Apr 21 2015

VideoMotionPro – Video Creation & Marketing Made Easy Without Camtasia

Video Creation & Marketing Made Easy…

videomotionpro is the new way to create highly

profitable videos & info products quickly & easily

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Every entrepreneur, marketer and online business owner needs to be utilising video online. It’s proven all the time to increases sales & conversions. With Video Motion Pro video creation has never been easier…

Easy To Use

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

Create Amazing Videos

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

Increase Your Sales

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

No Restrictions Ever

Video is the most popular form of content popular form of content being viewed online. It’s what we use to market

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Apr 20 2015

Profit Syphon

“FINALLY…A REAL Internet Marketing Business SystemThat Creates MASSIVE Opportunities For YOU To Bank Up To 5-Figure Paydays AND Big-Time Recurring Income Streams…All Day Long”
“PERFECT For Onliners, Offliners AND All Others Who Want To FINALLY Have The Opportunity To Have THEIR I.M. BREAKTHROUGH And Make REAL Money Online”
“An easily repeatable, no-nonsense strategy to build a sustainable business for massive cash paydays AND passive monthly income (based on real results AND real case studies).”

Did You Know The Following About This Powerful Strategy:

  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED – All you need is determination and knowledge (and we have you covered with the latter)
  • This is NOT ABOUT harassing local pizza guys, plumbers, lawyers, realtors or anyone else.
  • Two companies almost started a BIDDING WAR over a site built with this system – And yet, no cold calls were involved to close this case study deal (and what you can do to replicate this)
  • Our method POSITIONS YOU AS AN EXPERT with an asset businesses WANT  No more wasting your time trying to peddle no-guarantee services you aren’t even confident will work!
  • NO SATURATION POSSIBLE – Zero. Zilch. Nada. Period.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get started is already INCLUDED. And, it’s PERFECT FOR ANY Internet marketer, whether ONLINE, OFFLINE, OR BOTH!

DISCLAIMER: This works to this very day, and Gee is personally making money with this same system right now!

Fellow Warrior,

Anthony W. Devine and Gee Singh here, and today we’reexcited to reveal an incredible and extremely POWERFUL STRATEGY Gee created, implemented and has had GREAT SUCCESS with in his business, and continues to have success with to this very day.

But first, we want to ask you a question…

Would you work differently if you knew that there was a MASSIVE PAYDAY coming? 

You’d probably work hard yet, at the same time, feel a lot more relaxed knowing that you’ll actually be REWARDED for all your hard work.

You’d probably feel more secure and make better decisions… 

…and, as a result, you’d probably MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY, right?

BUT…how do you get there?

