Jan 15 2015

NO Brainer List Cash

Dear Struggling IMers,

I’m writing this for you today because I have something that has the potential to change your life..

It changed MY life.

Hi, my name is Tom Yevsikov and I’ve partnered up with Gaurab Borah and Venkata Ramanato Bring you…

A Method That Takes No Longer Than
10 Minutes To Set Up.

And Requires Only A TINY Budget To Get Statred,
As Low As $0.50 Per BUYER Lead.

And hell, once you learn how to set It up, it takes even less time.

The cost per lead is low, and it’s 100% optin method.

Plus, the leads are highly targeted.

I’m excited to share this with you because I KNOW you can get massive results with this.

Any Niche, With Any Offer
(Just Pick)

  • Boost CPA commissions - Build a list for your CPA campaigns and promote them CPA offers
  • Boost Offline client base and client satisfaction - with a 100% optin rate you can’t go wrong, and you can use this to build your clients a list and charge more than you paid.
  • Boost affiliate commissions - These are highly targeted leads, so your affiliate promotions will convert much better.

Now It’s Your Turn

It’s Your Turn To COPY What We Know, And Start
Getting Cash In Hand Subscribers.

No More Expensive Paid Traffic That May Or
May Not Convert.

No More Boring & Slow “FREE” Traffic.

It’s Time You Make Sales.


“No Brainer List Cash”

Get It NOW, don’t lose on 100% optin rates & buyer leads:

GET NO Brainer List Cash

Also, get access to our EXCLUSIVE Free
Webinar Training (Value $997)

1k Per Day Instant Online Formula + Live Case Study ( No Product, No List and No Clue!

“Discover How My Broke Friend ($500k in debt) Did Everything Wrong & Still Built A 7 Figure Business and How YOU Can Do the Same with One Simple Strategy!”

Mon, Jan 19, 2015 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get these
awesome FREE bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1

No Brainer List Building Strategies

The No Brainer List Building stratagies are a set of 10 high quality step by step videos, that will take you by the hand and tell you exactly what you need to know to build the kind of list that increases your income to a level – that allows you to thrive in your life and not just survive.

Follow these easy 10 step video formula to have the kind of list that makes GOOD money with buying customers. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Fast Action Bonus #2

No Brainer List Building Triple Threat

The No Brainer List Building triple treat transcripts Show You How Anwesh Rath and Reed Floren are doing to standout while promoting affiliate offers to their list.

How do they retain their subscribers and make sure they are happy to receive their emails. How they get contacted by their subscribers who ask me for their affiliate link because they want to buy a product and many more things.

Fast Action Bonus #3

No Brainer List Building Mastery

These videos will enable you to build a highly PROFITABLE list in any NICHE and market of your choice. You will be able to attain the success that you have always dreamed of.

This exclusive video training enables you to BUILD your list the right way, and ensure that YOUR EFFORTS become RESULT-ORIENTED.

These is a complete collection of High Definition videos of step by step content.

This Method Holds The Power Of Skyrocketing Your
Earnings & Skydiving Your Competition.

Why Am I Able To Say Such A
Bold Statement?

Because It Works For Me, And I’m No Big Guru,
I’m Just An Average Guy In My 20’s.

Now that’s a bold promise right there.

But we are so confident that it works, and we have used it ourselves.

We don’t have ANYTHING to hide.

I want you to understand WHY you need this and WHY it can change your life.

  • Anyone can do this and get fantastic results
  • No product I have purchased talks about this method, which means that they either wanna keep it to themselves or they don’t know about it.
  • Get started on a very low budget.
  • No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible.
  • Unlimited potential.
  • Very scalable and easily scalable.

I Want Serious People Only So I Should
Charge You At Least $97.

To be honest the realistic price I should put on this course should be well over $97

However, I was where you are right now at some point or another and without someone reaching a helping hand out to me; I would never have been able to achieve such success.

Therefore, I am going to make this training very reasonable, so that you can get your hands on it. Instead of pricing this course at $97 that I planned, I am going to hold the price to a ridiculously low amount so that as many of you can get it as possible…

In fact, if you act fast today, you can get instant access to No Brainer List Cash for only $9 – $12.

Why Such A Low Price?

Let’s be honest, everyone is selling $7 products.

Yes, we can charge more, and yes we should charge more because we spent MONTHS researching all this stuff and testing the methods.

But we won’t.

Because the more people we will get to buy this during launch time, the more customers we will have to do business with in the future.

But we will make small increases, and then we will increase it like CRAZY when the launch will be over.

MARK MY WORDS, it WILL increase.

Click The Button Below And We Guarantee That
You Won’t Regret This Decision, EVER.

Disclaimer: Results Are NOT 100% Guaranteed, But…

Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not us, nah-ah.

I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is.

This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical.

We cannot guarantee you will even get any results.

HOWEVER, what we can guarantee is that we did our best to make this information so damn good so that you will have the biggest chance of getting results.

And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than we did.

We want to help people therefore we want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS.

We want fighters that will fight until the will become rich.

These are the type of people we will help.

So with that being said, click the button below to purchase the No Brainer List Cash.

And Hey, I’ve Been Burnt By Products & Promises Before Too..

Heck, I STILL Do Sometimes.

But If There’s One Thing I Learned, Is That It Takes Multiple Failures
To Get Up And Achieve MASSIVE Success.

And this product, may just be what will lift you up and create
MASSIVE success for you.

Don’t delay, you KNOW it can change your life.

Take care and best of luck,

Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Venkata Ramana.

P.S – Imagine that in 30 days you are already out of your job, working from home and growing your business everyday while having full control over your traffic with supreme traffic strategies. Feels good isn’t it?

Well, the No Brainer List Cash is the fastest way you can achieve it.

P.P.S – Proof, step by step walkthrough and a bullet proof guarantee is just a fraction of how far we will go to help you. I understand it’s scary to invest, especially with all these scams in every corner.

And we want to keep our brand legit, whiter than cream and just plain awesome.

Therefore, if you’re not satisfied, you won’t walk away empty handed, never.

Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Service

Need support? Mail us at: support@nobrainerlistcash.com

Jan 15 2015

Buyers List Ninja

Attention Struggling Marketers!

With this No-Nonsense Guide you will go from struggling with making any Real Money with your list to Creating a Highly Profitable Buyers List without loosing a small fortune in the process or spending weeks and months of your time!


GET Buyers List Ninja

From the desk of:
Art Wojciechowski aka Art of Marketing

Dear frustrated marketer…

If you didn’t manage to make any significant amounts of money with your email list it is probably because you are missing a proven to work step-by-step strategy! If you are fed up and want to finally change it, than you are in the right place!

Have you been trying to build your list with the same, old beat-up techniques that are being promoted to you non-stop and FAILED? Or maybe you were trying to figure it out on your own for some time now but didn’t quite make it yet?

Well, than STOP Right Now and let me show you a Shortcut to Success by creating a Highly Profitable Buyers List!

Today I’m lucky enough to say that I’m making a Full Time Income Online but it wasn’t always like this. Actually I’m only making this kind of money for little over a year now… Before that I was failing over and over again, jumping from one list building method to another and never really succeeding with any of them.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC and tried Ad Swaps as well… But I still wasn’t making any real amounts of money with my list!

