Its All You Need – The 3 Strategies

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“It’s All You Need” – The 3 Strategies:

Strategy #1 – “Jack It and Stack It:

This is launch jacking meets my “Down and Dirty List Building” strategy!

With this particular method, you will be sucking in 100% free traffic from Google. This traffic is comprised exclusively of people with credit cards in their hands, ready to buy! All you need to do is filter them into my 3-step process and you will be making money hand over fist! You can set this up so that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, you continue to get paid even if you’re not working!

Yes, that means while you sleep, shower, vacation, eat, make love… whatever… the money just keeps on pouring into your bank account.

DDLB-2By the way, I am also including my “Down and Dirty List Building” and my award-winning “Down and Dirty List Building 2” as a special bonus when you order “It’s All You Need” today!

The DDLB system will walk you through some of the finer technical setup steps in order to absolutely maximize your effectiveness with the “Jack It and Stack It” strategy.

The combination of launch jacking and DDLB is a powerhouse that allows you to funnel EASY (and I mean EASY) buyer traffic into a series of opportunities where you’re turning a one-time, low-ticket product seeker into a multiple-time, mid-ticket product BUYER.

The “Jack It and Stack It” strategy, all on its own, can set you free in short order. But I really want to give you every possible advantage, so…

Strategy #2 – Storytime Bribery:

When I told you that this business can be fun, I really meant it.

Look, everyone loves a good story… and in the “Storytime Bribery” section of IAYN, I’m going to show you how to become a master storyteller.

I give you a few fantastic examples that you can use for inspiration.

I show you how to get your audience frothing at the mouth in anticipation of your next piece of content.

And I show you how to turn this audience into raving customers who will keep giving your their business for YEARS TO COME! Longevity is HUGE in this business. And while sure, there will always be an influx of new prospects for you to woo…

Click-For-MoreWouldn’t it be nice to hold on to your older customer base, too?

Why, of course it would, silly goose!

When you follow along with the “Storytime Bribery” process, I’m telling you… you will set yourself apart from ALL of your would-be competition at a very high level.

And ya know what? It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun!

Also included with your IAYN package, as a special added bonus, you’ll receive my “Click For More” book. Again, it covers some of the more technical aspects of setting your “Storytime Bribery” campaign up to perfection. Enjoy the gift!


Strategy #3 – Pure Authority:

I saved the best (and certainly my favorite) for last.

Remember the headline of this page? I told you that I made $7000 for one email.

Did you believe me… or did you think I was full of total horse sh*t? It’s okay, you can be honest.

The truth is, I’ve done even better than that! My best-performing email to date has earned me a whopping $11,000! For just one email campaign.

This was for mid-ticket coaching. And you know what? I didn’t even create a landing page, sales page, webinar… none of that crap!

What did I do?

I sent an email and opened up a dialogue. I started coaching people 1-on-1 before I even asked for any money. By the time we got down to business, it was they who were asking me to take their money!

PLL-Cover-1With the “Pure Authority” strategy, you will learn exactly how you can command this type of power, too!

But don’t worry. You don’t have to do any coaching, if that’s not your thing. I give you all kinds of awesome ideas. I make money using my list in all sorts of fun and creative ways. And I share these tactics with you right inside the book. ?

Imagine being short on rent… or bills. Perhaps you have a vacation you want to take… or tuition to pay. You’re swimming in debt. You’re overwhelmed.

Now imagine taking 20 minutes to craft an email, and within the next 24 hours, whatever was eating out you… was 100% handled!

That’s what the “Pure Authority” strategy can do for you.

You’re going to love this. And as a special bonus, I will give you two guides on building the type of list that these big-money techniques work best with.

My award-winning “From the Top” and “Private Label Lifestyle” programs are both included with your package today.

get reclick


Easy Sketch Pro WSO Review

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“THE #1 Doodle Software Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos, SkyRocket Engagement And Boost Sales by 337% for ANY Business”

NEW Interactive Edition allows LIVE links in video to Facebook, YouTube , Skype, Sound Cloud and many more.

Create Sketch Video with ‘drag n drop’ interface.
Add Interactive hotspots LIVE in video linking to Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud & many more
Click ‘Build’ and Upload. Your sketch video is ready!

Watch the Amazing NEW Interactive Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 build a video from scratch and make it Interactive

“Here’s A Dirty Little Secret Most Video Player Creators
will NEVER tell you”

An open letter from Paul Lynch,
Andrew Fox & Com Mirza

Dear Reader,

You’ve probably seen buzz word of 2015….”Video”.