“How do you go from someone struggling to have Internet marketing success to someone enjoying BIG paydays?”
Let’s get one thing straight first…
If you’re looking for another fly-by-night method that will “generate you $42.23 per site daily on autopilot while you watch re-runs of Law & Order SVU in your underwear”… sadly, this is not it. Come back when you’re ready.
You see, when it comes to making any significant amount of money…
It ceases to be about online, offline, this or that method, a traffic loophole or anything like that.
Instead, you:
● build assets others want; and 
● become an expert they want to do business with
“…But, Wait A Second… That Doesn’t Sound Simple At All!”
Here’s the kicker…
…And, you might even want to take notes here:
ANYONE… and we mean ANYONE can build a site just like the one Gee built and reveals on the inside.
That’s our EXACT point… Anyone CAN make one of these sites… and guess what?!
Gee Sold That Very Same Site For $12,000 PLUS, He Landed A $7,000 PER MONTH Contract As The Site Buyer’s NEW Online Marketing Consultant!
That’s how crazy SIMPLE and EASY his SYSTEM is.
And, it’s certainly WAY MORE EASIER than you ever thought possible.
That’s because with this method, we give you a COMPLETE CASE STUDY (including the same plugins that Gee used, his onsite/offsite SEO techniques etc.). EVERYTHING…
You see, after Gee RANKED HIS SITE for a very desirable keyword (which was, and still is, a lot easier than you think), BUSINESSES in his niche instantly RECOGNIZED HIM AS A SEOEXPERT.
After all, he had just SINGLE-HANDEDLY BEATEN each and every one of their respective, but OVERPAID, SEO TEAMS.
“… And Not One Single COLD CALL Was Ever Made… EVER!”
We honestly don’t know anyone who enjoys cold calling. Do you?
Guess what though?
If you BUILD AN ASSET companies (or other people) want… THEY START CALLING YOU!
And, WHEN THAT HAPPENS, since you’ve already proven your value to the caller/buyer with your asset that they want, IT’S SO MUCH EASIER TO CLOSE THE DEAL, if that’s what you decide to do.
In fact… you won’t even have to close… You’ll JUST HAVE TO AGREE TO A PRICE!
And here’s the BEST PART
Oh… and, by the way…
This Is Not Just For Offline Marketers! Anyone Who Does Any Form OfSEO/Offline/Online AND, Anyone Wanting To Make REAL Money Online, Can Have Success With This System
“You Can Easily Keep This ALL ONLINE And Never Deal With Any Businesses If You Don’t Want To…That’s How POWERFUL And FLEXIBLE This System Is And, Best Of All, You Are In Total Control Of Your Own Destiny…”
If, for some reason you don’t want to (or just can’t) deal with business owners (maybe you’re far away somewhere, building sites for the US market or something like that)…
No problem…
Simply keep this online by selling your sites on Flippa, monetizing them with AdSense or do whatever you please… it’s YOUR choice, and the sky is the limit!
“Sound Too Good To Be True?”
Let me first tell you something…
While this won’t all happen on complete autopilot, it WON’T TAKE MUCH ACTUAL WORKon your part either… especially if you follow our outsourcing chapter.
After all, you’ll still have to AGREE ON A PRICE AND CLOSE YOUR DEALS
At that stage of the game, that’s when it’s fun… MAKING BANK!
Frankly… if you’re not ready for that, you’re not ready for 5 figure paydays.
Do this right and YOUR RESULTS will be MUCH BETTER than with any loophole, offline or online “method,” fast-cash blueprint or whatever the latest the circus-freak-show-extravaganza Clickbank is selling these days.
“How Gee Created MASSIVE CASH PAYDAYS And HUGE RECURRING MONTHLY INCOME STREAMS By Building And Selling SIMPLE SITESThat BOTH Online AND OfflineBusinesses Snatch Up As Fast As They Are Put Up For Sale”
Introducing: Profit Syphon
FINALLY, a WSO that includes everything you need for success:
1. PDF Guide With Case Study (which includes how Gee did it, how to replicate his success, how to outsource, example niches and MUCH MORE)
2. Cheat Sheet
3. Email Template
4. Sample Contract
5. 200+ Page SEO Course (previously sold on Warrior Forum with glowing reviews and HUNDREDS of happy buyers!)
Here are just some of the things you will learn inside of PROFIT SYPHON:
 How GEE MADE $12K PROFIT with a simple online/offline method where he ranked a site in a tough niche and SOLD THE WEBSITE
● How the same method helped GEE GAIN A $7K PER MONTH CLIENT (This is optional for you… and extremely profitable for Offliners, whether experienced or new)
● Where to OUTSOURCE every single part of this process
 All the RESOURCES YOU NEED to make this work
● Examples of NICHES where you can make this method work and how:
○ Gee would approach each one of these niches
○ To make money from these niches
○ To get creative and make even more money
 What Gee would do if he didn’t want to outsource any of this process
● The exact steps Gee would do differently to make EVEN MORE MONEY
BUT, WAIT… That’s not all…There’s even MORE:
● You’re able to GROW WITH THIS SYSTEM at any rate YOU want (i.e. Want to start one site? fine. Want to build and rank 10 sites in one go? Even better). It’s YOUR CHOICE andYOU’RE IN COMPLETE CONTROL!
 You’re not directly affected by Google’s constant updates
● You DON’T NEED to manage and own HUNDREDS OF SITES at one time hoping they each bring in $100 per month
 You can do this PART-TIME
● You can do this in VIRTUALLY ANY COUNTRY. For example, you can be based in the UK, but sell to US businesses. Country boundaries are not barriers
Haven’t you sort of “HAD IT” with all the bloated “systems,” “tricks,” “blueprints” and all the other assorted “techniques” that simply do not work as advertised?
ISN’T IT TIME YOU made the switch and start treating Internet marketing like a real business – and GET PAID accordingly?!
“I Want In! How Much Do I Need To Invest?”
MUCH LESS than you think.
IN FACT, ALMOST NOTHING, especially if you compare it to a potential $12,000 payday.
And we know what you’re thinking…
“Yeah, right… As if anyone’s going to reveal their 5-figure income secrets starting at less than $10.”
And you’re right. People usually don’t.
We’re not holding anything back.
We reveal the EXACT “what,” “how” and “why” Gee did what he did to have his ownMASSIVE CASH PAYDAYS and SYPHONED PROFITS virtually at will and how you can, too!
So why don’t you GET IN and see what’s all the fuss about?
It’s less than a couple of lattes anyway!
If… you act fast as the price is going up every couple of sales.
Get Instant Access To Profit Syphon And Start Creating Your Own 5-Figure Payday NOW!
Okay, here’s the skinny…
Sure, this is not your usual “push a couple of buttons and laugh all the way to the bank” approach. This WILL TAKE A LITTLE BIT OF WORK (Gasp! Shock! Horror! There, we said it on a sales letter: Work).
Yet… if you’re ready to FINALLY treat this like a business – you need A PROVEN PLAN you can earn BIG BANK with.
And PROFIT SYPHON is exactly that.
Okay, Guys! I’ve heard Enough already… Let Me In! Grab today for the insane, low investment of…