If you are in a similar place in your list building journey, then let me help you! At one point in time I saw that I’m getting NOWHERE with what I’m doing and that’s why I got frustrated which made me experiment with new strategies and I finally managed to breakthrough!

What I discovered was SHOCKING to me and it had nothing to do with what all of the Gurus were trying to teach me… plus, it was actually very simple!

And the best part is that Hardly Anyone is using this Amazing List Building Technique, which makes it that much more effective.

You might have tried different ways to Build Your List (just like me) just to realize that you’re building a FREEBIE SEEKERS LIST of people that will probably NEVER BUY from you.

You’ve probably heard that on average 1 subscriber is worth $1 a month, right?

Well, this is simply NOT THE CASE anymore!

People with lists of 300 ARE NOT making $300 a month!

People with lists of 500 ARE NOT making $500 a month!

People with lists of 1000 ARE NOT making $1000 a month!


The truth is that a small list of BUYERS can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your online income!

The sooner you’re going to realize that, the sooner you will be able to create the Online Income that you always wanted!

1. You can continue trying to build your list with Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Gogle/Yahoo/Bing PPC or other paid methods that will ruin you financially…

2. You can try to succeed with the Free Traffic Methods forever, just to realize that they are very Time Consuming and in reality bring Little to No Result…

3. Or You can decide that you want to Build Your Buyers List Right Now and enjoy the fruits of the method I’ll be sharing with you for the months and years to come!

Everyone dreams about creating a Reliable and Steady Income Online for them and their family to enjoy but rarely anyone does… The truth is that it takes time, work and dedication to achieve it but there is a great prize in the end – Financial Freedom!

Just imagine what you could do making this kind of money Right Now

GET Buyers List Ninja

When I first typed the magic phrase ‘How to Make Money Online’ in Google I was desperate! I really needed money but all I could find online was just crappy advice and courses and programs that were outdated and didn’t work anymore. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way, losing quite a bit of money in the process…

At that time I would really appreciate any sort of true advice on how to get started but it seemed like everyone just wanted to sell me products for tens if not hundreds of dollars and didn’t really care about my success!

Today, after all this time I finally made it to the other side and I’d love to give you the kind of help and advice that I was looking for in my beginnings!

I want to be the person that you’ll remember a few years from now (achieving the level of success that you want) and say – This guy helped me when I needed it the most!

You might be just starting to build your list right now or maybe you’re someone that was around for quite a while but you can be sure that This Method Will Add Buyers to Your Email List which will allow you to create an online income which you’ll enjoy
for the months and years to come!

Here’s the Bottom Line – This Product is All You Need to Finally Make Your Email List Highly Profitable, Period.

So you can go back and try all these things that you already did again and
hope for a different outcome this time…

Or… You can Decide to Take Action and enjoy the Benefits of having a Highly Profitable BUYERS LIST like you always dreamed about!

Sounds good? Ok, let’s continue…

‘Buyers List Ninja’

A strategy that is Proven to Work and will continue working for a very long time!

• You’ll create a Buyers List for FREE and you’ll enjoy the benefits of that for the months and years to come,

• You don’t need a Huge Amount of Money to invest – and whatever you will invest will comeback to you in a matter of hours,

• You get the complete ‘Buyers List Ninja’ course for the discounted price of $9.

What’s Inside?
• Introduction. Page 3
• Why a Buyers List?. Page 5
• Building a Buyers List. Page 6
• The Strategy. Page 8
• (Secret Chapter). Page 11
• Scaling Up!. Page 14
• Final Word. Page 20
• Helpful Resources. Page 22

This course has a Value Much Higher than the Silly Low price of $9 – it can potentially make you Thousands of Dollars (if not much more).

Today you can get it for only $9 and just here!

GET Buyers List Ninja

Are you still thinking if it will be a good investment?

What I’m giving away for the ridiculously low price of $9 is a ‘Business in a Box’.

If you think that you won’t be able to make at least 10 times the investment it is probably because you are not willing to take action…

And if you are not willing to Take Action than… Well I can’t help you.

But if you want to create a Profitable Buyers List for Free and enjoy the payout for the months and years to come that you have to Act Now!

The complete ‘Buyers List Ninja’ course is available to you Right Now for Only $9!

But if that’s not enough, I’m also adding 3 Amazing Bonuses

BONUS 1: Squeeze Page Breakthrough

BONUS 2: List Building Fire

BONUS 3: Internet Marketing Survival Guide

GET Buyers List Ninja

But Art, if this method can add Buyers to My Email List for FREE,
why are you giving it away for just $9?

I’m going to be honest with you – this is probably the first or second time you see my name and I want to stay in your memory!

This Super Low price is only available here. I am not trying to trick you into buying it, I’m just providing you facts.

So if you want to enjoy the course paying this Silly Low Price, you need to Click the Buy Now Button Right Now while you still can.

Trust me, I always Over Deliver!

Take your fate in your own hands and Decide to Change Your Future!

GET Buyers List Ninja

I’ll see you inside the course!


P.S. Each day that is passing by is a day that you could be Creating Your Buyers List so, don’t hesitate any longer, Take Action and enjoy you’re Online Income for the months and years to come. Don’t Forget – Today you are getting the Full ‘Buyers List Ninja’ Course for a discounted price of $9! See you on the other side

P.P.S. I’m also giving you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Surprise Bonus apart of the 3 Bonuses mentioned above!

GET Buyers List Ninja

GET Buyers List Ninja

Jan 15 2015

Instant Agency Funnel

Warning: This is NOT your typical sales letter:
You’re about to learn for FREE the reasons why I constantly failed for 5 entire years, and why 99% of Marketers will ALWAYS FAIL
heck…if you want I can even show you exactly what I did to switch my business to a comfortable, easy and effortless 6 figures a month
Hey my name is Chris and first of all let me tell you something:
  • If you’re NOT comfortable with the results of your business right now
  • If you can’t find a way to automate your business, make more money and have more freedom
  • If you don’t know how you can make a lot more money with much less stress
  • If you are still not making a single cent online
  • If you’ve failed again and again looking for a real way to start earning a full time income online
…then this is probably the best article/letter you’re going to read, EVER. And you probably noticed I wrote the word article above and this is because believe it or not, I’m not here to try to sell you anything.
My main interest today is to change your life and your business for ever and to help you make more money than you’ve probably done in the entire 2014
but Chris, how are you going to help me?
Glad you ask!

I’m going to show you the exact reason why 99% of marketers and business owners out there are not making the amount of money they want and deserve and…
That’s the exact same reason why I failed for 5 entires years!
In the last 10 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 5000 businesses and companies from 16 different countries and that allowed me to find the magic bullet that made my clients earn more money with less stress than they ever did, so you may be wondering
What is that Magic Bullet?
Ready? Here we go: P R I C I N G…

Whew, that’s it. I said it!
Believe it or not, 99% of my clients were afraid to charge more for their products and services and that was a HUGE mistake. Let me ask you a question:
Assuming you’d like to earn only $1k a month, what do you think it will be easier? To have 1 single client paying you $1,000.00 or have 1000 clients paying you $10?
The answer is pretty obvious. It’s way, way, let me say it again WAY easier to get a single client paying $1k than get $1k clients to pay you $10 bucks but unfortunately 99% of people choose the wrong option and that’s the BIGGEST mistake and the reason it’s so difficult for most people to make a decent amount of money!
Let me tell you something even more important:
If you get one client to pay you $1k, then you can invest enough in advertising to get an other $1k client and again and again, but if you’re charging only $10 bucks for your products and services, what budget would you have to invest in advertising? $2, $3, even $5? That won’t get you a new $10 clients at all.

