post – title, description, image and even unique URL.

Twitter Cards and Facebook Meta Tags

Added to your web pages to guarantee proper formatting when the posts are shared on the social sites.

Bit.ly integration and click stats

From one location you can see how many clicks each social post received.

Import posts from RSS feed

You can mix the content you’re posting with external sources and blogs (yours or not)

Bulk import URLs

Just provide a list of URLs and the plugin will extract all the data and will schedule the social posts
Template-based scheduling

You can schedule hundreds of shares for every blog post with just 3 clicks of the mouse

Schedule all your existing blog posts in a minute

If you install the plugin on a blog where you already have posts published it is easy to schedule all them for social sharing.

Post Log and Social Stats

You have a full list with all the social posts made, including click stats and links to the live posts on the social sites.STM also tracks social stats, such as likes, shares, number of comments, retwees, twitter favorites

Version control and one click update

When there are new versions of the plugin you can simply update it from within the wordpress plugin admin area.
And many many more…

The Following Social Accounts Are Supported
The plugin auto-posts to these accounts & multiple accounts of the same type without any limits.



NOTE: Posting to Face Book “Groups” requires submission and approval by FB for your app.

How We Compare With Other Services


Check Out This Clients Results

This is a screenshot from one of our client’s Google Analytics account and it shows the increase of traffic after we started using the plugin and the strategy explained below on this page (click the image to see more details).



Read further to see how that is possible with the use of Social Time Master…

The Power Of Variations

Not only multiple sharing options, but also a split test system.


With Social Time Master you have multiple variations for the social posts. The plugin will create a unique URL for every variation and will set different meta data for the social media to read. This gives you the power to share the same blog post in multiple variations with different title, image and description. Here on the right you will see a real example for one of our blog posts. The image (click to enlarge) includes 4 screenshots I took from one of my Facebook accounts where I have shared 4 variations of one of the blog posts. It’s hard to guess that all these point to the same blog post, right?

Why this is so powerful:
– first you have multiple sharing options without being annoying with one and the same social post;
– you can post in different times of the day to reach different groups of your audience;
– you get higher chance to get it reposted;
– you can split test your social posts and find which one of the variations attracts the most clicks. You know that sometimes changing just the image may increase the click ration by 800%. By using these split tests and checking the click stats you will soon start getting sense of what works best for your audience.

The Power Of Templates

A real life example – how we scheduled 138 social shares with a single click.

Social Time Master is using templates for fast and easy scheduling. Here I will show you one of my most favourite templates and will explain how you can use it to schedule your social posts.

This template is posting across 5 social accounts – Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook account and Facebook page. It is using 4 variations (1 original + 3 additional) for the posts and it schedules the sharing for a full year ahead.

templatePlease click on the image to the left to see it full size. Do not be scared… it may seem complex, but it’s pretty simple and it takes few minutes to create a template like that. But once you do that, it will save you tens of hours when you schedule your social posts.

I’m going to explain exactly how the social posts will go out when we are using this template:

Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Schedule 3

Schedule 4

Schedule 5

Schedule 6

Schedule 7

Schedule 8

Schedule 9

Schedule 10

“Total for this template: 138 shares”


138 shares may seem a lot, but actually it’s not that much, because we are posting across 5 accounts for a full year ahead. You see, after the first few days it will post just once in a week or once in 2 weeks to one social account. With intervals that big in between postings and with the 4 variations we have, nobody will ever notice that you’re posting the same blog post many times.

When we have this template, it is a matter of just one click to schedule every blog post to be shared 138 times. But you’re not limited to use only templates. You have the option to manually schedule each blog post separately if you like. And you can use different templates for different needs. For example if you’re publishing news, then maybe you will use a template which will post 20 times in the first 2 days and no postings after that.
It’s all up to you… use the templates without limits!

Quick And Easy Scheduling

See how we are using the templates to schedule the sharing of our blog posts.


After we have created some templates, let’s see how we schedule the social sharing for our Blog Posts.

Please watch the video below on full screen to see all the details:

The Timeline

The most easy way to preview and manage your social posts. You will love it when you start using it.