To Your Success,

Anthony W. Devine and Gee Singh

To Your Success,
-Anthony W. Devine and Gee Singh
P.S. Get Profit Syphon now if you want to learn how exactly Gee got paid $12,000 and also was awarded a $7,000/month contract – and learn how you can replicate his results, step-by-step!
P.P.S. But you’ll have to act now – First, the price is going up every couple of sales and Second – We reserve the right to take down this special Warrior-priced WSO without notice.

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Apr 20 2015

ePublishing Gold – Kindle Training, Kindle Covers Plus Stunning Kindle Book Promotion Theme


We Invite You To Get Published On Kindle – Huge Training Pack + Stunning WP Author Theme + Kindle Cover Template Pack

Originally Posted by Imaveryluckyman View Post
By the way…If I was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and this WSO came up I would recommendBUY! BUY! BUY! 

I’m Ready To Grab This Package & KickStart My Kindle Book Publishing & Marketing
(These Resources Are For Personal Use Only!)

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Apr 20 2015

Instagram CPA Domination

Give Me 10 Minutes, And I’ll Show You How To Use Instagram To Earn $50-$100/Day With CPA Without Thousands Of Followers Or Any Paid Advertising AND Barely Lifting A Finger

Dear Warrior,

Are you browsing the WSO section again in need of a quick fix?

Are you looking for a way to make money that doesn’t involve *spending* money?

You probably are just jumping around from one thing to another

And you just don’t know what to do.

The worst feeling is when you spend 10+ hours in a day doing nothing! and you realize it before heading to bed remembering you didn’t even do anything.

Are you tired of just mindlessly browsing the WSO section for some shiny product with hyped up salescopy that doesn’t produce results?

CPA Is Where It’s At

I used to struggle like yourself. I know what it’s like to not know what method or strategy to follow.

I remember when I first discovered CPA Marketing……and it got me so excited because I had earned $30,$40,$50….WITHOUT selling a single thing.

CPA marketing involves ZERO selling

This is why CPA is such a great way to make money.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Companies pay people like YOU good money to bring them leads.

In fact, they’ll pay you anywhere from $0.80 to $5.00+ just to have your visitors who click on your link to type in their emails…phone numbers…or their zip codes…

Imagine Earning $0.80-$5.00 For Every Person Who Types In Their Email Or Phone Number

Wouldn’t that be a dream?

No More Selling

No More Convincing People To Buy Anything

It’s so amazingly easy.

But You Can’t Rely On A Website or SEO Anymore

You cannot just create a webpage and expect a webpage on demand.

It has become excruciatingly hard to rank brand new websites. I mean, it could require a lot of SEO, article marketing, backlinks, and weeks of WAITING.

It could take weeks to get consistent traffic to a brand new website.

I’m tired of building sites for tough keywords only to have them disappear off the face of Google after several weeks without ever even getting the chance to rank.

I’m tired of seeing people like you buy domain names and hosting accounts only to have your sites never see a single visitor….

Let Me Show You How To Use Instagram To Get Fast Traffic To Your CPA Offers For FREE Without Paying A Single Cent

Stop Trying To Use Facebook or Twitter To Make Money From CPA

Stop Trying To Build Websites That Won’t Ever Rank

Stop Using Paid Traffic

Get Your Instagram Account Started In 20 Minutes From Now…..And I’ll Show You How To Make Money From It With CPA Without Spending A Single Cent

Introducing……Instagram CPA Dominator

GET Instagram CPA Domination

You’re going to get my 21 page PDF

I’ll show you step by step how to use Instagram to get *targeted* traffic

You’ll discover how you can make money from CPA using nothing but Instagram

I’ll even show you how to get approved to CPA companies EASILY

GET Instagram CPA Domination

This is my question for you.

If Every Instagram Account You Made Earned You $20-$50 Bucks A Day, How Many Accounts Would You Make?

Imagine being able to create an Instagram account that creates endless cash for you day in and day out? You spend an hour or two before heading to bed, and you wake up with $60 bucks in one of your CPA accounts!