In fact – we like to call it the video band wagon, where nearly every product released seems to include the word “video” in it…

…even if it’s totally unrelated!

Most popular video player are incredibly feature rich, tech savvy works of art.

In fact, we admire how good there features are..

So whats the problem?

These video players are built by GREAT technical people…BUT in most cases, many are poor marketers.

It’s NOT the amazing features that makes a video sell… its the ENGAGEMENT.

And guess what?

Doodle videos are proven to be the biggest converting, cash sucking conversions tools online

Average Video Players may sell 2000 – 3000 copies….

Easy Sketch Pro Has Sold Over 55,000 Copies! Because Animated Doodle Sketch Videos Are The REAL Way To Boost Conversion Rates by 437% And More.

Easy Sketch Pro Is The Only Video Player To Be Investor Backed By Com Mirza – Net Worth $550+ Million

Listen to why Com Mirza invested into Easy Sketch Pro in his own words

Over $40 Million! Sold By the #1 Seller on ClickBank In ‘Health & Fitness’ – Check out his sales video. Doodle and Video Animation!

The Venus Factor has generated $40 Million in Revenue as state above!

Do you think it was the “fancy features of video player that generated that kind revenue..?

No Way!

It has the Animated Engaged Nature of the presentation that does it!

Look! Testimonials from Hollywood film producers, regular business owners, doctors, school teachers

Steve Rudnik – Hollywood Film Producer

Laura Fielden, Deputy Head teacher,

Bowland High School.

What Do People Think Around The World!

Here’s How Easy it Is To Create A Professional And Interactive Doodle Sketch Video With Easy Sketch Pro 3.0


Create Your Doodle Sketch Video With ESP 3

Upload Any Live Video – The Software Will Sketch out the Opening Scene Transition From Sketch to Live – Breathtaking!
  • Upload any video and the software will sketch out the opening scene then make the mind blowing effect from Sketch to Live Video
  • User can set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to LIVE video
  • Add your own music or voice over to both sketch and/or live video
Sketch Any Text, Image, Music or Voice Over To The LIVE Video
  • Add Your Own Text With Drag ‘N’ Drop Interface
  • Add Your Own background music, voice over or select from our vast library of ready made tracks
  • Add your own images or use our huge resource of royalty free images
  • Everything is totally 100% customizable
Import Any Video Onto The Timeline While Your Sketch Video Is Playing
  • Drop In a Live Video While Your Sketch Video Is Playing With a few clicks
  • Extremely Powerful – Imagine selling this to local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants. You include a live video of their service like cooking or a gym routine while the sketch does the rest.
  • DOUBLE engagement by switching up things and keeping viewers entertained. The longer they stay the greater the chance of the sale.
Choose From Our Stunning Library of Amazing Backgrounds
  • Don’t want to start on a blank canvas? No problem! Now you can choose from various professional canvas types.
  • rom the glittering lights of a billboard in New York to the sun drenched beaches of Cancun, you can really make your sketch video come alive like never before.
Over 50 New Pens, Brushes, Chalk, Crayons At Your Fingertips
  • Spice up your sketch video and tailor to your EXACT audience with this amazing new feature
  • Selling something for a particular audience? Then choose from any gender, colour, race to your liking. If your selling male fitness naturally a male hand would make more sense.
  • Create the EXACT style of video you want… Do you prefer a chalk effect, brush, hard pen, crayon, e.g. for kids teaching?


