Apr 21 2015

VideoMotionPro – Video Creation & Marketing Made Easy Without Camtasia

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Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

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Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

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Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

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Apr 20 2015

The “Secret” Sauce

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

With your permission, I want to send you a ‘live’ captured video called “The Secret Sauce” (pdf and audio included) that has the recipe to set your online business on fire.

I gave a copy in secret to 8 of my friends online and asked them if they thought that it was worth my asking price.

All of them reply with an enthusiastic YES!…

Most told me I wanted too little for it.

It’s a very short video at just under 2 1/2 hours, but the UNCUT and UNEDITED strategiesrevealed allow you to make you a huge fortune!

This is unlike anything you may have seen before…

Anyone can blatantly copy the strategies revealed.

However, this presupposes that you are a person willing to try a DIFFERENT strategy than what everyone else is telling you to do when it comes to internet marketing.

You’ve probably seen this strategy in action several times in one way or another.

You might have heard a small group of people discussing “this secret” in private facebook groups. But I’d venture to guess you haven’t started using it or making it work.

A large number of people have tried to use these strategies…


Most get it all Wrong…

Each of them left out one or more key elements (which Million-Dollar Marketer, Lee Collins, revealed to me) that make the invisible strategies so effective.

Leave one of these out

…and at best, you spend WAY TOO MUCH money, and at worst, you’ll have more actionable marketing knowledge than 99% of the marketers in the world!

Make sure you use each of the simple secrets, and you’ll make a fortune.

To tell you the honest truth, this video is worth many thousands of dollars.

And I do mean THOUSANDS of dollars.

In fact, it’s so valuable that a few years ago Frank Kern even bought and mailed every single one of his mass control members a physical copy of the first version of his high dollar product about this topic. Here’s proof:

Here’s what only lucky recipient had to say:

These strategies work in any market from information marketing to Wall Street, and to the lucky few who use them they can mean thousands upon thousands of dollars.

I’m only asking a little bit for it because I want to help other online marketers…

…even though I know what “a person who wants to” can do with these exciting strategies.


This is a Dime Sale.

That means the price will be rising aggressively.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get it now because that’s the only way you can guarantee you will get it at this ridiculously low price!

It Gets Better…

All orders will also receive a killer BONUS report…

It’s called “The 7 Golden Keys To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire”. You’ll get a short report in PDF format.

This bonus covers why most people miss the boat to a multi-million dollar empire.

I could easily have charged you $27 just for this because inside the report you’ll discover the missing link to everything you should be doing right now.

I could have done that and I would have made more money.

That’s an honest-to-goodness fact.

But as a special thank you, it’s yours FREE.

I decided to just give it to you because when you buy my products today I want to over deliver on value so that you want to be a repeat customer.

Additionally I feel if you don’t learn this part of the equation you won’t have the success I know is possible with what you’re about to discover.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

I want you to know me as someone who delivers quality, useful information here.

I’m confident that the information you’ll discover in this offer is of the highest quality. I guarantee your complete satisfaction or you get your money back.

Order with confidence now and if it’s not everything I say it is, or you feel you did not get your money’s worth, let me know within the next 60 days and I’ll refund your purchase, no question asked.


This is a dime sale… which means the price is rising.

This page is the only place to get this ‘live’ captured video on the entire Internet and this price won’t last long.

Get your copy today and you’re sure to have the UNFAIR advantage over your competitors for at least the next 6 months.

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(The price is rising, so act quickly to save the most!)

Thank You,

P.S. This video contains SUPERCHARGING strategies for generating unlimited amounts of money. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like it.

P.P.S. Lee personally made a minimum of 11 million dollars using this method, and if you count when he was using it in corporate it tops $311 million… making these strategies proven to the tune of a whopping 322 million dollars!