 Using Timeline to manage the social posts is a unique feature, available only in Social Time Master and you will not find another social sharing software that has something like that. It is a visual interface element and it is hard to explain how it works using simply words. That’s why I shot a demo video for a quick overview of the timeline. Please play the video below in a full screen to see all the details:

The “TimeBack” Scheduler

It takes just 3 clicks to bulk schedule the social sharing for all your existing blog posts.


“TimeBack Schedule” is a system we have integrated in Social Time Master that helps you schedule multiple social shares for your existing blog posts in bulk. With this option you emulate the posts being posted in future time and then you apply a selected scheduling template for each of the posts.

For example let’s take the following flow – you create a blog post and then you schedule the sharing (preferably using a template to speed up the process). In several days or in a week you publish a new blog posts and again you’re using the template to schedule the social shares for this blog post. And so on to infinity. But what about the older posts you may have that you haven’t scheduled to be posted to the social sites. This is where the “TimeBack Schedule” comes. It goes back in time and makes the social sharing that you missed to do in the past, but starting at the current time or the time you set with “Start Time”.

Let’s explain it with a graphic:


Generally what it means is that “TimeBack Scheduler” will do the social sharing you missed to do in the past for your blog posts.

Bulk Schedule all your Blog Posts


Using the power of templates and the “TimeBack Scheduler” you can schedule social sharing for all your existing blog posts at once with a few clicks of the mouse.
In this video I show you how in a minute I schedule 805 social shares for my existing 7 blog posts.

Tons of Traffic from Social Media

This is what you get as a result of using Social Time Master
(10 times increase in traffic compared to the common way of sharing)


Social Time Master gives you the power to schedule multiple social posts quick and easy, without making it look like you’re spamming the social media.
Multiple social posts mean greater reach, higher chance for re-posting and re-tweets and as an end result – lot more traffic to your website.

Let’s see a hypothetical example, where you’re sharing to 5 social accounts. And we will review 2 scenarios – first we share the common way that almost everybody is using and then we share multiple times, using the power of Social Time Master.
Here are example results – hypothetical, but also quite real, based on our experience:

Sharing the common way

# of Social Accounts # of Social Shares # of Clicks # of Reposts # of Clicks from Reposts
5 10 50 3 30

Total Clicks: 80

Sharing with Social Time Master

# of Social Accounts # of Social Shares # of Clicks # of Reposts # of Clicks from Reposts
5 138 690 25 250

Total Clicks: 940

You see the difference, right?

With Social Time Master you get 10 times more clicks and 10 times the traffic you get otherwise without the plugin.

If we could ask you to pay per click, based on results like these, then it would cost you about $20 if we take an average $0.20 per click. And this is for a single post.

The good news is that we’re not charging per click.


You make a one time payment and you then use the plugin without any limits. Within this offer we also included a one full year of unlimited updates and premium support.

And I must tell you that lot will happen in the next year. We are full with ideas for improving the plugin and you’ll get every new feature we release for free. We are also open to hear and evaluate ideas from you, so why not build a great product together and then we all benefit with it?

This Is Way Cool… Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Social Time Master?
A great deal of love, time and effort is put into every plugin we develop. We are certain that you will recognize this and the benefits of adding Social Time Master to your arsenal of wordpress tools.

Quality & Safety Always

We use the latest industry standards and best practices in our coding to ensure safety and website security. We maintain and update our plugins as necessary so you can feel confident that your website is not left vulnerable to hackers and wrong doers.

Auto Updates

As with all our plugins, we offer updates directly from within the wordpress plugin admin area.

Massive Niche & Audience

WordPress is widely regarded as one of the best platforms to host your blog or website. Many clients are using WordPress as a CMS because of it’s extreme ease of use and large number of plugins made available. Automating the social sharing of your sites content will increase your engagement with your audiences across many of your social accounts.

Outstanding Support

We support our clients to ensure their satisfaction and success. We offer several channels of communication. From our real time instant chat channels on our sales pages to our support desk & knowledgebase, all questions and issues are seen and responded to in a timely manner.