Add Amazing NEW Interactivity to your video

Amazing Social Media Integration – Tie Into Facebook, Youtube, Twitter , Sound Cloud and Add Hot Spots
  • Amazing New Technology lets you think “Interactive Hotspots” LIVE in your video
  • Example when you discuss your Facebook page you can say “Click our FB Icon now” and it will open in a new window to your Fan Page. Input any URL you want.
  • Add Sound cloud. Are you a musician or podcaster? Get people to interact and listen to your audio tracks like never before
  • You Tube – Link To Your YouTube Channel or even link to a YouTube video you don’t even own. Leverage other peoples content
  • Choose the EXACT time you want the hot spot to appear and disappear – you are in full control!
Collect Optins With All Major Autoresponders & Manual Option
  • Capture Optins live from inside your sketch video
  • Auto Integrates with most popular Auto Responder such as Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, Send Reach, Go To Webinar,
  • Add Your Own Auto Responder via manual html code option available too
  • Multiple interactive icons to choose from various colours and sizes – over 50 in our library
Built in Video Analytics, Retargeting + Add Google Analytics
  • Built in Analytics to every separate video you create. View which countries traffic is coming from. Tip: If you buy solo ad traffic that you expect is high quality but it comes from a poor country you know there is foul play at work
  • Hot Spot Analytics – When you Add in Hot Spots see how many clicks these call to actions are getting in your videos and adjust accordingly. Are they better at start, middle or end of video? Analyze and then adjust
  • Add your own Google Analytics Code TO Every Video
  • With out built in analytics see which browser, mobile or non mobile, operating system which source the traffic came from
Branding Your Video With Unlimited Options
  • Adding your own branding logo and change shape, size and position on page using the ‘drag n srop’ interface.
  • Change the  Colour of control bar, player bar. Make it unique as you want
  • If you are building videos for your clients add their logo as an upsell. Otherwise put your own video company logo there
Live Interactive “Click” to Call Within Your Video
  • Can be set to call a Skype Number or Regular Telephone Number
  • This feature is INCREDIBLE for products or service that required selling to be closed over the phone. Examples insurance quotes, high end coaching, high level personal training service
  • Add in From Our Drop Down Box of Pre Set Countries Codes  – Over 200 listed!
  • If Your using Skype we also have a “Skype” Preset Icon
Publish Video Via Public Link, Embed Code or Direct Facebook
  • You can post your new video however you want Public, Embed  or Facebook
  • Facebook is great for more distribution as they tend to lower edge rank for external linking videos outside the FB Ecosystem
  • The choice is yours


Upload and Publish To YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, VeeRoll, Google Videos In a Matter of Seconds!

Fully Customize EVERYTHING! Icons, Features, Hot Spots, Social Interaction – Easy Sketch 3.0 Is Light Years Ahead Of The Competition – The Complete Sketch & Video Creator and Editor

Add your autoresponder:

Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach, Campaign Monitor
Add your webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar
URL redirects with calls to action
Full Social Integration to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more

Follow me on Facebook
Follow me on twitter
Add & display youtube videos in your video
Add & display Vimeo videos in your video
Soundcloud – Play mp3’s in your videos
Tap to call – have leads phone you directly from the video
How you can customize the behaviour:
Choose from over 500 icons at present
Choose size of hotspot
Choose colour
Choose time you want it to be visible
Choose position on video that you want it
Choose Force capture or not – (Video will not play again until person has clicked on hotspot)
Choose text
You will be able to display your Interactive Easy Sketch Pro videos here:
On the URL the software provides
In Facebook tabs
In Facebook newsfeeds
On any site that will accept an embed code that the software provides

Easy Sketch Pro Works In UNLIMTED Industries. Charity Events, Internet Marketing, School and Education, Poetry, Work Presentations –

Easy Sketch Pro Is Backed By Our Award Winning Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the main difference between Easy Sketch Pro and other Video Creators?

While there are many video products and services available, very few rival Easy Sketch Pro for its ease of use and “drag ‘n’ drop” ability to create Sketch Videos.

Sketch videos are PROVEN to convert 2-3 times higher in most cases and with the new interactive features the numbers are going to increase off the charts.

Does any other video service have backing from an investor worth $500 Million like Com Mirza?

Not that we are aware off! Mr Mirza could fully see the value and potential in Easy Sketch Pro and was very keen to the fact that it could be used in countless industries.

He was also aware of how innovative and advanced it was compared to other video creators on the market.

What format does Easy Sketch Pro Export to?

It exports to .Mp4 format

Is there a recurring fee to use the software or is it one-off?

Currently, Easy Sketch Pro is a one-off during this special promotional period

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Interactive – The #1 Doodle Sketch Software Online

Create Sketch Video with ‘drag n drop’ interface.
Add Interactive hotspots LIVE in video linking to Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud & many more
Click ‘Build’ and Upload! Your sketch video is ready


Your Investment is Totally Risk Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Policy
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment into Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. So here is our “no quibble”, iron clad guarantee. If you download the software and it doesn’t carry out every feature we have demonstrated, in an easy-to-use fashion, just post a refund request on our Support Desk and we’ll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund. Simple as that!



SpyFy Review – Web App Legally Spys Winning Campaigns

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Watch the Demo Video Below to Discover How SpyFy Cracks
Open The Deepest Secrets of Your Fiercest Competition.

The difference between a profitable marketer and one who fails to make bank is due to two main factors:

  • Knowing in advance which campaigns & products appeal most to your target audience
  • Keeping your ad costs down to a minimum by ‘copying-and-pasting’ proven ad creatives to new niches and campaigns

Learn more about SpyFy Amazing Features


  • Spyfy literally makes sure your campaign never fail even if you are a complete newbie
  • With Spyfy users can see what is Trending on social media
  • Research best selling items whether it’s some eCommerce items, CPA, Amazon, eBay, affiliate offers, or T-Shirts or any other merchandise

Did You Get Twitter Cash Formula?