P.P.P.S.  Remember, with the Secret Sauce in your hands you’ll have the ingredients, tips, tricks, and little-known techniques proven to generate tens of Millions of Dollars ONLINE & OFFLINE, plus you’ll get the bonus report “The 7 Golden Keys To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire”…

P.P.P.S.S. Remember, you order is completely risk-free with my 60 day “must love it or get your money back” guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Click The Happy Orange Button Below To Avoid Disappointment…

(You’ll be VERY happy once you access the download page!)

GET The “Secret” Sauce 

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Apr 20 2015

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Apr 20 2015

Mobile Prospector Premium

Mobile Prospector Premium

Mobile Prospector Premium. Revolutionary Software With A Complete Set Of Templates, Features And Bonuses.

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Apr 20 2015

InstantProfit: Continuity King by Dean Holland


GET InstantProfit: Continuity King



Originally Posted by craig crawford View Post
I had the privilidge of getting priority access to this!And all I can say is WOW! I’m completely stunned, Not just by what Dean actually did!
But with the SHEER amount of value given in this WSO package.. At this price it is a real “no brainer” Especially with the bonuses!

Originally Posted by Dan Briffa View Post
Having been a friend of Dean for some time, I’ve seen him grow his recurring income from scratch and it absolutely does work.. the content he is providing in his WSO is absolute GOLD for anyone who wishes to learn how to grow recurring income streams fast.Dan
Originally Posted by MaximizerMatt View Post
Continuity is one of the sexiest income methods if you ask me… Being able to have money coming in each and every month over time is a great way to apply leverage and stack revenue in your business!~ Matt
Originally Posted by Willie Murray View Post
I’m in!Great deal Dean looking forward to getting my teeth into this one : )William

Originally Posted by bertranddo View Post
Hey Dean this looks very cool.. I am going to make this my Tuesday read : )Thanks a lot!

Imagine creating your very first automated RECURRING income engine…

You’ve never done it before, and you have zero experience in what to do with it to make it successfully bank you a recurring monthly income

Yet that one site… 

That one single recurring income stream…


Goes On To Generate You 
In Just It’s First 12 Months!

Got your attention? 

I hope so, because I’m about to reveal to you exactly how I did it, the exact blueprint that made me a Continuity King the very first time I tried, so you can copy it for yourself starting TODAY!



For those of you that don’t yet know me, let me explain something very quickly then I’ll tell you everything you’re getting today in this huge ‘profit packed’ offer…

October 2008 I wrote my first ever blog post, at that time I had NOTHING going for me online

Despite having tried for several years to make that first $1 online, all I had achieved was getting myself into serious debt of over $60,000 (and all by the age of 24!)

November 2008 I invested my last bit of money and got a mentor from who I discovered some ‘life-changing’ things

What I uncovered led me to quit my day job forever just 8 months later in June of 2009

In November of that year I began to learn about recurring income.

The sheer automated power of making a sale once and being paid every single month after through a continuity type site REALLY attracted me…

After months of learning I decided to give it a shot creating my own continuity site and attempt for the very first time to create a recurring income


The Results Of My Methods 
And Tactics Blew Me Away! 

In fact they blew everyone away, my friends, my family and my fellow internet marketers were left stunned by what happened


No One Could Have
Predicted This…

I started the site mid-November 2009…

In the first 2 weeks online it generated $2,877 

In month 2 it generated $14,380 

In month 3 it generated $18,593 

And in month 4 it generated $124,340.00! 

And in it’s first full year went onto generate $600,077.00
*** As a quick side note, one of the main reasons recurring income is one of the best models to implement is the freedom it gives you in life….

The truth is after month 4 I stopped working for about 8 full months, simply checking emails a few times a week

And I enjoyed all the rewards that my first recurring income site was giving me – Vacations, nice cars, life-changing experiences… All while doing no real work!


That’s Incredible! 
But It Must Be Difficult Right? 