So that being said, let me say something that most people won’t like, but I’m going to tell you the truth, real and cold:

SEO, FB Ads, Penny Clicks, Adwords, Youtube, CPA whatever you choose DON’T WORK and WON’T WORK for you IF you don’t have a system that puts a decent amount of money PER customer in your pockets. Period.
So please, if you’re looking for some loophope, or some kind of trick or how to pay less than a cent per click you’re not going to make any amount of money.
Sure you could make some cash here or there but that’s not a real business and you’ll lose it sooner or later. I’m sorry if I ofended you but that’s the real truth. Most marketers love to speak the contrary because they want to sell you their stuff and:
That’s The  Main Reason why Most People Don’t Make Money and FAIL… so Please:
  • Stop trying to find a new hack to the advertising methods
  • Stop trying to hack Facebook, Youtube or Whatever website
  • Stop trying to pay cents to acquire new leads and buyers
That’s the exact same reason why I failed for 5 entires years!
You don’t need to pay $0,0000001 per click to make money online! I’m paying in some niches up to $100 a click, yes you read right, $100 per click, and do you want to know why? Because I’m getting $25,000.00 per sale in my pocket so I can afford to spend in advertising as much as I can.
That’s not the typical case of course, I want you to know the possibilities that you really have, you can very well pay anywhere from $1 to $3 per lead and make a TON of money if you know how to do it.

That’s the real secret to make money online. Do NOT focus into lower your advertising cost, instead Focus on how to make more money per sale and you’ll be able to easily turn advertising into profit and the best of that is that you will be able to instantly AUTOMATE and GROW your business at light-speed
Now you might be thinking, yes Chris it sounds amazing but how can I do that? I don’t know what to sell? I don’t have a funnel in place? I don’t have too much money to Invest! What can I do?
Lucky for you I might be able to help you with that. For the past 10 years I’ve created and perfected a sales funnel that allow me to charge a minimum of $1k per client, RECURRING every single month.
This is how it Works in 4 Simple Steps
  • A small investment in advertising to start getting traffic
  • The Traffic Enter our Special Funnel
  • People register and they ASK to buy!
  • We choose the best leads to work with!
…and boom! Money in our pockets every month
And want to know the best part? It works absolutely on autopilot day in and day out. 
I’m getting new leads on autopilot every day and I don’t know if you noticed but I don’t have to “sell” them, instead they ask me to become my clients! How cool is that? Imagine yourself waking up every day and have your inbox full of request from people who want to pay YOU a minimum of $1k to become your clients, it’s really nice.
But why I’m telling you all this?
Well, today in order to celebrate an amazing new year, we’re almost giving away our entire strategy so you can replicate this and have people willing to pay you since TODAY. Cool uh? Let me introduce you to:
This is the exact business model I’m using every day on my company. This is not a rare technique a loophole or a magic trick that will make money rain from the sky. This is real world stuff. What you’re going to get is the exact blueprint to launch successfully a Marketing Agency.

But Chris, I don’t know how to do marketing! How can I provide the service?
Don’t worry my friend, you don’t need to know anything. I’m going to teach you absolutely everything you need to know and even I’m going to show you how to outsource everything so you can just control and manage your business even from the beach if you’d like.
If you know how to write an email, then you can do this. It doesn’t matter your age, your country, your language, you can do this from any place in the world and make as much money as you want.
This is exactly what you get:

Why an Online Marketing Agency:

You’re going to learn why this is by far one of the most lucrative business models out there you can tap right now.

The Million Dollar mistake: 

Most people are not prepared to have a millionaire business and you’re going to be. This alone is worth the price of this in Gold!

A Insider Look to my Company!

An insider overview to my real-world funnel that is working TODAY: I’m going to show you my exact funnel and why it makes people to BEG me to become my clients!

My Traffic on Demand System:

 You’re going to learn how I split my campaigns to have main street traffic on demand that will NEVER get saturated at a ridiculous cost!

The Instant Profit Map!

You’re going to learn exactly how you can launch your company and land your first high ticket client in less than 12 hours!
This is not a get rich crap. This is the SAME funnel of a REAL world business that is working right NOW and has been improved during 10 years and that you can put to work for you literally in minutes from now. This funnel will attract traffic, convert it to hot leads and convert those leads into recurring HIGH-TICKET buyers.
Chris It Sounds Amazing but…

How much does it cost?
…Good question my friend. Being 100% honest, once you read this guide you could set up your own funnel in less than an hour and have your first $1k client in less than 12 hrs from now. That’s why I thought about pricing this at $497 so you can double your money today.
But hey, I’ve been where you probably are now and I know how difficult is to find something that really works so I have a special deal for you:
I’ll allow you to download my guide so you can go through this insider look to my business at a ridiculous low price BUT you promise that you’re going to take action and put this to work for you.
If you can’t get your first $1k client today, then I’m going to give you double your money back. This is how confident I am that this is going to work for you. Hey! I’m doing this day in and day out in my business, I know it WORKS like a charm.
So that being said, the price is $97 but if you’re inside the first 200 customers, you are qualified to have an instant 90% discount. It can’t be better than that. I’m doing my best to give you the chance to launch an amazing REAL WORLD business that will put money in your pockets like crazy, now is your turn.
This is What you Have to Do NOW!
Click the buy now button below, secure the best price possible and launch your business TODAY. Your first $1k client is waiting for you around the corner ;)
PS: If you read the entire sales letter, then you already know I’m not like everyone else. In fact, you could take things from this very sales letter that will make you a ton of money. The price is crazy low and my double money back guarantee is a no-brainer. It’s all up to you. Start here NOW.

PPS: I’m not going to put a specific number, but I have an agency to run, this is not my main business model. The copies ARE limited and we’re closing at any moment.
Please understand that we will NOT notify previously so get your copy if you’re still on time to do it, you’ll be happy you did it!
How fast can I make Money?
I can’t give you any guarantee, I don’t know who you are and doing that would be an insult to your inteligence. It is literally up to you and your efforts. If you take action you can have result on the very same day. If you don’t do anything, you will waste money and time. I challenge you to take action and apply everything today and if you prove me you can’t get your first client in 12 hours or less from now, then I’ll double your money back. 
How much time do I need to spend to make this work?
It is absolutely up to you, the more time you spend, the more money you’re going to make. Some of my clients only spend 1-2 hours a day and make a full time income from this, some have everything 100% outsourced exactly as I teach :)
How much money do I need to start?
You can start almost for free, with less than 5 bucks. I do recommend an advertising budget if you want to scale up fast, but that’s up to you. You can definitely get your first $1k client today without any extra investment
I don’t have technical knowledge, can I still do this?
Definitely! Everything you need it is already explained in the course.
Do you have any OTO?
Yes, I do but not required at all. It’s the business ready made for you, you can even hire my team to do all for you, after all I run an agency ;)
Can I have a review copy?
Unfortunately not. If you can’t invest 9 bucks to launch a solid business, you can’t expect to earn 5/6 figures.
Do you have any guarantee?
Yes, 100% satisfaction and double money guaranteed if you prove me with action. Check the sales letter for more info about it ;)
Can I do this World-wide?
Definitely! This works like a charm in any country, any language.
Do you provide support?
Absolutely, simply contact us in our help desk provided in the members area
Jan 15 2015

Epic CPA Arbitage – How To Make $50+ Per Day In 5″ Or Less

WARNING: Use This Low Hanging Fruit Cash Method that Will Line Your Pockets With INSTANT Cash!