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GET Twitter Cash Formula

So YOU just witnessed the LIVE Proof..
What makes the Twitter Cash Formula so Unique & Easy To Do?
“This Method allows YOU all the FREE Time you want while your Income, Twitter Following & Email List Grows on complete Auto-pilot”..


  • It’s EASY to setup & run – just 20 minutes work p/d.
  • 100% FREE to do & completely Newbie friendly
  • YOU need ZERO tech skills to achieve quick profits..
  • Creates a passive income that grows on autopilot.
  • Grows with 100% FREE traffic – No PPC or paid traffic.
  • YOU don’t need any experience whatsoever..
  • It’s NEW & Unique, can’t be saturated + Fully Tested..
  • EASILY Scaled to 2X, 3X or 10X your daily profits..
  • PLUS – no selling required! YOU just give people something they need for FREE then the backend system does the rest..
  • Now before I get into some more proof and exactly what your about to receive let me firstly do a quick introduction:


My name is Mark Wightley and together with my business partners, Mialei Iske and Mike Evans we have over 20 years combined experience as successful Internet Marketers.

I thought I would spare you the usual sob story that you are probably sick of hearing!

YOU know the one how we all went from living in a gutter to becoming wildly successful online.

So, let’s just get onto the MISSION and EXACTLY how we can help you start producing a daily guaranteed passive income.
The MISSION We Had In Front Of Us Was To Provide YOU With A Method That WORKS Even If Your SUPER Lazy..

Let Me Explain!

After listening to our students and subscribers we decided to put our heads together and try to come up with a method that would do 3 essential things while only spending minimal time doing it.

These 3 ESSENTIAL Things were to build an Email List, Create a Following of people to connect with and build a passive income that would continue to grow day in and day out.

All of this had to be accomplished on a part time basis and essentially run on Auto-Pilot..
After plenty of trial and lots of error we finally cracked it and were getting good results.

So, we decided to run 2 separate campaigns for a full month to get some real results but we did it on a SUPER, SUPER part time basis!
The Results From 2 Separate Very Part Time Campaigns!..

With the 1st test we spent ONLY 2 hours in the entire month doing anything to it.

We literally spent just 30 minutes once per week for the 4 weeks we ran the test.

With the 2nd Test we put in a little more effort but still ONLY 30 minutes every 2nd day.

Now these are REAL RESULTS! So you’re not going to see MILLIONS of dollars because I’m sure your sick of being fed fake results that are just total CRAP.

NOTE: (These results are minimal because we did it very minimal hours. So this can EASILY be SCALED to produce a MASSIVE Full Time Passive Income! – Just don’t be a lazy as I was..)
(2 Hours Per Month)
The Twitter Following We Produced:

That’s 184 Targeted People Interested In What We Have To Offer In Just 2 Hours!..
The EMAIL List We Built:
That’s 93 Targeted People Added to my Email List With Just 2 Hours of Works!..
The INCOME We Created:

The LAZIEST and EASIEST $143.29 YOU Will Ever Earn.. (Just in 2 Hours Work)
(20 Minutes every 2nd Day)
The Twitter Following We Produced:

That’s 541 Targeted People Interested In What We Have To Offer In Just 20 Minutes every 2nd Day..
The EMAIL List We Built:
Another 387 Targeted People Added to my Email List With Just 20 Minutes of Clicking every 2nd day!..
The INCOME We Created:

That’s Another EASY $587.92
(In Just 20 Minutes every 2nd Day)
The Part Time Tests Made $731.21 + 480 Email Subscribers & 725 Followers All on Complete Auto-Pilot!
Introducing The Twitter Cash Formula

GET Twitter Cash Formula

The EASIEST Step by Step System For YOU To Build a Full Time Income From VERY Part Time Hours..
Here’s What YOU will Discover Inside The Twitter Cash Formula..

HOW To..

  • Create FREE Targeted Traffic From a Unique Twitter Method
  • Build an Email List on Auto-Pilot from this FREE Traffic
  • Create a Follow Up Series that Converts into Sales
  • Build a High Converting & Relevant Squeeze Page
  • Build a Special Bridge Page that Builds Trust & Converts.
  • Build a Massive Twitter Following so your Income Grows Day after Day & on 100% Auto-Pilot + SO MUCH MORE..
  • Here’s What Others Had To Say About “The Twitter Cash Formula”.