Actually no, it’s simple when you know how… 

Which is exactly what you’ll discover in my Instant Continuity training (plus what I’m giving for a limited time in this package with bonuses can only be described as INSANE for such a low investment)


Let Me Explain… 

News of my recurring income methods spread rapidly online, there became a demand for me to share exactly what I had done and how I had done it

Then just recently around 200 people paid up to $1,497 to attend a small intimate workshop in the UK to discover the methods that create such INSTANT PROFITS

The crowd sat glued to the edge of their seats as I stood live before them exposing the simple yet hugely profitable strategies that I had used

More importantly the methods and tactics anyone could implement to copy my proven blueprint to rapidly create a massive recurring income stream online


You Can See Me Below Exposing This Information… 

And for the very first time, even though attendees paid up to $1,497 to learn these tactics, I’m handing you the InstantProfit Instant Continuity King training AND much more!

But for a very limited time you can get instant access for a one-time investment of just $9.95


Here’s What You’ll Discover…


  • How I Got My Recurring Income Product By Accident
  • My Simple ‘1-2-3 System’ PROVEN To Bank BIG With Recurring Income


  • How To Create A 5 Figure A Month Recurring Income Stream By Giving Something Away For Free


  • How, Where And When To Present An Offer For Maximum Recurring Profits
  • The No-Brainer, Easy To Implement Cash Cannon To Add An Extra 6 Figures Per Year To Your Online Income
  • The Stupidly Simple Way To Get Thousands Of FREE Targeted Visitors To Your Offer


  • My Affiliate Stealth Method To Get Other People Sending You Traffic 24/7 Even While You Sleep!

Plus Much More!


But Wait!
Today I Want To Prove A Point 
About Over-Delivering

So For A Limited Time I’m Also Handing 
The Action Takers That Grab This Offer 
Today The Following Mammoth Bonuses


Bonus #1 – Baby Steps Of A Giant

Real Value $47

A lot of people ask me how I went from a near bankrupt newbie, to selling over $1,000,000 of products online so quickly

They want to know my ‘secrets to online success’ so they can copy

So when people attended my UK seminar I opened the event by sharing EVERYTHING in a gripping and revealing 46 minute presentation

This was described by many as “Literally Moving” … “Just Incredible” and even “One Of The Most Revealing Things I’ve Ever Witnessed”

This has only ever been seen by those in the room that day, and will soon be sold for $47 on it’s own

However if you act right now and get immediate access to the InstantProfit training – Instant Continuity King you’ll get this absolutely free!

Bonus #2 – The Recurring Income Blueprint

Real Value $19.95 

My Instant Continuity King training will show you the exact steps I took to grow my recurring income site to make over $600,077 in it’s first year online

But do you know everything from the very ground up?

The real basics about a continuity site and a recurring income stream?

Most people don’t, and that’s the exact reason I create the Recurring Income Blueprint

In fact I just recently had a sales video professionally created to sell this product publicly online (I just haven’t got around to launching it yet) which you can see HERE

It will sell for just under $20 as you can see in the sales video here but because I want to blow you away with this offer today I’m even going to hand you this 100% FREE also!

You’ll now have EVERYTHING in your possession to create a VERY high recurring income stream from scratch

You’ll know the basics to get started FAST

You’ll know exactly how to grow your recurring income from ZERO to 6 figures a month using the proven tactics I used myself to do just that with my first ever continuity site

And more importantly, Imagine this: Let’s just say your first site only makes 10% of what mine did – That’s $60,000 in it’s first year online…






Let me remind you, you’re about to instant get access to – 

And you’ll get it all right now for a
one time only investment of just $9.95

And just incase you need to remove EVERY single element of risk before you invest I’ll make it a real no-brainer for you with my …


Be 100% Satisfied 
Or Pay Nothing Guarantee

If you’re not completely blown away by what you get from me in this offer now then I’ll gladly with a smile on my face hand you ever single cent of your investment back – No questions asked!

I’m 100% certain that the information I give you will be everything you expect, need and want but if for any reason you decide it’s not for you or you simply change your mind in the next full 30 days simply let me know and I’ll give you ever cent right back promptly

I’m taking all the risk, simply because I know you’ll profit from what I share with you

So take action now…


I’ll see you on the inside!

Dean Holland

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