“Here is How To Build Your Own “Mini-Money-Machine In Just 5 Minutes & 42 Seconds or Less That Makes You At Least $1 Per Day On AUTO-PILOT… 

How Many Of These Little “Money Machines” Would You Make???


Dear Frustrated Warriors,

let’s face the facts.

94% of people don’t make a dime online!

And on this page…

I’m going to offer you an out.

See…i’ve discovered a very easy and fast way that ANYONE can use to make a consistent, reliable & predictable income online…

…and i want you to test it out.

Infact: I’m SO sure that you are going to make money with this…

I’m offering you a 300% No Question asked Money Back Guarantee.

Either You Make Money…

…or I’ll pay You without any asked question!

Well, I am not about, instant riches, backdoor loopholes, and non working methods etc.

And Guess what?

This Method works – No Excuses anymore – …:

“All You Need is a Fool Proof, Easy to Implement Plan that Actually Works!”


Epic CPA Arbitage

The Fastest Way to Generate a $100+ per Day Passive Income!
Discover The 6 Baby-Steps You Need to Take To Build Up Your “Money Making Machine” Right Away That Brings You Cold, Hard Cash – Day In Day Out!

I’m Going To Show You Which Offers Are The Best Converting Ones For These “Little Money Machines”

A Magic Formula That Has Never Been Shared Before To Get Instant Approval In Any Network!
The “No #1 Dead Brain” Step To Attract Tons Of People Who Want Use Your Offer

Discover 2 Magic Tools That Will Bring You Tons Of Traffic To Your Offer

I’ll Also Reveal An Untapped Technique That Creates Money Magnets And Brings You Big Paydays!!!

You’re about to discover how you can create simple “Mini-Making-Money Machines” every 5 minutes and 42 seconds or less, that you can turn into passive Income”.

I will show you how to rank your Mini Money Machines on google to the Top 3 within 5 minutes or less (Live Proof within)

Using the power of CPA and Affiliate networks.

…Don’t worry – all will be explained in easy to follow steps.

“…Watch Your PayPal Account Over-Flow With Payments Within The Next 3 Hours & 27 Minutes or Less…”

GET Epic CPA Arbitage 

Due to the nature of these offers I recommend to promote in this video course and by implementing my Traffic Blueprint, there is such a high volume of monthly searches for these offers that people will find your video easily.

And if you don’t have a CPA or Affiliate account already, I got you covered there, too!!!

If you’re asking yourself that it can’t be that easy to make money online, I invite you to give this method i’m going to share with you today a try and try to prove me wrong.

It’s easy to make money with CPA Marketing, also with Affiliate Marketing and promoting other products, but only if you follow a working plan. Not just “schemes that could work” or “theorical and fluffy WSO’s”.

There is No theory here

My students and other people who give my method a try have made more money with this method as I am aware of!

And the reason I say that is due to the comments in my product threads…such as these you see below:

GET Epic CPA Arbitage 


You are about to discover a FAIL PROVEN 9-5 Daily Killing Job Strategy That Will Make You A Lot Of Money!

I’m Going To Take By Your Hand And Show EXACTLY Which Steps You Need To Take To Make Your First CASH In 3 Hours Or Less! (NEWBIE FRIENDLY)

But before continuing, I need to be honest with you. If you’re looking for a WSO which promises you to get rich over night with no work, or you’re expecting a “Money Making Push Button Tool”, I’m afraid that you won’t find it here!

This special course is designed for Action Takers who are truly willing to change their financial destiny and want to work towards their freedom.

This Course Was
Designed For You If…

You’re committed to do whatever it takes to achieve your Goal.

You realize you will have to take action to make money online.

You are willing to follow the easy steps I outline in my course.

If you say YES Allen, I am in to these statements, congratulations! You’re about to know a little known technique that can line your pockets full with cash…very fast and easy!


Epic CPA Arbitage is based on solid marketing princiipals that work!

You can now unleash the mighty power of CPA + Affiliate Marketing to bring in HUGE profits day after day, month after month, year after year!

I hear you asking:”How Much Money
Can i Make?”

I’m really really glad you asked.

Like I said earlier, my first “Money Machine” made several hundred dollars in 1 week…and my next one made $2,930 per month.

Again, that was without really knowing what I was doing at this time.

If I can do it, so can you by combining “Mini Money Machines” + CPA or Affiliate Offers + My Secret Money Methods.

I’d be reserved, I like to say that you can easily make $1 per day per “Money Machine”…imagine if you scale it up, you can really add up fast.

If you create only 15 “Mini Machines”, then it’s going to be $15 per day passive income and $450 per month on complete autopilot – passive Income, month after month, year after year.

If you want to take this opportunity to the next level, just keep creating more of these “Mini Money Machines” with my easy step-by-step blueprint and you can easily reach the $2,500 mark just like many of my other students have.



And that is the worst case scenario with this method…

You should make a lot more $ per Money Machine if you create the Money Machines in a way i’m going to show you and if you promote these types of offers I recommend to choose.

Also, the best of Epic CPA Arbitage is that it’s a very easy and scalable method. This means that the more Mini Machines you are going to create, the more money you will make.

And there are tons of offers I recommend to promote…so this method won’t become saturated.

These Are The Secrets That You’re About To Discover In Epic CPA Arbitage:

The most profitable offers to promote. The best part is that these offers have insane searches. (Most people don’t know about these types of offers)

Why you can make money with these offers even if your money machine is burried or never makes it to page 1 of Google
(this solves the #1 problem I have found with people who struggle)

“Niche” Selection is super easy. No need to check competition, backlinks, or any of that nonsense. Pick and offer, and get going. Its that simple.

Why stupid, simple and ugly “5 Minutes Money Machines” are the way to go.

Most people try to make the perfect Money Machine while those who just get their ugly Money Machines out there are laughing all the way to the bank :D

This Super Traffic Trick Will Guarantee Your Money Machine Top 3 Ranking on Google Within 2 Minutes or Less (LIVE PROOF)


Try “Epic CPA Arbitage” Risk FREE  Right NOW!

Here’s the special deal…

I want you to try my system risk free today for 30 days, and if you didn’t make any penny, you can email me at anytime and I’ll send your money back. No questions, no hassles, no tricks.

Plain and simple: I want you to be 100% satisfied with “Epic CPA Arbitage” or your money back.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and SO MUCH to gain.


“Mini Money Machine” Video Training (In 6 Videos I’m Going To Show You Exactly STEP-by-STEP What you Need to Do – LIVE on my Computer) 

[VALUE $397]

“How To Build A List” That Brings You Cold, Hard Cash every time you push the Button 

[VALUE $297]

“6-Days Money Pumping Done-For-You” Follow Up Series You Can Use As Your Own To Make The Much More Out Of Your First Subscribers

[VALUE $147]

“Instant-Approval” Magic Formula That Will Open Each Door Of Each Network You Gonna Knock – GUARANTEED!