What Will YOU Receive When YOU Get Access To The Twitter Cash Formula TODAY?..

The Twitter Cash Formula Step by Step Blueprint
This is the entire proven formula in a step by step blueprint. Every step is laid out in full detail…

So, It really couldn’t get any easier!..
The Twitter Cash Formula Squeeze Page Plugin
This purpose built squeeze page builder increases conversions & this is going to instantly speeds up your success..

The Twitter Cash Formula Mp3 Audio Course
This is Perfect for the car or on the go.
It’s the entire Twitter Cash Formula course on a handy Mp3 audio…

The Twitter Cash Formula Detailed Checklist
A simple to follow essential checklist that will ensure you complete each of the basic steps.
This keeps you on track so you make money a whole lot faster.

The Twitter Cash Formula Visual Roadmap
This breaks down the entire course as a quick visual reference.
So you can quickly select the correct steps to ensure your success.

The Twitter Cash Formula Tools and Resources
One less thing you need to worry about as I show you all the resources and everything that I use and..
..exactly how to get them.

The Twitter Cash Formula Membership Access
Here’s where you have access to all the training, resources, help and everything you need all in the one secure place…

To Help YOU Succeed FASTER We Have Added 4 Value Packed Bonuses If YOU Take Action TODAY!..
If you are one of the first to make the smart decision to take action today I’d like to give you, free of charge, these value-added bonuses to help you succeed even faster!..
That’s OVER $148 Worth Of Quality BONUSES 100% FREE Today ONLY!..
IS There A GUARANTEE This Will WORK For YOU?..
To Make This A Complete No Brainer Your Also Covered By Our No Questions Asked 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!..

This Is EXACTLY What I Need!.. Yet, How Much Is The Investment?..
Well, we thought long and hard about what price point to put on our personal blueprint.

To us its worth 1000’s but we knew that for us to really help people we needed to make it affordable even for a complete newbie with limited funds.

It was suggested to us to price is at $97 or even as low as $47 but when I remember back to when I first started online even $47 was too much for me.

GET Twitter Cash Formula



TrafficSnap PRO WSO Review – Best Automation and Marketing Tool For Twitter

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TrafficSnap PRO – Best Automation & Marketing Tool For Twitter



Get TrafficSnap PRO WSO

Features You’ve Never Seen Before In Any Twitter Traffic Software

Gets You in Front of Buyers Right When They’re Looking To Buy

Identify Qualified Leads & Connect With Them Without Moving a Finger

Create More Engagement With Auto-response to messages, tweets & mentions

Capture Traffic & Trends By Grabbing Leads & Intelligence From Keywords & Hashtags
“This is a fantastic offer – Twitter is becoming very popular with Google so anything you can do there will be helpful in getting traffic to our videos and websites! Have many of your software programs and find them very helpful.”
– David K Enders
“Twitter is a great source for high quality traffic and I love what TrafficSnap does with it. I was able to target a few hashtags and get 174 visitors to my page in the first 24 hours of using TrafficSnap. highly recommended”
– Ankur Shukla
“TrafficSnap is an amazing product. I’ve seen nothing that’s so simple and effective in generating free traffic. I love the multi-retweet feature. It saves a lot of time, and generates a lot of buzz very quickly. A well-rounded traffic app!”
– Karthik Ramani
Of all the social networks, Twitter has the biggest number of empowered, professional and paying customers with deep pockets. Big corporate houses already know this, and that’s why they have made Twitter the focus point of their business. Even more than Facebook!
Just look at these numbers.

65% of US Companies with 100+ Employees use Twitter
79% Users have searched online for things to buy. (
40% of Twitter users have at least a bachelor’s degree
73% of Twitter users buy something online every month! (
There are 313 million Twitter users and over 1.3 billion Twitter accounts
There are 66 million Twitter users in the US
46% Twitter users use it at least once a day!
Twitter is the #1 network for business to customer communication
There are millions of well-paid, busy and prosperous professionals all over the world who have no time for Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. Guess which is the favorite social network for people who have money?

No prizes. It’s Twitter
Big corporates with their huge marketing budgets and highly paid marketing geniuses have already realized that they must have a really strong presence on Twitter if they want to make real profits.

That’s why companies like Starbucks, Zappos, Southwest Airlines actively encourage their employees to tweet. In fact Starbucks generated $180,000 in sales using their tweet-a-coffee campaign (Fastcompany).