Or you do what I did….You give it to an outsourcer to take care of the “traffic generation” part while you do whatever you please…

And then making $50-$70 while you do anything you want…….


Easiest Strategy To CPA

Perfect For All Newbies

No Investment Required 

No Website – No Hosting

Zero Paid Advertising


And you don’t even need a phone

Yup, afraid you can’t use Instagram? Don’t fret. I’ll show you how to upload pics, create an account, and follow my strategy ON YOUR PC or laptop.

I really like this method. I’ve been doing it now for awhile, and I want this to get in the hands of as many people as possible. So I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is. And I’m putting ALL the risk on me on this one. You are backed by my 30 day iron clad 100% money back guarantee. Not satisfied? I got you covered. And you’ll get every cent back.


So this is what you’re going to do. You’ll click the button below, pay through PayPal, and I’ll be giving you my Instagram CPA Dominator, the secret to CPA cash using Instagram, my unannounced bonuses to make you even more money, and my FREE one on one email coaching to make sure you NEVER fail.

P.S. I’ll be here if you want any help. If you ever get lost, just send me an email to joelswsohelpdesk@gmail.com

P.P.S. You are backed by my 100% money back guarantee. In other words, I don’t want your money unless you’re happy. 

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Apr 20 2015

Easy Fast E-Bay Formula

Sick and tired of not making even a dime online?
Wasted too much of your hard earned money with
unproven methods and junky WSO’s?
FINALLY REVEALED: The Exact eBay Method That’s Going to Allow YOU to Start Making Money On E-Bay… the EASY Way…
…And the Best Part Is That NO Dropshipping Is Needed!

With This Money-making Method, You Can Start Seeing Payments in Your Paypal Account in Just 48-72 Hours AFTER Implementing It!

From the desk of: Nicholas Walker Subject: YOU can make easy money with eBay!

Hey Fellow Warriors,

I know that you are sick and tired of empty promises!
The same way you are also tired of spending a lot of money buying into them…
Only to find out that despite your best efforts and motivation, you still are at the same point: without having made a single dime online.
Well, it might seem embarrassing, but it’s not, because in the past I used to do the same thing!
So don’t feel bad about it. There is a simple solution.
And luckily for you, today – in this very same thread – you are about to discover that solution!

…But before Continuing, I Want To Clear the Air and Tell You That This Is Not “Just Another System That Looks Good on Paper.”

No, not at all! In fact, I know that a lot of unscrupulous marketers rehash techniques and then sell them as their own.

Also, most of these “money-making systems” that are for sale look really good in paper, but when implementing them, the only thing that you will get is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!


I want to clear the air and be 100% upfront with you here….
While Most Of the Marketers Are Preaching That “eBay is dead,” I Am Here to Tell You That This Is Completely FALSE, and You Can Still Make Good Money Off eBay (I Will Show You Exactly HOW)!!

The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you are a raw newbie, it’s so easy to implement that you’ll be surprised that making money online is, in fact, DEAD easy!

If you know what you are doing, eBay can be like a money-printing machine for you.

Why is that?

Very simple my friend…eBay is flooded with BUYER traffic!

People there are not browsing for fun, but who have a credit card in hand looking to BUY.

Now, let me ask you a question or two…

What if I told you that you could be making good money on eBay, without drop shipping, and having to trust shady 3rd party drop ship companies with YOUR BUSINESS?!

What if you could make money on eBay, Without having to risk loads of money upfront, buying a load of STOCK, that only takes up space in your garage when you can’t sell it?

This method IS NOT a ‘secret loophole’, or something brand new and unheard off!
However… most eBay sellers are not doing this! There is still plenty of room on eBay for these types of sellers! I will show you step by step…


Today, FINALLY, You Are Going to Get Access to a Proven, Effective, and DEAD-SIMPLE eBay Money-Making System!


And the best part is that you don’t need:

  • To waste your time with drop shipping (very time-consuming and also risky).
  • Spent countless hours in front of your monitors (who wants to slave away like this?… Nobody!)
  • Complicate your life with a hard-to-understand system (you want to make money the fast and easy way, right?).
  • Spend a fortune with start-up costs (there’s nothing worse than have to shell out a boat load of money in order to make money).

Here’s the bottom line…

This eBay method is simple to use, effective… and can make you VERY GOOD money!


“Easy Fast eBay Formula”
A Powerful and Simple eBay Method That Will Generate You Ca$h.
  • Complete a step-by-step eBay method that works over and over again, producing predictable results that can be translated into easy PayPal money!


  • Make money in as little as 48 -72 hours AFTER putting this system into use!