[VALUE $197]

You’ll Get An UNLIMITED ACCESS To My Email Support Where You Can Ask Me Anything About This Method

[VALUE $597]

TOTAL VALUE = $1,635,00

If you want to get this exceptional and complete package at an absolute steal, you should act right now because…

This Is A Limited Offer Right Now!

Q: If this method is making you tons of money, why are you selling it here?

A: Well, I think there is room for everyone on the internet to make money online. I don’t worry about competition because the WWW is such a big place so i don’t have to worry ;). And the best part is, when others have success with my secrets it satisfies me.

Q: Is it really possible to make a full time income with this method?

A: Absolutely Yes it is! But keep in mind, the money you can make depends on your efforts you put in. This Money Proven Training Course is not a get rich quick scheme or anything similar, and I’m not going to promise thousands and thousands of dollars overnight. I’m giving you an Easy step-by-step doable Action Taker blueprint that is going to make you as much money as you want if you take Action!

Q: Will this Method get saturated?

A: Absolutely NO. Because there are so many types of offers I recommend you to promote – there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Q: Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

A: Yes of course, You can try Epic CPA Arbitage Today for 30 Days and if you take action like i mention and you don’t make money, I’ll refund your money and DOUBLE it –  ASAP. No Question asked!

Q: What happens if by chance I already heard about this method?

A: In the unlikely event that you already might know this complete method, you just shoot me a short email to my private email address marketingwithallen@gmail.com and either I will refund your money ASAP.

I have only seen this method mentioned a few times before…and I have never seen it mentioned with my effective traffic and promoting methods i’m going to show you Today.

Q: What I need to contact you for support?

A: You can reach me at my private email address marketingwithallen@gmail.com at anytime. I’ll try to respond your email as soon as I can (usually it takes less than 24 hours).

Q: Do you show me in the report how to get a CPA account and how to get accepted?

A: Yes of course, I have included a secret “Instant Approval” script that will show you how to get accepted in almost every CPA Network – most of them all Instantly!

Q: Is there anything more you are about to teach in this Course?

A: Yes. I will show you how to make the most out of every CPA or Affiliate Offer. I will show you how to build a list AND make Money through CPA and Affiliate offers too! I’m also going to give you a Done-For-You 6 Day Money-Pumping Follow up Email Series which i will give to you as Bonus too that will show you how tread your Email List the right way.

Q: How much do i need to invest per month to make this method work for me?

A: There are 2 ways you can use, paid and free version. If you want to $10-$20 on autopilot fast, i recommend you to stick with the paid version. You need to invest between $10-$15 once per Money Machine. If you want to choose the free version, all you need is a domain, an autoresponder and a bit of time per day to invest in your business. I will show you Both Ways!

Q: How much time do i need to invest per day to make money with your method?

A: If you are a Newbie between 15-20 minutes per day if you create 1 Mini Machine per day. If you get more experience you can create a Money Machine in a few minutes per day.


To Your Success,

Allen Martin


Jan 09 2015

Offliner Pack BASIC

GET Offliner Pack BASIC

    Check Out These Special Offers

  • SSA 10 DFY Social Store App - 10 Done For You Stores
  • MarketSpy Asset Locator: Sales Kit MarketSpy Offline Sales Material: Premium Training On How To Use This Software As A Service To Biz Owners
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Jan 09 2015

Cracking The Affiliate Code 1.0

Attention Warriors!!! Are You Ready to See
Real Results from Warriors like You?

Originally Posted by elmirb View Post
Following advices and some personal coaching from solarwarior, I finally got a lead today and about 10 subscribers to my mailing list (potential leads). I AM SO HAPPY I FINALLY DID IT!!

Before this I spent about $200 on bing ads WITH NO SUCCESS AT ALL.


And I still didn’t set up any tracking, I’m going to do it tomorrow with prosper202 tracking on a vps.

Thanks solarwarrior once again

Originally Posted by zendot View Post
Another day, another sale. This time I spent 7 USD for a 24 USD payout. The product is good so it’s time to make a LP for it.

It’s all thanks to SolarWarrior!


If You Can’t Succeed With This WSO,
Nothing Else Will Work Ever!

This Guide is Not About
[x] The Same, Boring and Slow SEO
[x] Offline Marketing
[x] Email Marketing
[x] Mobile Marketing
[x] Dropshipping
[x] Freelancing
[x] MLM
[x] Product Creation
[x] Babysitting

In fact, this technique has been working since the dawn of big G.

But with a twist.

We are applying it to Bing.

Here are some of my recent earning that I spend 4 hours per week on…

Why Bing?

[✓] It is fairly new, with little or no competition.
[✓] Since most users are slightly older, they have buying power = converts better.
[✓] It has merged with Yahoo on 2009, hence increasing its search volume more than before.
[✓] It doesn’t ban you just because you are using bridge site like some arrogant, big PPC platforms did.

Most importantly, Bing works because of this secret law that most business empires depend on to dominate any niche.

“If you are a early adopter of any technology,
you will make more money than the rest would ever dream of.”

Remember the days when anyone can make some chump changes
by posting a payday loan ad on Adwords, direct linked to a cpa offer?

Doing the same thing now will get you banned before you know it.

Remember the days when anyone can set up a fanpage
without paying any ads to get free massive traffic just by creating viral content?

Doing the same thing now will get you nowhere if you have less than a million fans.

But those who seek opportunity first, always have the last laugh to the bank.

Right now, we are at a stage where 90% of the money are ready to be make before
they decided “enough is enough”, and impose some draconian guidelines that will shut
this goldmine forever.

The history has proven this to be true and it will always be.

To sweeten the deal.

I am tying this up with once-in-a-lifetime offers.

GET Cracking The Affiliate Code 1.0

Jan 09 2015

Build Your Own DoFollow Links On A PR8/DA96 Authority Site!

Attention SEO’ers, Site Owners, Backlinkers & Consultants:

Boost Your Site’s Authority,
Rankings, Traffic & Sales!
Build DoFollow
Backlinks On A
PR8/DA97 Authority Site
If you’re not getting links from authority sites, you’re
overlooking a critical piece of the SEO puzzle.

Dear Warrior,

Are you struggling to get your “Money Page”
ranked at the top of page 1 in Google?

Are you worried that Google will penalize
your site for buying backlinks?

Are you building low-quality backlinks that
will not help your page rank higher?

Do you want better rankings, more traffic
& more sales from your site?

It’s not as easy to get to the top as it once was before the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, is it? Times have changed it the world of SEO. I know. I’ve been doing SEO for my own sites and for client’s sites for over 8 years. Ranking a page is harder than ever now.

But don’t worry. It’s not all bad news in the SEO world. Have faithin yourself and don’t give up! You just need to know what to do and what not to do in the world of SEO and backlinking.

Yes, backlinking still works so don’t let all those people mislead you when they tell you that “Backlinking Is Dead!”. Backlinking isnot dead. You just have to build the right kind of backlinks.