Every social media network has its powers. For Facebook it’s their personal engagement and network, for Instagram it’s beautiful photographs, and for twitter it’s keeping people informed.
Ready to Dominate Twitter, The Buyer’s Social Network?
Good! You just decided to bring at least 30% more PURCHASE MINDED people in your marketing reach. It’s the best decision you could make to grow your business online today!

Planning to spend the next 2 months studying all about Twitter and staying up an hour extra every day to do the actual work?


We know you’re already overwhelmed and that’s the reason why you are not able to do a lot of the right things that are stopping you from getting more success online. We will help you make time for Twitter.

We will take of everything. Every single little thing that you need to do, to kick off a perfect and sustainable Twitter blitzkrieg that will bring you new visitors, and a constant supply of buyers every day, without you having to lift even a finger.

Monitor Twitter for any hashtag or keyword and grab any person who uses them.
Send automated messages and direct the person to your offer / page.
Bulk reply / retweet new tweets in just a couple of clicks.
Schedule tweets to multiple IDs.
Auto-reply to anyone who tweets about a topic and convert a prospect into a lead in no time. (Pro Version)
Auto content finder gets you the fresh content from RSS Feeds, Youtube & searches.
Endless free content for your twitter marketing!
Simply, The Best Automation & Marketing Tool For Twitter

Get TrafficSnap PRO WSO



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Discover The “5 Minute Trick” To Pulling Leads Directly
Out of Facebook Without Ever Creating a Website or
Dealing with Their Compliance Nightmare!

Build Your Email List, Promote Affiliate Offers, Get Laser Targeted
Registrations To Your Webinars – All In Just a Few Clicks!

  • Quickly Exploit a New Ad Type Most Are Ignoring…
  • Eliminate Hours of Unnecessary Manual Work!
  • No More Compliance Issues with Facebook And Your Webpages
  • 100% Cloud Based – Nothing to Install or Complex Scripts to Set Up!
  • Instantly Integrate with Up To 21 Autoresponders!
  • Connect Directly To Your Favorite Webinar Platform!
  • Featuring Multi Opt-In! Put Your Leads Into an Autoresponder & Webinar Platform with ONE opt-in!
  • Automatically Imports Your Leads in REAL Time!
  • One Time Cost! No On-Going Fees.. No Re-bills.. No Annual Fees
  • 100% SECURE – We don’t STORE your leads!



get reclick

Promote Affiliate Offers Within Clicks— Create Instant Income!
Now, You Can Compete High on Leaderboards Even If You Don’t Have an Email List – Partner with Facebook!
    No product needed. No list needed. No website needed. Instantly monetize affiliate programs!
    Instead of just making money from ONE affiliate program – OWN the list for LIFE!
    The days of the “same old big boys” ruling the leaderboards are GONE. You can instantly compete now!

The best part about LeadsTunnel is that it allows you to start your business in 5 minutes flat. All you need to do is just grab an affiliate link for an offer you like, throw it into your favorite autoresponder – DONE!

LeadsTunnel will directly connect your Facebook account with your favorite autoresponder. From there, you can create an Ad in a few clicks and you’re in BUSINESS!



Run As Many Ads As You Want – 100% SAFE! Your Landing Page Can Never Get You In Trouble…

    99% of the Time – Facebook shuts down accounts due to the LANDING Page. You’ll never have to face this issue…
    Facebook knows you want to promote an opt-in page. This is why they have just made it easier. Why mess around with pages!

The #1 thing you can do to ROCK IT OUT with Facebook is to simply give them what THEY want. Facebook wants you to PULL THEIR USERS DIRECTLY OUT from within their system, so be it!

Facebook actually REWARDS you for this. Your life becomes EASIER. Facebook is happier. You get LASER-TARGETED LEADS starting in just minutes.


get reclick




MintsApp 2.0 Review : Secret Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing & Automated Customer-Driven Funnels

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The Secret Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing
& Automated Customer-Driven Funnels
Responsible for
482,030 Email Leads & $2,502,600 Sales in 6 Months
And It’s So Easy to Setup You Can Have Your First Campaign Running in the next 2 Minutes!

Watch this FREE Video to See how you can interact & engage
more customers, capture leads & sell more products in MINUTES


get reclick






you can use it to build a 6 figure business in any niche you
want automatically in less than 30 days from now and you’ll
have customer begging you to sell something to them

Running eCommerce & Shopify Stores

Promoting Affiliate & CPA Offers

Promote Your Local Business
hotels, restaurant, gyms, clinics etc.

Build Digital Products Business
sell ebooks, software, training course etc.