Very interesting tool you have here. I love you idea and design is cool.
Tim Parker

I have used a whole range of products in social media we run a business called social media executive and have issues with a great deal of products and services – but this (Social Time Master) I think will really solve those problems.
Baggy Tiwana

This is something I’ve been wanting/needing for a very long time. I can hardly wait to get it up and running.
Janice Gibson

Awesome support! I love this plugin.
Tommy Florez

I’ve tried several plugins that help you to execute your content strategy but this one is by far the best. Multiple platforms (that work) and 100% responsive support.
Jeffrey Summers

Perfect piece of code. In all my twitter accounts together i have around 2 million followers, so its a perfect plugin for me.
Karl-Heinz Klug

I was already using a similar solution and I was very interested to see what Social Time Master could do. I watched the video, but was granted a review copy as well.

So, while it did take me a few minutes to get going, the end result was great. After you get used to the setup, it is very to easy to manipulate your posting across several networks at a time.

The instructions were spot on, for getting the user interface set with-in wordpress.

Management wise, your program is much easier to use.  And there is no monthly fee.

Lastly, I have been a long time customer of Richard Wing, and very happy with his products.
Kelvin Brown

I pay a lot of money for several mega tools to do this. I am canceling them and using this. It is so easy to use even a newbie could do it. My VA’s liked it a lot better too.
Brad Dixon

I have been looking for an easy solution for post scheduling across different social media sites for a while now. This is it. I can see this making a huge difference in developing traffic from the social sites. The whole social traffic strategy just got a million times faster & easier
Barry Rodgers

Thank you very much for your careful explanation of everything.
Also for your patience with me.

I have bought too many things in my search to make things work well and this level of customer care makes you stand out.
I will remember it.

Of course your system is easy enough to follow once you know how!
That is true of many things in life:)
Christina Bonnett

Social Time Master Bonuses
We make a point to over deliver on our offers and this one is no exception. The following bonuses are also included with every purchase.
1. Wiziva Advanced Membership for 3 months – original price $40
– With this plan you can create 3 sites per month (9 in 3 months), using the Wiziva wizard included in this bonus or any other wizard from our marketplace (a subject of separate purchase at a discounted price)
– you can sell your own wizards (created by you or with our cooperation) with 40% commission
– if you’re a plugin or theme developer for WordPress you can sell your products in our marketplace with 10% fee (and no requirement for exclusive listings).

2. Wiziva wizard for optimized WordPress website – original price $20
Using this wizard you can create and customize a Search Engine and Socially Optimized WordPress site in just few minutes. It comes with unlimited developer sites license (create as many sites as you like).

Stand out from the crowd with the elegant 3D slider WordPress plugin

  • Multiple sliders on a single site, each with unique set of options
  • Dynamic reflections and shadows
  • No Flash, just pure jQuery
  • Six color themes
  • Smooth 3D animation
  • Slides are HTML Content (can be anything)
  • Navigation controls are created dynamically
  • Ready to go in few mouse clicks
  • Many options to choose from
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • No coding required

But Wait… That’s Not All!

“Fully Backed By An Unconditional 60 Day ‘Love It Or Delete It’ Money Back Guarantee!”

sealYou’re also protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee so that even if you’re not fully satisfied with the quality of our product you will be refunded 100%.

Claim your copy today! You won’t be dissapointed! And guess what? This is an instant download which means this product gets delivered instantly!

Our guarantee is our word and if you’re not completely satisfied you don’t pay us a penny. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy’ promotion!

Don’t Wait. Get Social Time Master Now At The Lowest Price It Will Ever Be Offered!

“Frequently Asked Questions”

What type of license do I get with this purchase?

You get an Unlimited Personal Use license, which means that you can install and use this plugin on all the websites you own. The license also includes free in-version updates and premium support for one year.

Do you guarantee the plugin works exactly as advertised?

Yes! Before we open the doors for selling the plugin we have tested it thoroughly with the help of 10 beta testers. But if there are still any problems that we didn’t catch and you’re not satisfied with the plugin, then you can request a refund within 60 days after your purchase and we will send your money back without questions being asked.

Why do I get an authentication error when trying to post to Facebook Groups.

You must wait for your app to be approved by Facebook in order to start posting to groups.