The people using Private Blog Networks (PBNs) say that links from PBNs are working. But be careful! Many of the PBNs that are selling links to the public are getting de-indexed by Google and penalties are being dished out to the sites with links in them!

Google doesn’t like it when you buy backlinks! If you get caught, your site is going to get penalized! It’s a big no-no. Buying backlinks is very dangerous these days. That’s the bottom line.

Are You Still Building or Buying Backlinks That Google Might Penalize Your Site For?

If so, I have a solution for you. Build your own backlinks by hand, build them carefully, build them slowly (if your site is new) and build good links on high-quality, high PR, high Domain Authority sites.

That’s what I’m doing and it’s working for me. My sites and my client’s sites are penalty-free!

Getting backlinks from Authority websites is one of the most important methods of promoting your website through SEO!

The better the value of the website linking to yours, the better the link value. Obviously, authority websites tend to link mainly to other authority websites, but there are ways to get into their “Magic Circle” if you’re serious about it and willing to put in a little time.

Today, my focus is on building links on authority sites. Guest posting content on other people’s authority sites is a good way to get authority links too but this is a really time-consuming, frustrating process.

I have a much easier and much faster method. I’m sharing the
method with you in this report and here’s a summary of it:

My strategy is to find powerful authority sites where I
can post my own content, content that’s relevant to
whatever site I want to build backlinks to and place my
own DoFollow, anchor text backlinks into my content.

The site in this report is really easy to use and you’ll be able to quickly build your links. All you have to do is create a 1-page blog or site, write or copy & paste in about 500 words of content and add your backlinks. Boom! Done!

That’s how I get links from authority sites and that’s how you’re going to do it too!

The great thing about having backlinks on authority sites is that some of what makes it an authority site (PR & PA) will flow to your site through your Dofollow links and this will raise the authority of your site!

What’s so great about Domain Authority?


“Domain Authority is actually an important signal with strong correlation to high organic search rankings. Having a higher Domain Authority than your competitors means that your site is more likely to rank higher in search engines. So, it just makes sense that if you want to give your site’s overall SEO a nice boost, you need to increase the Domain Authority.”

Source: SearchEngineJournal.com

It’s also important to note that the Domain Authority metric is almost entirely dependent on the DoFollow backlinks pointing to your site.

Do you know what Google says about ranking?


“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages”

Source: Google Webmaster Central

Google is trying to help you get better rankings with that little tip!

Here’s How This Report Will Help You:

  • Get one of the best types of backlinks in the world to improve your rankings, traffic & sales
  • Get backlinks on pages with no outbound links except yours. Keep all the link juice for yourself
  • No more building or buying worthless, dangerous links on blogs with hundreds of comments
  • It’s easy, fun, fast, exciting, rewarding and you’ll get a rush with every link you place and every page that gets indexed
  • Get the type of backlinks that Google likes and avoid the dreaded “Google Penalty” for spammy, low-quality links
  • Get DoFollow, keyword-rich anchor links within relevant content – Relevant backlinks Rule!
  • Get Authority backlinks from this PR8, DA97 site to Increase the Authority of your site
  • Boost the Authority and rankings of your client’s pages – make them happy to order more services from you
  • Better rankings can lead to more traffic and sales. This is what we all want, don’t we?
  • Make money by building and selling these backlinks to your SEO customers
  • This technique is totally FREE to do and there are NO extra costs besides this report

This report is about a powerful PR8/DA97 Authority Site where you will post your own relevant content and DoFollow anchor links to your “Money Page” or to any other page you want.

You will be building links from a U.S.A. based, .com
Authority Site to your own sites
, blogs, YouTube videos,
social media pages, press releases, clients’ sites, Amazon
affiliate sites, sniper sites, lead generation sites, Kindle
book pages, web 2.0 sites, review sites, affiliate sites and
much more.

Let Me Tell You About This Awesome Site!

  • Anyone, from any country can join this site
  • The Homepage has a Domain Authority of 97 (out of 100) and is aPR8 page
  • The backlinks to your site will be DoFollow anchor links or plain URL links
  • You can write your own relevant content
  • It has an Alexa global traffic ranking in the top-300 and ranks in the U.S. in the top-200 sites!
  • Compete.com stats show 9,121,117 Unique Visitors in September 2014
  • Majestic SEO shows that The site has a Trust Flow of 78, a Citation Flow of 68,
  • Has almost 154 Million External Backlinks,
  • Has 1,678,378 .edu backlinks,
  • Has 459,824 .gov backlinks,
  • and has 6,601,276 Indexed pages

(Links to all these stats are in the report)

This isn’t some theoretical crap that you just read and set aside. This is a practical guide for immediate, hands-on action written by someone (me) that is actually doing this.

Either you want to build some of the best backlinks in the SEO world or you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Just click below now for all the
Authority Backlinks you can handle:


“Authority Backlinks Bonanza 2″
I’m offering you a beginner-friendly strategy where you’ll learn how to build DoFollow backlinks in your own content on this Authority Site.

The report is 12 pages of reading, 4,500 words with 64 links to excellent written & video tutorials on how to use the site, all the different features you can use, how to create your site or blog and how to do some awesome SEO on your site.

I also did some research and found a whole bunch of other internet marketers who are using this site for content and backlinks. I did this so I could get some ideas for how I can use the site. I’ve included links to 12-13 marketers with backlinks on their pages so you could get some ideas too. All of their sites are indexed in Google.

You’ll also get 12 links to videos (plus many Related Videos) on how to do everything on the site.

There are 2 links to where you can download 2 beginner’s “Getting Started” PDFs. One was recently updated in June of 2014 and is 12-pages long. The other one is 21 pages long.

Both reports have a ton of screenshots in them and are true “Step-by-Step guides. Everything you need to get going with this site is in these two reports!

GET Build Your Own DoFollow Links On A PR8/DA96 Authority Site!  

This is my 4th report in this series about how to build links onauthority sites.

So if you’re sitting on the fence about ordering this one,
here are just a few testimonials from those other three reports:

Originally Posted by John Marshall


This is an easy decision – it’s got Dan’s name on it so it’ll be full of quality information. I’ve bought his stuff before and it’s excellent. You can be confident it’s good when it’s from Dan.

Originally Posted by John Robbins


Just been through Dan’s WSO and all I can say is WOW. this is the second WSO that covers this type of link in this type of power site, I have already used these types of links and they flat out work in two ways.
Firstly with the way to post that Dan shows you you can (if you do it right) get tons of traffic to your site simply from these articles, they can go viral and make you an authority in your market, Dan shows how to approach this too.

Follow what Dan shows you and it’s more than just possible.
Secondly as this is a high authority site, if you get your post noticed, that link can become very powerful indeed (to tell you how here would give too much away). I rank local sites, videos and worldwide sites and this will add very nicely to my linking strategy. (Thank You Dan)
Google loves these links, they are powerful and you can push sites up Google with a handful of this type of link (yup they are indeed powerful when done right)

Don’t think about it, jump in because this is priceless information at a stupid low price, it gets you traffic and SEO love. and of course if it’s got Dan’s name on it then you gotta know it’s worth ten times more than the WSO price period.

Originally Posted by rjj418


Two words – Dan Delivers!

I have read most of the work Dan has turned out over the years, and it has all been quality information, with no fluff. Right to the point. You are not left guessing as to where to go or what to do – you are given the links.