Build Huge Email List & Engage Your Blog Visitors Interactively

Get More Coaching Clients on Your Landing Pages



This is the MOST advanced polling software on the planet and the kind of result it gets is unrivalled – the marketing technology behind it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before allowing it to turn any business on it’s head and acquire customers on auto-pilot!


The Redrafted Mints App 2.0
That’s Going to Get You
Engagement & Profits as Early as Today

Brand new sleek user interface with filing technology allowing you to create successful campaigns and projects in minutes

Once you access the all new mints app 2.0 dashboard, you’ll instantly notice the striking difference between the 2.0 and older 1.0 version, there’s no comparison. The 2.0 dashboard is very rich, more sleek, easier to navigate and use and with the new project filing technology, you can now easily group your funnels & campaigns by niches, products, clients, websites etc., it’s like having the tradition PC-based folder technology and our users agree it’s more effective.

get reclick

FB Traffic Hack Generate A Consistent $150-$200 Per Day With Less Than 20 Minutes Of Work

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Discover My Easy To Implement “FB Traffic Hack” And Generate A Consistent $150-$200 Per Day With Less Than 20 Minutes Of Work!
It’s 100% Newbie Friendly And Works In Any Niche


Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

  • 4 Different Ways Of Generating Free FB Traffic,
  • Strategies To Get Laser Targeted Traffic In Any Niche,
  • How To Pay Pennies For High Quality Traffic,
  • All About Retargeting – The Most Powerful Conversion Boosting Method,
  • And Much More!

Click Here for more information on FB Traffic Hack


Video Strike PRO Software Creates Push-Button Video Presentations

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Sick and tired of having to setup BORING presentations for your sales videos, webinars or training videos just to find out they NEVER convert?

Video Strike PRO Finally Cracks Code: New Simple Software Creates Push-Button Video Presentations & Screen Recorded Videos with beautiful graphics, buy buttons and text within seconds!

What if you could create beautiful presentations for your sales videos, webinars, training videos & more within seconds? With Video Strike PRO, You Can!

What if there was a piece of software that simplified this entire process in such a way that you can finally focus on making money, and not wasting hours editing your Powerpoint slides?

Finally you can increase your conversions and grab a huge share of the video market with zero extra effort – all by having the BEST presentations out there…

The ONLY 3-Step Video Creation Solution is here!!

Introducing Video Strike PRO, the most affordable Video Maker + Screen Recorder ever created…

Look – it doesn’t even matter which niche you’re in:

If you use videos in any way in your marketing or if you want to finally make a financial KILLING by crushing your competition with the best presentations in the marketplace – then Video Strike is made FOR YOU!

Plus – this fully fledged software is as easy to use as dragging and dropping graphics, text, buy buttons and more to create the best slides in the most seamlessly responsive possible way.

Simple to use software : With VideoStrike, you’re always just a couple clicks of a button away from building beautiful slides, adding eye-popping graphics and buy buttons to increase your conversions and look professional

Thousands of resizable graphics : All you have to do is pick from our included graphics packs and drag and drop them where you need to.

Export & Share : Once you’re done you can export your presentations and use them to record your videos or webinars AND you can also share them on Facebook, Youtube & more , with the push of a button

Designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers: Sure Powerpoint is great for presentations but it was NOT intended to be a marketing solution for you to convert visitors to buyers. Video Strike is designed from the ground up to do exactly that.

This amazing app will work on ANY Windows PC

Just take a look at what some video experts have to say about Video Strike PRO…

From: Radu Hahaianu & Firas M.Alameh together with Rahil

Dear Friend,

Let’s face the truth: you already know you should be selling your products and services or promote affiliate products using videos and webinars. It’s been proven that those convert BETTER than virtually anything else out there online.

You also know you should have visually catchy presentations to use in those videos, so your visitors are enticed to keep on watching and BUY at the end.

Just take a look at the numbers we’ve been doing using professional presentations in our videos to sell our products

Chances are you are already trying to build your business in the video marketing industry.

Maybe even better yet – you’ve started to see some results.

BUT – you’re still not there. Whatever you do you can’t make your videos look as GOOD as “guru” videos – and that’s bad.

But gurus have access to all sort of equipment and technology that gives them an unfair advantage over what a beginner Internet Marketer is doing.

You probably don’t want to spend $2,000 on video equipment, do you?


A new lightweight piece of technology that’s so incredibly sophisticated yet intuitive and easy to use that allows you to create the best possible presentations…

… And that’s exactly what we’ve designed Video Strike to do so if you value your business, want to increase your bottom line and dominate your competition, all while paying a one time low fee, then Video Strike was made for you!