  • No fluff or filler – The guide details that the method is a very simple “do this, do that” way, so that you can read it and make money right away…


  • NO MORE complicated methods that require a lot of time to use. “Easy Fast eBay Formula” was designed in a way that even the most challenged newbie can work with.


  • No upfront money is needed in order to make this formula to work- If you are dead broke then this is exactly what you need!


  • No drop shipping needed – Drop shipping is a thing of the past…this is way better, less risky, and you can make money faster with BIGGER profit margins! (No more trusting other companies with your eBay business).


  • How you can tap into MILLIONS of eBay buyers that hang out there every single day. (With this out-of-the-box system, you will get your share of the eBay pie!)


  • COMPLETELY SCALABLE – The beauty of “Easy Fast eBay Formula” is that once you get started you can decide HOW much you want to make… you can supplement your current income, or go full time and fire your annoying boss once and for all.


  • This formula is excellent for newbie internet marketers AND also more traditional eBay sellers who are looking for a new approach to add to their current business model.

And Much More!

Are You Ready to STOP Struggling and Throwing Your Hard-Earned Money Down the Drain With Useless Methods, and Finally STICK With a True, Tested, and POWERFUL eBay Method?

If So, Click the Link below NOW!

GET Easy Fast E-Bay Formula

I am here TODAY to help you out and show you the light…

Let me show you exactly how you can prove to everyone who ever doubted you, that you can make it online!!

Believe Me When I Am Saying This…eBay Is the Right Place to Make a Killing, and with the Easy Fast eBay Formula, You Can Accomplish This… in Just 48-72 Hours Starting from Today!

Not only that, the payments that you are going to receive are INSTANT, and go straight to your PayPal account, so that you can withdraw your profits straight away!


These Are the Secrets That You Are About to
Discover in Easy Fast eBay Formula…
  • How to generate quick payments in just 48-72 hours starting from today.
  • How you can scale this system into your desired income – part time or full time in case you want to be free from the 9-5 grinding.
  • Why drop shipping is not a good idea if you are starting out.
  • A proven method that TRULY works even if you are a completely green noob.
  • And much more…


Are You Interested in Exploring This MONEY-MAKING System and Putting It into Action? Good, but You Should Hurry Up…

I know that you absolutely loath marketing scarcity techniques…
But this is not another one.
In fact, if you want to get instant access to this course and start making money as soon as possible, you should hurry up.

I am running this in a dime-sale!!

This means that the price will raise with each copy that is sold.
Once I have enough reviews and feel that people who bought this system are making money, I am going to shut down this thread for GOOD and it won’t be accessible anymore.

This is not a scarcity marketing technique…it’s what I am going to do. Period.
So, if you don’t want to miss this unique chance, and also don’t want to pay more than other warriors, I suggest you click the button below.

GET Easy Fast E-Bay Formula

My Iron-Clad, “Love-It-or-Hate-It”, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee That Virtually Removes ALL the Risk, so That You Can Enjoy a Pleasant Buying Experience.
If lately you’ve been deceived by marketers who never honored their guarantee, don’t worry. Your investment is secure here because I am offering a solid, honest 30-day money-back guarantee that puts all of the risk on me.

Things can’t be simpler…

Go ahead and purchase my effective formula. Put into use.

If in 48-72 hours you are not able to turn a profit, kindly send me an email and I will issue a fast refund.
This means that there’s no risk for you here, in fact it’s all on me.
You either are extremely happy with my formula (and making money off it, naturally) or I simply don’t want your money.
I want YOU generating easy profits with eBay!


There’s No Need to Buy Another eBay Course or Keep Struggling Miserably. The Answers to Your Money Problems Are HERE!


Don’t you think that it’s time to stop struggling and finally make some money?
I sure think it is!
This is very simple…
I am not promising you easy riches, but a solid and realistic system that can bring enough money to put your money worries in the dust bin forever.
There’s nothing to lose here.
Remember that my money-back guarantee protects your money in case you are not satisfied with my formula.

You now have two options:

Option #1 is to keep struggling and live from paycheck to paycheck.
Option #2 is to finally take action, move in the direction of freedom, and click the link below…
The choice is clear right?


Thanks for reading and see you on the flip side!
Your friend,
Nicholas Walker


P.S. The Easy Fast eBay Formula works like a charm, and once you put it into action there’s little else you’ll need in order to flood your inbox with those “Notification Of Payment” announcements.
P.P.S. In case you are still on the fence, my honest money-back guarantee will put your mind at ease, because if you purchase and are not completed hyped and jazzed up, your money will go BACK into your pocket again. As simple as that.

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