Yes, this is information that is already out there – but not in this consolidated format, and you would have spent considerable time searching. Time, you can better spend implementing what Dan presents to you. How valuable is your time?

Thanks for another quality work, Dan.

Rich J

Originally Posted by John Marshall


WoW! This WSO delivers big-time. I will certainly be using it in my own work. Danny has over delivered and gives you great information about how to get some powerful back links from this site. It is very well written and includes pictures as well as text so you know exactly where you are. Danny is a rare beast because he is a SEO Expert and this is a rare opportunity to see inside the professional SEO Expert’s mind.

A great value WSO which is user-friendly and includes actionable information. A fantastic addition to your SEO arsenal.

Buy in confidence.

Originally Posted by allihaveisgods


Dan has always been gracious by offering to give me a review copy of his WSOs. You can expect one thing always with Dan…LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF RELEVANT INFORMATION. Dan doesnt suggest you go and find it for yourself; he hand-delivers it for you! I scanned most of the WSO and realized what the site he talks about indeed is. I have not used this site before, but based on Dan’s research, this is one site you need in your backlink building arsenal. And if you are looking to make money while using this site, you will see that Dan covers that too.

Overall, you can expect what Dan offers…a great way to backlink your backlinks and get authority built for your websites. Also, he is a great person and father to boot. It’s nice to enjoy content from people who care more about relationships than selling WSOs and making profits. Though doing both is nice, right Dan? Kudos to you, buddy.

Originally Posted by shaunkerry


Review copy received.

This was not an “authority” site I had personally come across that you could get back links from, so that was a great start and this wso got better from there.

Dan doesn’t just give you the site and instructions on how to sign up all clearly laid out in a step by step pdf but has researched how other marketers are successfully using the site and give plenty of examples of people linking to all types of different sites, so whatever market you are operating in this should be of use to you as long as you use it carefully and don’t spam it to death.

He shows how to add your content and if you follow his directions you shouldn’t get your content deleted .

Dan also gives you links to the sites own videos showing how to set up your pages/projects etc. if you need more help

The additional report, not required to implement the wso, shows a way to find and post to pages that will help boost the PR of the pages you have created and in addition he also gives a list of pr3 to pr6 pages you can post comments to and and increase the authority of own pages.

In summary, a very well laid out, to the point wso well worth taking a look at if you are interested in gaining links from an authority site that you can implement in approx. 45 minutes with no extra financial investment.

Originally Posted by gordonr


What I love about this product is that it just doesn’t just give you the URL for the high PR7 site along with a one page instruction sheet, it lays everything out for you step by step with instructions and screen shots.

Another great thing was that the product gave you actual examples of links other marketers have set up so you can see what other people are doing. In spite of what others might do I really hope that some jerk doesn’t buy this product and set up an obvious “spam” link that gets the moderators searching for “suspect” links and spoil this really great resource for the rest of us.

When you buy, and I say “when” not “if” because having a high PR link resource like this is a no-brainer, PLEASE take great care in making sure that the links you build will pass the “smell test” so the rest of us won’t be penalized.

Originally Posted by Andrew_Wardle


Disclosure : I received a review copy of this WSO.

As most of you probably already know, Dan is one of the most thorough researchers on the forum, and is constantly coming up with new ideas. The site which is featured in this report is another one I had not come across before, and I certainly wish I had. There is a far greater potential with this site than just building high authority backlinks.

To stick to the main focus, though, this site is going to be extremely powerful for search engine optimisation. The key is in the massive number of authority backlinks which point to the site itself, which have lead to its own Domain Authority and MozRank being very high indeed.

Even though I got a free copy of this, everyone knows I don’t leave false positive reviews. This one is genuinely worth the money if you use SEO, and there are other people who could use it as well. If you regularly create content, such as writing, images, graphics, videos etc., you would probably benefit from having a profile on this site. I’ll certainly be using this for some of my own projects.

Just click below now for all the
Authority Backlinks you can handle:

GET Build Your Own DoFollow Links On A PR8/DA96 Authority Site!  

No Risk Guarantee

As with all my WSOs over the past 8+ years, I offer a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You have nothing to risk, nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just order it, read it and take action. If you decide that getting backlinks from an Authority site and getting better rankings isn’t for you, just send me a PM or an email and let me know. I will then send you a full refund from my PayPal account.

So, do you want the solution to your problems or
you want to keep doing what you’re doing now?

Just click below now for all the
Authority Backlinks you can handle:

By not taking action now, you will not learn about one of the best
Authority Sites to build links on; you will continue to buy those
over-sold, over-used backlink packages; you will be totally
frustrated by all the backlinks on the blogs you find in them and
you will not get the authority backlinks you need to move your
pages up in the rankings.

It’s time to shift from the old quantity-based
backlinks mindset to one that’s quality-based!


GET Build Your Own DoFollow Links On A PR8/DA96 Authority Site!  

“Sounds Great Dan,
But How Much Does This Cost?”

Let me ask you something? How much would it be worth to you if you were to sell links from this site to your customers for $50 apiece?

Offer them to build a blog with 500 words of content and a couple of backlinks to their site. How many links could you sell? Would that be worth at least $50?

How much would better rankings, more traffic and more sales be worth to you? Hundreds?

How much would it be worth to you to have the know-how to getbacklinks from an authority site to every page on your site (or on your client’s site)?

How much would boosting the Domain Authority of your own site be worth to you? Remember, a higher DA = better rankings.

Well, the good news is that I would never charge my fellow Warrior $50-$100 for a WSO. This IS a WSO after all and I want to give you anAwesome Deal!

This isn’t going to cost you $97, or $50, or even $40, or even $20.
Because when you take advantage of this Warrior Special Offer today, your total investment in yourself and your rankings is just $10.00!

Dime Sale Warning!

The price is set to rise $.10 with every purchase so lock in the lowest price you can right now so you won’t be sorry! Get this for less than the next guy by getting it now.

Payments can be made with your PayPal account
or a credit card through PayPal. After that,
you will be sent to the download page.

It’s time for you to pull the trigger before
it’s too late. Click the BUY NOW button and
in seconds, you will have this report and be
building Authority Backlinks.

GET Build Your Own DoFollow Links On A PR8/DA96 Authority Site!  


May success and abundance be yours,

Dan Tierney

Jan 09 2015

Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded

Turn $5 Into $100-$1000…over and over
with the most Successful, PROVEN Software of its kind!


Talk Is Cheap – Let’s Get To The Evidence


Video Testimonials


Check out this video with Samuel Kemper from Texas,
who makes $1000-1500 weekly with Arbitrage Underdog



New to internet marketing? Check out what David has to say!


Already Have A Talent Like
Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Video, Etc?


So Do Mike, John, M.C. And Jordan. Check Out Their Success Stories Here:



Mike Erwin: “The only way this software won’t work is if you don’t use it”



John B: Makes thousands of dollars with Arbitrage Underdog



Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED In A Nutshell

Since 2013, Arbitrage Underdog has given thousands of marketers an unfair advantage with Craigslist and Fiverr.

Now updated for speed and 2014 changes, it has gone from powerful to industry-leading when it comes to online arbitrage.

Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED is the only software of its kind that pulls results directly from Craigslist’s database, producing leads in real time as they are posted on Craigslist.