Click Play & Watch this short DEMO video…

  • NO need to pay hundreds for a designer to do beautiful graphics for you
  • NO need to waste hours arranging your presentation
  • NO need to stress over all the issues that can appear when setting up a new presentation in Powerpoint

Seriously, there’s nothing like this on the market right now.

Not only is Video Strike the best video presentation & graphics software available hands down, it’s also a ridiculously affordable solution.

In fact, it’s so good, it’s in a league of its own.

But don’t just trust our word for this, here’s what REAL video marketers & experts have to say about it…

You’re About To Get Access The Revolutionary New Software That Will Allow You To Triple Your Business With Just a few Clicks!

So the logical question is… Who can benefit from using the world’s best video software? This is simple…

  • Any Internet Marketer, regardless of the niche, who wants to make more money
  • Anyone who values their business and money and is not ready to sacrifice it
  • People with products that they want to make more sales from Video marketers who want to dominate their competition and differentiate in their niche
  • People who want to get started with webinars or video marketing and want the best solution
  • So the logical question is… Who can benefit from using the world’s best video software? This is simple… Any Internet Marketer, regardless of the niche, who wants to make more money Anyone who values their business and money and is not ready to sacrifice it People with products that they want to make more sales from Video marketers who want to dominate their competition and differentiate in their niche People who want to get started with webinars or video marketing and want the best solution

Just take a look at everything that’s inside Video Strike PRO!

Powerful Software Architecture Allows You To Set Up Beautiful Presentations in SECONDS

Comes with a Simple to use , efficient and HD Screen Recorder.

Groundbreaking Drag-And-Drop Graphics Technology lets you arrange, resize and use graphics unlike anything else before!

Thousands of done-for-you graphics, buy buttons and text styles to STAND OUT and improve conversions

Sharing feature allows Video Strike presentations to work with any software or environment (compatible with Camtasia, Video Motion Pro or any other screen recording software)Easy to export straight to Youtube, Facebook & more

Design and implement buy buttons straight into your presentations for a powerful call to action at the end of your sales video or webinar and You can Include ANY text you wish, just like with Powerpoint (only better!)

Let’s review
Here’s what you get today…

Video Strike Software Architecture & Interface – $197

Drag-and-Drop graphics technology – $197

Thousands of done for you graphics – $297

Export to Youtube & Facebook – $97

Buy Buttons Designer – $97

Total value you get today : $885
Wait, what if I don’t have that kind of cash?

Don’t worry.

You see, the catch is that this is a special offer, so for a limited time we’re offering this for an extremely low price (take advantage before it changes!)

So it’s actually going to be much less than what you think. Much less than $885.

In fact, not even half that! Not even 1/10 of that.

You can agree that the price we’re asking is extremely low. That’s going to change quickly!!

The price is rising with every sale, so it won’t be long until it’s more than double what it is today!

We could easily charge hundreds of dollars for a revolutionary tool like this, but we want to offer you an attractive and affordable price that will finally help you run presentations in the best possible way – without wasting a ton of money!

Just take action… and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t Procrastinate – Take action NOW
& Get your copy of Video Strike Today!


You can try ‘VideoStrike’ for 30 days without any worries.

Listen, we know there are a lot of crappy software tools out there that will get you nowhere. Most of the software is overpriced and an absolute waste of money. So if you’re a bit skeptical, that’s perfectly fine. I’m so sure you’ll see the potential of this groundbreaking software that I’ll let you try it out 100% risk-free. Just test it for 30 days and if you’re not able to enhance your presentations effectively and we cannot help you in any way, you will be eligible for a refund – no tricks, no hassles.



VIDBIZ WSO Review – Great Video Store Builder

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This Revolutionary New Software App Will Build Your Very Own Lucrative Online Business…In 2 MINUTES Or Less!
— Look: 100 – 400% Profit on These In-Demand Services —


  • Start Today – Your First Profit Tomorrow!
  • $100s Per Week from someone else’s Work!
  • 100 – 400% Profit on each service.
  • 1 Click: 60 seconds Paypal-Ready Website Set-Up
  • Simple & Newbie Friendly… Start accepting sales in 2 minutes
  • No Products, Skills or Experience Required
  • Can YOU Spare 60 Seconds to Build an Evergreen In-Demand Business?


Step 1
Drop Vidbiz App onto your Server (60 Seconds)… Video ‘How to’ Included.

Step 2
Re-brand, customize and make the whole site unique to you with just a few clicks.

Step 3
Use the included Traffic sources to drive targeted buyers.

Step 4
Site takes the orders… providers do the work (included) & you profit