The app needs to be reviewed after submission. here are the submission guides:


How many Twitter accounts I can use with this plugin?

Unlimited! You can use as many social accounts as you like. Currently we support 7 types of accounts – Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook account, Facebook page, Facebook group, and Pinterest. For added benefit we added Woo Commerce support for product sharing. The Facebook pages and groups will be automatically imported and ready to use in the plugin after you add and authorize your main Facebook account.
Not only Twitter – for every account type you can add unlimited accounts.

Where do I get support for this plugin?

Upon purchase you will receive an email with login details for our members area. There you can download the plugin, read the help guides and watch the video tutorials, get your license code and open support tickets. We will reply to you request within 24 hours.

What if I miss this offer?

This discounted offer is available for a limited time. After our special promotion we will continue selling the plugin at it’s regular price – $47 for a Personal Use license and $97 for a Developer License.

May I get a Developer license for this plugin?

Absolutely! After you purchase the plugin you will see an offer for the Developer license. If you’re creating websites for clients we advice you take this offer, because if you miss it, then later you will be able to purchase a Developer license only at it’s full price ($97).

We thank you for your time & consideration

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Apr 17 2015

JV Giveaway Plugin

Originally Posted by John Cornetta View Post
Let me tell you all something I know a little thing or two about list building myself and Kevin Fahey is the real deal. I jus purchased the developer version Kevin and would have paid you ten times that amount had you asked.Also on my word Kevin has no idea I am writing this. That I just made this purchase or in anyway asked me to write this. In fact I’m confident that had I contacted Kevin and asked for a free copy he would have given me one. This is such a no brainer I wouldn’t have even dared to insult him by asking him.

If you don’t grab this WSO please re think being an online marketer because you don’t have the sense to see brilliance when it’s right in front of you. 

Kevin hats off dude you rock!!

Originally Posted by JoeRemington View Post
Ok Kevin so I had to be one of the first to grab this plugin based on everything I read I’m really looking forward to holding my first giveaway event.BTW The Skype Group really threw this offer into an insane wso. So I can’t wait to dig in and partner with others.

Thanks again,

Originally Posted by SutejoTan View Post
This is totally awesome plugin.Having this plugin is like waiting for storm of fresh list coming into your way….

and the price is completely insane.

Originally Posted by RedHat39 View Post
Excellent plugin Kevin. I had bought another plugin that does this same thing but yours is much better.If you’re into list building this plugin should be a no-brainer for you. This plugin is a must have!

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Apr 17 2015

Amazon Affiliate Kids Toy Chest! $300+ Billion Online Niche…Want Some?!


GET Amazon Affiliate Kids Toy Chest


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The Annual Spend In The United States
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Hey Guys,

I’m back with another installment to the phenomenally successful and money-earning ,Amazon Affiliates! information product series…

Amazon Affiliate Kid’s Toy Chest! allows you to target TWO massively popular, Evergreen sub-niches which are part of the huge toy niche. With $312 Billion spent last year in the United States online in this niche, the constant demand is huge and ever increasing; in fact projections give the spend online this year in the toy niche as $335 Billion. This is where YOU, my fellow online marketer comes in!

Being in possession of this product will essentially allow you to totally make bank in this$300+ Billion niche! You have everything here you need and no excuse whatsoever not to totally make bank!

There are limited packages available; and they will definitely not be offered anywhere else online. This is a dime sale system so the price will increase from it’s starting price of $7, until it reaches it’s maximum price of $11. When they are sold out here then they will be gone for good!
The images above details everything that’s included in this package and clearly shows the massive amount you will be receiving for your small investment! I mean over 190 Mb of pure, relevant, quality content in every medium makes this product a no brainer whether you are in this niche already or thinking of getting into it!
What i’m saying here is that being in possession of this product will seriously damage your competitors results, and dramatically improve yours!
Because it will only take you a few minutes to look over (and be amazed by) the quality of this package, I’m limiting my “no-hassle” guarantee to 30 days.

To your massive success,


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Apr 17 2015

Curation Cash Traffic – WordPress Facebook Curation Cash Traffic–>

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