Within seconds Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED produces fresh, paying leadson one side of the screen, while matching those leads up with top rated sellers willing to do the job for $5 on the other side of the screen, eliminating hours of manual detective work. This allows you the user to be the middle-man, profiting handsomely every time!

Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED Is A Business In A Box

Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED is a business in a box; a career-making tool that has turned countless marketers, including newbies, into accomplished business owners. It also lends itself perfectly to outsourcing, making it ideal for advanced marketers looking to add another business to their bottom line.

  • Quickly arbitrages suppliers on Fiverr with buyers on Craigslist
  • FRESH leads DIRECTLY from Craigslist mainframe
  • Uses Proprietary Smart Bot Technology
  • Produces hundreds of FRESH leads in minutes
  • Highly effective for both arbitrage and job search
  • Doubles as the ultimate automated Fiverr, and Craigslist search tool
  • The Ultimate All-In-One Arbitrage & Search Interface
Step By Step Training? We Got Your Back!

When you purchase Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED you also gain exclusive access to our free training and membership site, where we take you step by step through the process. From our video tutorials on how to use the software, to our detailed over-the-shoulder walk-throughs

Our training area features full step by step video and text tutorials on:

  • How to use the software. Detailed training, covers everything.
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Jan 09 2015

Page One Ranking Formula

Attention: Make Sure You Read Every Word On This Site…
Copy The Exact Steps
I Use to Rank Websites in Google…FAST
I Will Reveal The Shocking Truth About Ranking on
Google in just 30 Days Without using Any Tricks. Once You
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Get Page One Ranking Formula

From: The Desk of Idrees Farooq

Dear Struggling SEO Warriors,

Let’s face it, Ranking Your Site on Google Page 1 with OLD Ways is now extremely hard! AND then in 30 days, Almost Impossible!!!

There’s no doubt, Ranking on Google will probably the most difficult thing for anyone who is doing SEO either expert or newbie. Frankly, Page One Ranking Formula is the only thing you can’t fake and actually get results.

Of course, some people will say that getting ranked high on Google is easy…Just “Google” it they will say…WRONG!

No Matter what you hear all around this, SEO IS NOT DEAD.

However, without a deep understanding of What SEO Is, and a proven system you will be spinning your wheels for months, even years!

How Do I Know This?

Because I was in your shoes…I have the same issue that my sites were not being ranked especially after Google Animals Panda and Penguin.

I was on a mission to develop a method to rank my sites on Google as early as possible because I was struggling for what seems like forever…

Sound at all familiar?

But Now There’s Good News!

I’ve finally discovered the secrets of Ranking My Sites on Google Page One In Just 30 days for highly searched buyers’ keywords and it changed my life, and I’m going to share them with you today with my New Page One Ranking Formula that shows you how to Ranke your sites on Google Page1 and Generate Lots of Money .

Introducing… Page One Ranking Formula

Get Page One Ranking Formula

There is a good chance that this whole time you have just felt like something is missing. You purchase product after product, you apply the methods taught, you see other people getting results, but for some reason YOU can’t get results.

So what Is Page One Ranking Formula?

As I said earlier, this is a step by step Ranking Game Plan So here are all steps that I have covered in Page One Ranking Formula

Step 1: Find Hot Selling Products on Affiliate Network

This is Really Important. You need to find a really hot selling product from an affiliate network which you are going to promote. I have covered everything in details about this step in Module 1.

Step 2: Select Buyers Keywords for Your Affiliate Site

You need keywords that has traffic. That’s It. Covered in Module 2.

Step 3: Forecast Commission if you hit Top Positions

Thought Not 100% Confirmed but a forecasting of earnings or affiliate commissions always motivates me to put more efforts. Covered In Module3

Step 4: Buy Domain and Quality Hosting

Good Domain Name and Quality Hosting does matter in ranking for your site. So covered in Module 4.

Step 5: Setup Your Cash Sucking Money Site

To get 100% benefit from Page One Ranking Formula, you need to setup your website just as guided in Module 5.

Step 6: Prepare an Anchor Text for Your Backlinking Process

This step is KEY in Page One Ranking Process. You need a very good anchor text plan for your backlinking process. I have covered each and every aspect relates to this in Module 6.

Step 7: How to Generate Social Signals for Stable Ranking

Social Signals are must. I will let you know an easy way to generate Social Signals. Also, I will show you how I generate them for my own sites. Covered in Module 7.

Step 8: Build quality Backlinks That Actually Brings Rankings
You need to build quality backlinks to get super-fast rankings. I mostly call them as Ranking Links. These are actually the most powerful links in your backlinking plan. Covered in Module 8.

And A Bonus Modules Covering Monetization and How to Flip Your Site

What’s a Resource Like This Worth To You?

You see, there are many people who spend $1000 to $5000 on buying SEO Course to SOLVE How to Get Ranked on Google Now. Not to mention the countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall.
Plus, you can probably buy similar products that have prices between 7$ and 27$ but just end up frustrated at the end.

Believe Me, I Used To Be There!

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that price for 30 Days P1 Ranking Takeover. You can get everything you need for the low introductory price of $4!

But…That’s Not All!

If you act now you’ll also get:

BONUS #1: Anchor Text Plan (valued at $17)

My Exact Anchor Text Plan that I used to rank my site. This anchor text plan will help you to do your link building properly. This plan is fool proof for any Google Animal.

BONUS #2: Commission Forecasting Formula (valued at $19)

With Commission Forecasting Formula and Commission Forecasting sheet provided with Page One Ranking Formula, You are able to have an idea in advance how much you will rank when you hit certain ranking

BONUS #3: Keyword Spider Formula (valued at $27)

I will give you my exact Keyword Spider Sheet to help you to build your Keyword Spider. Remember without making a proper keyword spider, you can’t rank. Period.

BONUS #4: Complete Updaeted Web2.0 List
(valued at $17)

I will give you my personal list of Web2.0 that I used to create my backlinks to you that will help you to make link building really easy for you.

That’s right! I’ll give you all of these bonuses when you invest in Page One Ranking Formula today. This is a limited time offer that could come down at any second – so you need to take action now!

There you have it – you couldn’t ask for a better deal, unless I also throw in my…

And if all of that wasn’t enough, here’s something else...


I’m so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get my 100% Money back Guarantee.

If you don’t like the sound of me, what I have to say, what I write about, or you plain think it stinks – I will send you your money back in full and without delay.

All I ask is that you implement my Page One Ranking Formula. Get Full Refund If You’re Not Satisfied For The Next 30 Days after taking action on it.

I feel this is as fair as I could be!

That means you can try out Page One Ranking Formula with ZERO risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it doesn’t produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back!!

But I’m sure you’ll be able to Rank Your Sites on Google Page 1 in 30 Days or less. I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating Page One Ranking Formula and writing this sales letter to you if I didn’t think it would help to rank your site on google page 1 in 30 days!

Seriously, if you’ve read this far, you know that you have a strong desire to Rank Your Sites on Google Page1 and get the results you really deserve. All that’s left is to take action.

Respectfully Yours,
Idrees Farooq

Jan 09 2015

Fiverr Bankroll

GET Fiverr Bankroll


GET Fiverr Bankroll



GET Fiverr Bankroll



GET Fiverr Bankroll